How To Generate Leads Online For Beginners (2021) – Online Leads Tutorial

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What's up guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I'm gonna show you how to generate leads online if you're a complete beginner And you have no idea how to start generating your own leads, and if you have an existing website But you're not really seeing any leads from that website This is a complete online leads Tutorial where I'm gonna Show you how to start as you can see right here how to start Jan your first two to five weeks per day Even if you're a complete newbie and have no existing online presence now to kind of break this down for you I want to tell you a little bit about my story and when I first got into business and Generating leads online and trying to go through and grow my business online so what happened is I had a website for my business alright It was actually in the dental marketing space and I had this website And I would go through and I actually would get thousands of people every single week to my website but unfortunately I never saw any leads from and I'd spent a lot of money a lot of time getting all set up Having developers work on it and spend a lot of time on the design and everything like that but I'm still not seeing any leads from my website now if you guys are in business and You've got a website, and you've been in business from some time now You probably are experienced somewhat of a similar thing as to what I was right like I've worked with tons and tons of real estate agents and They tell me time and time again like yeah I've got a website to spend a lot of money on it and I get people to my website But I rarely see any leads if I see any at all all right So anyway as I went through and I tried to discover like why I was having such a hard time of going through and generating Leads for my website.

I was like you know what I think I know what my problem is the problem is is I'm not on Facebook right so it's like if I just go through in a create a Facebook page I'll be able to take all the people that are from Facebook Tell you my website and be able to generate leads all the leads I could possibly ever want right now If you guys also have a Facebook page, and you have a website. You know that there's some flaws It's that way of thinking right there right and so I realized that facebook plus your main website Just doesn't work, okay I went through and I try hit tons and tons of times I spent Thousands of thousand dollars and waste a ton of money trying to do it But it's kind of like trying to put a square block into a round hole right it.

Just doesn't work So what happened is my mentor went through and explained to me is like look in order to generate leads? In order to make Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and YouTube or any of these other social? Platforms work we had to send people to what is called a landing page or a lead capture page as you guys can see right? Here okay, and a landing page will lead capture pages simple page Just like this one right here that has no other distractions on the pages No other links or ads or buttons or anything else or contact us? But everything is kept as clear and concise as possible you can see right here if someone visits this landing page They're either going to go through and click on that I'm ready to see this place putting their name phone and email and become a lead or They're just going to go through and opt out and just they're not going to go through in and proceed further, right So to kind of put this in comparison and these numbers you guys can see this is kind of like a real estate example But this is consistent across all Industries right so your typical website or your home page is going to convert less than 1% of the people visiting that page into leads and the reason why is because it's not set up And it's not optimized for lead generation whereas with the landing page You can see right here on the left-hand side of your screen It's gonna convert about 10 to 25% Of the people visiting that page to be able to go through and become lead so to kind of put that in perspective Really quick if you had a hundred people going to your main website right You would be lucky to Get just one lead cuz it converts that maybe one percent a lot of times it converts it a lot less than one percent whereas If you had those same 100 people going to your landing page or lead capture page you're gonna see about 10 to 25 leads For the same amount of people visiting your website Alright, so now you want to go through and send people to a simple landing page your lead capture page Just like this one right here, so that you can go through and start generating leads for your business right now I know you've probably spent a lot of time on your website and your money and all that stuff and you're probably thinking well Jason Like what do I do now with my? Website now that it's like it's all set up and running now your website still serves an amazing purpose It still is a great branding play all right now.

If someone goes and types into Google types in your name They're gonna find your website Which is good? Because they can go through and read a little more about you about your business and is really important still to have a website ideally with WWE your name com right But if you're going through and you're creating posts on Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram any of these other social media networks Or better yet Paying for advertising on Facebook or Google or any of these other platforms you want to be sending these people to a landing page Or a lead capture page like this right here instead of your main website Or your blog and by doing this you're gonna be able to see your online leads go up dramatically for your business right so Anyway guys.

