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good morning everybody j.r fisher here and i'm 
glad to see you it is thursday it is the 20th   of may 2021 man you know if if 15 year old me 
were told that i would be doing a live video   online which they didn't even have online then and 
i'd be alive in 2021 i would've said you're crazy   not the way i was going not the way i was going 
but things have changed and that's a good thing   and today i get to share with you some i think 
pretty good information about email marketing   um you know if you're new to this channel 
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a video makes it a whole lot easier for you   james and i posted at the same time i thought 
for sure i was going to beat you james   man i thought i was on top of it but i wasn't i 
wasn't yours actually came through right before me   uh golly bum i didn't realize it uh because 
we're racing yeah i guess we are i don't know   maybe i started a race or something like that 
it's so good to see you guys this morning really   is that's so pleasurable i was listening to a 
guy i follow online this morning uh dame drops   um and uh he's he's uh a food reviewer i mean he's 
he basically for the past 11 years uh reviewed   fast food so he's gained a ton of weight and 
now he's trying to get up every morning and go   for a walk and he's live streaming that this is 
kind of interesting um and he was saying that uh   you know you know he was trying to encourage 
people basically and he was saying you know hey   even if you don't get that many views you may be 
helping one person you know keep doing videos and   you know i can't agree with that more right now i 
am 34 34 subscribers away from hitting my 5 000.   i only need 34 guys 34 is not a whole lot uh james 
doesn't say i'm loud and clear that's good i want   to know that he always helps me out he's my 
soundcheck guy in case you don't know james   introduce yourself to james he's my soundcheck 
guy he's in savannah georgia um but yeah you know   putting forth that effort every day guys you never 
know who you're going to help out this channel is   to help anybody who wants to start run and grow 
online businesses that's absolutely all it's for   i will have an agenda usually when i go live 
however uh if you have other questions if you   have other comments if you need help with anything 
uh please put that in that chat section there   uh so what was happening when you was 15.

james when i was 15 i was a bad kid um i was   actually i run away at 11 i was arrested at 12. um 
i did a lot of bad things when i was a young kid   not a good kid but i had not a good home life 
either you know so i don't want to blame it on   that you know a lot of people don't have good home 
lives but i got a lot of trouble i was heading in   the wrong direction um so i spent time in the 
back of police cars if that tells you anything   so i never would have thought i would have you 
know been alive in 2021 and actually tried to help   people because i wasn't helping anybody back 
then i was uh just uh misdirected individual   i'll put it that way but things have changed a 
little bit now things got a little bit better   i gotta admit uh i appreciate uh people a 
whole lot more which i don't think i did then   uh and now i do appreciate people and it's kind 
of funny because today i'm going to get into email   marketing and what we can do to do better email 
marketing how to prevent email marketing fatigue   uh which is what a lot of people have now um and 
i'm gonna go through some statistics with you but   what do you think i got a beard trim yesterday 
my wife cut my hair she's been doing that all   through the pandemic she's awesome she helps me 
out uh arrested for what uh well which time james uh oh my goodness i don't want to get into all 
that but uh it was it was a tough time and what's   funny is one of the guys i hung out with when 
i was like 14 15 years old who went through a   lot of this with me is one of my best friends 
to this day i just talked to him two days ago   and we spent a lot of time talking about stuff 
and what life was like back then uh let's see   here paul says we had a similar misdirected youth 
haha had a lot of friends dead by 21.

