How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency ($0 – $10k/Month In 90 Days In Your New Career)

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So in today’s video, I’m gonna talk about how to start your own digital marketing agency, okay? How did you start how to get your firstly clients? And then how to go through take it from zero to ten thousand dollars per month Okay, and then formerly you’re at ten thousand dollars per month How many of you guys would enjoy me to show you? how to take it from ten thousand dollars per month to even a hundred thousand dollars per month How would you guys like to see exactly what I’ve done to go through within twelve months Take my business from in essence zero to over a hundred thousand dollars per month with what I’m doing here, okay? We’ve got hotshot from Venice Beach what welcome star Okay, breathtaking guys. Well. That’s we’re gonna shield today We’re gonna “re going through” because clearly like if you’re wanting to start your own digital marketing agency That’s the core that’s obviously the designation of this video.You need to know how to get your first clients You know how to go to have success to those used buyers because I know a lot of people They like want to start their own agency, but their biggest dread This is me a couple years ago is why I want to do patients But what if I got no idea how to support their efforts to how to run ads for them how to get heads or? success or any of that trash So I want to cover that for you all today get those first couple and candidly You can run your own market agency as a one-man show and take in a ten thousand dollars per month Fairly easy it really is not that hard That’s what I went through and did but now I’ve kind of consolidated to the fact where I am Really you are familiar with I’m trying to go through and specialize exclusively in auctions and marketplace We’re going to talk about that now as well, okay, so Awesome guys.Let’s jump into this so the first time. I’m looking down here because I’ve got these little notes right here I’ve got three key points. I want to share with you so number one is Get experience okay What “youre supposed to” do first is go through and get suffer with Facebook advertising with marketing with starting your own agency Whether it’s SEO Facebook Ads Google Ads whatever it is and so Number one key point number one kind of affirms number two which I’ll tell you about here It is a little bit, but you need experience, so it doesn’t matter. What patrons you’re going to go through and grasp Could be chiropractors dentists real estate agents gym owners diners whatever it is you just need to go through and get Familiar with the whole Facebook advertising marketing process right now when I firstly came started This is me back when I was super naive with all this trash. I was like follower well You know everyone that has a successful agency. They’ve got all these testaments They got all this nonsense like how do I go through and sell person without any? Commendations like what do I “re going through” and do and so actually the key is is going in first? And it sounds like it sucks right, but go and work for free go offer To guide their ads for two weeks for four weeks.Whatever the timeframe is and say hey look You know I’ve been really studying Facebook advertising. It’s really hot right now There’s so many successful action studies out there And I want to go through and help you with your diner with your gym with your you know real estate agency Whatever it is and help you go through and sell that business Okay, so you go through and you say hey? You don’t even have to pay me Okay After the two-week trial or before we trial whatever you’re doing you can say then we can go through and we can talk about What the right amount to pay me is? And we kind of move forward from there, okay, so we’ll just like we’ll use your Facebook advertising coin Okay So they set aside a plan of 200 400 500 whatever the number is and you go use that money to gain that skill set Because candidly guys I’ve been through a lot of Facebook advertising Courses and all that stuff extremely when I first came started but frankly at the other day it all comes down to merely get that know-how and going through and Using the ads overseer in Facebook or Google or any of that stuff And you will learn way quicker way more by actually going through and gaining that suffer okay, so regardless, that’s number one and the best way to go through and get buyers you guys have probably seen this on some other develops of Mine or some other people is just going through and posting on Facebook hey, I’ve been studying Facebook ads where I’ve been studying you are familiar with at Google Ads or whatever you’re like been focusing on and I’m looking for some people to go through and help them out.I won’t charge anything We just do a little trial run and we’ll see how it runs getting leads-in for you in your business And then you’re gonna get beings answering and you can go post on your personal chart. You can affix in some local Facebook groups like Wherever you live let’s say you live in Dallas There’s there’s neighbourhood Facebook groups of there Dallas specific kay could be like Dallas small business owners or Dallas You know gym owneds or whatever it was possible to extend affix in those groups and merely kind of like start to get that That communication out there, okay, so number two chaps so Let’s just ten-strike anybody have any questions on that real quick I’m gonna dive into number two and if questions