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consumers check their phones when they receive a text message in under three minutes and they read 98 of the texts that are sent to them it's a really powerful marketing lever for businesses to pull on [Music] the single biggest misconception that small business owners have is that their end consumers do not want to hear from them over text we know that that's not true in fact over 80 percent of consumers want to interact with brands and businesses that they know over text messaging but it's really important you do it appropriately when a customer comes to our platform the first time they haven't used texting for their business a common mistake is they will take an email message and copy and paste that email into text really the guidance we provide folks is keep it short and sweet if you think about how you as a consumer receive text you often get a notification that pops up on your phone that just has a few words and so making sure that call to action those first few words are really impactful and eye-catching is critical to uh to communicating to customers we also see that it's really important for our business customers to segment their audience tailor that call to action and also to make those text messages timely if you send a customer a text at 3am their time they're not going to be a customer for much longer so you want to be really thoughtful about how you sequence it how often you send those text messages and make sure you're not overwhelming them with text marketing so if you're a small business owner and you're interested in trying out business texting but are unsure how to use it a couple quick tips to get started first take a subset of your email list see who is interested in opting in to receiving promotional messages via text once you have that test list go to a text platform very quickly you'll be able to see how those messages perform and how they compare to your other communications channels by having a real-time communication tool like text marketing or text messaging you have a real unique opportunity to maintain a really strong healthy relationship with that customer base and your community [Music] if you have any comments or questions at all please leave them and we'll do our best to respond

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