pexels photo 6476591

Yo yeah yeah   i had that in jail dad all that good stuff um 
but yeah that's not what today is about i don't   want to get too sidetracked today is 
about helping you with email marketing   and that's what i intend to do today beer is 
looking good there brother well thank you yeah   i tried to trim it up you know my wife my wife 
does a really good job on haircuts it's like you   know she gave me a haircut at the beginning of the 
illness i can't say the word apparently on youtube   uh and uh she was better than the hair cutter i'd 
been going to and she had never cut hair before   and i'm getting off track but she went on youtube 
and learned how to cut hair by watching youtube   videos we went to uh amazon and bought a bunch of 
hair cutting scissors and combs and all that stuff   and i already had a trimmer and she's just done 
an excellent job and i haven't had anybody cut   my hair since the beginning of the illness uh 
so what turned things around for you you know   james i think it was um a little bit 
of self-reflection i kind of wanted to   um change my course i saw the 
course going in the wrong direction   and i just i kind of woke up one day and i was 
like i want to have nice things i want to have a   nice life and i know what i'm doing isn't going 
to lead me there i mean you know i was smoking   and doing other things that i shouldn't be doing 
um and i just i don't know i just kind of came   to that realization i started self-educating i 
started reading a little bit about you know how   to be a better person and what to do um and 
i've spent all my adult life working on that   correcting those uh i guess ill spend times with 
my youth i spend time on an ambulance uh city of   virginia beach i was at emt i did volunteer 
work there i've done volunteer work with junior   achievement i've gone into schools with high-risk 
kids and taught them because i can relate to them   i've helped the homeless we fed the homeless 
matter of fact if you if you search on youtube   and you search feeding the homeless san diego i've 
got one of the top videos with over 100 000 views   on that video but you know i felt a whole lot 
better doing good things i did doing bad things   and i think once i realized that you know it 
makes you change it does and it changed for me so   i don't want to get too much into that today but 
anyhow i think i've improved some but i've got a   long ways to go i know i've got a long ways to go 
i know there's a lot more i can do there's a lot   more people i can help and that's generally what 
i'm trying to do now with this channel is help   people out help people who need help making money 
online and getting some success and it's just   it's not just about the money uh it's it's having 
that self-accomplishment and the one thing i'll   tell you before we get uh into that uh a whole 
lot is don't quit guys because you don't get the   results you want on the email because you don't 
get the results you want on a sales page or   you don't get as many views that doesn't mean 
you quit you just keep going and you will find   your your path you will i mean i failed a lot 
in the beginning but i just didn't quit i didn't   quit because i won't go back to my old job so 
don't quit no matter what you do don't quit uh   like you turn the path and surrounded myself 
with positive people and distance from toxic   environments yeah yeah i did some of that um you 
know i would always say my friend from high school   still got some trouble uh in his 40s he ended up 
doing federal time which was not good uh but uh he   came through that okay and uh you know he said the 
other day and he lives in a multi-million dollar   home now and he's a matter of fact he lives down 
the street from fred smith uh fred smith is the   guy who started fedex um and that's a good friend 
of his along with uh you know police chiefs and   congressmen i mean he's really moved up the ladder 
um but he was the guy that i did a lot of that   stuff with it's just kind of funny we reminisce 
now that we're even still alive which is crazy   uh but let me get in this email thing uh email 
thing that i want to talk to about today is email   fatigue and it's a real thing guys people are 
just not opening emails does emails still work   absolutely send out an email this morning 
it's going to go out at 10 a.m pacific time   and it works great i send out emails all the time 
but you've got to be able to do it differently now   it's harder and harder to really get your brand 
out there if you don't know what you're doing   it doesn't mean you can't do it you know back 
in 2017 uh they did a survey and most people   said they felt overwhelmed with emails um and you 
know 85 of the emails they were getting in 2017   uh were found to be useless useless okay so it's 
no wonder that in 2020 when they're getting even   more bombarded with emails that it's harder 
and harder to get through to these people   um but that's what we're going to talk about 
today and you can get through these people   uh but you know you just got 
to have better quality stuff um   email marketing still remains one of the most 
effective marketing strategies you can do period   consumers who buy products after clicking the link 
in email tend to spend almost 140 percent more   than an average consumer uh as many as 50 percent 
