How To Make A YouTube Channel For Beginners And Make Money – Easy YouTube Channel Tutorial (2022)

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What's up YouTube Jason Wardrop here and this video I'm gonna break down how to start a YouTube channel for a beginner So you can actually make some money right because that's kind of a cool thing That's what everyone hopes to go through and do now this is something I've become Super passionate about because I've seen how YouTube has really helped transform and affect my business Or the last nine months or so that I started I started back in January 2018 of this year and you can see right here on my channel I have just over thirteen thousand subscribers So obviously there's channels that have a lot more subscribers than my channel But the cool thing is you guys can see here from ad revenue.

I'm gonna make about $2,600 just shy of twenty six hundred dollars in ad revenue In the past thirty days in the last month $2,600 and that doesn't count any core sales or anything like that. That's just an ad revenue, which is pretty cool And that's also why I'm so passionate YouTube and I honestly think everyone should start a YouTube channel whether you're camera shy or not you need to start a YouTube channel my my wife and my brother actually make fun of me because every single person I mean I'm like n you need a sorry YouTube channel. This can be so awesome. And this actually kind of hit me about probably well I think was last month I was flying home from San Francisco and I would flew into the Salt Lake area Airport and When I got there, there was this older gentleman He was probably in his 70s And he was vacuuming the floors in the airport And I'm like man if this guy only would have started YouTube channel ten years ago he could have some passive income coming in and he wouldn't have to be here as a janitor and Vacuuming the floors at 1:00 a.m.

Cuz I guarantee you he does not want to be there doesn't want to do that So guys, that's why I'm so passionate about YouTube so in this video I want to break down step by step and show you guys everything That you need to do if you're getting started with YouTube of how to structure the channel the right way And I've got this all laid out step by step, but actually even made a checklist for you guys So you guys drop a comment down below I'll be able to share this with you And if you guys find this video helpful, I would really appreciate it If you guys give it a thumbs up it helps more people be able to find this and the great thing about YouTube guys is when I First started I thought that oh man.

I can't get started YouTube because there's so much competition But the truth is if somebody's gonna watch let's say a fitness channel Which there's millions of Fitness channels and someone's in a into fitness less. Let's say intermittent fasting That person that's into intermittent fasting. They're not only watching one person's Channel They're probably gonna watch five to ten other intermittent fasting channels. And that's the beauty about YouTube the collaboration It's not like because they bought one product. I'm not gonna buy another one. It's not because they're watching one channel They're not gonna watch another one. So as far as competition goes, it's kind of irrelevant Right, so that's why I want to go through and break down step by step why you should start youtube channel really doesn't matter what? Business you're in doesn't matter what you're passionate about just jump in and start a channel So the first thing on this checklist you can see is create a new YouTube channel right now if you guys have a gmail account just go to Searched in Google new YouTube channel, very top result create a YouTube channel But since I already have a channel the thing is it won't let me go through and just create a new channel So I've got to come over here.

I've got this other link popped up and let's see right here. So It's got under this email address. It has all my different channels. So these ones are two random ones I don't remember why I started those but this is my main channel. This is our software's channel about an 46 subscribers We haven't really focused too much on that but all I have to do is just click on create a new channel right here Okay, and I'll add that link down below in the description as well. So you guys can go through and grab that And so we're gonna say we're gonna call this a test Channel and guys the nice thing about Google Facebook YouTube all these different platforms They really make this so easy.

They walk you through step by step So if you're brand new total beginner, you're not really sure how to go through and make this all happen They just walk you through. Okay, so we're just gonna hit create on this channel and Then it's gonna walk us through this whole creation process. My internet is okay. So now we're here Okay So test channel what we can do now we click over here create a cover photo and upload your profile picture now These ones are kind of well doesn't really matter which one you do first So I'm gonna actually go through and upload My profile picture just goes right here gonna click on this and it says edit your channel icon.

Okay, and Then I'm just gonna go through and upload a photo so I've got one It's got my profile picture right here on my desktop right there. So just click open and then Once my internet goes dun dun dun and Then sometimes it takes a second to go through and get fully updated on your channel Now they kind of kicked me to a weird screen. So let's get back over to YouTube here So we click on YouTube now if we want to go back to like where we go and edit everything We just click on this top little icon We click on that and we go to this YouTube studio or sometimes it's creator studio This is kind of a newer addition.

So YouTube studio beta or we can just go to my channel And we can click on customize channel, right? so the second thing we want to do if we look over here on this check list is Create a cover photo now. I don't know about you. I'm not a designer I'm not very good at like making things look nice. And so I use a 100% free tool that is called canva canv AECOM you can see all of the different things that I Create on here.

