Digital Marketing: tools and points of attention

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[music] Cliomuse, as we just said, mainly targets Β2Β clients and less B2C clients, so we didn’t put much effort in finding users and downloads but in having an Internet presence. So, we have our website and our social media presence. It is very important that, even your business client, who will come (to your site), would like to see what you offer to the end-client. Thus, in our site it is critical, and we did not do it from the very beginning, why? I don't know why, we didn’t present every tour we offer, with its price, its description… Therefore, in our website, even if it is designed for business clients, we present the descriptions that an end-user would like to see. We have the exact tours, the map, the points of internet, so that our business partner will see what his own client will get, if he cooperates with you. As a result, for B2B, for the B2B partnership we present what the B2C user needs. For the end-user awareness, we use social networks, such as facebook and twitter.

Now, in order to understand which are the needs of our end-users and what problems do they encounter we try, at least in a yearly base, to conduct a research about the problems they face with, either with the product, or in general, and they would like get solved. For this reason we run a questionnaire at the end of each summer period, in order to see if our product served the users and they are satisfied and to what extend. In order to do this, we use online questionnaires, through digital platforms that exist for this reason, and then we analyze the collected data with statistical analysis programs to show the results.

For us, the community that has been created at the facebook is very important for our work, because it help us to get information about user satisfaction. And for us, the positive and the negative comments are useful. I believe that the negative comments are more important, because they help us to understand the problem, which part of the machine should be improved and what the users would to get in extend, in order to offer a complete solution that will improve the user experience at the beach. Classically we all started with Google Adwords.

We choose Google, we know that is the most reliable (partner) in this area; we were swotting and we started to use this tool for advertising, either as a brand, either as separate products. Then we started to build a whole group of actions, group of actions we have to do for completing what is called marketing. Then we went to facebook, we put their our appropriate advertising, either when organizing event, or for products, for deals. Then we went to affiliate networks, we registered, we made mutuals (agreements), ie exchanging links and space. Generally speaking, whatever we could find, we tried to tailored it to our case and then we applied it to our website.

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For digital marketing you have to to think and be smart. That is. either you should make an organized effort, begin your campaigns, you will measure them, to see the costs and adjust them, but in a regular base, in order to have the development you wish and the increase in your clients or your users. But it must be done systematically. If you make spasmodic movements, you will only manage to throw your money away. For sure it needs a lot of study, patience and persistence. It definitely needs to test many methods, different technologies. If you decide to address a marketeer, you should consider his reputation, what campaigns has to present, if they are still running, if they are outdated, if they are new, if he follows the technology (trends), if he has a concept. Why? For example, it doesn't mean that a good marketeer in Greece who has successful projects to present , could help you to succeed also abroad.

This experience, i.e. the localization of marketing per country, is very important. And more generally speaking, the idea of selling online abroad, apart from start selling, you have to consider the concept of localization. Generally speaking, as always you have to pay attention to technologies, that you will use and how you will use them. When we decided to start selling in Europe, UK was easy, ok, because we used Google Adwords and the keywords that Americans use in UK. The English was easy. When we decided to go for Germany When we decided to go for Germany and to sell a specific product that in motorization is called ignition coil, we hired somebody to translate to German, but this translator has not ever lived in Germany, So, he tried to do the translations to the best of his ability, but not in technical terms. As a result, the ignition coil, this product, was translated to something else, because that was the official translation.

But in fact, one of our German clients told us that this product has a different name, it is call zündspule , and only when we changed to this keyword, this product started selling and this was only a small detail, and we were wondering for which reason we couldn’t sell on a great scale with digital marketing..

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