Email marketing: cómo empezar

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in this episode i tell you how you can get off to a good start if you want to send emails to your subscribers today we talk about email marketing we start [Music] this is creative content eat flowers a podcast where you can learn to be more creative in your online communication hello how am I mar flowers and here I am one more week ready to inspire you talking about content strategy and personal branding from a creative point of view this week we are talking about email marketing specifically about how you can start step by step but first of all please like this episode and subscribe because that way you won't miss many other interesting topics that I talk about every week but come on, let's get down to business email marketing is a channel to communicate with your very very interesting audience the main advantage it has is that the list the list of emails that you are elaborating what is being compiled thanks to this tool it is yours you can make backup copies download the database from time to time and that data is yours forever if the tool you are using for your email marketing ever disappears nothing happens you have your backups you have your databases and you can start over with any other tool however in social networks you have a lot of followers but in reality you have nothing because if those social networks close tomorrow for whatever reason how can you contact those people they do not have their data so for that reason alone you should start to work your email marketing but it is not the only reason also in email marketing you find yourself with less competition for the attention of your audience that is to say obviously when you open your mailbox you have a lot of emails and you decide which ones you open and which ones you don't but no There are so many people competing for the attention of each of your followers, for example on social networks, and there is also a great deal of difference with respect to social networks in email there are no algorithms that are valid if you send them an email that email will appear in their inbox and the decision to open it or not depends exclusively on your follower however in social networks they cannot choosing to see a post that the algorithm hasn't shown me personally I love email marketing because it allows me to establish a closer and more intimate relationship with the people who subscribe, who in many cases also follow me on social media, in addition to email marketing It allows automation, that is, a series of emails that are sent automatically in certain situations.

These automations allow me to accompany my subscribers throughout the journey that they want them to take with me. If I want them to know a series of things, then I program that in certain circumstances they receive a series of, for example, three emails, this is super simple to do in email marketing, well, I'm not going to mess with this episode anymore, it's not to convince you to use email marketing, I imagine that if you've pressed play and you're listening to this episode, it's because you want to start using this tool and you want to do it well, well right now you I am going to give my advice to start in just 10 steps step number 1 for your email marketing to work you need a source of traffic because it is not enough to choose a tool to do email marketing and a lot of people sign up, but you need to attract people to subscribe to that list there are people who bet on attracting that traffic thanks to advertising, that is, I put an ad it took them to a page where there is a form they subscribe and that's it I the truth is that this strategy based exclusively on advertising I do not recommend it advertising can be a help it can be a complement but I recommend you bet on a source of traffic or that it be organic that provides you with a series of people who follow you and who want to follow you more directly, precisely for this reason I recommend you work on your email marketing from social networks, that is, in the social network that you use the most, do frequent promotion of your email list and the advantages of being in it so that your most loyal followers subscribe so that little by little week by week your list grows what interests us step number 2 this step is super important you have You have to decide what you are going to contribute differently in the emails that you send to your subscribers and that is that many people open their mailing list without thinking about this detail and of course then the time comes to send emails and the blocks come, you have to I send I don't know what I'm going to send there are also people who at this point what they do is send the same content that they share on social networks, sometimes with the same words and others, simply paraphrased, you have to be clear that you have to add value to your subscribers and copying them is the same as what you are telling them on social networks, it is not adding value to them so that they will sign up for your list if they already follow you on social networks You also do not add value if you are not clear about what you are going to communicate on this platform and therefore, some days you write about one thing, other days you write about another and then stop writing, etc., etc., so this step 2 is super important.

I am going to give the people who subscribe to my email list that it does not leave them on my main social network and other means by which I usually communicate if there are any step number 3 you have to decide what the format of your emails I told you in the previous step that many times we get stuck and we don't know what to write and this is usually because we haven't thought about what our format is going to be what kind of emails are you going to send give in what tone it is going to have a certain structure you have to think about all this before starting to build your email list by the way that every Saturday when this podcast is published I send an email to my subscribers sending them the podcast along with some extra little gift and in this week's email with them three newsletter formats that work super well and that I highly recommend wow see this is what I meant by the one that you are going to contribute in a different way I will limit myself exclusively to sending the podcast no I'm contributing nothing you don't have to subscribe to my list but I give you something different and that makes it worthwhile for you to be subscribed to my email by the way if you also want to subscribe I'll leave the link in the description of the episode step number 4 decide what is going to be the frequency with which you are going to send emails this is very important because it is also important within email marketing the constancy that there is an employer that obviously is not a contract you are not obliged to strictly comply with the frequency that you set but it is good in this sense to be predictable have an employer look at me, for example, on Saturdays he always sent an email because it is the day the podcast comes out and you know that I share this but also many weeks he sent an email during the week that is to say that this would do an average of 2 weekly but then there are times when he took out a promotion I am not campaigning for some of my products and the frequency of the emails it increases , nothing happens because when these approximately two weeks of the campaign end, I return to the usual frequency of one or two weekly emails [Applause] lately it has become very fashionable to send emails every day, but every day, 365 days a week.

year who defends these daily emails says that with this you have many more possibilities of sale because of course every day they send emails and every The days there is a link to buy a product or service they also say that well who subscribes to their list knows that it is a promotional list that they have to eat and that if they don't like it they should subscribe to me personally this daily email no I don't like it at all, on the one hand, because it's already forcing me to write an email every day, even if it's a short email and doesn't take me long, you know that many bits of time are eating up your day in the end, but above all because of What I don't like about this technique of daily email is because it seems very disrespectful to the public.

