Facebook Marketing Tutorial For Beginners 2021 [Day 5 of 6] – Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

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you, guys jason Wardrop here i want to welcome you back to day 5 of 6 of this marketing series So, today we're gonna go through and talk about how To, go and expand your marketing so you're Not just leveraging one resource so if you watch the past videos okay and i will actually link Above to the playlist and so you can go through and view all of the videos small We will have the final video the capstone video But we've gone through and talked, about how.

To upload your existing network into facebook, ads so you can target them specifically we've talked about Email marketing We've also talked, about instagram as we've talked, about all these different Ways to go through, and market your business now the thing is you don't Want to just rely on one of these sources so like it's tough when You're, just relying on facebook or just relying on email or just rely on instagram you, want to go through and diversify your assets so initially it is good to go through and go all in on just one Platform but once you go through you kind of get a solid Base so like let's say you generate your first 500 leads or your first thousand leads it's good to take those leads and Go, and have other channels of communication with all of these leads so one thing that i like to do is go and utilize Facebook messenger so there's a tool it's called a mini chat so ma, ny ch8, e.com Okay and i know they were not allowing new accounts to be created for a little bit because of the whole data breach with facebook But i believe if they have, not opened that back up yet they will be coming very soon, but the cool, thing About this is you can go through and you can create a message This, is gonna, be sent to that four person's facebook messenger inbox so just like, how You, go and you do an, email blast you can go through and do the same thing but they Receive it in messenger and the cool thing is is the open rates are extremely High, the amount of people clicking on those are extremely High, so it helps you to go through and get your message out to more people on more channels so let, me just show You, guys, how to do this this is like a, way to go through and build up this mini chat list so We want to go through, and offer them something of value in order for them to go through an opt-in So let's say your realtor you might, want to um invite them to an open house you might want to go through and give them information on Buying or selling a home or some cool, things, like tips that People selling their home don't know to increase about Your home so they have, this this tool, over here it's called growth, tools so if we click on that we're Gonna go through and click a, new, growth tool And the idea behind this is to get more subscribers so just like you have a people on your email list so if you Go, through, and blast out an email So let's say you have a hundred people on the email list it'll go to those hundred, people so this is obviously a? Demo account you can See right here but i've got four people that have opted in on this so if i come over here to do a broadcast and i hit new broadcast i can go through And send a facebook message to all four of those people now Obviously if you're just starting out completely from scratch you need a way to Leverage that and increase the number of people that are on the subscriber list So that what we're gonna do is come down here to growth tools as i mentioned a little bit earlier we'll hit new girl tool and they have all these different options so if Somebody if you go make a pulse on your facebook page if someone comments on that facebook page They can go through and you can have an auto response to go to them so that one's right Right here facebook comments you can, also create a landing page so they go through They, just click send a messenger or opt-in or whatever it is so that's really cool This one is some it's basically a url that as soon as they.

Click it it takes them straight to Facebook messenger as opposed to like your blog Your website your landing page whatever so what i like to do typically is come over here to landing page And we can go through and you could just easily design this landing page right in here so like get this special Thing right so you, want to obviously customize it to you and your business something that's gonna entice somebody to go through and opt-in Okay, and then we just want to make a little sub headline it's Really, cool, okay something like that and then we can, say down here i think you can, change this Okay, so the button type you can, say send a messenger or you can, say with the check, box and you can Say get the really cool thing Because i like to i like to go through and actually put on the words like on that button of what they're Gonna get as opposed to like send a messenger or opt-in or subscribe like Get download the pictures or get this freebie or whatever so that like it just kind of increases conversions in my experience So you can go through you can, add a picture actually make a picture right, above here whatever You, want but just like, make this simple guys, we'll just hit save and then We will go and through and we'll hit next? Ok, so then just like you guys, have seen on arsenal, ok, we've had the landing page, we have the thanks page, which We capture in our snow, their name their phone number their email address, we can, capture their Physical address, we can, capture a Whole bunch of different things But with this one you're more capturing their facebook messenger info so we'll hit next right here and so this is that next page Ok, so we can, say hey you know thanks Click below, to download or to get it or whatever whatever you're talking, about right so you can go, through Change up this right here update this section and then when they click view and messenger it's gonna take them to their facebook messenger profile and Whatever page you're sending this from or whatever page, you're, like, setting this up as you can See i'm setting up under the real estate agent and as i as you.

