How To Create A Free Facebook Messenger Bot For Marketing & Leads

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what's up guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video i want to dive deep into facebook messaging bots to help you generate more leads and Grow your real estate business right so here we are this is many chat i've done some videos on this before in the past which is at many chat ma ny ch8 you, can go get a hundred percent free account it goes connects with your facebook page and all that stuff and it's great he's really Easy to get set up ok So i've done a video in the past she'll link here of going through if somebody goes through the message to your facebook page Having that auto response to be able to start that conversation With, you so that's some pretty really pretty cool stuff that you can do but what i want to show you in this video is How, to go and generate leads off of posts that people make comments on and have an automated follow-up that's very very powerful? pre-qualifying all of your leads are coming in alright so right here this is my demo real estate agent page account for mini chat so this is the the page right here which i'm sure you guys are very familiar with i use this for a lot of these videos so what we're gonna do is for example take this post right here okay and then if anyone comments right here so what we can do is we could do a facebook live we can go and make a video we can have an images whatever type of post and then we could say like it you Know invite them to comment down below or say like hey do something like tag somebody or whatever and then once they do that we can have an automated facebook messaging follow-up go through and hit their inbox okay so really pretty cool and then after it hits their inbox we can invite them to reply to that message and when they reply then we can go through and put them through a really cool sequence here right now the cool Powerful thing about facebook messenger guys and if you guys have seen some my past videos The open rates are insane right like i seriously like there's like ninety ninety-five percent open rates whereas like with email you're gonna get about twenty to twenty five percent open rates and that is actually pretty good whereas you know with this 95 percent open rate so my my email list is actually like six seven times the size of my mini chat list but my mini chat list does just as much sales in volume as my email list does right so that is just how powerful this really is for your business and the nice thing is like it creates a little notification up here and it doesn't really go wait until you look at it so it just i don't know about you guys but it annoys me so i Always have to click on it make sure that i'm going through Responding to all of my messages okay so guys enough of that let's just get into this so what we're gonna do is come over? here Or he come over here to growth tools all right so there's a lot of different stuff and mini chat it's pretty powerful pretty cool what you can do here so we're just gonna click on new growth tool and So you create like a little mini landing page through facebook comments all these different options what we're gonna do is choose facebook? comments all right So now what we come in here we can give it a name so we can say test demo or something like that now we're just gonna select a post so you can put in the url id or it's just gonna pop up your existing post right here okay so we click on this right here we'll hit select and then you have to say hey i confirmed it's my post i you Know i take responsibility for all this stuff Then what i like to do is i only like to track first level comments and what that means is for example if someone comes in here and they post right there and then if somebody replies them test post Okay it's only gonna send a facebook message to this person okay so if somebody goes and replies respond to that person It's not gonna go through and hit them with a message right so i like to do that just because not, all the time someone's responding they're really trying to opt-in they're just like trying To respond and so it's just a little bit more normal i think but you can obviously do whatever And it says when user leaves a comment send a message after you can wait assert amount of time i always just do immediately okay and exclude comments with these keywords or only trigger for this this keyword you can say hey only trigger if they comment bonus or like listing or information or whatever Obviously that open-ended because even if you tell people exactly what to comment people they they're gonna put whatever they want right they're gonna put just different things and it's not going to always trigger and so i Just, leave those blank completely came so we're gonna do is come over here hit next and? what we can do is To say So once they comment this is the instant message that hits their Facebook message your inbox okay so i like to go through personalize a little bit, so we say hey first name we don't need their full names that's kind of its kind of weird right like hey jason wardrop like nobody says that or does that so it's just not natural okay, so instead of saying can i help you with something you can say here is the you know bonus or like the info i promised You, and then have like the link out to whatever it is and then you can say by the way you know are you looking? To purchase what what area are you looking, to purchase your home in or you know just you you got To go through and ask some question or have some type of thing in this message this is gonna trigger response and the reason why you want that is because if we pull up let's just pull up a new one right here okay so this is like our mini chat subscriber list okay so you can see it says – This is kind of like an email list so you've got a thousand people on there when you send out emails with a thousand people they're all theoretically gonna get it if this says you know if you got a thousand subscribers that means they're all theoretically gonna get that but they only are added to the subscriber list right here If they respond to your facebook message alright so you want to get them To respond so you want to go through and say hey i've got Extra bonuses for you or hey like you know just start the conversation like how soon are you looking To move are your first time homebuyer what area are you looking To move in just something like that to get them responding by the way so we'll just put like by the way How soon are You looking, to move okay? so hit that and that's just kind of like that initial one obviously guys not everyone's can respond Okay not everyone is gonna respond but we'll just kind of we'll hit save right here cuz i don't like to lose my work Then we'll go and hit next okay so now this is cut this is where the real power the real magic happens with the facebook messaging box right here okay so it says, okay setting options Don't send the opt-in message so it says like hey thanks for subscribing by the way if you ever want us to unsubscribe just hit stop But, we don't want that what we want to really make this, to our best benefit is hit send to everyone who replies Okay, now for you look back here it says by the way how soon are you looking.

