Free Bot System Prelaunch Presentation By Michael Price πŸ€– 04.28.2021 πŸ’₯

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Ideas. help diagnose and fix things all kinds of stuff, so it looks like it is now streaming live on Facebook. Do you guys see it live? Yes? Yes. Okay. I'm going to do everything to keep this to an hour and 15 minutes. Max so questions from an hour to an hour and fifteen that's it real quick. Hello Lloyd John Charles Welcome Lamar Lamar's, laughing. I think he knows and then. the challenge. Around the block a few times, Scott John's, laughing too, and for good reason. they cuddle Ernest Welcome Welcome Priscilla. Hey, Russ. Hey, David Samuels Frank Welcome. Did you freeze up or is that your picture? It looks like you froze up? Rose Charles Welcome Clayton. Thanks for your great testimonials last night, many of you Terry Latonya Sherry Toy and Jameson. so with that. Get started. Let me just do the typical. show you where everything is because we've had quite a few people. Join our Facebook group. I'm going to go over here to our group. Our Facebook group forward slash groups forward slash free bot system.

These dates you see up here in this image over here. that's the dates of our prelaunch April 23rd to May 21st We will do a 10 day grace period. I'll explain that very likely later. May 22nd to May 31st and June 1st will be the actual day that all of the members will have access to all of the amazing tools of the free bot system. However, anyone that does purchase a lifetime bot will get access to the admin area so you can set up and use your lifetime bot. now we do have under this image here The guides section. that's really important and because underneath there, you'll see all the training and you should see. Training almost every single day, plus we have a calendar. you there.

Is somewhere around here. I thought I had it right there. It must be right there. I will show you another place where you'll see the calendar. and as you can see we're training 6 days a week every day but Sunday so between now and the end of the prelaunch again May 21st and the 10 day grace period at the end of May 6 days a week so you. A lot of support and again all the recorded videos like the one. We're recording right now. We'll go right here in the guide section one key thing like last night if you did not watch last night was a marathon. no surprise right but the last you don't laugh. John the last hour was just I was so energized because they were amazing. testimonials. I mean some of you who've never said anything. some of you who've been really quiet were just like lit. And that let me up and so we will edit this and create short shorter little clips of this so that other people who don't know the tremendous value of what we have to offer will see it and go.

Wow. Yeah. I should know more about that. so what you can do is click on the video. Watch it if you haven't watched it but most importantly what you also can do. Oh there. We go good job. That's five shares. That's more than I look. there's two shares earlier. so I'd come here and click on share And share this anywhere and wherever and put a little intro to it. You know, let people know hey get connect with me and I'll give you links where you can join for free. Okay so I would watch it, especially the last. 45 minutes to an hour and then share it. Okay. So that's that is our Facebook group if you.

Have not joined our Facebook group, you can join for free and please do feel free to invite others because I'm. When they come here and they look on this discussion tab. Wow, I have sixty-two pending posts. I can't keep up I've had so many people saying. super excited wow. They're pending post. I just bought the lifetime. You know things like that. and you'll see all in here all kinds of people sharing graphic images and look at this. You know my group is someone today had like over twenty-four $12400. they'll be way more than $2400. I'm sure over 2400 people in less than a week. He's like. Oh my gosh, I'm getting. To write my, I quit speech, you know so I'm just seeing it here in all kinds of all kinds of amazing testimonials from people that have been using this so you can go through the discussions.

See what other other people are saying, so you don't have to take our word for it. see what they're saying. Okay. now. Speaking of what other people are saying. someone who joined I think it was Saturday and signed up four people right away. said. Hey. I just created a video. I'm like alright. let me check it out. It's 3 minutes. I've only watched the first minute of it, but I'm just going to show. A little bit of it why because this is what's happening, people are so excited, they're creating their own images. They're creating their own videos. They're paying to advertise. I mean they're doing all kinds of things to share this, which is really wise. So let's just watch like the first minute. Hey, what is happening here? Let me turn this up. and I want to tell you that I am thrilled thrilled.

With the new the new come on. system that Michael Price has come up with so let me pause this. there's a saying imperfect action is way better than perfect inaction if he didn't get the name right. But you know what he's super excited. He made four sales right away. He bought it right away and actually he made a sale today with a guy. That's a top marketer. a guy that. I highly. This guy was a vet so II love and appreciate our vets, so I want to give a shout out first of all to all of our vets.

I gotta mute this and you know while he was gone, he's now ex wife. divorced him and he ended up 90.2 thousand. $92000 in in you know child support and I think he's fine with me saying that because he's a man of his. His name is Rob and he paid it off in 9 months using the system that we launched back in 2013 and what we're launching now doesn't compare to what we did.

Then he sent me a text message. Let me see what it says literally something to the effect of. Where is it here? I can't find it right here but oh it was on messenger anyway, He was super excited. Oh yeah here, it said. Alright wait. he said quote. I love the free bot system concept looking forward to working it into my marketing plan. Thank you so much for creating it. I mean people are very excited very thankful Sky bones like I said, didn't get the name right, but he created a video and he's sharing it with people and the the guy the text I was just reading you about is a major marketer signed up and bought three bot system lifetime bot today, so let's just play it again because he is the creator of the original power lead system and the three lead system just.

This is a long-term play, but here's what I'm why I'm making this video because a lot of people are logging in you gotta use your real email and phone number so that you get your account right when you log in you're getting the free account immediately. Okay. So let me clarify one thing there one thing, he said in a little bit of the background is that other company I was referring to we created a system for them back in 2013. back in 2000. 2010, I created. It's known as the free lead system so some people like bones was saying you know, hey, how come we don't see our commission, You know, Where's our back office and all that I'm like you will be live June 1st and he said. Well, some people are wondering. Where's my money Am I going to get paid? I'm like bones we've been paying for this other system for seven and a half years actually the guy I'm referring to Rob every time I pay them, which they. Get paid once a week and we'll get to that.

We're going to start out at once a month and then we'll transition it once a week very soon. Rob's comment is watch is set what does he mean by that? he means he can count on the fact that when it's payday every payday, it's been every week for seven and a half years they get paid every payday on time now what I really like about what bones is doing here is he's telling people why they should give their real email address and their real phone.

When they sign up because we have had some people who did what he's going to show you here and they signed up and they closed out their support site and they haven't known how to get back to it. Okay, So there have been people telling us Hey, we want to buy the lifetime bot, but we don't know how to get to our back office. so watch what he shows here. Let me actually make this full screen so you can see a little better. okay and look at his headline up there. Wait yes. it's really free Do not close this page so. Telling them down here you don't have to go. Check your email you can and you should, but when you sign up, here's what happens if you don't have to go. Check your email like you normally do looking for a back office. That's where a lot of folks are missing after you log in, you're going to see this and a lot of people are not closing to review the page they close the whole thing and they go back to their account.

Don't do that you close it and look your system is right here. It'll be the the you know why it's a rage blah blah blah. But look to promote this here is the link That's your link as soon as you ask you opt in. you have this system to log in with and then you have the tools. and you know the videos will go on, but here's like a promotion thing. These are like for real waste. Look at all this. It's getting real okay and banner ads. video. So let me share one thing I did today. I signed up a guy who's a master distributor in a while he was. Signed up before but I showed him you know how to get to the support site today and I walked him through this page and specifically I went to this section here about how to share the free bot system.

That's the button. Maybe you can see my mouse here in about the middle of the page at the top. Alright. and he you know bones is showing some of these, but I walked the guy through and I said, well now click on the links to show on social media and clicked on it and then I showed them. here's all the links you have with one. click on the copy button you can. All your links click over here on training Now you have access to my calendar and I actually had him walk through. click the little blue blue plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of our training calendar took him to his Google calendar. One click now my training calendars always on his training calendar had him click on the frequently asked questions so he knows where questions and answers are and so forth. so what I've seen is some really successful people.

What they'll do when they've got you know, do this for every. But when you have a key person they screen share or like what bones is doing here, he created a short little video walking people through and saying hey, here's what's going to happen when you sign up, you're going to come here Do this do that? Okay? You can share what's truthfully ask a question. All this stuff is here already so don't close it and go looking for something else. It is is right here and I'm going to tell you right now if it's still if they're still available, get a lifetime.

