How to get started email marketing on WordPress site| Email Marketing

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in this video i'll show you how 
to get started in email marketing you need to sign up for aweber account log into your aweber account click on do this step enter your list name for example e-cover actions 1 description create stunning 
e-covers in just few clicks add your name and your email address click on save settings put your company name and your website url and then click save settings on this page you can edit your confirm email enter a subject and you can choose a pre-approved one here is the introduction and you can insert field click to add a custom closing for example thank you and insert your name click save settings enter your confirmation success page url for 
example slash affiliates and then click save settings click on do this step to do your welcome email add a subject choose your template and then click next save click on do this step to create your 
web form to place it on your website choose a template for your form load template click go to step 2.

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Enter your form name for example recover actions then choose your thank you page this is where 
people will be directed to after filling your form   add your website thank you page here click save and then click go to step 3 
to place the form on your site click on i will install my form and copy the code log into your wordpress site go to opt-in forms and here your opt-in box containers 
if you change anything in this box   it will automatically be 
changed on your squeeze page change the name and paste your however code in this box and click save changes you can see the error box it will 
automatically be changed on your squeeze page see you in the next video

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