Guys can See right here mini chat actually has a free account. You can go through and grab So, we'll just go through, and that will take them there we'll hit save, ok, so we're gonna hit next you can Also, add an image you can kind of like, mess around with two different things here i'm not gonna necessarily, do that right now Oh, actually oops Hit that right there so hit next and then you can have an auto opt-in Message, ok, so if you, want to go through this Is kind of like a standard one you can hit edit and you can go change up the message whatever You, want it to. Be but, we're just gonna leave it just like that for now Ok, so we'll hit next? Just kind of going Through, this really quickly, ok so once we got this all set up donald's knickknacks right here and then see this right here This, is the url where, we want to send people to so we'll say copy url to clipboard And we'll open up a new tab and we'll paste that in there and so this will take us to this url Ok, now something that you might, want to do is go to Goog, goog! L or bi tly and just go through it's a url shortener so you don't have This, like long messy url you, say shortened url and you just copy this right here so now look at This, when you paste it it's a lot shorter and it's just a lot, cleaner okay so now You might be like, okay, cool, we've got the landing pace up how, do we get people there without Going through, and spending more money, well what, we can, do now Because you've got all of your leads right that we've imported from linkedin from google from contact from all or outlook For all your different contacts or even the leads that we've generated on previous ones from your ads You can go through, and we can send an email to all of these leads right here, okay? So what we'll do is we'll come in here click on messages then, we will click on emails and we'll create a? New, email so this is gonna be like an email blast to everybody, okay, so we'll just hit create email and then we'll say Get this cool, freebie right so then like it's kind of like the subject, line the idea the subject line guys
we'll just hit this really quick is To, not necessarily to sell them to click on that that landing page and get them to opt in the the sub The purpose of the subject, line is to sell the open, okay? So what that means is you want them you first need to get them to open your email, okay, so the subject Line is to get them excited and theis to go through and open the email And then the body content the whole goal of that is actually get them to click on the link And then the goal of the landing page so your headline and sub headline, is get them to actually click here and opt-in So there's multiple steps you can't be thinking like, oh with the subject.

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Line i want them to get like opt-in Already, there's multiple steps they have to go through Because you're competing with a lot of other emails in their inbox case you need to make it exciting, so we'll say cool freebie Demo right here and obviously put your name your email right there and then what, we can, do is say, hey, grab the cool Freebie right and then we can, just go through if we don't, want to use we can Either paste the url right in there or if we don't want to do that we can Actually just hyperlink it so we'll just highlight all that and then, we will select this one right here, okay? We'll paste the url in right there hit insert and so now if anyone hits that clicks on that it's gonna go out to this landing page right here So you can, say hey get this cool Special thing awesome i want to get it and then it sends them to the next step alright so that's basically how That you want to go through and leverage and This is i there's a lot of other marketing channels there's a lot of other ways to communicate with your customers you know There's snapchat there's instagram there's youtube there's a lot of different platforms but if you are a small business owner this is probably the second one i would go for so i would go through watch the first couple of videos Take, that existing audience put them into facebook get those retargeting, ads going, also get some ads going Some of that cold market get the email marketing going like we covered in the last video and Then once you've got all that going go through and start to diversify so you're hitting them in their email inbox And their facebook messenger inbox they're seeing you on facebook they're seeing you on instagram and then they're like Man this person's all over the place so if i'm going through and i want to sell, my home they're Gonna, be all over the place so i want to make sure that i go through and i list my home with them Okay, so you see how Powerful that becomes when you go through you start to use all these different channels, okay? And then as i mentioned earlier? Once you get this all set up you can go through and do a messenger bought broadcast you can Do an email broadcast you can, do all these different sequences so now here all We would do is just come over here to choose route recipients and schedule delivery so maybe let's say We want to send it out on wednesday or we can, say sent immediately whatever is so we'll say send on wednesday may 2nd that's? Will go we'll just, do two p.m..

That works great then, we'll hit next and we can say? Hey, we want to send to all of our leads and let, them know? So they can opt in which i would probably recommend or you can, say hey i only Want to send it to leads that are first-time homebuyers or you know it's a buyer lead or they they're From the linkedin or something like that so i would just come in here and just say hey Send all my leads hit send email and then that will schedule it out for i think was wednesday wednesday May 2nd at 2:00 p.m. and your set ready to go and you'll start to see these opt-ins come in Okay, right here and so on your dashboard you'll start to see this number grow, which is really cool, because then? You're able to see how Many, people you're able to go through, and reach directly in their messenger inbox, okay so anyway guys i highly recommend go through Create a free account on mini chat go take those subscribers that are already in your arsenal account in the arsenal crm And blast out that email create, some type of hook, okay it's got to be something intriguing, okay so if you're Gonna go through and do this and it's not intriguing it's not something that people want Nobody's gonna opt-in.

Okay, so you, want to make sure that it's intriguing is personalized as customized tailored to your business and then you'll get a lot of people opting in And you can market to them on so many different channels right so anyway guys, hopefully, this video was helpful Today if it was go ahead and give it a Thumbs up drop a comment down, below, let me know, what you guys thought let, me know What business you're in and how i can go through and help you guys generate more leads, make more money and grow Your business and if you guys are brand, new here make sure you subscribe and with that said, i will see you all tomorrow

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