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Digital Marketing and Graphics Designing are both closely integrated with digital marketing. The latest trend is the latest digital marketing process for any marketing such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Digital Marketing, YouTube, short company presentation videos, posters, and so many Social Platforms. All these platforms are globally connected, you can connect globally with these platforms or you can earn money sitting at home with the freelancing platform, you will think that for that you might require high professional skills ? . Today in 2021 hay , we are sharing such a graphics designing tool that you, with all these platforms, can make money sitting at home and make a great design by just copy paste, customize, and ready made template without a high professional skill. Welcome Friends My name is Prasanta Debbarma and you are watching Prasanta Startup, in this channel we share Global Small Business Demand and Supply Analytics if you are new. In My channel, so do not forget to subscribe, and click on the notification bell, for the new video notifications, let's see the name of this software, called Canva . the link is given in the description below. you if need Advanced Professional design than i may suggest you, Canva Pro ..

12.95 $ Monthly paying, you will get Upto 5 computers to use .. can get create brand kits to upload photos, logos and many options.. designed with a single click, Magic resize option will get.. 7 lakhs 20 thousand new templates you will get Daily 75 Plus Premium and million stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics you will get 100 GB cloud storage, you will get 7 social media platforms, the best is 30 days free trial, you will get if your target is to start income than you may take these two steps.. one create freelancer Acount on Fiverr, built as seller account .. 2nd join canva Pro, will get link in description You may create best creative design, and sell on freelance. If you are completely new in this field, learner , than one free version is also available.

You can use it. But You will not get the options like Canva Pro if you want to start income, then i would suggest Canva Pro, you should invest a littlebit because ,there is a word called money receives money.. link has given in the description, get Free sign up and login.. …. When you see the template, you will get such an options like .. in social media, Instagram Story, Instagram Post, Facebook Story, Facebook Post, LinkedIn Banner, Post Option, Poster, Card, Resume, Tia Bet Designing, Presentation, Website Design, Logo, Business Card, Invoice, Business Letter Head, Poster, Flyer, Info Graphics, News Letter, Proposal, Lesson Plan, Story Board, Work Plan, Certificate, Book Mark, Gift Tag, Christmas Gift, Certificate , YouTube Intro Photo Books, Designs, Christmas Cards and many Designing Options you will be able to change photos, background images , backgrounds , natural, foods, animals , icons, economy, social media, web and basic files, folders, business, computers, Business cards, post cards, posters, mugs , invitations, Tea shirt design, In apps, Google map, giffy, key codes, if you want tutorials, then you will get under learn options and there are many YouTube channels to teach you, social media, documents, events, Marketing, Order Print, Video, and more to get all the options.

Instagram posts, posters, logos, presentations, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, YouTube channel art, Facebook covers, cards, animated social media design.. In every options has one Business Opportunity, we will learn how to create a facebook post.. when you go for create a design option.. you will get automatic size various options,choose size.. there are available options line ..Logo.. Facebook Story, Instagram Post, Poster, YouTube Icon, automatic Set according to the right size , we will go for Facebook post When you click on the Facebook post, then it will take you automatic Facebook post size will appear and a lot of ready-made templates, you can select any post and can customize it, we will take the Happy New year, template, such a customized option will appear if you want to change colours ,select colours..

pexels photo 3153198

Select colors that you like I will select a green color, and to change the font, you will have to go to the Font option, select the correct font style, and if you double click it, then the text will be selected, you can also change the color, by this way you can design the color, of the side design and also Can customize.. If you want to publish, you will get Facebook publish direct option and download option, , you can also design your own here, when you select it, then you will get upload options,your own , photos, elements, text, below. Music, video, background, all these options will be available to upload your own photo, you may go to the upload media, when you select the photo, which you want, pointing out the arrow mark, it can be made smaller and bigger ..

If you want to write anything, then you go for text You can shorten the size, you can also choose according to your choice, you can change the color as well, by doing so you can make these posts and you can download or share many options available, you can download and supply to your customer Hello everyone, welcome to Canva School, in this class we will learn how to become a Master of Social Media Designing Likes, shares, hash tags, Algeridom, is hard to see social media, but it should not be difficult to communicating with each other. building relationship ,to make the community, is the social media, it makes connection is formed, Do you know with the world 50% of people searching a brand purchase online , To join you on social media, do you say to learn , so you want to get a reason to follow you,You might know who you are? what do you want to become, and how do you want make? are you ready to become a social media art master? I like the Twitter platform, and Instagram too, where you can do financial planning,etc.. you have to design yourself, who are you, what is your service and which platform is best for you..

You can reach any customer in social media, If you work for someone, you will not get these reach. You can get a million reach in Instagram. You can get a million leads. If you want to open a coffee shop, then this platform will be good, where you can share the best photo of your products and service . for Professionals. If you're a freelancer it is very important platform for Information Share .. select the best platform to grow Free Tutorial, available, get knowledge and Develop skill and createbest design and sell on Fiverr freelancing .

select the best platform to grow, Free Tutorial available also in youtube channels. if you like this video please like,share and Subscribe, we do not get any money in subscription, but get your love, thanks a lot for watching, so stay fit and do some superhit. See you until next video Thank You .

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