But here's why people will. Easily pay monthly for things that are liabilities I pay for Netflix every month and I you know and I do it. Netflix offered me a lifetime offer thousand bucks. I would pay it because I know I'm going to have it for a long time. Okay. This has a lifetime offer I'm going to super recommend it. It's just to give you another reason why I have been paying 55 Bucks a month for power systems since two. 2000. You. So that's a lot right. I've I've been getting that a lot and the person who gave me their feeling like has been earning $20 a month from me because of that the entire time so if you want the ability to pay one time have a lifetime.

And then earn. Affiliate commissions in perpetuity for years and years, this is your opportunity right here right now to get the life awesome Okay. So that's why I'm telling everybody to do it. I mean actually II would rather you didn't and I and I got the but the truth is that it's better for you to get it now. Okay. So don't make that mistake. see you on the inside. I hadn't watched the end of that. I've only watched the first minute but. yeah that that's what people do so he created a simple little page telling people how to do it and again. That's what we're seeing if you go through the discussion section here you're going to see a whole bunch of people you know creating testimonials saying great things I'm even going to be bold here and click on pending posts because I have no idea what's there. Adding social media marketing the one one thing you want to make sure you don't do look at this.

I haven't seen this is 8 hours ago, so I haven't even seen this one from clay 455 Personal sign ups over 2000 people in this group Okay. and he's only got people down here to his seventh level. Alright, So that's what it looks like. so here's what I found very successful people do when they get results even if it's one person they'll start sharing. Their results every opportunity they can now when someone's got big results like this, of course, he's going to take screen captures create unique videos and share it. Okay. And maybe I shouldn't I don't know who some of these people are, but this guy here I got.

Oh Michael Frogs. Looks like he dropped. so we'll wait for Michael to come back. and. software works. so we're going to we're going to stare at his screen because I don't have control. so. I've been not he's from the Netherlands. What's up guys go ahead there. He is michael's back he disappeared. So I've seen it was extended to May the first I mean on the first.

Yeah the lifetime. That's the and the prelaunch is through the through May 1st. That's when we're going to do with the official launch. the lifetime goes until we have sold for 300, which could be no. I'm Jane with the bonus. No it was in the email. Okay. Well, I haven't read the email. so if Michael announces that on the ground, yeah, yeah. Michael is saying that the VIP for for buying a lifetime but extends to May the first I confirmed that with him. okay. I have I've been working on the butt all day, so I haven't really eaten them yet. Okay. That's a surprise to me. I don't know any news on the the flow. Yes, it was like can or to at ten. It was I just ask him about the the story you're supposed to put in the I guess the Broncos.

Yeah. No. I haven't done that yet because I was working on a major issue which I did get done about an hour ago. so it's I was able to get into my support site successfully today. and we had a lot of that kind of thing that we really wanted to get up and running so right. hey, Scott can you see and hear me now and we can now yes, I don't know what happened. It just died on me and it just came back but can someone confirm if it's still it says on my computer live on Facebook. If it's still isn't actually live on Facebook. Still, it was earlier. yes, it is thank you. Bryan Okay. Okay. Thank you Yes. Thank you haven't seen you so to all the new people I haven't seen in London there before welcome Frank. Let's see who else am I not recognized before I see you there.

Steve welcome Steve and everyone else that I mentioned earlier. Alright so II was just asking. If anyone had some questions or something you guys would like to make sure it gets addressed because I want to make this. you know whatever I can to best support you. I had a question okay. Ernest Have you seen this? add this share buttons You know for sharing on social media. actually I have. I use the JavaScript on a lot of my web pages and I was just wondering if if they could be plugged in on the affiliate side, not for the back office. Utilities page but like on the affiliate page because people will see something like that and say man I'd like to share this with my my buddy. On and then click that little blue Facebook or the LinkedIn or the Twitter I just demonstrated it today to John when I was talking to John Charles and showed it show it to him. You know I'm just wondering if Y'all can put that in yeah are you referring to the sign up page? No? it's it's the add this.

Share buttons they float in from the side on on the main page you can you can replicate them on where do you want to stay? thank you? Yeah, you know, I think you know where it's at a Yes. that's not the question. Ernest. we're asking which page would you like to put it on which is I've I've already got it put on my page? I was just wondering if it could be plugged in for everybody.

Could it be programmed in? Yes it's technically possible and I think we even have an account with it because we were doing stuff with it 6 months ago, so there's just so many things on the plate. Michael. What do you think I just I just thought I'd ask. So I want that II missed it because my son's asked me a question. So where did you want to put it? He didn't specify in any particular place just on the affiliate page. which affiliate page the Sign up page. Yeah, you know when you're your affiliate page, you know because I got it plugged in to my pages on PLS and share coded to my team and it pops up on theirs too. Okay it just it just shares their site if somebody's on your site, they click that and they share it to a group or the timeline say hey go look at this. Yeah you. Share button You know we can do we we were attempting to have a Facebook plug in because we did this many years ago. on the sign up site. So the sign up site I'll show it just to make sure people are clear what we mean and now we do have something else we can do too.

so I can show that so this is what we call the sign up site. So the sign up site is where people go and watch the you know the four videos that we have and they can join. Yeah. Okay. so we did have underneath here we had a face. Plug in where with comment, plugin where everybody could share their thoughts, so I just got an idea from what you shared so questions are really awesome and then you know when you would comment.

If you had the problem was if you already signed up you automatically get redirected and that's what bones was showing in this video is you'd automatically get redirected toward the sign up toward the The support page. Okay. mm hmm mm hmm. but on. If you if you use the Facebook comment. and over here on the sign up page and you said, Wow, this is an amazing that it would share the link to this page, which if you hadn't joined yet, let's say I'm on your page. Ernest and I go and and do the add this right well then I would be sharing your page. I don't want to be sharing your page. I want to sign up and be sharing my page. Okay right? Right but what we can do what we what we can do though, which reminded me as we do have a license and agency license or a service called prove they say that right Scott so it's that little widget that will pop up in the bottom corner of your page and we'll say Ernest just joined Scott just joined Lloyd just joined I was doing something with Scott and actually it was with you.

Ken Davis, I was testing. You know something to get his support page working 'cuz. I don't know why we've had a glitch with that with a couple people works for 99.9% of the people and a couple of people are just one issue after another but. in testing it, I think it was like in 10 minutes I could tell by the counter number had changed by about twenty that that was telling me like twenty people just signed up in the last 10 minutes, something around that time frame. So you know if somebody's watching a video on here a five-minute video they could have those. Pop up ten different times Lloyd just joined Michael just joined John just joined Rose just joined. You know what I'm saying. and so it's a it's way that gives credibility and so we pay we have the license. We've actually been paying for that for a couple of years. It's just what's the number one priority so one of the number one priorities we are working on today, Scott and I. is getting the text messaging working and we're confident.

We have the syntax or which the structure of it right for the programmers tomorrow so that that will be live should be live tomorrow so every to everyone that joins will get a text message if they're in the US or Canada and then you who have referred them so Ernest if you had bills sign up on your site bill will get a message and so would you okay? So so we're very very excited about that. But yeah, we're I love technology and I love ways that.

Get people. Excited and see that yeah, people are joining people love this and hey there's more value than your thought. etcetera etcetera Okay. So great question. so we just couldn't figure out time wise. We're trying to do this before the launch here. and we like I said the Facebook plug in. but but here's the idea that I got from you with everyone's permission What we can do is we can have a page where everyone can go to that page where we put the Facebook plugin in and. Have a whole bunch of people you guys just share honestly, What do you think about the free bot system? What do you like about it? Etcetera and then that will scroll a whole bunch of a whole bunch of comments and then we can take an image of that page.

That's kind of like what we did actually in our launch back in 2013 and then we can we can put this here underneath the submit button so we can make these testimonial videos a little bit smaller or maybe on half of the screen and then the other half of the screen would just. Comment after comment after comment of people saying wow, wow. wow, you know this is amazing. Okay. Yeah. So if you guys are open to that again, we're oh yeah comment and plug in is great. Yeah. Okay. Now we can put the comment in on the sports side, but then it's driving people back to your support site. So that's the issue so if we can figure that part out, but it hasn't been our number one thing of how you know everyone can leverage one page and then when you. It goes to your Facebook page and people see it and then they click on it and they come back to your sign up site so that you they sign up underneath you. That's what our commitment is to make sure that you get the credit.

