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ready to build a good-looking website with lightning fast hosting you have come to the right place we are going to build our website in just four simple and easy steps hi I am the WordPress doctor I've been building websites since 2004 in WordPress I have my own national web development agency and I have a web hosting company so you are in the right hands so what are those 4 simple and easy steps step 1 raise a guest hosting and a domain step 2 we're going to Alto install WordPress step 3 we're going to get the world's best flexible and amazing theme there is in the world step 4 we're going to edit the content so that it suits your needs step number one we need to get hosting and a domain name we have to buy the actual ground where we can build our house up so hosting is the physical place where your website files are stored and your domain is the name of your website so where do we get solid worldwide fast hosting for a good price well I told you I have my own hosting company but I have to disappoint you I only host websites that I have built myself for 100% so I'm sorry but I do know what to look for in a great hosting company go to step 1 in the description and click on this link by using this link you won't pay more but I'll get a small Commission so I can keep making videos and help you out now we are at world's best hosting company in the world with excellent support just to fit your needs you can choose for a start up account which would have one website or you can go grow big which have unlimited websites so let's go for a start up account so this is very exciting this is the place where we enter our domain name so you can choose any domain name you would like but I would suggest that you follow a few simple guys ask yourselves a couple of questions that will really help you choose the right domain name so I will go for w press and i will press the button proceed fill in all your information and your payment details and click on Pay Now so our account has been successfully created and we click on proceed to customer area congratulations you have just made a gigantic step in realizing your dreams awesome you are great now let's continue with step 2 so let's Auto install WordPress we click on a setup site select new website select WordPress and fill in your information which you will use to login into WordPress click on continue click finish and now SiteGround is creating our WordPress installation and we are all set and as you go to your website now you will see that WordPress has been successfully installed you just did it you just lay the foundation for your dream house very well done I would've high-five too if I could so now it's time to build a house on your foundation the house is called a theme in WordPress and there are more than 10,000 themes available 4000 of them are completely free but will those free themes still be available in 10 years how is the customer support and do I need extra plugins that will slow my system down hmm I want you to have the best theme in the world which has all the options all the blower's all the whistles everything integrated in one theme you don't need any more plugins it has everything in it it's a great and awesome official builder and I personally use it for all my clients websites so they can manage and change their website themselves it is the best website for you it is very well coded and that is highly important for your rankings in the search engines so this theme is a very well code if they have excellent customer support they are working on esteem for many many years many people all around the world so if you have a question they are ready to help you out so go on to the description of this video go to step 3 and there you will find a link that will point you to the stream by using this link you won't pay more but I'll get a small commission so I can keep making videos and help you out so welcome to elegant themes they have built the number one theme in the world which is called dizzy what you also get in this license are other plugins like bloom and monarch that are really really helpful so you just have to make your decision if you want to pay yearly or one time for the rest of your life of course this is that is the best option but I can't see your birth how much budget you have so just choose whatever you like click on sign up today and then fill in all the forms and choose whatever you like to pay with credit card or with paper and you click on complete registration fill in your credit card details and there you go you have just bought yourself access to the best team in the world and you go to the members area of elegant themes press downloads the defeat team now you go to your new website and you enter after your domain name Forge slash WP dash admin this is your WordPress admin login page here you fill in your credentials that you use when installing WordPress at site round then you press the button sign in and again you press exit and then we go to the wordpress dashboard then you go to plugins and we deactivate the wordpress starter plug-in and we delete it because we don't need it actually now we're going to install Diffie we're going to appearance and themes we press add new upload theme and we select our theme and we press install now click on activates and now the defeat theme is life on your website oh this is so exciting because now we're going to build pages so you go to pages all pages and press this magical button add new there is our beautiful new page we press use defeat builder we click start building and we choose a premade layout now this is very awesome 149 layout packs with 1100 total layouts they are adding new layers every single week so just pick one that will suit your needs and that you would like we will go with this one and we click on use this template then we fill in our authentication details where you can find them in your elegant themes accounts username and a picky and you copy your epic key and place it inside with your username in the forum click on the button submit and see how the magic works Wow look at our beautiful page totally designed by designers and ready for us to change everything inside it now you can choose any layers you would like and we can always change this layout to another layout so for example I want now to start my own driving school I go to pages add new I put in a title the home I press use ad if you learned then I choose the pre-made layout again but this time I would like to find a driving-school template there it is I click uses layout it start importing and then we have our beautiful driving school page isn't this awesome it works really great so now you are ready for the next step how to edit your content we are so good and especially you are a very good well done you have just created a page in a couple of minutes isn't that amazing it's a great time to be alive so you have just created a page from templates and now of course the last and final step is how to change the content so it will be your website another template website I'm gonna help you out dr.

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WordPress is here so relax sit back and follow the steps creating and editing pages with WordPress is really easy you just hold your mouse over the elements you want to change and you just click the module Settings button you will see we have driving school so let's make that the W press doctor WordPress driving school and we press this green button Save Changes if you want to change this text you just press on this text hits a module settings and change the text and if you just want to add a picture or change that you can just press this button at a new module and here you can choose of all the modules that DC has it's really something amazing so let's add an image press on the image select your files to upload you can just upload the image to your library and place it inside there wow this looks really awesome so what if you want to change the background well you just press this blue button and here you go background you can see it and you can just change it in any background you would like here you go don't forget to save the pages now when you try to visit your website you will not see your homepage well I will show you how you can fix that simple and easy you go to settings to reading and you pick your home page displays a static page and you click on the home page Save Changes now go back to your home page and refresh the page and here you see our beautiful thing is right there where it should be congratulations you have just created a website in just a couple of minutes isn't that amazing I'm so proud of you it's time to celebrate and publish your last pages and show the world what you have to offer it's great so if you have questions leave a comment below this video and I'll be glad to answer your questions and if you aren't to show the world your website leave your website also in the comments and I'll be glad to see what you haven't built using Divi and using my tutorial so thank you for watching if you liked this video hit the like button if you want more information about WordPress about optimizing WordPress you can hit the subscribe button and you'll be get automatically notified when I have new videos and also if you would like to see my other videos about how to create a DJ website from scratch with using them without templates you can just watch this video right here I'll see you the next time because life is more than a website building I want to help you improve yourself improve your mindset to get further in life so the code of this video is by Jim Rohn and sculpt for things to change you have to change don't be sticking around mongering about everything is wrong with everything in the world and other people know for things to change you my friends have to change good luck

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