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hey everyone have you ever wondered how to 
keep your fan base engaged with your music   after getting an initial site visit or a sale 
email campaigns are a great way to follow up   with people interested in your music and keep 
them updated on any new products or things you   have going on today i'm going to show you how to 
create an effective email campaign that actually   gets click-throughs and helps you convert your 
streams and visits into sales before we set up   an email campaign though we're going to need an 
email list of contacts to be able to send it to   there are a few easy ways to build up a 
contact list that i'll show you right now   first we'll just go ahead and make 
sure our mailchimp account is connected   so every time we collect an email it'll go 
straight into our mailchimp account contact list   now that that's set up the easiest way to collect 
emails is to exchange them for free downloads on   your beats so let's turn on free downloads 
in exchange for an email address right now   free downloads are for not-for-profit use 
and don't come with a license agreement   so people who are interested in your music can 
still listen to and write to your beat but if they   ever want to record and release any music they 
need to come back and actually purchase a license   a great way to increase the chance of them 
coming back to actually purchase a license   is by following up with an email later 
on which we'll go over in a little bit   another great way to collect emails is by offering 
some type of incentive in a pop-up form on your   pro page when people visit your pro page to check 
out your music you can set up a pop-up form that   will appear right when the page loads reading 
any message you want a strategy that i've noticed   is really effective is offering free beats or a 
coupon code for a discount on their next purchase   this will really encourage people to make a 
purchase immediately and build trust from the   customer because they're able to offer value to 
them right at the beginning of the relationship   you can configure these within your 
mailchimp account to automatically   send as soon as people sign up let's go 
over to mailchimp to set that up right now   so what we're going to do is create a welcome 
email for this i want to bring in email expert   allison to show you the best practices to set up 
a welcome email hey guys i'm allison the inbound   marketing manager at beatstars like jamil said 
i'll be showing you all how to set up your welcome   email and mailchimp along with tips and best 
practices to help increase your email open rates   first things first why bother sending welcome 
emails well welcome emails are proven to be way   more engaging than any other marketing email in 
fact welcome emails have 86 higher open rates than   other marketing emails and 74 of new subscribers 
expect to receive a welcome email subscribers   who receive welcome emails show 33 percent more 
long-term brand engagement than those who don't   if you'd like to retain your new customers 
and turn them into loyal long-term clients   welcome emails can help with that to get started 
go to mailchimp and click campaigns to the left   of your screen click on create campaign in the top 
right hand corner and then click email next you're   going to want to go to automated and then go to 
email subscribers when they're tagged selecting   this template will allow you to send a welcome 
email to a specific audience tag or contact list   automating an email means that anytime a new 
contact enters your list an email will be   triggered and sent to that new customer's inbox 
set up your campaign name i'll call mine welcome   email plus discount code and then proceed 
to select your audience on this next page be   sure to edit your trigger time and the audience 
tag that you would like the email to be sent to   i'm going to reset the delay to immediately and 
then send the emails to the subscription form tag   once this is all set you can click design email 
first we'll start with your email subject line   your subject line is more important than you 
think and could ultimately make or break your   email open rates and interactions your subject 
line should give a clear indication of what the   email will be about while the preview line should 
act as a window until your email body will say   keep your audience in mind when writing 
up your subject in your preview lines   so for this email subject line 
i'm going to go ahead and put   welcome take 20 off your beat purchase with 
an emoji at the end and then for the preview   line i'm gonna put glad you're here to prove 
it here's a special deal for you this will   ultimately help entice the recipient to open 
the email and then actually utilize the code   and then next you're gonna set up your from name 
and i'll use the producer name beats by stellar   and then after that ensure your from email 
address is correct now we're going to get   into actually building out your email so first 
you'll want to select your template i'm going to   start from scratch and use the basic one column 
layout and then once you go to this next section   this is where you'll actually design and then 
build out the email mailchimp's great because   it has an easy to use drag and drop module and you 
can use that to kind of spice up your email design   since this is a welcome email we'll keep it simple 
and to the point all right so for starters your   logo should always be placed in your emails 
ideally towards the top so that your reader   has a clear idea of who the message is coming from 
so what i'm gonna do is just simply upload my logo   and once that's processed you can actually change 
your logo display size as needed so if it's too   big you can reduce the size or if it's too small 
you can go ahead and maximize it so the next   thing i'm going to do is upload an email header 
to kind of give the email a pop of color and a   form of visual element i went ahead and created 
this header in canva using their email header   template and i made sure that the header's design 
reflects the style of beads by stellar's brand   so that recipients have an idea of who he is and 
what they have to offer through visual components   next you'll want to fill in the copy of your email 
you can go ahead and keep your copy short sweet   and straight to the point so for this email i'll 
start off by thanking the reader for subscribing   next you should give your reader an idea 
of who you are what you're about and what   you have to offer and just remember that 
while you're building a professional brand   it's also important to be personable with 
your audience remind them that there's a   real person behind the screen so you know be 
sure to include elements of your personality   and personal touches you should also give them 
a reason or a motive to continue to check back   into your store or future emails this is a 
great opportunity to drop your promo code   along with any important release dates 
or information surrounding future deals   so for emphasis on this important text i'm going 
to use mailchimp's box text feature to help draw   my reader's attention to this area this next one 
is super important you're going to want to always   include a call to action button in your emails to 
help draw your readers back to your website this   will ultimately help increase your site traffic 
and give your email a purpose i'm going to go   ahead and write use promo code seller20 for this 
emails button and link it back to my beat store lastly be sure to include your social 
media handles at the bottom of the email   with mailchimp's drag and drop social follow 
section and plug your handles anytime you can   email's no exception to this after that click 
next ensure your audience information and email   triggers are correct and then go ahead and 
start your send off and there you have it your   first welcome email just be sure to continuously 
monitor your welcome emails performance and stats   and as you start sending more emails and learn 
more about your audience's behavior you can better   adjust your email subject preview line and even 
your copy and graphics to drive better results   best of luck and i hope this helps so now we have 
a welcome email for customers who have yet to make   a purchase but what about people who have already 
purchased a beat from us there's still marketing   opportunities to turn these members of our 
audience from one-time sales into repeat customers   let's set up an email for a section of our 
audience who have already purchased a beep from us   let's go to create and create an email we're going 
to select automated here so that every time we tag   someone as a buyer they'll receive this email if 
someone purchases a beat from you on beatstars   they'll automatically be tagged as sales so that's 
one way to get them added to the tag you can also   always manually tag anyone in your audience too in 
this menu here we can set some conditions for the   trigger we'll schedule this to send one day after 
we tag them as sales schedule will leave as it is now we'll segment it and we'll select 
contact is a member of segment or tag   we can also add a post send action if we want like 
if we want the tag to be removed after the email   is sent if that helps you organize your contacts 
better i'm going to leave that blank okay now   let's actually design our email since these people 
have purchased from us the content of this email   is going to be different than what a welcome email 
would be we can offer them supplemental things to   a beat purchase like a mixing and mastering 
service maybe a discount on another purchase   links to similar beats to the ones they bought 
or maybe just a friendly email thanking them for   their purchase and letting them know you'd like 
to hear their completed project once it's released   there are a ton of different options you can 
choose from to assist your marketing efforts   and build great relationships with your customers 
just fill out the rest of the fields using the   same guidelines from the welcome email we built 
earlier and now depending on whatever you've   chosen to include in the email you'll have a 
great follow-up email for your customers to   hopefully build that relationship better and make 
them repeat customers thank you for watching this   video for more videos in the producer marketing 
playbook make sure you subscribe to beatstars

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