How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Followers in 2021!

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What's up guys Jason worktop here and in today's video I'm gonna show you how I went from zero to 1,000 followers on Facebook And then how I grew it up to 10,000 followers and now that I've gone through and I'm about 12,000 followers right now what? I'm doing to get about 500 to 600 new followers every single day Alright guys, so um you guys want to tell me how the lighting is. I just got these new Camera lines let me show you real quick So that is the new setup, so you guys have to tell me how the light is all working everything I've got my big computer, and I've got my laptop down there.

Then these just came in the mail yesterday, so We're testing them out. We'll see how they go the thing is I'm no lightning expert So you guys will have to let me know how this actually looks just comment down below in the comment section And if you guys are brand new to the channel my name is Jason wardrobe and I go through and I show you everything I've done to grow my business from zero to over a hundred thousand dollars a month in just 12 months and now what I'm doing to grow to 250,000 dollars a month and my goal by the end of 2018 is a girl and scale up to a 500 thousand dollars per month so if all that interest to you make sure you guys subscribe the channel because I launched a new video Every single day showing you how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business alright so with that said guys Let's jump onto my computer And I'm gonna break down exactly what you should do to get your first hundred likes hundred followers on Facebook your first thousand and then scale up beyond that as Well anyway guys.

This is my Facebook page, and if we come down here. You can see I've got twelve thousand likes twelve thousand followers I'm actually not sure how to see the exact number anymore But you can see right here guys over twenty three hundred people this week And this is a new strategy that I went through and started implementing. I think was like two or three days ago, so I'll get to that here in a second, but the first step, and I want to just kind of like reiterate I launched video yesterday about how to get your first hundred likes hundred followers on Facebook and so basically what you want to do is they're somewhere here on the page Okay, right here invite your friends so the first thing you want to do is go through and invite all your friends and this is like cool new 2017 late 2017 2018 update You can go and also send an invite to them via messenger all right Which is great because there's you know you get the notification when someone invites you to like your page? but if you also get it in your messenger those open rates are Matically more so you're gonna be able to get more followers on your Facebook page, and then the second thing we talked about Just as a quick recap is if you have a new Facebook page share it on your personal profile share it on your Instagram profile share it on your YouTube channel Share it on your you know snapchat share it everywhere so that you can get your first hundred Initial followers right then guys those are pretty easy things, and you should be able to get your first hundred likes hundred followers Just by doing those things right there alright now the next thing.

I want to show you guys I literally this is the exact strategy I went from basically zero so I think I did a couple of those sharing techniques got to my first hundred 500 or so and Then this is exactly what I've done to get my first 10,000 followers right so what I'll do is very very simple and This works for a Facebook post this works for a Facebook ad it works for anything you do But you just come down here and see how I have a hundred ninety seven this is my pin post up here guys, okay? So I posted this and this is just kind of little intro telling about me who I am what I'm all about So if we come and click on this right here You can see you can go through and you can invite all these different people so see right here Kelly right here I have an advisor, so I just hit invite right there Okay, so you just go through and you invite all these people to come and like your Facebook page see I haven't done this for a while and there's actually a a Facebook are like a Google Chrome tool I think it's called Facebook page Invites tool or something like that so you come in in here at google it, but invite all friends on Facebook There's one Facebook.

We invite to like my page tool kit for Facebook So there's all these different little tools right here alright guys, so just really quick. I went through and I typed it in Facebook invite posts likes to likes like page so basically Facebook invite post likes so people have liked your posts to like your Facebook page and right here at the very top You can see there's this google chrome plug-in so you come in here. You can see it's a free version You just add this to Chrome you can watch a little tutorial and do that alright I actually have it on my laptop This is my new desktop, so I don't have it on here quite yet, but literally guys This is exactly like it's literally that easy I I've never run any posts or any campaigns to go through and get my people to like my Facebook page This is all I've done is I've just gone through When I'm running ads when I do a new post or whatever it is I will go through and invite all these different people okay, and then is you come down here I make posts to increase engagement right hey.

I just launched a new train This is yesterday how to get your first 100 page likes in 2018 free strategies New train just release like this post and comment Facebook Likes, and I'll shoot over your way all right so now When I'm getting these organic likes and comments and all that stuff you can see 1300 people resets just in the last little bit so far I can come in here And it's probably gonna show so like it showed most people that like already liked my page but lots of times you'll get random people that you can go and invite because People are liking and commenting is so their friends are seeing it, and so you're getting more people This is all just a hundred percent free explore.

This is nothing getting into paid techniques and guys This is what has taken me from zero to ten thousand followers ten thousand likes on Facebook all right guys So now it's really important to understand like that Facebook Likes and all that stuff it really does not bring you more money So that's why I haven't really focused on going through and just going and buying likes and all that stuff But these are all real Followers of real people.

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I haven't gone to some like Fiverr site or something like that to go purchase likes These are all real people because It doesn't matter if you have five thousand likes is no matter if you have ten thousand likes you can still go through and generate a lot of money so I mean I went through and before I even hit 10,000 likes I hit over a hundred thousand dollars a month in my Business so that just goes to show guys that your likes and all that stuff doesn't directly relate with going through and making money It doesn't relate to a hundred percent positive ROI The only reason why I've gone through and I've started implementing some of these these different strategies one Just to test out some different things.

