Leadmagnet Tipps – Oder ohne mit der Affiliate Leads Formel

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Lead magnet in this short video I
will give you a quick tip on a lead magnet how I do it I bought a lead magnet
that has this optical means so the image I had the 3D image made on
fiverr and then I changed the title of the headline and
inserted it quite normally in my landing page if you don't have a lead magnet now, i would like to give
you a second tip on how you
can build up an email list really quickly and without building a lead magnet at all. here under the video there is a link
just click it will take you to a free webinar where everything will be explained to you and where
you will also be explained which 3 mistakes you should never make as an affiliate or as an online marketer,
especially when you are at the beginning yes so click on the here below the
video link and have fun at the webinar

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