How To Run A Facebook Marketing Agency Step-By-Step For Beginners (2021)

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Right guys, so and this fear going to break down another case study But real business and showing you guys kind of like mapping out the whole strategy of how all of this works now This is a local business. So it doesn't matter if you're a real estate agent chiropractor Dennis local restaurant local gym really the strategy all works the same way. So this is Kathy right here Kathy is a real estate agent that I've worked with in the past and she's based out of Southern, California And this right here is her Facebook page and then we've got her website right here And then I just pulled up a simple. This is not her actual Landing page right here. I didn't go into her account and go get that but you can see like kind of the idea here So this is where we would be running the Facebook ads to go send him to this type of an opt-in page and we've got I mean Obviously a number of different opt-ins and landing pages that we can go through and offer on the lead magnets But those are kind of her assets, right? She got the website you got her Facebook page and I don't honestly don't even know how many followers she has she's got about 200 people and so He'd go through Let's see if she's got any videos.

I honestly did not even checked so she's got some videos You can see 272 people view that 151 1.3 thousand Some are more popular than others. But so okay So that's some good data to go through and start out in a workplace. We've got Facebook page We've got some video views we've got some page engagement people. We probably have people that have visited her website over here You can see she's got her Facebook pixel all there and tracking. Okay, and then we've got the Listing leads or you've got the the lead magnet right here. Okay. So let's just go to the drawing board over here And let's map this out. So if we grab the pen so we're gonna be sending people to This initial Landing page cave because remember we don't want to send if we're running Facebook Ads We don't want to be signing in to our main website.

We don't want to be sending them to our blog anywhere else We want to send them to a simple lead capture page with a lead magnet with an offer That we can go through and grab their contact information. So their name phone number and email address now Initially because she's not completely brand new Kathy has some assets that we can go through work with so we can go through and create custom Audiences so we can go and we'll run a Facebook ad right here. Okay, right We're on a Facebook ad and we're sending people to that landing page to this one right here Let's just map out. She's got her website visitors. So anyone this visitor web site She's got that Facebook pixel on there so she can go through and retarget those people She's now got people that have engaged with her page. So page engagement okay, so that means if she's made a post anyone this light commented or Follows her on Facebook or anything like that.

And then she also has the video views, right? And then I think that's probably about it for right now Oh and then if there's anyone that does You know hit this landing page but doesn't opt-in we can set up a little retargeting ad right here To get them coming back up here. Okay, which these ones up here? They're not necessarily a retargeting ad because they haven't necessarily seen this Facebook post already or this Facebook ad and they haven't already gone to this landing page where Whereas if they've already seen this added they've already gotten this landing page at that point They this would be a retarding ad showing to those specific people. All right, so now we come over here This is gonna be more of that warm audience slash that tier Two, okay. So now she comes over here She gets them on her email list and her ideal Situation is to go through and get them to book an appointment with her Okay. So now what she's doing is going through she's getting the lead the contact information their name phone and email So if we come over here to this landing page they hit give me the list We're getting their name email and phone number.

So then she can go through call them up right away and You know get get an appointment schedule and then what we're also doing is we're setting them We're putting them into a follow-up email Sequence right here. That is then getting them with a real estate agent Right a real estate agent or a dentist or a chiropractor any other these little local business owners? You're not necessarily selling something to online. So the whole goal Is to come over here and your sales mechanism is to get an appointment scheduled because with her she's either helping people buy a home or Go through and sell their home list their home so she can go through and sell to help him sell it, right so now we're gonna be following up with Emails, okay. And then also what I like to do is follow up with SMS as well Okay, which the nice thing about the Arsenal system, which she uses it's all integrated in there.

So she's got email SMS and then even Facebook Messenger, so we'll do Facebook Messenger right there. Okay. So now We're at this point where we've got all these people Okay, so we're initially targeting that this small audience of people who visit our website Okay, that custom audience people that have engaged with their Facebook page people that have viewed her video We're targeting that that warm slash that tier-2 and then also part of this is any existing existing clients and existing Leads okay now because when you're running a local business, especially if you're in a smaller town now Kathy She's in Southern California.

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So she actually has a pretty big area of pretty big community but with this audience right here, you can be spending literally like five to ten dollars per day and Hitting this whole entire audience Right because you don't really need much more than that because there's probably not going to be you know Millions of people that audience is probably just gonna be thousands or even tens to tens of tens of thousands, right? so going through hitting that up and setting these all here where we should because this is all this low-hanging fruit beginning pretty dang good results and then having the retargeting ads Collect anyone that hits this landing page, let's say this landing page converts at twenty five percent So out of a hundred people twenty five become leads and out of those 175 do not so we're now retargeting the seventy-five right here Okay, but then we go through and we're getting people to go and discuss an appointment and out of the twenty five leads Maybe let's say five skills appointments Okay, so then that means that there are 20 that we can go through and not only send emails to Send also text messages also send Facebook messages, but then we can also spend let's say $1 a day Reminding them to go back and set an appointment up with Kathy okay or with your dentist or with the you know If you're marking agency with with your sales guy or you if you're the sales person, right? So this is really the simple setup right here And then when you went to go you want to go really scale up then guys this landing page right here It could be for whatever offer.