do pop up I’ll jump into that because I know there’s a little bit of a slow when we’re going through and doing these YouTube lives But if you guys have questions on number one touched them up in the chit-chat casket but number two guys formerly you go through and You have your experience, right? You’ve gone through You’ve worked with all these different types of business owners all these different buyers you crave a niche in and get specific to one Industry okay now when I first got started and this was you know probably When I firstly went begins with more of the Facebook advertising agency model This is probably two and a half years ago or something like that.I was working with Dennis chiropractors real estate agents network purveyors Insurance I was like working with so many different types of parties really to gain that experience But then we started witnessing frequently really really good results with the real estate market Okay, real estate agents real estate investors real estate dealers And so I vanished all in on that I became all in and simply started focused on those because we had some campaigns That we’re working Exceedingly well to get buyer leads-in dealer contributes you know promote their open house promote their indices And so I was like you know what I could either “re going through” and continue to try to reinvent the rotation of okay Let’s like I’ve got a brand-new insurance broker like I need to go find out a good campaign That’s gonna work for them, and then the next thing you’ve got a mortgage middleman The next say you’ve got a fitness a gym proprietor personal coach and moving and trying to recreate the wheel every single time you bring on a brand-new patron or You can have perhaps four to five expeditions that you are familiar with proselytizes super well and precisely focus and stick with those okay So that’s what I went through and did We’re starting to come some really good results in the real estate market And then I was like you know what I’m gonna go all-in with this I’m gonna only do real estate because I know these expeditions use and now my only centres is He’s getting new clients getting new clients on to go through and assisted them make their business to the next position, okay so Anyway guys that that’s kind of key number two so like you can see how it various kinds of belies number one But number one is obviously like time going out there get that suffer imparting on your first couple of purchasers And then once you receive like hey Maybe you’re like you’re killing it with chiropractors or killing it with Dennis or with realtors or whatever then you go through, and you sharpens merely on that niche and my my Recommendation to you, and this is what one of my instructors told me he went through and said hey Jason focus on real estate He’s like you’ve been having a success in real estate Don’t go out of real estate until you’ve made at least a million dollars, okay? And now we we well outran that but we’re still focused on real estate Because one is a huge market we can go through and just really grow our business And we just continue to get success and we continue to improve our pattern our safaruss that we’re running for all four different buyers Okay, so amount three guys.We’re getting this so so we got number one Go out get knowledge seizure some those initial consumers get testimonies get those suit studies Okay, manipulate some nonsense free of charge. It sounds like a little bit of a anguish right at the very beginning For long term develops we’re not in this for the quick win we’re not in this for the quick buck We want to go through and build a long-term sustainable business if you’re in it for the quick buck You has been possible to success for six to 12 to 18 months but you know everyone else is going to come in and they’re just gonna like take over and You’re not gonna really be able to set yourself apart Okay, and then formerly you go through and you find a niche where you’re really witnessing immense reactions focus in a hundred percentage on that niche now You know we’ve worked with over 3,000 Realtors now real estate agents and middlemen, and we’ve kind of started a few months ago we start moving into loan officers mortgage dealers, but honestly the only reason why is because Someone looking to buy a dwelling that a real estate agents gonna work with that’s the same exact person That’s gonna need a loan from a lender.Okay, so it’s like it’s literally the same lead, and there’s so many synergies with that that With those industries that it offsets total sense to go through and climb over there Alright, so figure three people. Okay, and if you guys have any questions this target got to go touched them in the converse box I’ll make sure I’ll get to all those questions.We can even save some time now at the end To answer all the questions you guys have but once you go through and you you’re so so anyway those first two keys That should be able to get you from zero to $10,000 per month, okay And that “ve had enough” like where you can go through and you can do the sales and sell for your consumers And you can do the realization for your clients, and that’s what I did for the first several months and then it got to a object where I was like you know what I don’t have time to go through and fulfill for all these patients And I don’t have time to do the sales and commerce precisely jump back and forth and because you precisely be brought to an end losing so much time and attempt and vigor by Switching paraphernaliums right where it’s like You’re