of marketers claim that email marketing is more   effective than social media and i totally agree 
with that totally agree with that um so how can   you overcome it number one start with a welcome 
email when somebody joins your list welcome them   and let them know up front what you're going 
to do i think that's a big problem because   companies don't say hey you know we we got you 
on a list and this is what we're going to do so   when i send out an email a welcome email it says 
hey welcome i'm going to send you some content   but i'm also going to send you some offers stuff 
that you can buy uh that welcome email uh they say   uh will bring 320 percent more revenue than any 
other promotional emails that welcome one will   so it's super important that we do that uh number 
two um you want to utilize personalization now i   use a software called kartra so in cartridge once 
you sign up and you put your name in the email   i can actually put your name throughout 
that email so i can say good morning   x whatever it is and insert their name in there 
and the other thing you can do for personalization   is you can also put in your emails you know 
things they've looked at things they bought   so that they know that you're really talking 
to them you're really speaking to them   that can be very very helpful and very important 
um a lot of these email providers excuse me yeah   email providers will allow you to do this i like 
karcher the best because it's the cheapest and it   allows you to do more than any of the other ones 
number three this is a big one this is a big one   are you ready number three is actually make your 
emails interesting yeah how about that how about   that concept an interesting email instead of a 
boring one you can do this okay you got to treat   each campaign content as making an asset out there 
something that's really important talk to your   customers their needs their pains their interest 
all these things that are really important to   them speak to your customers make your emails 
interesting i try to do this um in every email   you know because i think about if i was on the 
other end of this i was reading this email would   i be bored with it would it be dumb would it would 
take up my time and people's time is so important   guys and as they get older and a couple of us 
are older on this call here today i know that   we realize that time is so very important 
you know when i was a young guy i thought   you know i had all the time in the world and i 
didn't i didn't okay and now it's dwindling down   so you know i've got to make it worthwhile now and 
you do you have to do the same thing number four   this is a big one and i've incorporated 
this over the past few years and that   is get into video marketing video marketing is 
so very important and you can incorporate this   with your emails generally my saturday live 
what i'll do is i'll have a uh thumbnail of that   saturday live with me on the thumbnail and letting 
them know it's a video you know put maybe a play   button on there or something like that that's 
really important video marketing is so important   i just did a campaign uh for our 28 ounce meeting 
we're getting ready to do our 14 and a half hours   and they clicked through and they could watch a 
video of me telling them why we were doing this   marketing campaign it was very detailed it took 
me probably a week just to do a four minute video   on there and i know you think well that's that's 
too long to do that but you know what that video   has made me a lot of money a lot of money uh 
in the six figures in a period of two weeks   um so that it was worth it um number 
five is use cartridge automations now   automations are super important if you don't have 
the right software you're not going to do this   cartridge you can get it'll be in the description 
of this video once this video is not live anymore   the description is going to pop up and automations 
can do so much okay they can be triggered   by doing different things um in your sequence so 
let's say i'm selling my canned meats and i want   to send out four emails monday tuesday wednesday 
thursday okay monday tuesday minutes four   right okay but i don't want to send them any more 
emails if they take my offer if they buy the item   cartridge can do that what you can do is whatever 
product you're offering in there you can tag them   once they buy that product and what happens in 
cartridge before it sends each email it looks to   see if that person has that tag if they have that 
tag it takes them out of the sequence and doesn't   send them the email again so that way they're not 
getting that email fatigue and they're like i just   bought this why did you send this to me again 
um i think that's really important to do that   you know you can do a promotional email like you 
know once a week something like that i don't do   them as much right now but every now and then 
send a happy birthday one maybe you've got their   you know their birthday or something like that 
that's kind of cool you can send automated emails   reminding customers of an abandoned card or failed 
payment something like that um email automations   can be used for so many different things uh 
maybe they they bought one product and you want   to mention they bought that product but you're 