I always like to test things and see what works What doesn't work and then share them with you guys then also another thing? That's why it's important to go through and build up your lights. You're following all that stuff It's just really credibility and authority right because if you go to someone's page And they've got like 50 likes or whatever Just the you know how human beings are we're gonna think they don't really know any thing They don't really got good content even though they could be like the best person in the world had the greatest content right so basically The reason why I've kind of implanted some of these strategies is to go through and increase just the following because I've got my solid Base I've got about ten thousand people that are in my ideal target market that I want to go through and market to And now it's just really it's really a vanity metric Let's get real So I just want to go through and increase that so now if someone comes to my page like Okay, like that person's a little more credible.

There's a little more Authority. It's like today and age You know where like you get more respect if you've made more money which it's like a just because you're a good person you should get the Equally amount of respect as someone's made a lot of money right so it's just crazy. It's just how the world is and so Anyway guys. I just want to show you guys really quick this one does cost a little bit of money But honestly not that much and it can really happen It's super quick so we can we're here to my facebook as manager you guys can see My my campaign that I've run and so I'm getting likes for about 3 cents per page like right which Typically if you go through and run a likes campaign without the strategy. I was seeing like likes for about 75 cents to a dollar And that was about two three years ago when I was kind of getting started.

I was like that's not a horrible I can't really do that but you can see here guys, so I'm spending 25 bucks a day $75 so that's basically three days. It's been running now I've got 2,300 Likes in the last three days K at 3 cents per light now you might not have a budget to go spend 25 bucks day Totally fine you can go through five bucks a day 3 bucks a day As we already mentioned, this is not this necessary to go through and make a ton of money, okay? It's more of a vanity metric so sometimes I question myself why I'm even doing it But just to show you guys really quick how to actually make this happen So just really quick to kind of break this down how this is gonna happen We're actually gonna create a global campaign alright, so that means that we're not just hearty United States, not, just Canada We're targeting all the different countries around the world and yes a lot of you guys probably think you right now Well Jason those are not my ideal target market And I get that and I that's why I have never done this until I had my base of 10,000 Going through and invite people that like my post and bite people like my facebook ads Inviting all those people and now it's more just like growing that base So I can reach more people and my focus Isn't so niched like it has been for the past year right so what we're gonna Do is we're gonna come over here to the campaigns? We're gonna click create campaign right here And as far as the marketing objective you want to choose you want to choose engagement all right now This might be looking a little bit different based on when you're watching this video I know Facebook changes all the time, but I went through I tested one for just pulse for engagement And I've also tested with page likes the posts for engagement guys it Facebook is dead on That's just gonna get you likes like very little comments Even who's mostly likes as I was seen on that so and that's likes on your pulse not likes on your Facebook page But we want to hit page likes right here, and will this name here will say page likes demo, okay? So then we'll come through and as far as this you want to choose your Facebook page So I chose my actual Facebook page, and then as we come down here what I did is I did everyone in this location because what we want to do is just get this huge massive audience right and United States that is where most people are targeting Advertising and so this is where the most expensive likes and the most expensive ads and all that stuff is so now we can come in here and We're gonna type in Canada right and then maybe New Zealand And then we're gonna type in Australia And I'm I just try to think of all like the different top countries like out there not top countries But countries where they might have a decent amount of English speakers, so we could say even Great Britain right here, or I guess in Clinton even though the country names Oh United Kingdom right okay so then we could go just Ireland and Do the country and then I like Brazil just because I speak Portuguese as well Let's see what else do we want to do Anyway, you you basically go through Singapore has a lot of English speakers as well And you just list out all the different countries you can see we're about four hundred and ten million people Alright, so your estimated daily results 8050 one thousand.

We already know like and then the page likes 252 1600 We already know that's kind of like a Festiva It's nothing guaranteed, but then what I do is I come down here And I want people that are gonna be follow me to speak English because they don't speak English they don't really know what I'm talking About what I'm saying, and so you can see that drop to down dramatically But I'll try to get this about a half million people okay Now you can see right here exclude people who like your page And then I just leave it automatic placements set your budget, and then you hit continue and go through and set up your ass Okay guys So that is exactly what I've done to go through and get 2,300 likes on my facebook page in the last three days spent seventy five bucks you know two thousand three hundred so if you guys are wanting just the Jump start to your first thousand or two thousand throw fifty to one hundred bucks at this thing and you can have several Thousands of people, but just keep in mind like though.

They're not obviously they're not gonna most ideal targeted followers But as you go through and continue to grow it's either time or money right so hey I like to go through and spend a little bit of time getting my ideal target market of those people who I know we're gonna Really be following me and it's gonna be in my same vein my target demographic and Then some of these things can go out and expand your market because now I'm starting to talk more about just business strategies marketing Business growth techniques. Where is a little bit broader of an audience right so anyway guys? Hopefully this was helpful if you guys like this video make sure to like it also leave a comment with your guys's thoughts let me know what you guys think about this new lighting that I've all got all up here and also If you guys want to follow my journey of a hundred thousand-plus per month stuff 500 thousand dollars a month by the end of 2018 Make sure you subscribe to the channel and I'll basically give you guys updates of what I've done to grow to a hundred thousand plus a month and Also what I'm currently doing to scale up to five hundred thousand dollars a month anyway.

Thanks so much guys for watching today I hope you guys have an amazing day, and we'll talk to you guys later.

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