It could be a number of offers for a chiropractor. It could be a free massage It could be a free consultation getting in for a desk. It can be free teeth whitening for real estate for example right here It's getting a list of homes under $300,000 for $500,000 or whatever. The number is it could be. Hey You know, we've got this listing like maybe you're promoting this listing and you're trying to get it sold so you say hey get up the price pictures and Address of this property just put in your contact information So it could be a number of different things and then when we go through and we want to scale this up Okay, we went to the wrong page. We want to go through and scale this up. We now we're gonna hit our look-alike audiences So our 1% look like audiences of our Ideally if you have a hundred plus past clients, okay? Then you want to use one percent look like audience of them or one percent look like a Belize or video views page engagement or website visitors and then this is going to get us a two million person audience and Obviously if you're running a local business If you're just targeting people specifically in that business, obviously, it's gonna be a lot smaller than the two million But then we are now sending them to This same landing page as well.

And then you've got all of the Machine already set up on the back end so they go through 25 percent of the people are going to actually opt in so the other 75% are gonna be hit up with this retargeting ad And then of the 25% they've opted in we're gonna invite them to schedule an appointment of those 25 What is that 5 out of 25 is that like 20% something like that? Yeah, I think 20% are gonna actually schedule an appointment So the other 80% Right, here are gonna be hit with another retarding ad but it's not going to be this same retargeting ad because we've already excluded them Okay, which we've covered that in in previous modules, we excluded them because we already know we had their contact information But we're just pushing them along To the next step. Okay, so if they viewed our website or video or something like that? We're pushing them to opt in they've already opted in we're pushing them to schedule appointment. They've already scheduled an appointment We're pushing them to actually like, you know list their home with us or buy their home with us or something like that and then so the goal is to get them on this appointment and then see are they looking to buy are they looking to sell and whatever they're looking to do and then once you go through and get a buyer or a seller Then with both of these especially in the real estate market and if you're in any other market, really It's the same type of thing.

Then we're gonna go through and we're gonna look for Referrals from those people because obviously they went through and they just bought a house It's not like they're gonna buy a house anytime soon in the next six months or even a year even probably a couple of years But you can say like hey, okay. Do you know anyone else looking to buy a home in this area? but also if they're looking to sell their home and you go through and you sell their home So you make some money on that and then you can go help them Buy a home, so you kind of like double up on that.

So that's that's something that's really nice there So a lot of times we've had real estate agents They go through and they run an ad to help someone buy a home and so because they know they're looking to buy a home They like well, you don't need the other home. So let's hope you sell that other home And so you kind of can double-dip like that So that's obviously the real estate business But if you look at any other business same type of thing If you're a dentist you get them in with free teeth whitening up here. Okay, where is it up here free, teeth whitening and Then once they come in set an appointment you get them in the seat right here and then it's not like buyer or seller but it's like okay a teeth cleaning a root canal or Whatever the different products and offers that they have to offer so same thing with the chiropractor Of a gym, like if you're going through instead of Fitness, you got nutritional plans You can break down workout plans private coaching just a normal typical membership There's a lot of different things but the nice thing is with this process you can now market to them with email can market with them SMS with Facebook Messenger and all of these retarding ads which with those retargeting ads you can hit them up on Instagram and on Facebook So you're basically omnipresent in all of these different locations Okay.

So anyway guys if you guys have any questions specifically to this case study and how this works for a local business Go ahead post a question in the Facebook group that this is exactly where I would go through and start Obviously if you guys do not have an existing business and you don't have any website visitors video views or anything like that The first thing I would do is shoot a video talking about your products or services post that on Facebook Put some money behind it. Maybe five to ten bucks a day get a few thousand people Viewing that video and then start the same process go and set up in facebook ad targeting only those people that viewed the video Okay, get them to a landing page with your offer and then you can initially create a one percent look like audience off of those Video viewers to get them to your landing page as well And then once you've gotten 100 plus leads Create a custom audience of all your leads and create a look like audience of those leads And then once you scale up and you've got you know Let's say a thousand leads and now you've got a hundred customers at this point then you go the same thing create a custom audience of those 100 customers create a 1% look-alike audience of those customers and You continue to grow like that? So anyway, once again post your questions comments, whatever in the facebook group and with that said guys, I will see you in the next

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