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the internet has created a huge marketplace where consumers have endless buying options so now more than ever sellers big or small need to move past the discounts and all the gimmicks to win and keep their customers when you create email marketing content that's compelling and really engaging for your customers it's what helps bring them back for more i'm emily this is london and today we're going to share some tips on how to create some great email marketing content [Music] so to start think about the type of email content you would like to receive when you sign up for email do you want something informative like tips and tricks or do you want to be entertained with like videos or stories and now try to think about something that maybe you specifically know really well or related to your industry so is there something your customers may not know about or a really funny or inspiring story about your industry that you'd like to share so for example let's say you have a small winery well you may want to share a recipe for a dish that pairs well with one of your lines or maybe share a video that gives customers a behind the scenes look at the wine barreling process whatever you decide to share just make sure it's customer focused make sure your email layout is simple and clean get to the point quickly this shows the readers that you respect their time and that you appreciate that they opened your email and if you have a whole lot to say about a particular subject then maybe consider writing a blog post or creating a video and then linking to it from your email this way your customers can decide how much time they want to invest and while you're creating content that's customer focus remember that this is still email marketing so you want to include a strong call to action or cta which basically tells your customers to do something your cta can be anything from linking to a blog post or buying a new product or just checking out your events calendar but be very obvious about what you want your customers to do and make sure that cta is towards the top of your message lastly you don't have to be an english major but good writing is important make sure the language is action oriented and be creative just don't overuse the adjectives and exclamation points and then before you click send proofread it and then proofread it again and then just to be sure maybe reach out to that friend that we all have who is forever correcting grammar on everybody's facebook posts and have them take a look at it seriously typos and poor grammar they're distracting and they can undermine your credibility so to recap here are the important things to remember make sure it's interesting and valuable to your customer keep it simple clean and concise include a clear cta with a link and remember that good writing counts i'm emily this is london see you next [Music] time

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