Okay. How about another question Great Question? Ernest Thank you. II did my setup. Okay, I didn't even know if I'm I don't know if I'm jumping the gun here but. On the link on the right hand side, I'm just going by memory here there were no interrupted. But messages not messages like you know how you go through. you know you ask a question and you get an answer and you ask another question and you get an answer. Okay, I'm I'm going into my bot admin area. That's what I thought you were referring to and someone asked a question earlier just to clarify for everyone that did participate. I don't I don't have any of that. okay. So, as I said, I don't know if I'm looking for it too early or if I did something wrong in my setup now, what are our goal and expectation is that by Friday then on the left-hand side, So I'm clicking on flows to go back flow is another word for conversation on the left hand side.

Bottom left we will have a link there for what we'll call the store My computer is super slow today I apologize. Maybe that's why I kicked me out of Facebook but over here down here you'll have another link by Friday is our goal and I believe we will meet that goal for what we call the store and in the store you will have these are called flows so I have some of these already and you don't yet, but you will by Friday. Okay, because, like all those all those. I go, going to analytics but all those links on the left hand side there I put them and the only one that Octave is like the support and the live training everything else I click on it and over here it's all done. Yeah. it's it's you know you haven't used it yet. so we'll give you flows and these are what are called flows. so if I have been showing this. Here if I click on a particular flow, then I see it I can click on these three dots and edit it.

And then the flow. These are what you'll see are each one of these are called cards. Okay. Okay and what's Scott showed on another one. I didn't want to do it, but if I put my mouse on one of these lines here I can click on the trash can and delete the connection between this card and this card and then I can just click out here at a new card and and just. Connection from any card to another card, okay, Maybe we'll show that a little later go ahead. Michael We have that training video that you just put in the training. Here we go, that's an hour and a half that will explain all of this people should start there right once you have your own flows that we'll put in the store that you can download and use as templates that will be great but in the meantime you can watch that training video and it will walk you through how to create a flow from scratch.

And then you'll at least have something to work with when when you have a template to start from, you'll say, Oh I've been in here and I've poked around and I'm kind of familiar with some of the functions that. I'll call you in a second thanks Scott so as you mentioned Lloyd these two links they they do work. This is where our calendar is okay, The bot support when I click on it, it will open up to a new site. and if you guys haven't been with us for a day or two, this is different. now we've got Brandon to the free bot system under training. I've got some these are generic videos. some things that really helped me over the years. so I'd invite you to watch. Not selling you anything just you know there to help you under bot.

Yeah, I keep remembering we need to reorder these but setting up your Facebook page you will need a Facebook page to connect your lifetime bot to you will need a white list of domain. Each of these videos are three 4 minutes. They're very short and very simple. This is the long one Scott was talking about creating a bot conversation. So when you click on that that's about an hour and a half that's the one bill that. Loved I think and so yeah an hour and 37 minutes conversation, which and it's going to show you all kinds of very valuable things Now I saw someone. in another group complaining that they couldn't really see things you always can click this button down here.

Oh. YouTube's made it unavailable for full screen here so I would just click on Youtube. They're making us go to YouTube They're II have an idea how to work around that and then. You get there. I'd invite you to make it full screen and then you can always click on this little settings wheel over here and make sure that you have it in a quality format as we can. yeah, people know you know so to set up a wallet, you know. Oh, wait there we go it would just show me better speeds. So yeah HD at 1080 720 so pick pick the speed that you want the quality that you want make it full screen and then you you know because some things might appear small. this way you'll be able to see the video. in better detail and a lot clearer. so II know that should be a basic thing for some people, but someone didn't know. So I want to make sure that you know that. to get started, you know, so there's going to be a lot in that training.

So great so Steve you had a question. Oh, yeah, the only question I had was will we be getting on Friday if if we do get AA flow would it be the the free bot flow so we can. share that free bot flow with with with people. Yes, I think that would be the number one. thing to have and then we'll make sure that you guys know at the end of the conversation like how do I get. This one. Thought I clicked a different one. Yeah, I'm going to come to this one and just show you that. what you want to do at the end of a conversation is make sure you you can scroll on down here by the way this is where you can zoom in or zoom out and I've got a wheel on mine.

So I'm just zooming in and you know at the end of the conversation, you'll want to have a button that takes people to your website and make sure you tell em you know where to go so you know in any market. You know the whole purpose of marketing is one capturing their contact information, but then have a call to action, give them a reason why they should click on your button and go wherever you want them to go. Okay. Good. Thanks sure. so so we have a conversation called give away a free bot.

I'll show that to you actually I haven't tested this in a while I know we were making revisions but sorry if you come over here, I'm using our. System Kingdom Wealth Alliance, I'm just going to create a web page from scratch. Hey bones real quick and click on custom template. I'm going to choose one that does not use an opt-in form This one here is great for the bot and today is April 28. so I'm creating what's called a subdomain. Make sure you pick a domain that is waitlisted. with your Facebook page and without getting in. Details again that is on our training site so over here on the training site again over here under bot, we show you how to wait list your domains. That's really important so I will show you coming over to my personal. Facebook page. Just real quickly at the very top this little flag that will show me all my hey there we go bones. So when I click on that little flag there there, we go. these are all my Facebook pages.

So if I picked on one like this is one that I use with the free with our lifetime bot. I'm just zipping through this again. This is in a video. Alright there's the settings tab you click on the settings tab. and then you click on advanced messaging again. We have a video it's less than 4 minutes to show you how to do this and what I'm just getting to is in the middle of the page. Is it's white listing? Click on advanced messaging right. Maybe I did. There we go okay, then in the middle of the page, this is where you wait list your domains.

Okay. In the video we tell you don't put the WWW so just come come in here and add another domain. you can have Facebook let you have up to fifty so you just type it in. click the save button over there and it makes you confirm it and you're done. That's simple. so I have the domain you know we're using this for a reason I here I told you not to use a subdomain but Barry the

So that's my main point. I want to show you is. I'm weightless I. This domain white list that it must be waitlisted if you're going to want your butt. so I have that one white listed if you're going to want the bot on a web page to show up. So today, I'm just going to say April 28th demo. I've done this so many times. some of you guys are like hey I've already seen this, you can point, click and type the headline discover how our free automated bot system can help.

Anyone. generate a lot more leads and sales effortlessly blah blah blah. A countdown timer on the page for the sake of time. Oh, I'll use this as an opportunity. Okay our lifetime bot offer. we have which I'll talk about a little bit later in detail in the compensation plan section, we have three plans The third one is our lifetime bot, but anyone and we have 226 left you guys know it's the countdown went down quite a bit today. Alright well. our second compensation plan is called our VIP club and that will be. Dollars a month anyone that gets the lifetime bot by midnight tonight will get that fee waived however, because we've had people with glitches not able to get to their support site is the support site so they can come over here and buy it.

We're going to extend that to midnight Saturday night. Okay. That's a very real day unless servers go down and crash and guys I've seen people say that for years and I hate that okay. And those of you that know me for a long time. No, we don't do that. I think we've done it once in the last year, okay because we had a very real reason for it. So this is another very real reason. so a huge benefit anyone that gets the lifetime by midnight Saturday night, we'll be able to have this VIP club our second income stream, which will have a lot of benefits. We'll have that $20 per month fee. Forever That's huge okay. so don't miss out on that.

So come back over here. I'm going to set the timer for Saturday night. I almost did it Friday night because it's the end of the month, but I know there's one guy today. he's flying. He's under you. Russ right, he's flying to Atlanta. mark right Mark Bosley couldn't get access to his support site. Ken Davis. What do we spend a half an hour today getting your support side up? It's. It's like only about five people that I'm aware of, but there may be more and to be fair to them and everyone else. I want to make sure that they can so Mark's traveling, he said. Hey, I'm traveling to Atlanta today when I get back tonight, you know if you can get me to my support site, I'm going to buy a lifetime but well we want to make sure he doesn't miss it, but he has a couple days to share with other people right.

Hey Russ. Do you mind sharing what you said with me in a text this morning, he said. Hey, I've never. A big person before I'm really excited because what. You're muted. still there you go. Yeah. No. I just said that I was I never had gotten usually. I'm the one that's signing up under the big dogs so when I saw Mark sign up under me, I was super excited because I mean he's got a huge following and I'm just blessed to have him under me. So yeah. So thanks and I know you're going to get a lot more than one and I've seen people. I had a guy today. Rodney Man II wonder if I have a screen capture, but he had like 2000. 400 people and he's like man I am preparing my I quit speech.

