Google Solutions if Meta Description Matters for Rankings

Google’s John Mueller answered the problem about whether or not a meta description can be made use of to affect the lookup rankings.

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It’s a excellent question simply because Google advises to use distinctive meta descriptions on world wide web web pages. So there is some sort of affect but is that affect linked to rankings? John Mueller responses that query.

Meta Aspect

The meta tag is formally recognized as a meta component. The meta component is employed to explain (signify) document-level facts about a website webpage.

In buy to describe diverse attributes of the website web site the meta element (like all HTML components) has attributes which kind of extends the meta element so that it can deliver a precise form of information to a web browser or to a world wide web crawler (like Googlebot).

For example:

  • A meta robots tag communicates to crawlers.
  • A meta refresh tag communicates to a browser.

There are several other meta tags that talk immediately to look for engines and browsers:

  • meta name=”viewport”
  • meta http-equiv=”refresh”
  • meta identify=”google-site-verification”
  • meta title=”googlebot” information=”notranslate”

Meta element details is data that is not meant for website people to instantly see (although it can be observed indirectly by means of the research outcomes).

Meta Description

The W3C is the expectations-producing entire body accountable for defining HTML (amongst other factors)

The official W3C specification for the meta description tag claims that the meta description is made for use by look for engines.

“The price have to be a free-kind string that describes the webpage. The value have to be proper for use in a listing of pages, e.g. in a lookup engine.
There need to not be a lot more than just one meta ingredient with its title attribute set to the value description for every document.”

Google’s Use of Meta Descriptions

Google’s documentation of snippets notes that meta descriptions are utilized for creating lookup results snippets.

If a meta description is correctly used then the meta description displayed in the lookup success will talk to the probable web-site visitor what the web site is about and give them an idea of what to be expecting if they simply click the connection and take a look at the web page.

There is no limit on how extended a meta description can be.

However there is a limit on how a great deal of the meta description that look for engines will decide on to display. The limit is described by how a great deal can be shown on the user’s browser system.

Does Google Use Meta Description for Ranking?

The person asking the query was exclusively inquiring about introducing locale title information and facts to the meta description and if it would assist rankings.

Google’s John Mueller answered with a broader scope than just incorporating the location title, his reply was about no matter if anything in the meta description impacted rankings.

This is the query questioned:

“Does including the location name in the meta description make a difference to Google in terms of ranking if the articles top quality is taken care of?”

John Mueller answered:

“So the meta description is principally utilized as a snippet in the search final results webpage.

And which is not a thing that we would use for rating.

But clearly, having a excellent snippet on a research effects web page, that can make it a lot more attention-grabbing for persons to basically take a look at your webpage when they see your page ranking in the lookup final results.”

Meta Description and Search engine optimization

There’s a lot to know about HTML meta things and this query is a good example of the value of knowledge HTML and how they are utilized by browsers and look for engines.

Understanding the history facts about meta things and the meta description tag in specific aids develop a greater being familiar with of how all the parts in shape together for Search engine optimisation.


Does Meta Description Matter for Rankings?

View John Mueller solution the dilemma at the 26:47 mark in the movie:

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