This is where I did create this checklist and then you come over here. It's got all these pre-built Templates the sizes like this is where I create all my YouTube thumbnails, right? So we're just gonna click on more and then We're gonna come down here and it's gonna have one who has the YouTube So you see social media and email headers YouTube thumbnail. And then where is it? YouTube channel art right there So we click on that and they've got all these pre-built designs that we can go through and use for our business So like let's say you like this one right here Or maybe like you like this one right here and you see they've got all these different free options They have some paid options But you can just really go through and choose whatever you then you want to upload a picture you can upload it There you can add text add elements You can change out the text right over here so we can say we're gonna call this our test Channel something like that We can't go through and just really customize Everything that's going on here.

So this looks like this is actual so we'll go like this Okay, and then you just hit download? We'll hit download right there saving your design and they just gonna download it to our desktop so that we can then Go upload it as our channel art. Okay, so it's right there Okay drag to our desktop hit add channel art, and then we're just gonna drag this on over upload it and Then we just sit. Okay, you can see you can adjust the crop if you want to this looks good to me So I'm just gonna hit select Save right there and guys notice.

It hasn't updated my profile picture. Sometimes it takes a minute for that to go through and upload So if you did upload it and it's not looking like it's uploaded. Don't worry. It's it's just totally fine. It's it's there It just takes sometimes a minute to go through and stay uploaded. So we're going through we're moving through the checklist guys We've got crate new channel create the cover photo create upload the profile picture and then upload defaults, right? So what I like to do is every time you upload a video sometimes there's things that you want as tags or defaults every single time that you upload a video and also You can go through and make channel keywords. Like let's say your channel is about basketball for example so if it's for about basketball you want probably to have the channel keywords to say basketball or basketball drills or NBA or LeBron James or something like that? So we'll come over here We'll click on this little creator studio And then this will take us back in where we can manage all the comments the videos Everything that has to do with our Channel Well hit got it now this YouTube studio beta this is kind of newer I usually like to kind of use the classic crater studio.

So I'm just gonna actually click right down here creator studio classic Okay, and I'm just gonna hit skip just for this example. It's gonna take just gonna be easier for me to show you guys What's going on? So when you come here to the channel and Then we're gonna click on upload defaults right here. Okay So for upload defaults, this is where we can go in here. And this is where we can add tags to our videos so for example, we want our videos to be tagged with basketball and maybe, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or whatever it is and we can add tags So every time a video is uploaded we don't have to go through and put in all those tags but it's important to have those tags that are specific to that video then after we save this what we want to do is come down to Advanced and this is actually where we're gonna go through and put in the channel keywords Okay, so this is gonna be big the country I usually like to go through and actually do the country that you live in so I'm in the United States so United States Right there and the channel keywords This is where we can go through and throw that in okay, cuz then then YouTube associates your channel with these specific keywords So if your channels keyword is basketball and then you go make a video on basketball it makes it really nice to be able to go through and actually Link it back in and get into the search rankings Okay, now all this other stuff as far as link in an AdWords account this is only really you can only actually go make money with ads after you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, which you guys can actually get there fairly quickly if you're uploading Consistent videos right now.

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I'm not gonna go to that on this channel or on this video right now But this is kind of the basics once you guys get to 1000 subscribers you can link an AdWords account and go through and get some Adsense running so you can actually Make some money from the ads. You're actually running on your videos. Okay. So once we have this down, we'll come over here So we got the upload defaults and the channel stuff We're gonna go and find the top ten channels in our niche now This is really important when we're going through and creating videos to know which videos to create because we want to find What videos are already popular case? So this is kind of like a little bit of a video hacking technique of knowing what videos to go through and crates So if our channel is on basketball we can goes through and in basketball right here and let's say it's more on basketball drills Okay, so like if your focus is basketball drills Then you can come in here and we want to find the top like ten channels or so So we're gonna come in here and click on filter and then we're gonna go over to Channel Okay, so then we can kind of see what are the top channels so break through basketball pro training basketball drills and skills basketball So you can see which one's ball or boot candy you can see which ones have a lot of followers I love basketball TV.

These guys are really good These guys are really good at going through and doing their YouTube market as well get handles basketball so now what I do is I'm gonna find the top ten channels or so and I will come over here and I will make a Trello board So Trell is another free tool so it's tre llo comm and I create a list you can see this is my youtube Tutorial one and I can say top channels.

Okay, and then I'm gonna make a card in here. So I love Basketball TV. Okay, and then another one is Baller boot camp. Okay, so I come in here This is just for my research so I can go through and find out what channels are hot Which one's should I go through and find out what videos were popular which ones I can go and make my own? Version of that video. So we're just gonna go through and make this list right here And then what we're gonna do is come in here and type in ideas, and then we're gonna say creating and then done or you could even say Created okay So now what I like to do is I have the top channels So find top 10 channels in your niche and then find the top three to five videos from each one of these channels so the reason why I want to do this is because These channels their top videos are actually so exposing to us and showing us what people are interested in watching Okay, so we come over here to basketball drills.