doing sales calls and then like someone’s like hey. I need I need help with this support Item or I need you to do this or do that so you’re always jumping backward and forward and truly You don’t see any immense is a consequence of it So as you start to grow What I would recommend is why you found out kind of the pose You’ve had its own experience of going through and setting up the campaigns travel discovery person that you are eligible to hire Okay to start setting up those expeditions for you in doing the realization Ok exactly find one person find someone you can trust Someone you like to work with you enjoy working with and then you can focus a hundred percentage on the sales and patently At the beginning you’re gonna have to spend a little bit of duration learn that person up But the idea is when that second person when you hire that second fulfillment Account Manager person the person that you first developed They can train them, okay, so now you’re starting to leverage yourself You’re starting to branch out and you can focus a hundred percent on the sales and commerce position And we’re gonna get that here in a second We’ve got Joel saying Facebook for real estate must be very tricky does Facebook have that data on possible home purchasers Candidly, Joel is not more tricky.Okay Obviously and there’s all the new Facebook algorithm informs. Everyone’s kind of freaks out on it’s like well How does this affect real estate and all this and honestly it really doesn’t alter it too much our campaigns that keep fairly consistent genuinely the biggest change that I’ve seen with the brand-new Facebook algorithm inform is I Thoughts I “ve got a bit of a” over 30 thousand adherents on my Facebook page And if I make a Facebook post and even a Facebook live which used to get acces more You might get 50 parties that really help to ensure that if I don’t gave fund behind it so 50 people reached with 30,000 beings that follow you It’s not really beneficial so like Anyway, the whole the game of like having so many adherents and likes all that and on Facebook It doesn’t really matter anymore so anyway, but also this Facebook have data relating to possible dwelling buyers.Yes They do so they’ve got you can go through and target by homeowners So like if you’re doing like a sell heads campaign for beings looking to go through and sell their home You could target beings that are homeowners you can target beings the hell is renters. There’s various other different Interests and groups and all that stuff that you can go through and target. Okay, so back to kind of like Your you went through you hired your first person you drilled them on patronize realization now you are shifting okay, you’re change your focus to 100% marketings and marketing and what you need to do is you need to get a Consistent marketings process that you can know and rely on that happens every week every day Every like you you got a set like a certain amount of time like so I “re going through” and I’ll do live webinars every Single week, okay, and I know that every single week This is like a proven pattern proven process that I can go through and gave the majority of members of my fund my outlays for my whole firm Into that pushing simply to bring on brand-new buyers, okay? So that’s really what you want to do you want to get to the point where like you go? And you first get your first ten thousand dollars per month, and honestly that doesn’t really You don’t really need to spend a lot of money You can do that 100% for free with no pushing budget, and then what I do Let’s say your expenses for 10 gloriou a month.Let’s say your overheads are like five splendid or whatever I placed like 70 to 80 percent of my total overheads so 70 to 80 percent of that five stately Into my promote okay, cuz then that the whole goal is now we want to build something that’s gonna be a long-term sustainable long term rise so we’re not we’re not certainly interested in like those first 90 to 120 epoches of Making the the quick money like I don’t know bout you guys, but like it’s great I I you know I like to make money, more But I preferably go and utter you are familiar with a hundred million dollars ten years from now as opposed to a hundred thousand dollars right now That obligates appreciation so like I’m going through and I’m construct this with a long-term mindset That if I go through and invest resources to my business into advertising getting more leads more patrons on board than in a year I’m gonna be able to have a business.That’s gonna be doing a duet hundred thousand dollars per month and It’s it’s gonna be that much more profitable privilege so, okay. We’ve got a few questions here We’ll say how do you participate Facebook ads and doing what the hell are you do conversion with the Cambridge analytical gossip honestly? Yeah, like that’s that’s obviously an issue. I think that’s more of an issue for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to be completely honest because this is just the whole data breach and all that we still have all those implements and everything available to us as advertisers as business owners and Really, we’ll the the large-hearted key thing on that is You you’re always are going to be changing whatever platform.You’re market on because like right now Facebook Ads is hot you know ten years ago Google ads was super red-hot okay? And most people actually aren’t doing YouTube ads which I’m jump-start in and doing YouTube ads and those are working amazingly Well, so genuinely it doesn’t matter like whether it’s Facebook