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To mooc okay So if they don't reply obviously they're not added to her subscriber list and also we're not gonna be having this follow-up message but if they do We want to have an automated response that we don't have to be there but it's just gonna trigger and it's going To take place kay so we're gonna come over here? We'll hit save right here and then we're gonna go over here to edit okay so now let's say Okay, so that's like we asked them like how soon are you looking, to move great do you you have a specific area in mind right or something like that okay or like you could say great how many bedrooms are you looking for Okay, now what we can do this is cool guys we come in here we say add button we could say one to two Bedrooms and then the follow-up will hit send message and we'll get to that here in a second and we could even add a tag So like you could say hey if they want one to two bedrooms we can say they want one to two beds tag that person so then Once we go through we get a new listing on the market as one or two beds then we could go through to this broadcasting tool and message out to everyone hey Brand new listing just hit the market with one to two bedrooms or two bedrooms for one bedroom whatever it is and i know you mentioned you were interested in that and guys that is a very laser targeted that's super powerful for what you're doing here okay or you could say three to four bedrooms And the response will send message and we'll get, to these here in a second guys but we could just add a tag Say three to four beds alright then we'll hit done and then over here we'll say like five plus like if they're looking for a Fairly big house i've got a big family something like that so we hit send message and then we hit add tag And then we say five beds okay So we come in here hit done now We can do so if they come in here hit one or two bedrooms It's gonna have an odd response and then we can go through and have this follow-up response to whatever they're saying Okay but then we can say like come in here awesome What area are you looking for or what did we say like are you first-time homebuyer in the first one i Anyway i can't remember but we've got a list of questions that you can go through and ask right like are you first-time homebuyer are You pre-qualified or you like pre-approved how many bedrooms are you looking for is there a specific zip code a specific area are looking for do you have kids like you can go through and ask a lot of these questions and Then the nice thing is is once somebody comes back to their or once you get back is you you as the business owner You can go back into all these messages in your facebook messenger at the end of the day and So you can just, see like what people clicked on and then you can follow up with them and shoot a message or jump Hey i actually have a perfect listing for you it's got three bedrooms it's in you know such-and-such area and if you're Pre-approved great if not i've got a friend who's a lender who can get you the greatest rates or whatever you want? To say there you know and so we just come through and so like you would say okay this initial opt-in based on what they click on so they click this one we want to have this this follow-up right here okay we say is there a specific Area you are looking for all right and you can even like if your based off your area like you could say for example me i live outside of salt lake city so i can say are you looking in Provo so i can add a button right here provo utah orem utah vineyard utah you know spanish fork linden like i could add multiple responses there and so they can just go click on it and then just add then the next follow-up message okay Now what other cool thing that they just recently somewhat recently added is this flow builder right here so if we come over here to The flow builder this kind of makes it i know this is getting a little bit detailed guys right here but this can be pretty powerful so instead of having a Separate message for all these and gonna have to create all these separate ones what we could do is just delete this and Delete this and then have them all going to the same one okay so now It like no matter what they say okay great like a one to two beds what area are you looking For three to four beds what area looking for five beds what are you looking, for because that's all gonna be specific To whatever like obviously doesn't matter you know there's gonna be a certain number of bedrooms in all these different areas okay and from here what we're gonna do is just hit publish All right now let's preview this okay and i know we don't we don't have like this massive massive long things set up here If we hit preview right here says you need to opt-in to be able tree okay? So we send a messenger just gonna opt-in right here it might take a second ok sorry there look at that already there So it says great how many beds exist this is doing the this is actually previewing that that fall up we did so if we refresh this right Here all right guys let's go down and let's test out this post so let's first make sure that we're commenting from our page not The facebook page that we're on right here thanks we're just gonna come in here type you know test? post something like that it should take just a second and then Hopefully if it's all working right it should pop up here oh right there okay so it says Okay hey jason here is the info i promised you link there's the link Ok then by the way how soon are you looking To move right okay and it's gonna show right here this is the post So why you might be wondering why says have you declared your home before trying To sell that's because this is the post i actually commented on so it's just kind of like referencing that To say jason by the way how are you looking, to move i always put asap okay something like that and then it should boom right there guys great how many bedrooms are you looking for and you guys don't want this you can get the pro account i think it's like 10 bucks A month or something like that yeah but anyway i honestly i don't really mind it's totally fine And we say okay i'm looking for a three to four bedroom home okay awesome is there a specific area are looking for and so on guys awesome you guys still that's pretty powerful right and then what you do as the business owner is you can come back in here and i think it should pop up right in here okay look, awesome this is this alike this is me opting in and so like you go through and say okay this jason guy he's Looking to move as soon as possible okay well he's also looking for three to four bedrooms and he's also looking for like if i could type in here i'm looking in the vineyard area something like that pops up then you come back to your computer at the end of the day you've been out showing doing Open houses doing whatever you need to do you come back here and you're like okay awesome? This jason guys looking move as soon as possible three to four bedrooms look into the vineyard area i know i've got some listings or i have some ideas of what to show him in this specific location right then as i mentioned before you can go through you can have like a list of questions just following that same process which, we don't need to make this video longer than needs to be so not gonna go dive in in deep death in depth sorry guys not gonna dive in depth on how to do all that stuff you guys kind of get the picture just kind of keep replicating what i was just showing you in this video right so anyway guys hopefully this was helpful i Think it's super powerful i've been using it for my business and it's it's amazing We've been testing out in the real estate space in the mortgage space and we've been getting some pretty qualified awesome leads doing this and We actually are integrating facebook messenger into arsenal mkg fairly soon so i'm super pumped for that guys To have all that it within one? spot For you and your crm so you'll be able to email text facebook message log phone calls pretty much everything that you possibly need a deal alright so if you guys like this video go ahead give it a thumbs up also Give it a share if you guys want to share it with some real estate agent friends of yours or mortgage broker friends or whoever it might be and also guys leave a comment down below let me know what you think let me know if this was helpful what else you guys want to learn and If you are brand new to the channel make sure you subscribe because i launched a new video Almost every day on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business right so thanks so much for watching today guys and i will see you all tomorrow

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