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without an engaging and easy to read design even the most compelling content can fall flat but you don't have to be a graphic designer to create beautiful email marketing i'm darlene this is london and we're going to share with you some email design guidelines and our secret to creating professional looking email marketing without the professional so let's talk about your banner your banner is the image that sits at the top of your email which typically spans the entire screen your email banner is the first thing that a customer sees so it needs to impress and some people use their logo as the banner but others might choose to put a picture in their business name whichever it is make sure that it represents the vibe of your business and your brand when choosing colors for your email shoot for a cohesive look and feel use your website or other marketing materials to get ideas and don't go color crazy stick to two three colors max use the boldest colors to emphasize text in your header or links and to ensure readability keep your paragraph text a dark shade of gray or off black and the background a light color or white when it comes to fonts stick to the classics for readability think ariel or helvetica and stay away from the lettered fonts and any novelty fonts as they look unprofessional also limit the size variation of the fonts to no more than three and font size will vary depending on the font you choose but good rule of thumb is to keep that body text between 12 to 16 point and to avoid that wall of text look make sure that you use paragraph breaks often and set the spacing to 1.5 lastly use images to boost engagement with all the free stock photo sites you have a lot of options or do it on your own use your phone but be sure not to use too many photos you want to make sure that it complements not competes with your content so i hope you found our email design tips helpful but if not there's our secret weapon godaddy email marketing i'm london and this is darlene thanks for watching

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