or Google or what the scaffold Is there’s always going to be something new whether it’s Instagram snapchat you got to go through and simply advance the mannequin as day the modifications and things progress so like even if Let’s say Facebook ads that let’s say it Just absolutely shut down tomorrow, okay? And the whole Cambridge analytic a scandal that like totally just like gate-crashed everything honestly I wasn’t really worried because I’m not relying a hundred percent on Facebook for my contribute generation and for my commerce And I’m not trust that well.I’m actually right now. We’re kind of focused on that for our patients Just because it’s it’s converting so well, and we haven’t really heard I imply it’s only been a couple eras But we haven’t seen a huge Huge shift or vary with anything recently so anyway oh Jokes jest at that comment, okay cool, okay, so now so now we’re going through and we’re putting the majority of our budget into our Advertising our market whether it’s Google Facebook, or if it’s some new stage, that’s come out To go through because our chaps just so you know there’s so many other Taizo networks and resources that it’s not just Facebook. It’s not just Google okay I work with some advertising structures where There’s these people that have big email rolls or verse messaging indices or they have big blogs you can go set placard ads on there’s like so many different ways you can go through and Target your ideal customer and bring people in to your business, so it’s not just Facebook there, but I would go through And make sure you’re lay putting a majority of your budget Into that contribute contemporary into purchaser buy imparting more patrons in and that’s your sole focus okay, and you’re just going through as you’re bringing more buyers you hire more detail reps to help you with the fulfillment and then if It gets to a top where you’re like hey.I can’t handle all the sales myself We’re going so many makes then you can go through and hire a second or third or fourth marketings guy, right So that’s what we’re starting to do right now. We hired. It’s just probably two three months ago We hired a few seconds auctions person is assisting with all the incoming contributes and all that stuff that we’re engender so So that’s basically it guys Go through come experience kind of go start working with any and all patrons get your experience with Facebook Ads Google Ads with you know Going through and commerce on blogs or whatever it might be Second find which niche that is just really connecting with you Where you find the very best causes your best case studies focus in on that a hundred percent till you’ve made at least a million dollars Okay, and then once you go through then focus on that as you’re originating your focus in 100% on sales And you’re putting in 70 to 80 percent of your overheads as a whole into advertising into marketing and then Your high in our hiring more report reps to be able to go through and treat the brand-new onboarding of purchasers And then you go focus a hundred percent of auctions until you get to the point where like you’re getting so many leads-in so many everything that you have to hire more sales people to Go through and expand it out Okay, let’s say these up um Okay And have will Classic is there a edition of arsal that allows you to build landing sheets for other operators get contributes emailed to them and myself so Prince Durban Romans, we’re actually working on that right now We don’t have like like right now.Arsenal is built for the individual agent, so what you could do Is you can go through and set up a pas contemporary safarus and have the the? Leads advised sent to the actual agent as far as right now sending them to you and the agent We merely have it going through one person actually you know what we’ve done actually in the past with some people that should just like to do that you know how you can set up and create a Like a group alias email, so like let’s say We’ve got our subsidize at our establishment kg comm right and Then we have multiple beings when someone emails reinforce we have multiple parties that get that email so that’s what you can do their publications That’s what we’ve done in the past and absolutely forgot about that But you can set up like you know Kansas realtor at prints soothe or whatever the email address is and then have that ability when we send out the cause Notification it goes to you and the realtor as well, okay Phyllis a long trip things grit is great enormous mindset Yeah, emphatically eighty percentage of their ad budget to generate leads-in build a long-term relationship with your buyers accurately Joel hammered it Okay Joel saying where do you find your accounting reps or freelances? Do these tasks frankly guys where I find it? And this is a great question because this is something that I know parties have fought with in the past is I time trying to reach my existing gathering okay after you’ve been doing this for so long I’ll just go through and make a post on Facebook so as you start to gain fault like even if you’re not really trying you Start to gain partisans on Facebook parties contribute you as friends on Facebook? They will jump on your email list and even though you’re stigmatize is specific like I Marcus exclusively to Realtors I get digital marketers all the time jump-start on and they kind of want to see what I’m doing privilege so Anyway, I would just go through and this is what we’ve done.Even the coming week. I did a Facebook live in our Facebook group I affixed like on