Digital Marketing Strategy Planning for Beginners | 2020 – Tip 07

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Digital Marketing Tips Creating Digital Marketing Strategy Why Do You Need a Strategy? Strategy = Direction! Best Return on Investment! How to Start? Let's Simplify! Step One – Search! Keyword! What words can you use to rank better on Google? Your Competitors! Understand what they are already using and what is already working! Consumers! Who are your consumers? What channels do they use? Important Tools! No Rush Similar Web, Facebook Public, and Google Trends. Finished your search? Choose the Right Channels. Tip! Choose the Channels that Align to your goal! Your budget and your target audience. Did you choose your channels? It's time to outline your Strategic Plan! Clearly define your goals! Define how you will measure these goals! Clearly define your budget! Tip! Install Goggle Analytics Valuable information about everything! By now you should already know what your Migital Marketing strategy will be.

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Your channels! The campaigns you will carry out! The creatives you'll need! And the time to reach the defined metrics! The fun part! Develop the Creatives! That includes! Ad copy! Website Design Images for Social Media! Email Marketing Templates! Everything you need to get started…! Time to Test A – B Know what works best! From Keywords to the color of the buttons! Already have a winner? Now you're done! Optimize everything!.

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