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okay so i set this up so that i have active campaign on one side and infusionsoft on the other side now i want to get into talking about the cost how much do each one of these cost what are you looking to pay but before i do that what i want to do is talk about the different uses for activecampaign versus infusionsoft like who is it good for what is it good for etc so i use activecampaign to do like affiliate marketing build up an email list i use it as like an email marketing program okay but then infusionsoft i use for my other business which is an a an seo agency a web design and seo agency where i have clients and i have employees and i have all kinds of things i need to keep track of so the reason i bring that up is because i am going to be getting into the crm of each one of these but it's really important that you you understand you know what each one is is best for and that'll determine how much money you're going to spend i hope that makes sense and maybe it'll make sense as we go further into this because i'm actually going to be using you know my actual campaigns i want to show you guys exactly how it's used in real life so that being said let's look at the cost let's go to the home pages of these we can look at the cost here infusionsoft also known as keep okay so right off the bat you can see the active campaign is much more a full affordable much easier to get into and this nine dollar a month light version actually will do you know almost everything you need and and then they price it based on like let me go to the light it watch watch the price change as i change the contacts here so for 500 contacts 900 a month once you get up to a thousand it's 25 a month so if you're just getting started out mean you have less than 500 contacts or you have no contacts at all yet definitely go with the light it does all kind of does almost everything you need to do until you get up into some more advanced features that you may or may not need with activecampaign but then you jump over here to keep to infusionsoft and you're going to see you know just to get started it's 64 bucks a month um and then it keeps going up from there 120 160 um for you know i've got um over 3 000 or i've got yeah i've got over 4 000 contacts in infusionsoft right now and i think i'm paying right around 300 and something per month 350 per month uh and then i've got you know i've got i've got the highest level of keep the highest level is which is infusionsoft so the cost that i'm paying is significantly more than the cost i'm paying for active campaign my active campaign level right now is the 129 just because i have so many contacts i have what 2 900 contacts so you can see the price differences there but there's there's a reason for these price differences it's hard to compare apples to apples because like i said there's such different types of platforms infusionsoft is made for people that have clients and need a real robust crm client relationship management software where activecampaign has they call it a crm but it's more of a more of a way to just kind of make some notes on the different email subscribers so if you have like a membership site and you just want some basic information on your clients uh activecampaign would work fine but like i need all kinds of information for my clients i need their names phone numbers addresses and i've got a team of nine people i have nine employees working in in this office and we all need access to all the information on the clients it also tracks all the emails that are sent and received from all the clients um let's see if i can give an example here put myself in i've got myself as a so it's got all this this information which is so powerful when it comes to you know managing you know ongoing client relationships like seo clients is is what we use if you go down here you can leave all these these not only notes you can leave notes in activecampaign but notes in here but then look every time you know an email is sent to me or or an email is sent to one of your contacts your clients it actually tracks the email in here and you can actually go in and view the actual email okay and so that is super powerful and so that's that's one of the reasons that you're going to be paying more for infusionsoft it's made for more uh robust crm where you need to track lots of clients okay um so let's jump into so now that we've gone through the cost real quick i just wanted to do a quick little interrupt here after we went over the pricing section prices do change on both keep infusionsoft and with active campaign and i have partnered with both of them and i put my links down below so that when you click on those you will be getting the best deal possible on both infusionsoft keep and on active campaign so click the links below if you want to see the current pricing and see if there are any deals available back to the video let's jump into the comparison of the automations or the campaigns within uh activecampaign versus in fusionsoft so in activecampaign it's it's called it's called automations okay so you can see all the automations that i have in my active campaign now over in infusionsoft it's they don't call it automations they call it the campaign builder okay so you can see my list here and my list there let's look at the differences so let's look at this uh where's a good one okay let's so an active campaign it's built in like this vertical sequence here okay so um you put in you know your whatever whatever triggers the automation i'm not going to get into the specifics of automations but automations get triggered by a somebody signs up for an opt-in list or somebody you know buys something whatever it may be and i do it but i use mine by using tags for both infusionsoft and activecampaign um so let's look at the same one i actually replicated it over here so we can see the difference the exact same campaign and what the what it looks like in activecampaign versus infusionsoft so like i said activecampaign's got like this this vertical you know this happens then this happens then this happens and you know i basically i'm just sending out like 11 emails over a month and we wait three days between each one so very simple and uh and then i can remove a tag at the end okay and then so over here in infusionsoft is a little bit different first you have the the the tag that's applied or the they call it a goal whatever triggers the uh the campaign to start and then um what happens is and i do