That's what he's literally texting me. I'm getting messages like this guys. People are super excited now is that happening for everybody. No, but you know what you could get one person who could bring you 2400 people and then you have 2401 right so anyway, I'm going to set the timer just prompting this for Saturday night at midnight, 1159. Don't wait til the last minute and I. Put that timer underneath our headline there. and then you know you put optional content under the video. you could copyright and brand yourself. so I'm going to use. LY NDON Fontenot Did I pronounce that right? No, it's not fun but fun is pretty common. No sorry about that. Alright. That was a big No on my part right. Okay. So you know, put your name in there.

Brand yourself you can point. click type. That's done you can do tracking code. Here's the point I wanted to mention our automated messenger chat so we do have a conversation for giveaway a free bot. Scott I think you vote I know you were fixing that because we made a change to that recently, but so I'm going to use that conversation. And then you know bones was smart enough the other night to give me his website who else would like everyone else to see your website. Give me a website somebody. Of Michael just so you're aware of the changes I made were in a different account, so I'm going to put the one that I changed in the store. I don't know if yours is working or not, but I think it is we'll just see if not, maybe people how it works right right so but there is a modified one that I'll put in the store for let me see what if I do this. Scott if I go back to flows, this is something I wanted to mention before we're going to find the giveaway the free bot to show you one way it works, but we're going to show you you know we're going to put.

The store to make it even easier for you guys. Okay. So do I have give away free but I don't right. So you guys are looking at this. I have these are my what are called flows. These are conversations so I have one for copy pro traders one for free challenge biblical principles Street, so we don't have giveaway right. I'm not sure if they're free, but the free bot system is that the what it's called. Oh yeah, that might be might be the it might be the free bus system. Look in there. Let me see. let me look. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I think actually that's the new one. version 4.2. Well, the one I renamed it the conversation. that's the new ones you do have the new one we do have the new one. okay so you can delete it and read it. but that's that doesn't work because this is the new version.

Alright. I'm doing something I know I should do. Alright so the conversation, alright. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to go back here and I'm going to delete this and show you it. Here what how everyone can get it today before I put it in the store right if you have if you have lines but since you don't but we're for those of you that don't have it don't want to get it never going to get it don't worry about it. So I'm going to delete. I'm going to delete this flow called the three bot system. and it's going to prompt you do you want to delete the folder free bot system that both loads so I'm going to get both right.

Okay So now that. It's there, it's not there anymore. So now I got 45678 910 right so over here in Kingdom Wealth Alliance when you pick a conversation with us so someone give me a domain name by the way you want us to see your domain. HTTPS. The domain name. Lloyd Beth O'neill dot com. OLOL OMEW dot com. Let me check that out. Thank you Lloyd so let me type make I always like to test even though I'm testing something else live. Alright. This is your site right. Okay, so I'm going to close it down. So what do we do so? I'm picking a conversation called Giveaway Bot.

I don't have that conversation back here. Remember I have four 710 so with Kingdom Wealth Alliance when you select a conversation and you click save our system should push that conversation back here. right? Scott do I need to refresh yes refresh your page Okay. I'm like doing some breaking my rules and I'm testing in front of people live. That's a really bad thing to do. Okay. Oh yeah there we go see now we added it back. What what our system will do over here by selecting it it pushes the conversation over here for you but for those of you that don't have Kingdom wealth Alliance don't worry about it.

We're going to put a link over here for the store and you're going to see all the conversations automatic that you'll just have to do one. click basically, right am I right there? Scott one click And then what we put in the store you will have in your flow section, so we're going to make. So, what did I just do well? I'm going to click on this. to edit it and show you. here's the actual flow so that if you guys Steve I think this is your question. I don't know why Scott's got all these down here but let's start out up here. This is where it starts and all the one that has to start these are called cards again, so the first card is going to say, would you like to easily build a much larger list? Make a lot more sales blah blah all that for free? yes or no.

Okay. In these lines, we got regardless of what someone says we're sending them to the same card but what you could do is you could say, let me scroll down a little if someone said yes, take him over here, someone said Nope. take him over there. That's the beauty of of the automated bot is you can send people wherever you want to go and if you can just drag a line, so you're going to drag from the little dot, where do we want this person to go from there? Well, we want to send them over here.

Okay, Where do we want to send it from there? Well, we want to send them here so. Anyway, let's come back and watch this conversation over here. For the sake of time, I'm going to skip putting a video and background and all the cool things you can do with our system. go right to the web page. and so we have a default page A default video. We can change all these things and now it's waiting so I can see I'm going to have my chat conversation come up over here in the lower right hand corner again. I got a lot going on my computer so here it comes so one of the cool things is it says chat with. Michael Price slash priceless possibilities So this image right here. and that's the image remember when I was on my Facebook page.

I'm going to come back over to my Facebook page and just show you I apologize. It's so slow so when I come back over to my pages on Facebook. this is this is my image and my name for this Facebook page So I'm using this Facebook page with my bot right and what that means is in my conversation. Sorry over here that image and the name of my Facebook page are showing up over here. It's how you can. Yourself so when you create a Facebook page, you can create unlimited pages for free, make sure you put an image and make sure you put a name to the page that you want everyone to see okay and because you can only use one Facebook page with your lifetime license If you have different things that your business does maybe you want to have a name for your business. That's kind of an umbrella for everything that you do.

Okay. So you don't say. Like you know Michael Price and I sell umbrellas and then I'm selling widgets somewhere else and someone says hey, What's this widgets? I thought you sold umbrellas or vice versa. You follow me. Okay. So now when I click on this, I got some noise so if someone could please mute your. sound there, I'll mute it for you actually and then if anyone needs to have a question, you can unmute yourself. Here's one of the very valuable things about my system because I'm on Facebook. It knows my name right here continues Michael So when I click on, Continue Michael it's going to be bring up my conversation and remember it says, would you like to easily build a much larger list blah blah blah so all these things this right here.

This is where my conversation started this is the conversation up here. would you like to easily do all these things? That's exactly what I have. let me. Scroll back over here this on. First card would you like to easily build a much larger list? Make a lot more sales? Whatever okay so whatever I have here that's what's showing up over here in my conversation. So if I click yes or no, it doesn't matter where am I I going to go over here? I'm going to regardless whether I click yes or no.

I'm going to come over here and it's going to say hi first name. my name is Barry and I'm an automated messenger bot. So let's just go through the conversation over here. I'm going to click yes and Hi Michael so again that's powerful. There are other bots out there, but they're not doing that a lot of them. okay. Hi, my name is Barry. I'm an automated messenger bot. I work 24 hours a day for free to help build a list generate more sales save time You should always have three bullet points that you can stay off the top of your head. What do you selling? what is your system? Do it helps build a list generate more sales save time whatever and yes I did say for free. Would you like a free bot? This is our free bot. That we're going to make available for you, Steve and everyone else that has a lifetime, but you know, would you like a free But heck? yeah, Why would I give you a free box? This is important in marketing if people feel like something's too good to be true, they're going to be gone so you need to tell them why why are we giving you this for free? well? once I prove I can grow your business, You might want other things I offer you can reserve a free bot which requires just two things.

First confirm your. Where I'll send your bot and I'm going to do a fake email today is what April 28th. giveaway. At, whatever I'm putting in a phony email address. Remember this email address. So I'm going to show you why in a minute. because if I put in my real email address and and what the system what our system does is it automatically knows the prospect's real email address and the real phone number. Why because it's connected with Facebook, I'm going to put in a phony today April 28th. I'm going to put in 428 and it is 5:54 PM.

So I'm going to put that in and then four more numbers and I'm. To click enter What's going to happen here? Here's the exciting part. You can use the same bot to give away free bots too to grow your list to get more sales. Imagine our bot sharing your website. just like I'm sharing my website guess where I'm going to go when I click this my website button. Lloyd, where am I going to go? You have to unmute yourself. Can you hear me Lloyd? you're still muted? I can't I can't read your lips.

Where am I scared you should get you can go to my website. I'm going to go to YouTube. You go to my Facebook page. Well, I'm going to go to oh. Scott. there's an error with that button because I I'm supposed to go to his site. It does have Lloyd and then some there's some error in that button, but I should should have been going. That's yeah. that's I don't know how I don't know how you get that Facebook ads. To the end of it, sometimes I have to figure out how to keep them from doing that. but yeah that it should've gone there and it does that 99% of the time we'll look into that and get back so what's my point so back over here? you know Steve you ask a question. Hey, how am I going to get this right? Well? This will be in your store on Friday. so what if you said, well, instead of, would you like to easily build a much larger list? What if I click on that card, it comes up over here and we.