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I just want to share this really quick with you if you're looking at generating leads online This is the best way to to go through and do it make it happen This is kind of like the online leads tutorial and also If you guys are like okay, well this sounds great Jason But like how do I go through and and create a landing page now? Let me just show you guys really quick I'll actually add a link down in the description below to a 14-day free trial to a software that we built called Arsenal mkg Or arsenal marketing and it allows you to go through and create these landing pages Extremely fast so let me just jump over and I'm gonna show you guys how easy it is to go build one of these templates And get it up and running for your business as soon as this afternoon alright guys so as promised right here This is the are slim kg software, so if you're like Jason That's all sounds cool, but I have no idea how to create a landing page well This is the best place to get started as I mentioned I'll have a link down below for a free 14-day trial be able to go through and set all this up So this is kind of like your typical landing page right here so if you click on this you go through with a Schedule your showing putting their first name email phone number and hit submit now this works for any type businesses like we've got all this stuff specific to real estate and mortgage but also It doesn't matter any type of business you go change out the background image Change out the headline the call to action all that stuff and you're set ready to go now To create a new landing page all you have to do is come over here to create another website And then you see like the cool thing is this because we specialize in real estate lead generation and loan officer lead generation We've got all these pre-built templates already done for you ready to go now.

We've got all these mortgage ones They're already done for you ready to go, then we have all these other ones They're a little bit more generic so if you're like Let's say in the dental market the chiropractic market. You're in the network marketing if you're any other market You can go through and use these other templates and customize it to your business And also what we'll get into in another video is we also Integrate with Facebook lead forms down here right so if we come back up here I just want to show you guys How easy this is so let's say you have a listing for your real estate business you just click on shoes right here It'll take you into our web site builder Which allows you to easily edit the images text videos icons everything customize it to you and your business all right now Let's say, okay. We want to change out the background image you say click to edit this section You'll go over here to choose new image, and we have this massive library of all these images or you could say hey I want to go to my images and upload an image from my desktop Or we have these with all these images stored right here for you to go through and use so these are like past ones I've already uploaded my desktop.

I can just click on one of these it allows you to crop edit rotate. Do whatever you want We'll hit use this image. Just like that guys very simple and easy to go through change out the background image now Let's say you know you want to go through and change out the headline right over here Okay, so you could say hey get my free? Workout templates or something like that okay or workout Workout plans for Six-pack abs right so like you guys can go through you can see how you can change this out with for whatever business You're in if you're in Fitness network marketing real estate Mortgage whatever it might be these ones nice thing is is just already kind of geared towards Your you know the real estate sword's loan officers then down here instead of same view 36 phones now. We can say get my Workout plan okay? And all we do is come over here and hit publish and obviously if you guys have it more towards Fitness You're gonna change out the image to make it more something along the lines of Fitness, right? but we're just gonna come here hit exit and I will show the landing page that literally took us like what 45 seconds to go through and create So we're just gonna click on this we say hey get my workout plan from there first name email phone number Hit submit they become a lead in your database over here We've got this leads database the CRM where you can go through have all their contact information their email phone campaign the tags all that stuff Then when we click on this for example We can see the history of this contact And how they in how they've gone through and interacted with our brand now looks like my Internet's going a little slow But you see down here, you can add notes and email directly to them send a text message You can add different tasks appointments or anything like that you can enroll them into an automated email follow-up sequence You can add tags right here Or you go through And you can see a history of how they've interacted with her brand so they became a lead right here And then an email was sent So the email was opened and if they click on the email to click go to the actual website that you're sent into It will also store all that data for you guys all right so anyway guys That was a quick rundown of how to generate leads online for your business of 2018 a quick run through a quick tour Tutorial so you have any other questions go ahead and let me know drop down there in the comments section So I could go through and answer any of the question you might have or I could go and make another video specifically addressing your question Also, you guys found this video helpful Go ahead and give it a thumbs up so more people can see it more people can benefit up being able to generate more leads for their business and also If you guys were brand new here at my name is Jason Ward drop and make sure you subscribe because I launched a new video Every single day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So thanks so much for watching guys, and I will see you all tomorrow

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