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– Wanna know how to get backlinks to your small business website? We're talking about it
here on The Journey. Backlinks are one of the most
important ranking factors of search engines like Google. The more highly relevant backlinks
you get for your website, the more likely you are to
show up when someone searches for something relevant to your business. – And the good news is you
don't need to know a ton of fancy tricks or have a
ton of in depth knowledge on how the internet works. Of course, that would help. You just need to have
a basic understanding of search engine
optimization, SEO for short.

Including how to get backlinks. All of that will go a
long way toward improving your website's position on
search engine results pages. – And like the names sound, a backlink is simply a
hyperlink on another website that links back to yours. A backlink is like an endorsement
in the eyes of Google. Kind of like an up vote
in other search engines. Think of it like, if you were to share an article
link on your Facebook page to your friends, you are among other things recommending anyone who cares about
you to click that link. When a website shares a
link to another website, they're basically doing the same. – And before you can start
actively building backlinks, it's important to understand
why you must build them ethically. Well, Google wants to protect its rankings and it will actually punish
pages that try to game the system. And look, Google can easily
discover if a website is cheating because it knows
what a natural backlink profile looks like.

Compared to any, you know, unnatural one. And they have your
websites backlink profile because they crawl and
catalog the pages constantly. I'm talking all the time. So for example, if you gain
10,000 links this Tuesday and only two or three
over the next few weeks, then all of a sudden you gain
another 2000 a month later. There's a good chance you are cheating. – So how do you actually
build backlinks then? So you don't have to be an SEO
specialist to build backlinks for your website. Here's a simple five step
process that you can build into your marketing strategy
to grow your rankings, traffic, and backlink count. Starting with, analyze. So come up with a list
of keywords that reflect what people are searching
for to get to your website or your competitors in your industry. If you want to take a competitive
stance in your SEO field, analyze the keywords of
your competitors as well. – Next up create high
quality engaging content that targets those search terms.

Also known as keywords. Now once you have your list of keywords, keep it in a safe place. And then it's time to assign
the content to each term. Now, you can create
infographics. Recommend that. You can also do videos, eBooks,
blog posts to name a few. And as a small business owner, you just need to weigh your
time and cost of production. Now the fastest way to produce content in an economical manner is by blogging. And while content can be
used for search engine optimization, it should also
be created to provide value. We stress that all the
time on The Journey. And keep in mind that your
goal isn't just to rank for outdoor wedding, it's to turn those visitors
into paying customers.

– Exactly. And converting those
visitors into customers is exactly why you have a website. But after you do that, you're gonna wanna publish those keywords. So post those keyword targeted
content on your website, and then optimize the
page based on the terms that you've chosen. And if you really want
to rank for one keyword in particular, consider
developing cornerstone content. So cornerstone content
is the highest value most foundational piece of content for increasing traffic
and brand awareness. And now many brands will invest
in high quality content like a long form blog post to
target a specific keyword. This is the cornerstone piece of content. And then they're gonna
create a bunch of, really just supporting blog
posts that just link back to the main piece and direct readers to the valuable deep information. – And now it's time to promote.

pexels photo 205316

Let the world know that
you published the content. And remember the more
people who see your posts will link to it growing your
backlink count with the help of your social promotions. And posting links to your
content on social media, what that's gonna do, it's gonna help to generate
traffic to your website. And then hopefully prompt
others to link back to your content which does
affect your SEO heavily.

Naturally these higher
rankings will help you to build on your success
and drive even more backlinks to your site. – And as we always say, don't
just set it and forget it. You're gonna wanna
monitor, track and analyze the activity, organic
traffic and backlink profile. As you start to regularly publish content and share it on social media, set up a process to track
your user engagement and backlinks among other data points.

Google Analytics is free for website users and there are easy to digest tutorials that you can follow to
learn more about the tool. You can also check your analytics weekly, but once a month is just fine. With Google Analytics,
you can review a host of different metrics
that could provide value to your brand and content strategy. – Now it's important to
note developing backlinks and improving your SEO, it's
not an overnight project. It's gonna take some time. In fact, most brands do not
see the results that they want for at least 12 months, full year.

And even if you are ranking well, hey, you don't want to stop. Letting your content
grow stale is a great way to just fall in the ranking. And you don't want all of your
hard work to be for nothing. – Creating the best content
you can will never get punished by search engines like Google. The search engines will appreciate you, your audience will engage with you and your business will grow. – All right, that's a wrap. But The Journey does
not need to stop here.

We have over 200 videos
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