In-House Video Production vs. Outsourcing

May 19, 2022·7 min read

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Should you hire a video production agency or do it yourself? Read our complete guide for which is right when. Plus, see real-world video examples.

You know buyers crave videos. You want to be making more videos. But you’re blocked. Should you invest in in-house video production or pay for outside professionals?

It’s an ancient debate, but you’re not alone.

Learn more about where each option shines—in-house video production vs. outsourcing—and when to use them, straight from the video experts with over 20 years of combined video production experience to provide you with practical advice.

TLDR: Use both, and trade-off depending on the situation.

  1. Contents
  2. 1. In-House Video Production vs. Outsourced Videos
  3. 1.1 A Typical Video Production Process
  4. 1.2 Pros and Cons of In-House vs. Outsourced Video Production
  5. 1.2.1 Pros of Producing Video In-House
  6. 1.2.2 Cons of Producing Video In-House
  7. 1.2.3 Pros of Outsourcing Video Production
  8. 1.2.4 Cons of Outsourcing Video Production
  9. 2. In-House Video Production vs. Outsource? When to Use Each Option
  10. 2.1 In-House Production: When to Use It
  11. 2.1.1 Video Types Where In-House Production Shines:
  12. 2.2 Outsourcing Production: When To Do It
  13. 2.2.1 Video Types Where Outsourced Production Works Best:
  14. 3. The Best Strategy? Do Both
  15. 3.1 Resources Used for Business Video Production
  16. 3.2 Vidyard’s Strategy for In-House Video Production vs. Outsourcing
  17. 3.2.1 For each campaign or video, ask yourself:
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