So for example this ball or bootcamp almost two hundred thousand subscribers We click on them and then We come over. Hey guys, Auggie Johnson baller boot camp doc. And then what we can do is come over here and sort We click sort by Most popular and then from the most popular thing we can see okay Kyrie Irving crossover how to basketball moves basketball tips and fundamentals how to shoot how to URIs F So it looks like in this market a lot of these how-to videos are super super catchy Right so we can come over here and we can see like okay Kyrie Irving cross.

All right well, it's so like we can make a video how to Perform, Kyrie Irving's crossover. Okay. So then we just come over here to Trello. Okay, we could say how to perform or how to do Kyrie Irving's Crossover, okay and then we go down and we just like we don't want to do every single in the videos but videos where we like Oh, I can have my own take on that like maybe this one bought basketball fundamentals and tips I'm like I don't really know but man James Harden his gyro step like I can totally go through and make a video that it's just as Good and sometimes like what I like to do is I get the idea but I don't actually watch the video because sometimes when you watch the video it kind of changed your way of thinking you're like Oh, that's how they did.

So on. That's how I'm gonna do it But if you go through and you just see like what the topic is and you don't watch the video and you make your own Spin and renditions on it, then it becomes a lot more quality of a video and it's very unique and custom to you Okay, so now we come down here and usually what I like to do is get about, you know, three to five starting out, but then what you get You know you run out of videos right here, and you're crazy so once you once you go through and you create a video you moved over to creating once you're done you move it over to Create it and this is how you keep track of everything Okay, then once you run out of ideas here Which this should get you about 30 to 50 videos right out of the gate just different topics and ideas if you're finding your top 10 channels and From each one of those you're finding the top three to five videos that you can go through and create from those channels Making a huge list right here So like let's say a b c d e so you got all these videos right here and then when it's like okay, man Like today, I'm feeling like making this one move it to creating.

Okay, I'm done. Move it to done Okay So then you go through and you're just this is how I really keep my videos super organized and this is how I go through and keep all of my my Research for all the channels and what videos are hot? which ones are not and seeing which types of videos that I can go through and crate now if you have a Topic that obviously comes to your mind.

You're like man I'm passion about this I really wanted to do it even if it's not like a hot topic on one of these channels By all means go for it create it that I mean, that's totally cool. Obviously But this is just one thing that most youtubers struggle with is after they've gotten some content They've got some videos up after about 30 40 50 videos like man.

What else should I make as a video? Like I feel like I've covered all the topics out there. Well dive into some other channels Maybe you go and add 20 channels to this list right here and go find out what some what other videos that they've done Okay So from there, you just go through repeat the process ideas creating created boom And then if you really want to go through and grow your channel the fastest Go and make a new video every single day now The thing is is you don't have to go through and spend hours editing the video like this one I might might have a one or two edits just a parts per maybe I messed up or something like that But it doesn't have to be crazy edits, and these videos don't need to be super long They can be just 10 to 12 minutes long They want me to need to be a long video like this one this one.

I'm just diving more in depth I'm breaking down show you guys more detail how to actually go through and start a YouTube channel And then once you've gone through and you stayed consistent typically after about 60 days if you've done like 60 videos in a row You're getting that subscriber base up there, too Once you get a thousand subscribers You can add adds To the YouTube channel and you can actually start making money from when people go through and watch those videos now Anytime I upload a new video. I like look at this yesterday I didn't even upload a video and I made a hundred and two dollars just yesterday, which is pretty awesome. Right so and then usually like on days I upload a video so like today, it'll probably be another hundred dollar spike because you know I've already uploaded probably a hundred plus other videos and then it's just getting these spikes so you can see some of these days 109 100 $14 $112 so as you stay consistent with this and I don't even upload a video every single day most months I'm probably only doing about ten videos.

So one every few days, but those first 60 days I was pretty religious on doing a new video every single day right now anyway guys, that's basically the strategy of how to go through and get your YouTube channel initially started and Then how to go through and build it up to the point where you can actually start making money So start uploading one video per day now Remember if you guys want this checklist drop a comment down below more than happy to share with you guys And also if you guys found this video helpful, you liked it. Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that And if you guys are brand new here the channel be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bill Because we launched new videos every single week showing you how to generate leads make more money and grow your business so you can go through and Have this awesome YouTube lifestyle right here.

So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching I hope it was helpful. And remember these tools canva canv This was go through and create that channel art. And then Trello TR e ll o com those are just some little helpful hints and tools that I go through and use to keep organized to go create that channel art and also Create my youtube thumbnails, right? So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching And with that said I hope you guys enjoy the video drop a comment Give it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in the next video.

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