Email Marketing – :59 Second Friday with Josh Miles – Marketing and Design Tips in Under a Minute

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What's up internet!?! I'm Josh Miles and we're talking about email marketing. Your 59 Second Friday is up Next. Obsessed With Design Okay kids, I've got something to admit. *GASP* I'm kind of a giant nerd. My favorite piece of email marketing advice comes from Spider-Man. *With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.* Number 1
Write emails that you would want to read. Friendly neighborhood emails are always more
engaging. Number 2
Remember over 50% of marketing emails are opened on the phone. So use big type, short paragraphs, and buttons. Number 3
Pay attention to subject lines and preview text, so even if it gets cut off it still
makes sense.

pexels photo 7567219

When it comes to email marketing, don't be
a web-slinger. Email may be the most powerful tactic in your
marketing toolbelt, so use it with great responsibility. *Woo-hoo!*
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