Facebook Video Ads Vs. Facebook Image Ads – Which Is Better? Facebook Advertising For Beginners 2021

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What's up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's Facebook Ads tutorial we're gonna break down the difference between ads using photos and ads using videos and which one's better and how to best utilize them for your business right now real quick guys Before we jump in if you guys as always Want my facebook as many courses drop comment down below give this video a thumbs up and I will share that with you guys It's basically a quick run-through of the whole Facebook Ads manager how to set the pixel to tracking like all that good stuff So anyway, let's jump into this guy So Facebook Ads using a photo cave or using a video now you guys have seen both, right? You've seen them definitely both in your newsfeed You've seen a little photos you even seen once maybe like a carousel with like multiple photos or even you can actually do multiple videos as well with the carousel ads or You've also seen the ones with just the straight-up video, okay? Now I want to show you guys really quick how to actually go through and choose the different ones and then also I want to show you guys some cool things that you can do with videos and In my experience, which ones have actually worked the best, right? So if we come over here to create new campaign, so we're just gonna hit start over and for this one We're just gonna jump to past the campaign set up.

We're gonna jump past the ads set up or the ad Yeah the ad set set up and right here. This is where we're gonna actually go through and create the ads So whether we're using a single image a video or whatever we're doing Okay, so right here guys, this is pretty straightforward pretty obvious right here You know you click on single image. You can do a single video. You can do a carousel So that's basically you like have multiple images even multiple headlines that people can kind of like swipe through on their phone Which is super nice you got slideshow you got collection But let's just focus for this one right now on Single image or single video. Okay. So this is basically how you do it Then you come down here. You would upload an image from your desktop You would browse the library of something that you've already uploaded or you can use one of their stock images Okay, and then also single video same type of thing.

Okay. So like we just come in here. Let's actually not upload a video Let's find one that's already in here. So let's just choose this one Okay, so this is basically let's say our video ad right then we just go through and we create it now historically guys I have seen both Facebook ads with images and Facebook guys with videos work extremely well
Okay. Now I would say though I would prefer if you have the option to do a video I would do a video over an image and the reason why is because you can actually do some really cool things I'm gonna show you guys here in about two seconds You can go through and actually it's like you can see this video is 10 minutes and 44 seconds long You can then go and as you're going through and you're let's say you're spending $10 a day To get your ad out there seen by the audience that you're targeting.

Okay So with that $10 a day Let's say you're getting a hundred people to watch that video every single day or at least a portion of that video after 30 days you've now got 3,000 people who have watched that video, right or at least a little small segment now what we can do with Facebook Ads is we can actually go through and we can create a Custom audience. Okay a small grouping of people that we can retarget to so we can go through that We have already seen our video.

Okay, so I'll just kind of rake that down here really quick So we get this we're spending $10 a day We get $100 100 people per day watching the video after 30 days or one month We've got 3,000 people who have watched that video now Before they watch that video they had no idea who we were. Okay, but now they've at least seen who we are We've got a little bit of a rough night idea so month two We can set up another ad set another ad campaign targeting that small group of three thousand people for literally just a dollar a day and that is like a very targeted very niche group because we know they've already shown interest enough in our business and what we do because they've watched a certain portion of our video and So even that next time because we've heard guys you've probably heard before Then it takes about someone about seven times to see a marquee message before they actually take action Okay which nowadays it's actually like a lot higher because people see a lot more adds a lot more marketing material on their daily basis because they've got their phone right by them all the Time they're always scrolling through but This is a really nice way to go through and get in front of that specific which is pretty hot warm market, right? so what we're gonna do is Obviously you go through and go finish the creating this whole campaign all that stuff hit confirm and take from there but I want to show you guys how to actually Create this custom audience with the video ad and then be able to remark it to these people Okay
now as I mentioned earlier though single image ads, they still work super well, so don't think like oh I've got to do a video and and you're like you've got to think you got to create a huge budget for this little video Honestly most videos that are just more homemade just you holding up your phone in front of like, you know Just right here to shooting it those work actually a lot better on Facebook because it's a social platform Right, if it's a professionally done video people that usually screams out to people that it's an ad, right? Whereas like if it's just a little homemade thing You're just holding your phone up in your house or outside or wherever That's a lot more natural and that's gonna grab a lot more people's attention.

Okay, so If we come up here to the search bar and we go through and we type in Audiences or you can see us on recently used right here. So we just go to audiences This is where we're gonna be able to create that custom audience of people who have already watched our video okay, so we'll just go over here to create audience and we'll go down here to custom audience and then we come over here to Engagement, okay now if you guys have seen some my other videos I show you guys how to create these custom audiences using Customer files website traffic all these different ones but on engagement you can go through and identify People who have liked your Facebook page people have watched a certain video People who have engaged like look liked or comment on a post So we're gonna do this and then we're gonna come over here to video Okay, it's very top one and you can see we've got all these other options as well for this one.

We're gonna do video Okay, and then we can say hey choose content type, okay So this is where we're gonna go through and choose the specific video and how long we want them to watch Okay, so if we've got a 10 minute video, okay, so that video was like 10 minutes and 44 seconds You probably want like if someone's watching 25 percent of that video, that means they're watching two and a half minutes of that video now That audience although very targeted if you're only spending $10 a day You're probably not going to get a lot of people watching five minutes of your video.

