Digital marketing in practice: Google adwords (Part 1)

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Welcome to the digital development course presentation In this unit we will present you tools that can be used in sales marketing and more specifically we will talk about Google adwords The scope of this unit is to understand basic terms of online marketing understand the way google adwords works learn about the basic steps to set up a campaign in google adwords and get useful tips in order to avoid common mistakes while advertising your site in google adwords While technology advances, advertising is moving forward from its traditional form (leaflets, radio) and has dynamically entered into internet and the social media (facebook, twitter, likned in) and many other forms of social media Why someone should choose Google Adwords Because every day, when searching something online, we can see that Google provides the most accurate results as it uses algorithms that are constantly being updated to ensure relevant results What is actually "online advertising"? It's the delivery of promotional marketing messages to consumers throught the internet A user, by selecting the promotional message when he cklicks on the ad, is redirected to the advertiser's site Google charges the advertiser for each visitor's click The advertiser's target is to achieve low cost clicks from relative visitors Let's find out how Google Adwords actually works It's a real time auction about keyword searches that the advertiser wants his ads to appear for When a keyword is being searched by a user in Google's search form, and the advertiser is biding on this keyword for this auction the advertiser's ad and all the competitors' ad that participate at the same auction at the same time are trying to take one of the available ad position on google's site, under the search form The ad positions that are available for paid results on the first page under google's search form are 7.

The first 4 ad positions are on the top of this page and the last 3 on the bottom of the first page. How ad position is determined for the advertiser's and his competitors' ads? Through the Ad Rank. the grade tha an ad will achieve in every auction for a specific keyword Tha Ad Rank is calculated in every auction and depends of these 3 factors: The bid: the money that the advertiser is willing to pay for a keword in order his ad to appear for The Quality score: a number that shows the quality of an ad and that we will later see what it depends from The extentions and the ad format, about which we will also talk later The budget that the advertiser will spend for his google campaigns depend on his business' marketing plan.

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He must think of what percentage of his customers might searchfor him online If his spends money on other more traditional forms of advertising at the same time Andhow much money he wants to spend each day on this mean of advertising The good news is that the advertiser is not beeing charged each time his ad appears to visitors but only when users click on that! He can also choose the biggest amount he will have to spent for each click on his ad The quality score, in a range from 1 to 10, is an estimate of quality of the ads, the keywords, and the destination url It's an aggregated estimate of advertiser's overall performance in ad auctions and it's not calculated during tha ad auction to determine Ad rank Real-time, the factors that are being used to calculate Ad rank are : the axpected ratio of clicks to the ad's impressions (clickthrough rate) – CTR the ad relevance to the specific search and the browsing experience of the visitor at the landing page The more relevant the ads and the landing pages are the more likely it is that the Ad rank will be bigger Higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions.

Ad extensions are a type of ad that provide extra information about advertiser's business When google adwords shows extentions? when its algorithm calculates that extensions will improve ad's performance and when ad rank is high enough for ad extensions to appear Ad extensions are not being shown at the last 3 (bottom) ad positions Ad extensions can be diplayed in different formats. Among the most common of them are the call extensions that include business' telephone numbers callout extentions with extra information about the business servises and sitelink extensions that lead to a different product from the one that the main ad is advertising.

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