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Are you missing website leads and feel
like you're just not getting the results you were hoping for from your website?
Hey there my name is Brad Smith with AutomationLinks.com and I got so sick
of the marketing the advertising and the gurus telling me what I should be doing
online that's the problem we're all used to the normal marketing advertising and
then listening to a guru what happens then is you either quit or you start all
the way back over again so it's time to change that and we want to switch out
marketing for relationships our framework shows that instead of doing
marketing focusing on all these crazy tactics trying to keep up with everybody
online that if you focus on creating real relationships
that's what's gonna accelerate your business by saying relationships we mean
using live chats messengers scheduling and videos throughout your website
this isn't binding this encourages people to create some sort of
relationship with you learn more about how you can help them and then making it
easy for them to reach out and increase that relationship with you
next is advertising advertising is a lot of money going out not sure if you're
getting a good ROI we want to switch that out for automation automation is
what's going to handle those relationships while you're busy working
in your business so if somebody comes to your website right now fills out a form
and tries to get a hold of you what's gonna happen are you gonna be able to
automatically welcome them and then continue following up with them from
there that's where automation comes in first you create the relationship with
the person and then they're automatically welcomed and followed up
with until you're ready to step in for that scheduled call or email the last is
instead of gurus or just quitting make sure to follow up we have clients to
sign up and pay us years after we first initially beat
that's because we continue to follow up with them through automated emails
through social media through a messenger and getting on the phone with that and
that's why I want to teach you guys our framework relationships automation and
follow-up that has been the only thing to help us grow our business online now
our websites getting all the way up to 30% conversion rates did you know that
the average website only gets a one percent conversion rate and if that
feels like you you need to try out our software as soon as you fill out the
information below will ask you what your website is now depending on if you have
a website or not fill that out or just skip it next we want to know where we
can send new clients so if a new client comes to your website how can they get
ahold of you what's a good number what's a good email and do you have a video to
insert there after that the last step is scheduling with me well we're gonna hop
on the phone I'm gonna show you how awesome a ssin links works and we'll
determine if it's a good fit for your site or not our ultimate goal is to help
you get more conversions from your website so you can grow your business
I'm looking forward to speaking with you you

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