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every day your potential customers visit and search to find the best local businesses for everything from restaurants to home services it's definitely a place you want to show up i'm emily and i'm going to show you how to set up your yelp listing in godaddy website builder [Music] on your website builder dashboard select marketing click social and then click connect under yelp if you already have a yelp listing and you're just connecting it to your website you can do that here by clicking on connect a listing we're setting up a new listing so i'll click create new listing now select the type of business you have if you have a storefront that customers visit or a service area in which you deliver your goods or services select i see customers in person if you only do business online select i'm online only right now yelp listings don't work for online only businesses so your best bet is focusing on your seo head over to your site settings and website builder to fine-tune that we're going to set up a yelp listing for a local restaurant in arcade so i'm going to select i see customers in person and click looks good now enter your first and last name business name category and city some of this info may already be filled out for you based on what you've entered into website builder during initial setup you can only select a primary category however once your listing is live you can edit it and add secondary categories to ensure you surface in every related search once you've entered the information needed click next now enter the phone number and click next you'll be asked if you have a location that customers can visit since my business is a restaurant and arcade i'm going to select yes and click next on the next page enter the address for your business and click next you'll be asked if you serve customers outside of your location if you do catering or delivery select yes in my case we only do business on site so i'm going to select no and click next the last step is to provide an email address of whomever will be managing your yelp listing so that yelp can verify your business when you're finished click create listing and that's it yelp starts the verification process and we'll let you know as soon as your business listing is live i'm emily thanks for watching [Music]

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