referencing a new product uh next one number six   get real get real okay uh having empathy for your 
customer is just imperative it really is uh it's   more of a necessity than a recommendation at this 
point guys it really is uh don't try to fake it um   during the times that we've all been through your 
customers are a whole lot more sensitive than ever   before and they're gonna smell fakeness they're 
gonna know if you're fake if you're promising   them some bs or something like that let's see here 
i've got a couple other comments in here paul says   headlines are everything like you said last week 
i also like adding the ps you recommend yes i have   a ps on almost every single one of my emails 
and here's why um a lot of people treat their   emails as something they need to get through so 
they'll click on it open it scroll to the bottom   to see what it is and at the bottom of my emails i 
always have a ps with a link they can click so for   those people who are always just scrolling to the 
bottom i snag those people which is very important   depending on your business it also may be 100 
necessary to address the elephant in the room okay   our illness for the past year uh was one of those 
examples so maybe you want to talk about that uh   it's important to bring up any objections they 
may have you know you know i'll say in an email   this may sound too good to be true but here's why 
this is true uh and i'll give him a reason for it   um so being real is good uh number seven is super 
important because if you don't do this you're not   going to improve but it's stay on top of your data 
um you know it can be disappointing when you do a   campaign you send out emails it doesn't go the way 
you want but look at what's going on where is the   broken link was it that they they opened the email 
if they opened it well then your your subject line   was okay did they click well then your email 
was okay did they not buy maybe your landing   page is the problem so don't say well my email 
campaign didn't work because i didn't sell enough   your email campaign may have worked beautifully 
but maybe you sent them to a page that they   didn't want to buy on maybe there's something 
wrong with that page so you got to look at   each part of your email campaign so let's 
look at each part of the email campaign   you got the subject line what is the job of 
the subject line to get them to open the email   if you tell them what's in the email in the 
subject line there's no need for them to open   the email if you say 20 off on women's shirts 
today uh and a man receives it or a woman just   bought a shirt yesterday she's not going to open 
your email or she believes that a sale is 50   so that subject line is not going to work 
because it gives up too much information okay   um so subject line is very important when they get 
to the email is it making them want to get more   information that's what email's supposed to do 
it's supposed to not sell them anything but make   them want to get more information on what your 
offer is whether it's content whether it's opt-in   you know whether it's joining whether it's buying 
that's what the email is for and then once they   click on the email and they go to your page your 
page is designed to get them to do something it's   to opt in it's to buy the product it's to join 
it's to watch a video what is the point of that   so when you're looking at these email campaigns 
guys there's several different parts to it   and you've got to stay on top of the data where 
is it falling off where is the problem that's why   cartridge is so good for this because you can go 
to analytics at the top of cartridge and look at   any of that stuff see what's going on throughout 
your entire campaign give me another sip here let's see paul says i really liked the ted 
nichols book on email marketing and i haven't   read that one paul i've got you know it was funny 
i was boxing up my office a little bit yesterday   and i've got boxes of books i got to start 
reading some of these books i have so many   books right now i got to get into them um number 
eight keep looking at your stats this is something   that people don't do most people will look at one 
time and they never go back to them again stats   change your statistics change more often than 
not you'll see which campaign was a success in   terms of clicks and opens and which one appeared 
to get trapped by spam filters that can happen   too and it could be the words you're using in 
your subject line a few days of sending an email   blast check out your numbers to see actionable 
insights for your next campaign uh it's really   important to do that and of course kartra has all 
those tools that allows you to do those things   uh which is super important because if you don't 
have the tools you know if you're not using a good   software to do these email campaigns you're going 
to be really frustrated you may be doing great   subject lines and emails and all that but nobody's 
ever seen them because it's going to a spam folder   i had that problem with infusionsoft when 
i switched from infusionsoft to cartridge   i immediately started making more money and it was 
only because people were starting to see my emails   with infusionsoft they weren't seeing them i think 