I don't know about you, but I have my inbox saturated every day. I get dozens of emails, some of them are from thousands of clients, others are emails from subscribers. that they are responding to something that I have said and I also receive many emails from a lot of lists to which I myself am subscribed if they all send me an email daily I do not have time to manage so much mail I personally am one of those who usually subscribe to mailing lists and send emails too often but hey this is my opinion I will love it if you tell me it is yours tell me in comments tell me how often you prefer to receive your emails fifth step to start your email strategy the next thing you have to do is create a welcome gift that welcome gift or lead magnet as it is known in the world of marketing has to be something easy to consume, that is, no ebooks of 200 pages or three-hour classes also has to have an immediate benefit for your followers and finally it has to be something that your audience would be willing to pay for precisely because of that the packaging has to be impeccable if possible by packaging I mean Well, to the edition if it is videos, audio, to the layout if it is a guide, etc., it has to have the appearance of a paid product of course.

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this later you can incorporate more gifts that make more people subscribe to your list but to start simply design one right now I have two main lead magnets one is this podcast because every week I send it by email to my subscribers with some extra gift and As I usually comment here on the podcast and on social networks, what is the bonus for that week? That brings me new subscribers. The other main gift I have is my free course to develop a sustainable content plan for this course. I talk a lot on networks.

I also mention it. often on this podcast and lastly from time to time I put a little publicity on it which always helps these are not the only way to subscribe to my mailing list I have more but it is something that I have built over time you have to take into account that the more welcome gifts you have, the more complicated it is to create your email strategy because each of these gifts requires a sequence of emails that we are going to talk about a little later in this episode sixth step to start in email marketing choose the platform that you are going to use the tool that is going to help you compile your list and distribute your emails and here of course each one can make a different recommendation personally, the one I recommend and use myself is active campaign I know there are other tools that are free up to a certain number of subscribers and yet this campaign involves payment from the beginning but I'll be honest with you too i tried these free tools and it only took me a couple of months to move to the paid tool because those free tools weren't nearly as versatile as i needed the payment isn't very expensive either in tic's champion i think the fees are usually around depending on the offers between 7 and 9 dollars per month in its cheapest version and I assure you that the investment is very worth it a super powerful tool that helps you a lot to segment or to classify your subscribers according to interests according to actions according to a lot of things and that also allows you to design credible automations I think that also the fact of paying from the beginning forces you to Committing to the tool and that makes you more constant and have more results.

If you are not sure if this tool is for you and you want to try it, you are in luck because this way campaign allows you two weeks of free trial. I leave you the link for this tool in the description of this episode step number 7 you have to create a page where you explain what the gift you are going to give for subscribing consists of including the subscription form of the tool you have chosen this is going to be the gateway for your subscribers to your list it is interesting that you work well this page that has a nice image of the gift that you are going to make e the text is well thought out of course all this can be improved over time step number 8 you have to create a simple email sequence to welcome people who subscribe to your list these welcome sequences can be very varied from a single email to infinity I have seen a lot of posts out there in very different places where they explain what is the best formula for a welcome sequence for your email I myself go to school content creators I propose some options but I want you to know that There is no magic formula, there is no perfect sequence, and what I recommend is that you create a simple sequence now and then improve it and try and see that the result works for you.

For now, I suggest that you start with a couple of emails only in the first you welcome them and you give them the gift that you have promised them and in the second you count a little Learn more about yourself and invite them to follow you, for example, in other media in which you communicate your networks, your podcast or any other media that you have.

Step number 9 The really important thing begins after this welcome sequence. obsessions with her now you have to send emails with the frequency that you had marked yourself and the format that you had chosen with perseverance wow perseverance is essential to build trust your audience needs to know that you will be there no matter what happens obviously there may be exceptions there may be a week when you are sick or tired or a family emergency arises and you do not send an email but these exceptions have to be extraordinary they cannot be the usual you have to be constant if you have told them that you are going to send them an email a week you have to fulfill and send emails every week and you have to continue like this not for a month or two but for a very long time look this very week it has entered my school creator of content a person through an email that I have sent well I am usually very curious and I am lucky that astíz campen allows me this curiosity and I have gone to look at the contact file of this person in my mailing list [Music] it turns out that this person had been subscribed to my list for 20 months it took 20 months from when he subscribed to my email until he became a customer wow of course not everyone takes that long but I'll give you this example so that you realize that perseverance is very important and ends up bearing fruit step number 10 make sure you have a personal tone in your emails and invite dialogue you are sending that email to a person who will receive it as a communication that you have written just for her ask her what you think about what you are telling her invite her to write to you to give you her opinion to give you something to ask if she has any questions and of course don't forget to answer all the emails that you receive if you do this I assure you that your results in email marketing will be spectacular that in my experience it is very worthwhile of course if you need help I am at your disposal and I can help you in each of these 10 steps from my school content creators I wish you a super creative week subscribe to the podcast because I'll wait for you in the next one episode and until then may the muse be with you

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