What if you would like to easily? let's add one more bullet point or just say. I'm going to copy this make. a lot more money right some people like money. Okay, you don't have to like it, but I'm going to put that first to grab someone's attention. I'm going to click outside of here one. click to publish it. And when I published it. then in the lower left hand corner, I'm going to get a little green button that says success right. So now, I've saved it. So now it's going to be a lot more money. So now I'm going to go back to the web page. I don't even need to do anything in our admin area. I'm just going to end this prior conversation. I'm going to begin a new conversation. and just so you know if you if you end the conversation like I just did it shrinks.

Down here so just make sure once you click it one more time it pops up to be like that. Okay. So now the new conversation is. Where are we here? We end that chat, I didn't refresh the page Scott that should've that should've updated that automatically right I heard it chime in your Facebook messenger tab so it did when you open it again, you'll see a double.

pexels photo 6476595

Yeah, no, I didn't update it there. That's not. what. oh well, you're probably used. I don't know I'm. I was doing something for. Making this available so maybe I should not make it available yet. Okay. Sorry about that. So? yeah. Let me show you let me show you one other one just to prove that that works. that functionality so let me just do it that way I need to check to make sure you are calling that version of it and not one on the. On the source page. Well, I thought I didn't need to update the oh you're on. you're in a different way you're in you didn't I just I just changed it so I'm changing to a different conversation.

Okay. I'm going to I'm going to come over here and instead of giving away a free bottle. I'm going to choose one of our conversations which I'm going to use this one over here I'm going to update this to show you the functionality of updating in real time so instead of saying like I showed this the other night I'm winding down with freedom finders. I'm just going to say hi, my name is Lloyd.

With what do you promote Lloyd? They're like three bucks. Yeah. that freedom. Yeah. And what I'm doing, I'm just using a different conversation. so I apologize. we must have an a glitch with that free bot system give away a free bot system. Okay. So now it's that one there. So now I'm going to click on what's called this little step ID. It looks like a fingerprint and remember we change this to hi my name is Lloyd with debt freedom. so I'm going to come back over here and now paste in that link that I just copied so now I'm. A conversation from over Inside our Bot admin area this conversation, which again has I'm Lloyd with debt freedom. I've gotta make to save down here. maybe I needed to do that. I didn't do that safe step here.

And then maybe you I saved it. I shouldn't need to but we'll test that offline and then when I come back over here. we're going to get a. Pop up Same Looking web page but this time it'll be a different conversation. And I'm confident it's going to have Lloyd with that freedom. What what's on my computer? That's the old Yeah. Never had this happen before. At other errors you gotta love real time beta testing. Right so click on continue as Michael Here we go. Click here to get all the details so this is the conversation I was expecting so here we go. Hi Michael. My name is Lloyd with debt freedom. Okay. So what what did I just show you here? so what we did here is we took a different conversation over here we edited the card, but this is called the card. saved it published it and then put it back on our web page now if you're not using our marketing system that's perfectly okay, I can come back over here and just.

My mouse on this and get a published link and then I can share that anywhere on social media. I can share it in a browser share it in an email etcetera and now I'm sharing that same conversation and it'll come up in Facebook messenger this time because I just pasted it in the link. In my browser so again here I am in Facebook Messenger Hi, my name is Lloyd with debt freedom there we go. So you see that so I can make changes so that's the real power of having a lifetime bot is being able to come in here again.

We're going to give you access to our conversations so that you can point and click modify them and then share them anywhere. You want share them on social media share them in messenger share EM as a link in an email, you name it. okay any questions about this. So the two things I like to show Mike if this is you're getting toward the end of your presentation, Sure one is down there just to the left of that blue plus sign is a little sparkly If you click on that it will rearrange your flows for you and make it all pretty. Oh there you go. I didn't know that. So that looks a lot prettier. Yeah, I like pretty okay. So if I if I move this like that and I come back here and I click this.

Oh it looks pretty again. Okay. So that's one thing. Okay. What else that's good. Then if you go back to your flows dashboard Okay. So it's going to click This is this is a treat for the people who are on live or who happen to watch the video replay before I make the template store available. just click on the question mark up to the right top right corner hidden under there. there's the template store it's hidden but I'm going to put it down on the left hand column go ahead and click on the template store. I just. Didn't want everybody using it now? click on flows. Okay and there you go this leverage free bot system partnered with Anthony the other one, you don't need the KW a variables that's for me to touch with so there's three flows you can download and install on your on your yes.

So let me go back to my dashboard. Okay, So this opened up a new tab. I'm going to come back over here. So let's say I'm going to delete that one that had a problem anyway, which was the free bot system, one right so you have that one over here. I think right there we go. Yeah. so I'm going to delete it over here so delete correct.

And it's going to prompt you do you want to delete it? Yes. I'm going to delete it. so now I can. before you can install it go into your trash can because it might be updating your version. That's in the trash can so go into your trash can and let's empty your trash. Where's my trash can straight up three three folders straight up right there. No no no no the top folder first folder down right there go into the trash and you'll have a couple of this copy of what was it a free bot system? Click on the trash. Next to each of these so that we can make sure you have nothing in the trash. The reason for this is sometimes I've noticed that when you update a flow that you already have that's in the trash, it'll update the version in the trash and not give you a working copy.

So that could have been the reason yours didn't work so go ahead and I'm adding an empty trash but as well so you don't have to I'm back so we can continue when you go back to my flows flows is another word for conversation. Okay. And then. I'm going to close the door and just go from scratch. Okay. So now I have. four 710 so I have ten flows right you guys see that four seven. counting folders, They're actually counting that new folder actually, but so now we're going to just move the template library over here on the bottom left. So when I click here and now I'm going to click on flows so that. Free bot system, It's free. That's a good price. so I'm going to click on and it's going to prompt you to install it. so you just click install. And choose a Facebook page. Well, I want to use this one that I'm using right.

So now, it's now it's back over here. see that. So you'll be able to do the same thing instead of coming over here and clicking on the template store and going over there and doing all that it'll be a link right here you just click on it and it would be that you'll you'll click on the left and you go up there. They are okay. Do we even need to have the templates thing there? Scott or can we just have the flows? It is what it is right now.

Alright, you got want me. Alright. so you'll see this and go. Oh I want this one. click and then it'll. Prompt you to install install it and then you'll have it over here then once you have it. so where's the one I just added was the. That's a different tab you need to refresh your tab. I think you did it in another tab to refresh. Yeah. Okay. Oh, okay So sometimes you need to do what I just didn't realize I didn't do I didn't refresh that was the second half so now here it is okay. So now I got it. and then you can click on it. You can click on these three little dots to edit it or to see your different options. You can get the link for it right away and you can rename it. edit it make a duplicate of it. etcetera and then once you. Have it? we go okay now Scott do you want to show one little thing like let's say, let's say right now we have if someone says yes or no they're both going to this card right here.

How do I add another card just real quick so I can make the es go here and the no go somewhere else you can just click on to the yes or no and drag it to an empty space and it will move the line not to continue the yes or no. Click on the Blue dot there you go, click the.and then move your mouse to the empty space down below there. you go now. let go there and it'll add a new car. Oh okay sometimes. click you have to delete the no line first. so yeah. make sure you get the right one there you go. you deleted. yes. So do yes yes. alright. So that's what I'm doing. Okay. So now what I'm doing is I'm creating a new card so if someone says yes, oh send them over here if they say no. Send them over there. okay and then advance stuff. We're not going to go into it now, but you can tag people so in the future, you know, Oh everyone who said yes.

Okay. now they're tagged. So now you can go back and market to all the people that said yes, one thing and market it to all the people that said, no something else. Okay. so now over here but when I click on it, that's when this comes up and then you can add content. We have all kinds of options and that's all in this. Over here under under a conversation, you got about an hour and a half of all kinds of really cool things that you can do. okay So again, let's say I'm going to click outside here. And then if I want to delete this, I'm just going to click delete right. So now I did that.

And now if I want to make my yes come back over here, I just do that. Okay. so if you can drag and drop watch a video, you can learn how to add new cards delete delete connections or you know, let's say I want to delete that connection. but now I want to change the no to go over there. Okay now I don't want to do that. Let me delete that let me make the no go over here The real power there's. Undo as well, so if you delete the wrong thing can undo your delete okay. So we're not. Yeah, that's to we're not going to go into all the details of creating conversations today, but let me tell you what's really valuable about this. I've created you know I've written a book I've created audio cassettes takes you way back. Cds Dvds etcetera and the time and the money and and everything that I spent going into. to a recording studio to create something and then a week later a month later 6 months later, I wanted to change it man it was.