they call it keep by infusionsoft now they're   trying to keep their customers but that was excuse 
me a very difficult software to use first off   i never got good at it jessica was very good at 
it she she built almost all of her campaigns in   there i never really got good at it i cartra i 
got good at i understand it i can do cartridge   so that's another thing so uh kind of in 
conclusion here email marketing is much more   challenging than it was let's say 10 years ago 
but just about any marketing tactic has gone   through transformation over the years doesn't 
mean if it's tv commercials radio ads billboards   billboards why does anybody do 
billboards i'll never understand that one   i mean billboards let's stop for one second here 
before we get into this a billboard is where you   put an ad on something and you don't ever know if 
it worked or not you don't i mean you get business   and you don't get business nobody ever comes in 
and says hey i saw your billboard the other day   they don't do that so since they don't do that and 
besides that who's looking at billboards i mean   this is what people are doing when they're driving 
down the road now i know i know they're not   supposed to right but they do they don't even lift 
up their heads to look at a billboard why would   you spend any money on the why do billboards exist 
i don't even know why they exist anymore funny   story about that when my son was about eight years 
old we were driving on a trip and we were driving   down the interstate and there was a big billboard 
it said available and then it had a phone number   and he looked at it and he read it and he turned 
and looked at me he goes what what's available   i said oh that's cute that's really funny 
to this day i kid him about that one   so it would really be weird to expect email 
marketing to remain the same because all these   other things have changed the good news is uh 
marketing software like kartra has evolved to   help you out uh that will change it it'll help you 
get a headier competition but if you're not using   some of these tools you know a lot of people go 
i don't want to spend 97 a month for card from   uh well what if it made you 997 dollars or what 
if it made you nine thousand or ninety thousand   i mean i know i know it has for me to make me over 
six figures in a single day before not every day   i wish it was every day uh but it has you know 
in good campaigns so the key to finding a really   good solution is finding the right software 
and i think carter is it i really do so   um put some of your comments excuse me in there 
a little bit going on today um you know are you   doing email campaigns now i want to hear from you 
um what successes have you had with your email   campaigns what have you tried in email campaigns 
what is keeping you from doing an email campaign   i would love to know we're down to the last few 
minutes here so if you've got a question you got   a comment you got a suggestion now's the time to 
put it in there and i'll be happy to address it   if you're watching this video and it's 
not live it's okay you can still put   comments below the video okay there's a comment 
section there when i go live there's a chat box   and i can answer you live but even if it's 
not live i get it not everybody can watch live   uh put your comments in the comment 
section below the actual video   also before i forget give me a thumbs up i don't 
think i mentioned that but some of you already do   it give me a thumbs up for this video it helps a 
lot with the algorithm also if you would subscribe   i need 34.

34 people to subscribe so that i can 
hit that five thousand thirty four i'm kind of   in a contest with my wife because she has another 
channel and she's real close to five thousand two   um not really a competition but you know we're 
just kind of neck and neck uh and also once you   subscribe now the subscribe button will be read 
initially once you click it it will turn gray and   then a bell will pop up like this one you want 
to ring the bell turn on all bell notifications   you you actually have to click the button that 
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know randomly i guess youtube decides what you're   going to get let's see what we got in here 
paul mcmahon uh day of the billboard went   the way of burma shave burma shade yeah i remember 
that um when i was a kid my dad used old spice   and i can't remember the shave cream he used it 
wasn't burma but it was some old-fashioned thing   but i will say burma shave has great copy is there 
at best time to send email uh in days of week   there is but it's different for everybody in 
kartra it will show you when you're getting   your most opens and when you're getting your 
most clicks and it will tell you the days that   you should do this now obviously initially you 
have to send out emails at different times a   day uh to find out what that's going to be that 
sweet spot you have to have some data in there   uh but cartridge will do all that for you and like 
i said it's different it's like if i send out um   an email for j.r fisher training okay and it's 
about courses and that type of thing i usually   send it out right before lunch uh and i send it 
out right before lunch because people are kind of   winding down they're going through your email you 