our Facebook page or I posted it on my personal profile before I’ve posted the I’ve Done an email blast and just saying hey if you guys are interested in working with us. We’re germinating We’re hiring again Which also that energizes beings on your email directory because we’re like wow They’re thriving They’re growing again like it must be working and so like they they get more belief and confidence in you and what you’re doing Okay, so Joel.Hopefully hopefully that helps and too like what I first like when I didn’t have super large-scale following We have a few colleges actually around where I live about seventy thousand University students, and so I knew a duo that were just there but I ideally I like to go through and trying to reach my existing following and parish because More than likely they’ve seen some my groomings on Facebook ads on their software on set up on everything so The onboarding and coming them up to fasted is that much faster, okay? Okay, let’s see Hey Jason, I’ve been following you for a while Hugh, Rock awesome How do you set up the application scaffold used to support your specific niche? How do you set up the application programme used to support you special nature so Giovanna? Thanks for the thanks for the comments Thanks for following us um We’ve been building this programme out for probably three to four years, so we’ve gone through because we build out from scratch We’re not employ any like Third-party service that we’re just grey labeling like we built it from scratch.It’s all practice to us and We start building out I thoughts three four years ago, and then we started running like full-time all in with it about two and a half years ago Okay, so that’s what we’ve done We we do go through and do white-hot labels of the software. It’s not really my focus I don’t like to focus on that but we do offering that there Will is classic we’re talking about me jump on your webinar opening pages talking “youre supposed to” will you’re probably you probably the exact person I’m talking about there.Okay. Well cool chaps. Well. Let me precisely jump in I want to I want to share with you guys time For anyone like you know if you’re kind of wondering where to is starting on all this substance I have put together a direction it’s called the six-figure busines I exactly stopped a link in the chitchat box if you’re watching the replay of this What I’ll do is. I’ll situate it down in the description as well and This is basically my step-by-step guide of gaining patients coming buyers Travelling through and taking it improving your business to zero to $10,000 per month. It’s all real estate and mortgage specific and focus so you’ll ascertain all of my real estate generation campaigns my mortgage result contemporary safaruss how I go through and you’ll view the contracts that we use to sign up clients because that’s really big as Once you ratify someone up you want to get them to sign a contract so you you know There’s a good understanding of what you’re gonna do for them And what they’re gonna expect from you so that time not any issues down the road And then I go through and register you how to get your firstly cup of patients how to blame them how to what different Commodity and services to offer and then how to go through and magnitude things up from there Okay, so if you guys want that obviously it’s just you know.It’s not really honestly. It’s not even really a moneymaker for me I just like I developed in partnership because I thought it’d be helpful for some people that are following me now and That’s pretty much it guys. That’s that’s the quick 3-step rundown Okay Gain experience run operated nonsense free of charge for your clients Number two niche down on where you’re going to go through where you’ve been having good success and upshots Then three lead start hiring other people and putting a majority of your ad budget into your induce contemporary patient possession Scale and thrive things to the next height, okay So anyway guys if you guys enjoyed this video Go ahead, and made that thumbs up button I’d enormously applauded the fact It would help other people see this as well if you guys want to share it You know I don ously Love it and then if you guys are not subscribed hitherto make sure you guys subscribe the path I launched a new video every single Monday Wednesday Friday.I’m trying to do more YouTube life-times I don’t know if you guys been watching me for a little bit now, but I was actually Banned from doing YouTube animations for 90 eras which was insane I was like Anyway, I must have transgressed some regulation. I “d no idea” about so it’s kind of a newbie to YouTube which is all good, but Anyway, so yeah go ahead subscribe the channel. I’ve got for everyone that agrees I’ve got a free Facebook as mini route $97 cost Exactly go to my path affected refresh And there’s gonna be a video and a link to that that mini trend there secure you guys up and then also we’ve got the six for your enterprise tie right there and Anyway guys. Thanks so much for watching I’ll try to jump on I’m not sure if I’m gonna do a live on Monday yet Or simply various kinds of like a pre-recorded video, but thanks so much for for jump-start on commenting.I love the participation I love you know seen kind of like the different questions and beyond the answer and help you guys out as much as possible But with that said I’m gonna leave you guys all But I hope you have an shocking weekend and with that said I will talk to you all last-minute.

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