like this because you can double click on it and you can get stuff real quick whereas when i go to when i go to find out something inside of activecampaign you know it's not it i double click and it doesn't give me right what i want it gives me a little tiny preview it lets me trash makes little notes i can edit the email um and then i gotta wait it's kind of it's kind of clunky kind of clunky inactive campaign i have to be honest here it's it's not as as slick as uh infusionsoft and see when i click the back buttons i just whenever i want to do something and create campaigns or edit campaigns it's got there's this like i got to wait a few seconds every time i click on stuff so it's not quite as user-friendly as the campaign builder over here so let's see i double click see how that just pops right up in um in infusionsoft and you see in fusionsoft it's like everything is is it you can go vertical you can go horizontal you can drag and drop and kind of move stuff around and it's just it's just faster and nice like i really like the campaign builder in infusionsoft versus the automation builder in active campaign okay they both basically do the same thing infusionsoft does have more features like you can actually you can actually send a letter as opposed to an email like if somebody signed up for an opt-in or bought something i actually can send them a physical letter a fax you know if you're um living in 1993 you can send faxes um you can uh you know there's just a few little things that i like better and i have i i don't use either one of the automations in infusionsoft or active campaign to the fullest extent um i do know that infusionsoft is known for having much more many more features and it's more robust what i really like about it though is the ease of use and the quickness like if i have if i want to make a a quick campaign i want the emails to get just get out and and pop this thing up quick i would definitely prefer going to infusionsoft it's just faster like i can double click and just open this email and start working so boom boom uh it just takes a little bit longer in an active campaign every time you want to do something um let me go back if i want to drag and drop like you know a tag it's just boom it's right there where over here you know i gotta i gotta click the plus sign come on there you go and then i gotta find the tag um and then i gotta remember where the there's that a tag you know um it's just a little it's just a little more clunky okay so let me delete that um but that's it for the that's all i wanted to say about the automation and the the campaign builder versus the automations for active campaign next thing i want to talk about is the form builders and how the forms work in active campaign versus infusionsoft now i at the time of the making of this video anyway i really love active campaigns form builder versus infusionsoft's form builder i do not like infusionsoft's form builder uh i just i don't like the way it looks when you embed it into a let's say a wordpress landing page um but i do like i do and i do like an inactive campaign so let's pull them both up here okay so to build a form an active campaign you go down to site you go to forms and we're going to create a form so i'll call this the test form we'll do just a basic inline you got lots of lots of cool options here in activecampaign and uh let's see collect select a list where's my lit my test list test there it is okay so inline form got the list selected okay so it's pretty cool pretty easy to to set this up and kind of change the the uh the fields that you're going to be showing um let's see so i got name email so let's see i want to throw in you know website so i drag and drop that over um i can move email up and down i'm just like just like any quality form builder i really like the style tab on the active campaign form builder because you know i like to change the um like like the button background color i don't want a black button i like my buttons to stick out um and then you can you can change the size of it um i can change it you know make it more rounded really easily um there's there's just all these options where i can you know just make the forum look exactly like i want it takes a little work but it you know you could just have more control and then it's just really obvious on how you set up the thank you page and where you know what url you're redirected to you know add an action you can select action um there's all kinds of stuff you can do and just it just makes it really easy and then when you go to integrate this is this is what i love here is you just grab this simple embed and then you can go embed it in your you know your website so let me pause this and go pull up a website so what i did here is i am i embedded a form from infusionsoft on my website and i embedded a form from activecampaign on my website you can see activecampaign out of the box looks so much better and it was so easy to kind of change that button to read and make it the way i wanted it whereas in infusionsoft you know it's it's just it's really hard to get the form to look right now i know that there are all kinds of wordpress plugins like gravity forms and different things like that so you can make your form look the way you want like i i use a third-party form to make uh form builder to make it look like this i like to embed it right in there with infusionsoft i could not do this they got this big ugly background that you can't get rid of and you can't make it transparent within infusionsoft so for look and feel which is very important to me because i do have a web design you know agency i want to make sure that i can make the form look however i want active campaign you can do that you can make you can and it's and it's not that hard there isn't a big learning curve now i'm sure if you're a coder you can get into keep an infusionsoft and you can make it look the way you want but like i said out of the box active campaigns form builder much more user-friendly than than infusionsoft or keep so another thing people want to know about is the difference in like the landing page builders so i built all my landing pages in in wordpress because i've got you know some does i've got a design background i understand web design but a lot of people they just want quick and easy pre-made ready to go landing pages and both of these have decent landing page builder programs so an active campaign you go over here to site click on pages add new page and you got all these cool little you