know they're thinking about leaving the office or   i'll send it out in the early evening when they're 
leaving work something like that and those seem   to do pretty well now my survival food company um 
that is not the best time to send out an email as   a matter of fact the best time um excuse me i said 
all that wrong after lunch is when i send this i   just got all that backwards after lunch for my uh 
training company because they're they're coming   back from lunch and they want to check their email 
and all that that's the best time for those my   survival food company i send before lunch and the 
reason i send it before lunch is they're hungry   right uh and if they see these emails right 
before they're getting ready to go eat   they're more appetizing to them they're 
more apt to buy the product uh so we   figured that out after years of sending all these 
marketing emails that's the best time to do that   um so that's kind of an interesting thing uh 
let's see here james ultra author of choose   yourself is great with emails that will fit well 
on smartphones yeah you gotta think of the device   thanks for bringing that up james the device 
is super important it's like i know a lot of   people will do youtube videos and they'll do a 
thumbnail and the thumbnail has like 20 words   on it or 10 words on it they can't read it i 
mean they can't read it you're just it's totally   pointless when they're scrolling through their 
phone like this they can't read all those words   you're wasting your time uh two or three words 
max sometimes no words work a whole lot better   uh so think about the device and i know like 80 
percent of my audience now is on a mobile device   which is huge you know i in the beginning i 
kind of resisted that i'm like oh they're not   going to watch the stuff on the phone they 
are and they do and i had to learn that too   do you do holiday or event tied emails i do i 
don't do them often enough i can improve on that i   usually do a big thanksgiving one and a christmas 
one uh the thanksgiving one does very well every   single year and guess what we sell canned turkey 
we sell other things too but canned turkey does   very well i do recipes i do all kinds of stuff so 
that's a really good one um have a blessed week a   head gang thank you so much paul uh we are nearing 
the end here uh and like i say guys if you haven't   subscribed please do so i need 34 people don't 
subscribe if you're not gonna watch videos please   don't do that but if you're gonna watch videos 
please subscribe i need 34 more to hit that 5 000   and then i'll give you my new goal because i'll 
have a new goal after that i can promise you that   today i need to do some editing i need to set up 
my and just so you know what my day's going to   be like i need to set up my new campaign i did a 
campaign for 28 ounce canned meats we're going to   do a 14.5 ounce and what i'll do this is the cool 
thing at cartridge i can copy all of those emails   all those sales pages all those products 
and just switch it to 14.5 ounce and change   the pricing on it and boom i've got another 
campaign i don't have to build it all out again   i can use the same campaign which is pretty cool 
i can use the same video which is pretty cool   so that's what i'll be working on today 
getting that done plus i have to do some boxing   i boxed up i had six boxes last night of stuff 
from my kitchen and in various rooms a little   bit from my office um getting that all together 
for a move because that's coming up real soon   uh and guys as far as my lives go um when 
i'm traveling i'm gonna be traveling twice   well i'll be traveling definitely from the 9th 
to the 11th so during the 9th of the 11th you   probably won't see me online i'll try to do 
some kind of lives when i'm on the road but   we're going to be in north carolina at my wife's 
sister's wedding which should be pretty cool we   have people staying here at the house we always do 
so don't think about breaking in that won't work   we have people staying here um but um so i 
won't be live for that period of time i do   apologize for that i still will upload videos as 
i always do but i won't be able to do the lives   uh by the way see meat prices 
are going up and pork is high yes   uh and we're going to be experiencing more 
of that so uh yeah if you're if you want to   buy survival food go to survival cave food let 
me put that in there go to survival cave food there you go get get get your meat get your meat 
from survival k food that's what i sell okay some   of the best meat in the country uh you'll get from 
survival cave food all natural no preservatives   add its chemicals and the animals are treated 
humanely um so that's very very important i think   uh peace and blessings everyone see you all 
tomorrow thank you very much james uh we're   down to 9 28 so yeah i'm going to get out of 
here too i really appreciate you guys showing up   uh it's it's a blessing to have you here it 
really is i love each and every one of you   i thank you for your input i thank you for 
you know sacrificing some of your time with me   uh which uh you know your time is so 
important so i really do appreciate that   thank you so much for being 
here guys i'll see you tomorrow

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