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Let’s talk traffic Traffic is your lifebloodif you’re not getting congestion it doesn’t matter how large-hearted your content is otherwise your commodity will go unnoticed know this there is an incredible 30 era free commerce boot camp and I’m going to tell you how to get wise right After signing up[ music] hey this is ben arkell he is the passive automation newsletter here you can see my youtube path i have a lot of different videos about passive automation how to make money affiliate marketing how to grow online How to do email marketing for your business do me a kindnes Spend some time with these videos if you want to use the content The Favor also expressed support for my channel and thumped that buzzer notification We will be notified whenever I amPosting the video that really wants to give the information you guys know will I want to help you proliferate your business today talking about the incredible thing is pop up but I’ll go to this slide real shortcut and we’re going to go through the demo Very short video but I think it will create a lot of value There is a free traffic boot camp which is an easy way to fast track business growth online and get free traffic they will live in this training in 30 epoches or less Teach you guiding principles you’ll need to know in developing traffic for free , now free legendary traffic bootcamp purveyors, it’s a 30 day challenge we’ll talk about last-minute, but what’s more detailed, so start from scratch 10 On March 1st, Alex, a mythical marketer in- house expert, will forward to teach you some simple and powerful ways and means to do online market that anyone can do. Build your business, even ifyou’re a newbie with zero technical skills perhaps. You are brand new and maybe you already know a lot and it continues to help you afford a lot of value inthis camp and the authorities concerned will propped your hand they are all right they are going to create a simple help you create a simple every other The material is30 days a era and in a minute I just will show you the content schedule and calendar, they also have some improve every day to help you learn the principles of traffic, but again this is focused on free commerce so there is no need for you to know what Paid ads can complement something and do that, but in this training it’s designed for free traffic so who’s the boot campso this is for newbies and it doesn’t matter who’s experienced you’re just starting out or leading After doing online market for a while you will find value and you will learn and it will drive “youre going to” immense material so anyone wanting to know more how to get more organic food and free traffic ok because anyone anyone All can run Facebook Facebook ads can run on Google Ads, but there are also pranks to learn organic methods of getting free transaction for the incredible pair of those persons who don’t want free traffic, so this This training camp is also for people who like to take action Not what will be the training camp “youre in” Watch the videos you are going to watch and then you are going to take action Post Thirty on the day Thirty daytimes is ok and how is the content we will post the issues to I missed Right there so I’ll be real soon pop out of it and picture you what I fantasize yeah sorry I missed it wrong it’s okay so it’ s water resources for the legendary marketer one time boot camp Resource enrollment you will receive an email informing you that it will include everything I really demand What’s going to descend starting October 1st so it says video every day so there’s a video every day they’ll show okay then let’s go here it’s a traffic boot camp like a schedule you can print it out and then you are eligible to Mark the day’s work and have more info here about the rules of the game if you can let’s have a quick look at this ok so mostly I’ll talk there’s a booty at the end you have to originate the rules of the game create a piece of content every day needs to be new material, Then one ofyour content must be a written review about a legend purveyor, a video statement about a myth marketer, you can post these all on WordPress, Bloggerlinkedin core, or reddit, and then enter the contest submission form.Do your material now or when you enter your name, email address, telephone number, and then link to all your material. It’s ok, but I want to show you this is the recommended theme. Tips from day one my material is working. Start the 30 epoch challenge here is what I predict is you tell people in theblog shape so write know why you are challenging the importance of free transaction you want to learn all the good stuff let’s just get it on Going through a few cases epoches these days is how affiliate marketing directs This is another blog post with a minimum of 500 messages in writing Day 17 Minutes 24 Tasks from Mark Harbor Generating Leads Online Mark Harbor Works with Incredibly Legendary Marketers Guy Believes in the Value of Video Philosophy is to leant video in front ofpeople as quickly as possible, then 30 a daytime for you Three Tips-off to KnowWatch the YouTube Entrepreneur’s opener video I affection this tip-off, I learned it from Steph Prez, President, Email Marketing, it’s unbelievable, you’ll learn a lot stuff so these are their topic schedule over and over again here would like to review the lore if you haven’t signed up for the myth marketer The criticisms below let me know that will actually give you the link to the 15 day challenge, sorry, that’s separate let’s not add two things together.The traffic challenge is unbelievable, so you started a bit like it How the content is planned so the idea is you you watch training videos every day to create that content and then you publish Ok let’s get back to these slideshows that can really slide really fast okay is the purpose of the bootcamp mostly to educate you The quality ofposting is one of the main content. This helps improved your credibility. When you post more material online, people assure what you are doing.You will notice more search engines. It will notice you or the person or persons around you. I will find more interesting things when Istart posting online how many people will kinda come out woodwork and contact me and say hey I have a question about this or how do I do this, I noticed a few cases things because I’ ve posted a good deal as I examine people I’m interested in and my people want to serve and what value I want to offer and then accountability is the coolest part of this tent Yes you will be responsible and providing access to a free Facebook group for everyone else who are also challenging traffic boot camp when will it start again on October 1st, 2019 Watch this short promo video October 1 day is very cool and we’re going to walk you through the part 30 period challenge of the creation of material every day you guys are asking yourself why I’m making videosjust look at life and then go through all these things every day is the content doctrine the work requires brain out of other persons and out of others trust me five years of the general population ninety-nine percent are now trying these things won’t be herepeople have run out and it’s so hard the ideas that stir me fantasize will always be Content ideas to follow My soul Readings in teachable times I can share in my videos We’re gonna get this trash out and then we’ll work with groupsThe people inside Facebook group in this camp Join us on Facebook to create some immense content there for free call boot camp and I look forward to working with you in the next 30 daylights so you guys go there I believe I love the fraction where he talks about what you wishing wise man Outcomes the wise mostly wins.If five years after now people learned guiding principles, publishing product content would be a lot better. Nathan Lucas is actually beautiful. He’s successfully joined Legend Marketing. He talks about the was also necessary never quit. And preserve posting to help people learn the content offered is valuable to them so how do I sign up you can sign up I’ll have a link below sign up for just last boot camp and I think that actually remain the same, Let’s see another slide now Piece got it right prizes so if you guys go to traffic boot camp i present a google spreadsheet you every day you get a grand prize winner and they reap this at random but it’s two parties together for airfare and transport to mexico CaboLegendary leader radical is great on 4/20/ 20 so they are an olive recourse pay for lodging and food and you can bring a partner like a marriage or business to get a branded second place builder launchpad program The 3rd plaza original jam-pack is the sweet 4th situate business blueprint backpack( if available) Alliance Digital Product Coaching Consulting, Events and Planning Business Blueprints These are mythical upsells they are all marketer plans for example $ 2,500 per bit, this It was awesome to get 5th sit club body for the legendary hulk six points seven camera boards iPad 8 chip to position a doughnut ignite in which I actually had my head up and then DJI Mobile 3 gimbal 10 flake to get a mic 11 to 15 point you get good t-shirts so y’all is now going again how to sign up my specify is jerry yapp that’s membership boot camp hope this person helps you to learn about free traffic boot camp i would highly recommend it to everyone Let me know if you’ll be in the comments below and let me know if you’ll be in.If you’re in my praise again expressed support for my canal and I’ll be announcing a lot of content on the next boot camp with this in the next few weeks, hopefully You meet as well, we will be in touch with you on thenext video.

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