Ton of time and money to go back and Reed something with this, you just go. Oh, you know what this isn't the best solution today. Click let me just bring him over here. Okay. How long did that? Take me? Oh, I don't want that anymore. I'm just going to delete that connection now and I'm going to come over here and make a whole new connection.

Okay. so point click type. Oh so this is a marketing message. You know some people are like well. I have a video okay. Yeah, but how much time and effort is it going to take to go reproduce and added a whole video compared to coming over here and saying I don't want to do this anymore. I'm just going to delete this connection and I want to bring it back over here and you know what this one. I don't want them anymore. I'm just going to delete that okay and as Scott said, it's a really cool thing. is you know if you've got this moved around? What did I just do here? Alright? You gotta scroll up I just created a new one. let's do that and bring it back over here so I have the same thing and then if you want it to look pretty you just click this little button down here now, everything's nice and light.

So it's telling the story okay from your first card all the way to the last card. okay any questions. Yes, Linden I pronounced that right, yes, sir. I butchered your last name before I hope I got your right name your first name That's fine. In fact, just Lynn is fine There you go. Hey I wanted to. Basic basic question because I just found out about this like a day ago so I'm a I'm a member of PLS.

Is it possible to market both well, This is going to be my main company now, but if is it possible to market two different things can I direct people to the free lead system and to maybe a traffic source you'll see Michael you see you see three of. Out here so over here what you can do Lindon you can have my website go wherever you want now and then Scott can correct me from what you could do prior to this, you can have two cards so you can ask him a question and if they say well, I want widget one, send them over here and have a website button on that card and I want wedge website. you know widget number two and you direct them over to a different place with a different button for your website there so. Me clarify what I'm saying here is that let me just create a new car. Let me just move this up. Scott. How do I get a second one here but well anyway, just imagine that I have another connection for a similar card here.

That's right here so one card you ask a question and based on their answer and you send them to one place or another place and each place has a different link to the website You don't even have to do that. Michael you can add two buttons on that one card right under my website now, let me tell you. Let me tell you why that's a no No okay. why I wouldn't do that right back in 2007? Yeah II went to an Internet marketing conference. I got to sit next to at lunch. a guy Armand Morin who's Nate Figure earner, and I started telling him about my thing that I was doing and I said, Well, I got this one link that goes here and I got another link that goes there and he cut me off and I felt like he cut me off at the knees. so I'm like I didn't even. Finish talking he's like you never ever want to have two links to go to different places on the same web page. Why because now you confuse people and like well, Why are you coming over here and going over there? but with the bot you can ask people a question and what are you interested in and if they say I'm interested in number one you send them to card number one with a link to website number one if they say I'm interested in number two.

Okay, then you. Send them over to card number two with a link to a website button over there so you can have unlimited conversations One conversation can promote a traffic source. Another conversation can promote one business You can have one conversation that goes to one. opportunity and and a link to a different card with a different button to a different opportunity. You're following me there. Yes, it's not set up like that. Complete the whole flow, but I have one for me that would be the free box. The The other one is for it to be overwhelmed. The other one is traffic, but they're all different buttons. I did do that. Yeah. Okay Michael I would like to make a note for those people who are not in kwa if you zoom in to that card right before the sending them to the website. at the very end, just before okay, that one. Number two is to send contact AKA if you don't have kwa that will very likely freeze your conversation and it will not continue so you'll need to delete that card so okay.

So maybe we can. create a work on it A version of this where it's clear where so you don't have to delete it. So maybe we have a version for KW a version without it. Yes, I can do that. but that's why I haven't made the template store available to the general public because I wanted to polish these things before I ate them.

so so let me let me clarify what. God's saying, is we're doing some programming with this card here behind the scenes where it takes the contact and it puts it into our contact management system. So remember when I was doing this web page over here and I answered questions we had a website with the name April 28th dot Berry, the well, I'm going to come back over here to our marketing system and in the contact management system over here, I'm going to click on group manager and at the very. Bottom of the page we should have a group which we do called April 28th the okay. So that's the unique website that I just created over here earlier on this call and when a prospect you know enters in their. Email address So I typed in one email address April 28 Giveaway at Gmail dot and I typed in this phone number 428554 guess where that information goes that information when in our contact management system when I come down here and I click on this someone please mute your your.

call. Thank you. so here's my contact that just got generated. Look at this email address is that look familiar. April 28th giveaway but right what? Was that captured on the twenty-eighth the source we we recognize that that that person came as a what we call a bot contact. That's why with the free bot system, we're giving away for free because everyone that goes through a bot conversation and in essence, says yeah, you can have my contact information they will count as a quote by contact so everyone gets a free bot system for free once they get over 100 Watt contacts.

Hey. Hey Rob Frazier. Was talking about you earlier. Thank you for your service sir. you got my name in there. Hey, hey so once where. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So you must have you must have followed one of our conversations or or oh we were doing some testing. Yeah II did a demo or something and got my information. Okay. So what's my point here well when when someone goes to a bot conversation and they give you their email address, which I did here, I put in a phony one April 28th giveaway and they give you a phone number.

We capture that. We put it in our contact management system, so there's the email address when I click on it but guys for those of you that haven't been on this call before. my name Michael Price. that's in the contact manager. when I went through this conversation did it ever ask me for my name? Lynn did it ever ask me for my name? No, no, it did not so the very cool thing about our system is that because we're interconnected with Facebook when you look at my Facebook profile over here and I come back over here in my Facebook profile, please mute your line if you would please if you got noise going on.

It's a mute you there. So there's my name so my name is on my Facebook profile because my name is in my Facebook profile our system. Automatically took that and put it in our contact management system without even asking the prospect for their name. Now it also captured my timezone. It also captured the country that I'm from it also captured down here that I'm a male never ask me for any of those things it also captures it recorded the website I came from and recorded the website address that I went to, but look at this. it also captured my. Picture now, Where did that come from again? That's my profile picture over here on Facebook now for those of you again that haven't seen this before why is capturing someone's picture going to be invaluable well when someone gets to the end of a conversation over here and they click on my website, we can take them to a web page Have your name the prospect's name since again, we know their name we capture their.

And when they come to an end of a conversation and they click on a button, we can take them to another web page that has the prospect's name in the headline has a video and in real time in that video has their picture in that video now again, how would that be invaluable? We could say Hey Lynn. We think you're a superstar and in our business, you know we think you're going to be sales rep or. Entrepreneur of the year or whatever we could have a picture of a magazine that says entrepreneur of the year Linden I'm going to butcher it again.

Howie. right, No. No. no. no no. no okay, Fontenot and so we have your name and your picture on the magazine in the video real time as soon as they click that on on my website, but so that's what's coming that's going to blow people's minds. Okay, let's come back. To the contact management system so again all this information is captured automatically real time. while someone go, you know when they're going through this conversation. okay now again the reason why we're giving away the free bot system for free is because when people log in this is what everyone will get come June 1st, they'll get their admin area.

We'll have this is a get started page. they'll click on Choose existing conversation. They'll go to a page. They'll have done for you conversations. Oh sorry I'm on the wrong page, but this might as well. talk about this. This is why we're letting everybody have it free because it's free for up to 100 contacts once they go over 100 contacts, they go to 101. They start paying a monthly fee and then we profit share this whatever they're paying us. We're going to pay you a percentage of that for five levels so over here.

This is our compensation when they go over 100 contacts, then they start paying $10 a month they go over 500 contacts. They start paying fifteen and so on and so forth and then we pay out a percentage of that for five levels. so everyone you can invite for free goes on your first level 1 day Invite for free goes on your second level and so on and so forth. okay. and that's how you can end up having a whole lot of people on five levels. That's why we've got some people like over here. Showed us you know over here how many people does he have two over 2000 people in less than a week now he he personally. enrolled 455. That's a lot okay, but he's got over 2000 people because people tell people tell people okay by the end of our four-week prelaunch he's going to easily have over 10 thousand people and those 10 thousand people can end up earning them a whole lot of money from this is one of our compensation plans.

