Creed 2 – Stream It Or Beam It | Is Creed 2 Worth Seeing in Theater or Waiting For The Stream

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we don't do who he'd love he wouldn't
exist Cretu dropped last week and was it worthy for you to go and catch the
theater be or should you just wait and stream it at home we're going to talk
about it in this video what's good YouTube you back in the
building with the all-knowing I love you know feeling I'm saying all-powerful
just damn all everything the sex is hell host of the life game channel bringing
you your life game and streaming or beam and helping you save money at the movie
theater if possible recovering Cretu but before we do that y'all know we put on
the plus seven glasses of cinema sexy as hell because we working on sprints
filling up our craft bringing you a more informed YouTube expanding something
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year nice and fit Cretu was a great movie and if you're not familiar with
the Creed series Creed 1 start Michael B Jordan who is the son of Creed from the
Rocky movies and Michael B Jordan hit it out the park and in this movie same
thing he did a great job he stole the show this time I felt like
in the first Creed so Festus Stallone stole the show but this time the
showstopper the Shawn Michaels of Creed 2 was Michael B Jordan and this was a
great follow-up movie ladies and gentlemen the movie follows the same
kind of rhythm and road that you're used to seeing from these type of fight
movies from the Rockies from Creed they put a little different spin on a being
that with this movie you got to know the relationship and perspective of Michael
B Jordan character as Creed because he had a girlfriend that's pregnant and a
lot of us know that when you have kids it crystallizes life for you it gives
you a new perspective so with that dynamic coming as well as
the diamond this big huge Russian coming who just
happens to be the son of the character from the Rocky movie and what they did a
good job of doing it this movie is going through his backstory as well so you got
to see what has the big Russian been up to since rocky how has he been training
his son to be ready for another fight and to possibly knock out and kill
somebody in the ring and their story is one where you see two assholes a daddy
training the young asshole getting him prepared to go and fight when it comes
to the fight scenes in this movie they were brutal they was as long as you
might would have hoped them to be but man there was blood there was guts that
was things from all over the ring kind of what you would want to see in a fight
movie with all of these sports type movies ladies and gentlemen you know
that they all are going to give you a training montage with the old throwback
movies cats running out in the snow behind a car cats out there plowing wood
doing all these training things to get ready for the battle yeah yeah you get
all that in this movie this movie is a good cross between I don't know a
traditional sports story maybe a little bit of drama because they do go into the
back stories of the families which actually fits this type of action movie
it'd be something like you saying how they would mesh maybe he man is Lord of
the Rings and you mesh it with Star Wars only this time y'all can y'all keep that
shit in space don't bring it to earth unless y'all gonna have like some kind
of time portal what he meant can go from Grayskull to Earth but they've done a
good job of bringing that story together I would highly recommend you go catch
the theater beam in this movie to get the full experience and it's possibly a
good movie for you to stream when it comes out whether you want to get it on
blu-ray DVD or have you liked your strings but Creed 2 it's definitely a
good movie Michael B Jordan is continuing his excellence from this past
year and being killed Marvel on black Panther because in this movie when they
get in the ring and they square off Drago is so much bigger than Michael B
Jordan it takes an outstanding piece of acting to live up to the height to
actually overcome what he needs to overcome in that fight and that's gonna
do it for this video don't forget to like this video comment and subscribe go
get yourself a life game go see create two people great entertainment at the
movie theatres and until the net sex is hell video I'll see you

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