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facebook has over 2 billion users and is basically the king of social media so it's no wonder why so many folks test the waters of a new business or venture by creating a facebook page and while facebook is a great place to start it does have its limitations and that's why most digital marketing experts will agree that a website is a must for your business's online presence but once your site is up don't abandon all that social media love bring your fans along for the ride i'm emily and i'm going to show you how to connect your godaddy website to your facebook business page in your website builder dashboard click marketing social and click connect under facebook next click connect to facebook and enter your login information for your facebook account if you're already logged in you can click continue next you'll be asked if it's okay for website builder to access the facebook page you manage check the box next to the pages that you want to connect and then click next in this dialog box you'll specify which pages as well as the functionality on those pages you'll allow website builder to manage make your selections and click done and then click ok back in website builder select the facebook page you want to connect and click next website builder will compare the info on your website with the info on your facebook page if your facebook info doesn't match what's on your website you'll be asked if you want to update it and it's a good idea to do it remember keep your business info current and identical everywhere on the internet search engines do not like inconsistencies syncing your site with your business facebook page will help you update information quickly and manage performance all in one place what's not to love about that i'm emily hope you find this helpful see you next time

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