Call the monthly contacts. In but our second second income stream, which is also residual by the way, is based on everyone paying a very small fee $20 a month most every one of you on this call have a lifetime bot, so you are not going to pay that $20 per month fee. Okay. So anyone who's smart enough to get our lifetime bot, which is our third compensation plan and we have a button over here for it We will waive that twenty. Monthly fee for the VIP club members for anyone who gets our lifetime bot by midnight Saturday night May 1st. Okay, Midnight Saturday night May 1st. It's not in writing on here as you can see we're down to to 226 we start with 300 so we've got seventy-four lifetime bots that have been purchased in the last 6 days, so it's a little over twelve a day you can do the math. they're going to be gone before our prelaunch is even over. Okay. That's the reason why we're giving it away for free. That's a different button and I meant to go to sorry.

This is what I meant to show you so from our. from our get started page people in June 1st, They can join us for free. Click on Choose existing chat conversations They'll come over here to a page like this pick a company. We'll have a bunch of conversations here, let's say someone's. As well, I'm in copy pro traders paste in your unique affiliate link. Click the button then that will update that link you just click on the image there you'll have a professional web page done for you. You'll have a unique link for it. You'll have a personalized conversation here and at the end of that conversation guess where they're going to go, They're going to go wherever you take whatever link you type in in number two here. Okay. so it's going to be extremely valuable and what else people get is they're going to get our contact management system.

Same contact management system and I'm showing you over here, which has all kinds of bells and whistles, which many people have told us over the 21 years since we've been developing marketing systems that if they had to pay for this is a stand-alone system, the contact management system is easily worth a $1000, but people are not going to. For that, they're going to get that included for free with a free bot system. Why we know we're going to build so many great conversations that people can point click and paste in a unique link. Click a button and go to a very nice-looking web page with a custom conversation to promote their business that it's going to help generate a lot of contacts for them and when it does that then. people will start paying a monthly fee and when they pay a monthly. That's going to start creating a really nice income for you. okay any questions. I've already gone past my hour and 15 minutes. Lynn. Last one, I promise so y'all have been promoting Kingdom Wealth Alliance. If you don't have AA lot of money tied up in.

The power lead system would you suggest switching over to that as a marketing platform? Okay? I'm Michael. I'm not going to answer. That's what's under the phone said. So this is the exact okay so. We we have another so to you know be fair we develop another system that you just mentioned seven and a half years ago.

Okay call the power lead system. so we're not here in any way, shape or form to take anyone away from that. we referred a lot of people to it that were our clients prior to launching the power lead system if you're earning income because it has compensation plan as well, then I would keep our system if you're not. Earn income with it you want to consider using this system then we like the system a lot because it has our automated bot features built into it like that web page over here when I go to pages you created. it's very easy to point and click and add the automated bot to it right.

You don't have that in the power lead system, but they have things that we don't have either okay, but we have things where you can add a countdown timer by pointing and clicking. You know. you can do things like Edit videos super easy with this system. so if I can, I'm going to stop you alright go ahead. I'm going to stop you because what you're doing right now. it's it's uncool. It's not cool. Michael. What What do you mean? tell you what you're actually saying to people. to to leave power lead system, which is another version of yours.

This is no. I mean nobody else is going to say it. No. it's not it's. I'm not saying that it's it's close man. Come on. Okay. Okay. Look. I'll get all the all the knowing and nods and Lyndon knows it. SD knows it. I'm I'm looking at you. This is what I this is what I was saying Michael Okay, then I won't answer his question. I'll just say I won't answer his question so he asked the question. so I'm not going to answer the question. I'm just going to show you what our system does and use whatever system you want to use. Fair enough It's that better, How would you answer the question because II have not told anyone directly the first person that learned about our system? I met long before power lead system ever launched they introduced it to people told people told people in this community, you know how that works right I tried to bring the bots system to PLS and was was told no okay.

So I'm just showing you some of the things that we do you use. Whatever system you want to use. and that's what I would recommend use whatever system you want. I'm going to. I'm going to ask you to think about. being a rep for Pls. and even kingdom wealth and ask yourself. How you might feel about it if you are sitting here watching this right now because of that because honestly you could be decimating. You can't I don't I don't want. I don't want that to happen. I want people to keep using power lead system so let's okay. so if you have you don't have the technology keep using it. That's how I see it. Priscilla. Let me just say that I hear what you're saying bones if you got power lead system keep using power lead system if you don't have a marketing system and you want to use this system great if you want to use powers, we're the technology company behind both okay.

So that's all I can say so this is what our system can do it can create a page really quickly put videos on it very easily put background images Full motion background put bots timers all that brand yourself very easily very quickly. That's all I'll say. Do we have a compensation plan with it? Yes, we do. Alright. let me close that so I will end with that just say Hey King Wealth Alliance has a compensation. Also okay so for people. that are not you know that aren't familiar with our marketing system and they want to use our marketing system They can use it.

It's 4997 a month and it have a compensation plan that pays out five loans. Okay. So. that's all alright so IIII did not anticipate that question and I. Share your question Lynn and if you're using our other system you keep using our other system. I'll put it that way. Okay is that answer your question. It does thank you and I didn't mean to stir up a stink. No. it's not on you. Should've thought that out in advance so III did want to bring our bot system to Pls, I was told they didn't want it. okay. So I'm mark it. I've been in the sporting this industry since 1996 25 years, I'm very firm about being in integrity. I did not bring it to anybody in Pls. I've you know someone in in copper pro traders who's a company I never heard of came to me.

And someone in that company brought it to someone who then they brought it to someone in PLS and then they shared it with other people in PLS but anyway so. let's get back to you know what we're really here and what we're about is to share this with the 99% of the people out there that have never heard of our company. Don't know about any marketing system period they can sign up for the free bot system for free if you guys haven't watched. All four of these videos, I would highly encourage you to do that and you know send your link out to as many people as quickly as possible when people come here and click the yes button and fill it out and then they will immediately get redirected over here to what we call the support site and on the support site we you know, encourage people to watch the 3 minute video at the top right underneath that you can go through any of these buttons here.

Click on your links you. To this section and this is where you'll see your unique link. for the sign up site. That's the site I was just on and then you'll see your unique link for this site, which is what we call the support site. Okay. Then we have a video for the what you get so make sure you're really clear on what we offer what the free lead system.

With the free bot system. Sorry for the three bot system is why you should share it right away. We've got a short video there I would highly encourage you to do to watch. And start sharing it with as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Then we've got all kinds of tools down here in the how to share the free bots system section. so you can click on any of these like Facebook covers you know when I click on that you'll see fifteen different professional Facebook covers you know just right, click as the instructions tell you save it to your computer and then you know.

You can put it on your Facebook page like I've done so over here. okay, except I had my graphics guy put my domain names, but I've had several people sign up just because I have that sitting there, you know so I would definitely take advantage of that and just find one that you like and put it on your Facebook page if you don't have something nice on your Facebook page okay. And so we got a bunch of other tools like bones that shown in this video earlier where this is where you can. A whole bunch of lakes and just click on copy link and you can have you know free lead system generates leads on autopilot and it's so easy and then it has your unique link you just click on Copy link Come back over to your Facebook profile or any social media site. Click inside wherever you want to post something. right, click and paste it and there we go. There's my text and there's my link and it has an image of the video So all I gotta do is click on post And there it is right here and then whenever I click on that I'm going to go right to my sign up page Okay.

So it's a great way. That's very super easy to come over here If you can point and click you can take any of these post them anywhere and everywhere on social media and have lots of people going to your sign up site to sign up for free. Okay. So yeah I want to apologize. if. Was offended by you know my answer regarding your question Lynn and it was not on you. so I'm not upset with you in any way, shape or form our intention is never been. this is a really really big world. There's a lot lot of marketers out there. We know there's 99.9% of the marketers have never heard about our.

Our company and the free bot system and the reason why free bot system. We're not talking about Kingdom Wealth Alliance. I'm just showing you when I. Here how to put it over here on a web page very easily so that if people want to so that they can understand the power of the bot. so if you're not using our marketing system, let me answer this question you can take our bot and you can put it on any web page you just need to know how to take the code for it and put it on a web page. We make it super easy where it's point and click because the majority. Of people don't want to deal with code, they don't understand how to do it, but it can easily be done. Okay, so you don't need our marketing system. We use any marketing system. Alright I can jump in real quick mister Michael Price. Frazier.

I do appreciate the the. acknowledgement earlier. I just want to say because folks know I am. another system user that we won't mention anymore and I will say. You know I've met Michael Price numerous times at different events and he's always acted in integrity so if anyone has watched this or is watching the replay or whatever and is offended by anything you shouldn't be he's always acted in the the utmost integrity has the utmost respect for other marketers and different things like that and so again if it did come across or somebody misunderstand it or whatever the case may be just understand that I've met Michael, I shook his hand.

