How To Get Success in 2021? Best Answer by Sadhguru | Best Motivational video 2021

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what does success was like what does it make human being has come with such open senseof possibilities those who are committed to being successful with whatever they aredoing one relevant aspects of their life is that is what get you across so many linesin our life so many hindrances in “peoples lives”? this happened in your clas maybe later in youruniversity last-minute in your work it’s happening to people maybe not everyone but a whole lot ofpeople their commitment to success is weak they want to succeed they will take threesteps then something little interesting happens now they will go away where they’ll goaway there they’ll go with it hey I want to live their commitment to success is weakeither place around them in some way you know places can impede you from doing whatyou’re doing very easily many times it happens to everyone but when this happens peopleweaken their commitment for their success may be physically they’ll feel little weakthey will weaken their commitment to success maybe their spirits lost around a little bitthey will fade their commitment to success this is very important right now nonetheless long it takes this virus you must come out of this successfully that meansyou will stay alive that’s an important part and commitment to staying alive shouldnot be subsided no matter what happened somebody terribly dear to us passed awayall the more important we must live parties around us are all sick allthe more important we are healthful to take care of the people around us so our commitment to success should notweaken because there is social drama going on or physiological theatre or mental dramawhatever happens your commitment to success should not weaken that is what get you across so manylines in our life so many impediments in “peoples lives” so uh what does success look like what does it make you must understand those who made anysignificant achievements in their life, oh they did not you know I don’twant to take any personal examples of anybody I’m trying to avoid obviousthings that are coming to my subconsciou well you are familiar with I know family and friendswho ever have their breakfast on time and after breakfast of course theymust have coffee after chocolate, of course, they must light up a cigarette and sit therenicely because they’re trying to become amicable and then they will go to work come backhome precisely on time for lunch eat lunch rest for one or two hours sleep then evening have one tea and then smokeand then again go to work and at 8 o’clock 8 30 they’re back home for dinner and then maybeother things imbibe and this and that and whatever well that’s their priority it’s fine I’mnot complaining it should not be that way but those who have been very successful either in music athletics skill business spiritualprocess doesn’t matter what those people never know when they atewhen they slept when they got after known rest I have notseen such a thing in my life so uh those who are committed to beingsuccessful with whatever they’re doing one important aspect of their life is they’re not settling downwherever it’s a little comfy because consolation will happen when they lureyou to in the grave very comfortable you are you know have you find how cozy theyare once they’re dead if you propel them there too they’re cozy if you lower themthey’re comfy even if you burn them yes or no ease will comeright now it’s about ensuring that there is the profoundness of experienceand there is impactfulness of activity because if they had given youa limitless amount of era you were able to do all those thingsnothing wrong I’m not against them but they “ve given you” such a little time withsuch enormous potential of being human that’s the problem if invention had constituted you likean earthworm I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with an earthworm it is just that it’sa unipolar possible it can only do that is something that an earthworm is not thinking of climbing a tree because it knows it’ll be picked up by the birdsit never has such aspirations it exactly wants to recycle the earth you know it is beneficialto so many other lives including us but its objective is very clear to eatand to replicate and to die very clear objectives that intent to fulfill he striveshe I don’t think he sleeps in the afternoon I don’t think so because many afternoons haveseen earthworms they were all energetically active but a human being came with too many potentials because of that, it needsa certain level of striving for a human being to forget about theworld to consider yourself successful if your hypothesi of success is you’redoing little better than your neighbor i call that sickness that is not success you are happy that your neighbour is worse thanyou is this sickness or success it is sickness but in some way you fully feel fulfilled withwhat you’re doing let’s consider that as success for now it is it doesn’t matter whether you’rebetter than soul or worse than person that question should not even come up in your attention butin some way you feel you’re using yourself fully and there’s a sense of fulfillment in youractivity well if you’re capable of only closing your eyes and simply sitting without any activitythat’s fantastic but you cannot do that you cannot do that right now in the states that you are youcan’t simply close your eyes and become still you so being hectic you will become preoccupied thatdoesn’t mean you’re improving that means you’re regressing in some way the problem about thissuccess is beings ever stirring rulings i did this i did that maybe this didn’t work maybe it’sa mistake that’s a mistake there’s no such thing in animation ascertain at one time you were a monkey allright this is not me this is that english man you know charles darwin said you were all apes atone time you were a monkey simply a brief while ago was it a mistake that you perpetrated that youwere a monkey or was it time a certain stage of progression was it a mistake or was it justa certain stage of growth similarly since you were born because as a human being you’reborn chiefly unformed unlike other people if they are just their food is taken careof they know what to do with their life because the human being has come with such open appreciation of possibilities you come informedyou don’t come corrected you have to fix yourself different parties jettison different types of ballsat you from all over your mothers your professors the school the neighbors and the society and theworld propels all kinds of things at you to gather all this gunk and manufacture something worthwhile outof yourself is your business that’s your success it doesn’t matter whether mortal thinks you’reworthwhile or not you feel you’re a profitable life-time good enough good now macrocosm may not recognizeit doesn’t matter but you know you’re worthwhile you

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