FILM 116 Quizzes

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The quizzes are another way to work on your memory retrieval when it comes to the course concepts. They also test comprehension as opposed to memorization, so they will help you to get a sense of your understanding of the concepts before we move on to applying them in the movie screening and discussion assignments. This is important because you need to understand the concepts before you can apply them, so you can think about the quizzes as also helping to prepare you for the work you will need to do for the movie screenings and discussions. The quizzes are not timed. You have as much time to work on them as you need.

You just need to finish them and turn them in before the deadline. They are also open book so you can refer back to the wiki entries while doing them. Each quiz has between 2 and 5 questions. All questions require you to analyze either a still image or a short movie clip using the concepts from the readings. These analysis questions are more involved than matching or multiple-choice questions, so you should expect to spend around 2-3 hours in total working on the quizzes. You have a five day gap between when the wiki assignment window ends and when the quizzes are due, so you can also split up working on the quizzes over a few days if you need to.

The way that the course is organized, we do the readings and wiki assignments one week and the movie screenings and discussions the following week. The quizzes span both weeks because they provide you with a bridge between learning the course concepts and applying them. Because the quizzes are designed to give you practice in applying the course concepts to movie analysis, and because it takes a lot of practice to get perfect at anything, I am not expecting you to be able to answer every single question on the quizzes correctly. So, when it comes to earning a satisfactory mark, the requirement is not that you get every question right in order to earn a satisfactory mark. The requirement is that you answer every question and you make an honest effort to answer them fully and correctly.

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This means, though, that it s really important that you also go back and review your quizzes after I grade them so that you can see which questions you got right, which questions you got wrong, and what the right answers are for those questions that you got wrong. You can t assume that because you earned a satisfactory mark you got all the answers correct or that you fully and correctly understand all of the course concepts.

As with all other assignments in this course, you do have the option to revise quizzes if you earn an unsatisfactory mark the first time around. For the quizzes, those unsatisfactory marks will most likely be because you did not follow the directions. However, because I share the quiz answers with students once the quizzes have been graded, revisions will require you to answer the same questions but to analyze a different example in answering those questions. You also have the option to email me with questions about the quiz before it is due, so if there is something that you are unsure or confused about you can ask me for clarification. However, if you wait until close to when the quiz is due to email me, I cannot guarantee that I will see your email or that I will have time to respond before you need to turn the quiz in, so even if you don t plan on completing the quiz until right before it is due, you should definitely take a look at it ahead of time.

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