Look him in the eyes He is all about the people all about. this profession so do not take offense to that. that happened and I just wanted to give him you know just a backing because I know sometimes different questions come up and it's just it's just bound to happen. We're in networking and we're all you know we're we're not all in the same networks and you know we're not. Fishing out of the same same pot, but sometimes some overlap does happen so again, just I just wanted to throw that out there. Thank you. Thank you and as the as the creator of that's not let me say that I it has nothing to do with Michael Price's integrity at all the the thing for me is that we have no way to sponsor people in Kingdom wealth right now coming through free free bot system.

We don't really that's not connected in a way that we can use is that correct Michael. you again you can I and I didn't talk to you once personally right you can and I just want to confirm it so so it does not change the genealogy of who referred you to the free bot system because that's really important to us as well. right right. We want to make sure that if you wanted to use Kingdom Wealth Alliance as a marketing system, then the person that. You to the free bot system would still get credit that they would just move from referring you from the free bot system to the free bot system to you go to the Kingdom Wealth Alliance now they're connected to you and kingdom wealth lines and everything you do underneath it.

I'm pretty sure it's not an issue but our whole focus is not been kingdom wealth lines our whole focus. Hey al. it's been. the free bot system because you know the prelaunch there are people like Clay's organization has thousands of people. There are going to be people that blow this up, IIII showed a guy today that is a master. I'm not going to talk about the name of the company like you said, because people know people, whatever I'm not here to offend anyone but he has asked me about quote white labeling the pre bot system. What do we mean by that, he said. Well there are companies that they would love every distributor in their company. You know, and it doesn't have to be network marketing only this bot can be great for any business owner virtually but I'm it's the nature.

I've supported the last 25 years is network. And then specifically, he said if you didn't have a compensation plan I know owners, he said. You can have a million people using your system. what I want a million people using our system. sure so what will we do after our launch? Well, we will white label this I hope the owner of PLS would like to use it inside PLS but where where he didn't want a compensation plan for any of the distributors utilizing it. But that's a whole. Conversation, but we can white label it so that if some of you or all of you said, hey, I want to take it to company ABC and I want it instead of saying the free bot system to say the ABC bot system and there's no for the distributors, but every distributor in that company, let's say there's ten 1100000 whatever distributors in that company could get it for free with custom weapon.

Ages and custom chat conversations for a what owner or what master distributor wouldn't want everybody to have that for free right And then, of course we will compensate whoever. brought our system that we white label to that particular company. So it's the win win. so we're not saying like oh we're taking away our comp plan and you guys aren't going to get compensated. We're just saying there will be a white label version option.

For some other companies when we do that, then we'll look at as well. for people that might want to use our marketing system as an upgrade. Hey, you need a marketing system where you want to create web pages and click here where it's all automated so that you don't lose credit for who referred you or who you referred someone else we always want to maintain. We always. Maintain that integrity right, Yeah cool right So can I ask you a question about the system? Sure now that we have the the flow there do we have to worry about the UK thing anymore. Okay, just to clarify Scott there, I don't see him, but if he's not, I can speak a little bit to it. so he might be doing some behind the scenes or he's in Columbia. He might be having dinner. It's 843. Oh I told my kids I was taking a bowling at seven, so that's in 17 minutes, so we do need to end soon so anyway, long story short the UK does have certain rules.

They did relax a lot of those rules. and some of their restrictions are were you can't show. Or you can't show certain images so in a flow, you can have what they call a condition card so the condition card can say if someone's in Europe then send them over here Don't show em this video if they're not in Europe, then send them over there. Okay. So that's how that can work. So yes we can have flows with a condition card already built in so you don't have to do that and then that way it basically just says if someone's in Europe, send them here if someone's not from Europe, send them there and the power of that is the bot knows Remember, I showed you in my contact management system, it knew what country I'm from. it knows what timezone I'm in. it knew my name and my gender without even asking me so the power in that is you could let's say you market a product or service. And let's say a Spanish speaking community or country, Okay, you have a product and yes they do speak English but their primary language let's say, is Spanish so you can have a card right up front and say hey is your primary language, English or Spanish and they say, well, it's Spanish well then they click that button now you direct them to the conversation in Spanish rather than in English, you would have to create the conversation in Spanish Okay.

You have that flexibility. Okay, so I'll take one more question that I do need to go because I promised my kids. I'm taking a bowling at seven. so thank you guys so much how about one question or comment? Hey Michael. This is Bryant, oh, that's right. how you doing now you know as far as the admin page. how because I can't even find lines and I'm ready to get the lifetime bot. What do I need to do what was your question the you know the page you know when I initially signed up, It's I don't know what happened to it.

So I mean I can get to I can get to the referral link but I can't get to the page. Okay. So do you if you tell me what is your you're going to have like free bot forward slash and then like a bunch of numbers that probably starts with starts with a one. Can you get 101? I would pay. Into the private chat for sure, yeah, well. Alright. Okay. Go ahead paste it into the private chat for me. And I'll see if I can find it really quickly and if not paste in. Okay, so if someone wants to ask God a question well, I'm seeing if I can find that real quickly.

Thank you. I'm going to give you five questions so there are there. Yeah, there's some people that when they signed up you. immediately get redirected to your support site. Yes. so and then what they did is they did and it's Bryant Wilson right, okay. they did not save the. For their support site because the support site is where you can sign up for the lifetime bot right, okay. So I know you signed up under so I'm going to log in to his admin area. and I'm going to give you the link here. I'm going to be able to do this here pretty quickly so.

So no questions or comments. What are you guys excited about? Why are you on the go? Are you on the call? Bryan Wilson here we go. You guys are awesome and that's all I got thanks for all this stuff man. Guys are awesome. stuff There's Scott go with God, you know. somebody call yes. Who's Ken Davis. Hello. Yeah, I got I had success today getting my support site. Can you remember to show that I purchased the lifetime bot? Also, Oh, yes. Certainly you. I think I flag everyone who buys it as a lifetime or pro for 14 days. It gives me 2 weeks to make sure I fly you properly. So I go through the reports every couple of days and make sure everyone who's paid is flagged as life Okay. Okay and then I'm about 30 seconds away.

Bryant are you still there? I'm here? Okay So. it's r equals. Alright. What are you doing that? Michael I want to thank you for sending that and message to my sign up in Texas who is that? you lose me in a minute but? I noticed just for the new year. we're talking about the follow up emails. Individual on my behalf, Oh Okay I I'd appreciate it. I appreciate that very much. Thank you. that's that's automated. So we got a whole bunch of Where's Bryant so Bryant Bryant Bryant, Where are you are you still there? Bryant? I don't care. I'm here. Okay there we go So here is your support site link if you would click on it and confirm that you see the.

Countdown timer in the upper left hand corner of the page, it should say yes to 26. See that 225 now 225 alright, someone already beat me too. Alright. Oh. yeah. Wesley Wong just signed up. I don't know who Wesley is, but Wesley just signed up so congratulations. Wesley and then Bryant when you sign up, it'll go down to 224 so again guys you have til midnight Saturday night anyone that signs up for the lifetime, but we will waive the $20 monthly fee and anyone who's already signed up. so of course we're going to going to grandfather in all of you and that's going to make it. Easier for you guys to you know share with other people and if you're not aware of it, you earn $150 Commission for anyone, you refer that gets a lifetime but. period time, but they're 200 soon to be 224 left after Bryant signs up. alright and then I know Russ one of your your guy mark when he gets back from his trip to Atlanta, he said he's signing up tonight so the the countdown is going down guys.

Thank you so much for your time again I. If anyone was offended, it is tricky we we create systems, you know I want to serve everyone but I have been doing it 100% legit and we'll always do it that way and I can't control if someone knows someone who knows someone who tells someone or whatever but we'll just keep adding as much value as possible, Use whatever system you guys want to use but everybody I'll put it this very boldly everybody should be using the free bot system and you're going to find. Company owners master distributors or someone that's brand new, but who could introduce it to someone That's a big player and that one key contact could be really huge for you. so guys. Thank you so much we'll be doing another training tomorrow night Same bat channel. Same time. God bless you and this recording will be in our Facebook group soon afterwards.

Alright. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Michael. Alright. God bless you. Thank .

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