know um templates that you can use okay uh very similar over here in infusionsoft or keep except you build it within the campaign builder let's get out of that real quick and say you can go in here and you can customize the landing page very similar in in fusion software keep you you uh do it within the campaign builder i'm going to double click that and then you see all these uh these campaign or these uh landing page templates ready to go so you can start building your cool looking uh landing page so now i gotta say i'm impressed with both of them both of them have very uh intuitive and easy landing page building programs so i'm gonna give it a tie on this one so as far as landing page filters they both have easy to use great looking templates ready to go uh the the landing page stuff in both of them i'm going to go ahead and give that a tie they're both great okay so we already talked about the crm a little bit at the beginning and i was talking about how infusionsoft has a much more robust crm and that's that's mainly why the uh the price is so much higher because it really does have a true crm whereas active campaign kind of has like a light crm and i'll show you the difference so i've got my i've got myself loaded as uh contacts in both um active campaign and then also over here in infusionsoft or keep and you can see the difference here is um you know they both have a lot of a lot of information i don't really like the everything's just bunched into one kind of random list inactive campaign you can see i added a lot of custom fields in here i like the way infusionsoft is organized it's got like your hard-wired you know basic information here it's got your additional info information here in these tabs you know we put all of our login information for each person in here you won't need that if you're just doing you know some basic email marketing or membership site type stuff which is why activecampaign works great for the basic stuff once you really need to you know have some some some deep information that's easy to find at your fingertips for multiple people within your organization then you're going to want to go with infusionsoft's crm another thing i wanted to show you is like the notes down here you can do notes within activecampaign but it's ah there's still it's just doesn't work the way i would like it to work i don't know any other way to say that the cool part about notes down here in uh infusionsoft is it's cool you can add a note you can actually make temp different templates for your notes which we're going to start doing for different types of services we're offering whether it's web design or seo we're going to have you know the seo team putting notes in certain templates in the web design team putting notes in with other templates just gonna be really nice and make it everything very organized within you know a larger organization like i said we have nine employees and everybody needs to be seeing information for the for all the clients at any time at their fingertips without any problem and also leaving information in there and like i said they also sync up with our gmails so anytime a client sends us an email or we send a client an email it'll sync up with the email that's located right here and then actually notate it for us and save it all in there so we can go and see every email that everybody in our company has had with any client at any time super helpful you just don't have that with with activecampaign but activecampaign isn't made for that it's not made um for you know a company that has multiple employees where they all need to view deep information and have it at their fingertips and have all the emails saved it just doesn't have that feature another thing another feature of the infusionsoft campaign is you can actually you know run credit cards and take payments so somebody orders a web design from us over the phone we can actually put their credit card information into infusionsoft it syncs up with stripe and then we can have all the sales that we that we've made over the past month past quarter past year we can have it all at a snapshot and each client will it'll show all the invoices that are paid unpaid you can send quotes in through infusionsoft it'll go out to a client and they can even click on pay now and it's just got all this cool payment integration whereas activecampaign doesn't have any of that now i know they have some sort of company that they work with some sort of financial company and i looked into it and i tried it i signed up for it and it just didn't give me what i needed i think it's more for like e-commerce type stuff um but it's it's just nothing compared to infusionsoft infusionsoft you can create these these products um and then um as far as like the pipeline okay so as far as like the sales pipeline that's built in with the crm i consider that to be part of the crm um they both have decent um sales pipelines you go under deals for uh active campaign and then you know as new leads come in you can move them from different stages very similar over here in infusionsoft although it is more robust and has lots more options um so you go over here and this one is called opportunities in infusionsoft um and you know you have your different and there's just a lot more um options here it's a it's a little bit more visually appealing over here in activecampaign but once you learn how to do it in infusionsoft it's really cool and so when my sales guy jake is going through and making sales and getting leads and all this stuff i can see what's going on at any point in time uh active campaign um similar but just doesn't have the uh the same you know uh at your fingertips type of information so that i know what's going on with sales uh throughout the company okay so um both are very customizable vol you can both do a lot with with each one but infusionsoft you know has a higher cost like we're talking about significant higher cost the crm and the sales pipeline much more powerful uh the campaign builder much easier to use and more powerful active campaign uh very clunky uh automations or campaigns but it still does the job it gets the job done and for the price they charge absolutely worth it so that that's my take those are the big things that people ask me when they're asking about active campaign versus infusionsoft what the differences are what the pros and cons are i hope this was helpful once again my name is joe burnich and i will talk to you soon

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