Just people's attention span nowadays It's just not super long now. I don't love the three seconds because sometimes people like accidentally click on your video Just scrolling through their newsfeed and so it's not super beneficial because they click on it it goes for three seconds and it's not even really knowing if that's like a Coalified leap, right? So if it's a longer video, I would usually like to go with ten seconds okay, so like obviously is probably not as qualified as somebody in the 25% audience, but It's giving us a bigger audience to work with whereas if you've got a one minute long video You could probably go through so like a shorter video you could probably go through and and click on the 25% audience right here Okay, or watch 25% of your video. So for this one, let's just say we're gonna do 10 seconds So these are the two that I would highly recommend and you can go through and see like hey We want the target audience We want to know exactly who's watched pretty much all of the video so you can create another audience right there so you can create Multiples here.

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Let's just say for this one. We'll say 10 seconds And then now we can choose the video so we could choose a specific video here. So we'll click on this and we'll go – let's just go – Let's go to a page that knows gonna have some views this is my main Facebook page right here so this one right here you can see that's got 4555 views. Okay, so that's that's a good amount, but we don't know how long they've watched it That's gonna count everyone who's watched it at least 3 seconds.

Ok so the amount of people washing in 10 seconds probably to be smaller people have watched it for 25 percent the video even smaller and So on so let's just choose this one just because we've got some good data right here So we'll click on this and we'll hit confirm Okay And then we could even say I want to track everyone who's watched it in the past 365 days 14 days 7 days one day whatever now the power behind this is if somebody's watched it You know even like let's say 30 days ago. They've probably already forgotten who you are, right? So we probably want to go a max of seven days. Now. Obviously the audience size is gonna be a little bit smaller Okay, and every every day it's gonna pull the previous 7 days. Okay, so that next day So like let's say tomorrow, it's good at seven to eight days ago.

It's not going to include that person in our audience anymore Okay, it's just gonna be today seven days back and then the next day after that same thing So you're always getting new people and then the people who've watched that, you know, seven days ago They're kind of rolling out of this audience Which is kind of nice because then you don't ever really have to go through and update this audience You can have a consistent flow of content that you're going through and marketing to that that specific group okay, so we're gonna say right here the audience name we're gonna say viewed 10 seconds and then I usually like to put like the title of the video so we'll say Title of video just so I can remember and then we'll say last seven days. Okay You go through name of whatever you want. You create your own style, but that's kind of like that Would give me a pretty good run-through of like, okay it's the audience's view – 10 seconds of Blank video and it's an audience of people in the last seven days that have viewed it Okay, so we'll just hit create audience.

And then from this one we can go through and we'll sit done right here So you can see right here It says fewer that fewer than a thousand because it's still populate now that could take Anywhere from a couple hours to even like a full day to go through and totally finalize and populate But that doesn't mean you can't go through and create a new ad campaign Using this audience. Okay. So if we come back here we go to ads manager and we will go through and create a new ad and this could be guys this could be a Facebook ad with an image it could be with with a video it could be whatever it is We're just gonna actually exit out of that. And so now we just go back through and We create let's hit start over. We'll hit traffic traffic And then this is where you're gonna go through and select that audience. Okay, you're gonna come over here so custom audiences right here and we'll click on this and we'll say custom audience right there at the very top you see view ten seconds title a video whatever that Is last seven days? Okay.

So now you can come through here and literally spend a dollar Let's say you're spending ten to twenty dollars on the other initial ad you can literally spend One dollar a day on this and it's just gonna does like cleanup, right? it's gonna go through find those people have already watched her video already know who you are and It's just gonna go through and get your message. Get your promo. Get your offer. Whatever It is Allen from that person even more but it's something different So you're keeping it fresh and you're just getting that branding out there. Okay, so This is why I like Facebook video adds a little bit more than Facebook image ads However, I know it is a little bit tough to kind of go through sometimes and shoot your first video because sometimes you're camera Shy you don't want to be on screen or you're like I gotta make it like all fancy and spend a lot of money But you really don't okay, but with that said guys if you don't have the video right away I would just say the best way is just get started Just go through get an image up go find or create an image or you can even go through and if you look right here If you don't have an image, you can go through click single image and you can use their free stock images right here Okay, so this is awesome.

Like you just go through. Let's say you're you know a realtor something like that You just click on home and then you've got all these Images of different homes and you can see how it's got the little watermark right there of shutterstock once it goes live It's not gonna show that so you don't have to worry about that K or there's these kids running in you've got all these different Options so based on what your business is, you can easily go through and and sift and sort and search and all that stuff So it makes it super nice. Okay. So anyway guys hopefully this video was helpful and If you guys found it helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what your guys thoughts are. Let me know what you guys have experienced I mean all comes down to trial and error and try new things and see what works what doesn't work and Then just experimenting and going from there.

So drop comment down below. Let me know what's worked for you Also, if you guys want that Facebook as mini-courses always drop a comment down below let me know and I can I can hook you guys up with that and Makes you guys subscribe if you guys are brand new here Because we launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So thanks so much for watching guys, and I will see you all later.

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