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establishing marketing goals helps to inform which marketing media and tools you use not to mention without marketing goals you have no way of knowing whether or not your efforts were successful i'm london and this is darlene and we'll talk about marketing goals and how to smarten them up increasing sales developing leads generating more website traffic those are all marketing goals but the goals that you choose are going to be very dependent on your business and what stage you're at just make sure that the marketing goals you choose support the top line business goals goals are important so take the time to do it right we're going to stick to the old school smart method which in our case stands for specific measurable attainable relevant and time-bound to show you what we mean let's take the goal increase website traffic and using our model smarten it up first is this goal specific uh nope state exactly what percentage increase you want is it 5 or is it 25 additionally increasing your website's traffic by any amount really doesn't matter if people aren't staying on your site or buying from you so a more specific version would be increase qualified website traffic by 10 and by qualified we mean a legit lead or somebody's going to buy something from yeah right not just some random person that happened to stumble across your site next is the goal measurable yep website analytic tools can help you measure the number of visitors and quality of traffic right using metrics like bounce rate time on page and conversions is this goal achievable well only you can answer that question because it's not about whether you've chosen a realistic goal it's more about whether this goal is realistic for you specifically think about the time effort and cost your goal requires and then weigh that against the potential benefits it would provide but you have to consider how this impacts your already existing business responsibilities next is this goal relevant for small businesses marketing goals are relevant when they support a larger business idea or initiative so an increase in qualified website traffic means more visitors who are more willing to purchase from you so yeah this is a relevant goal and finally is the goal time bound no we made a goal that's specific but it's not time-bound to make a goal time-bound then you're gonna need to define a deadline when setting goals try to stretch yourself but at the same time be realistic and don't beat yourself up if you fall short so how about six months sure our new smart marketing goal would be increase qualified website traffic by 10 in the next six months now it's your turn to get out there set some goals my name's darlene this is london thanks for watching

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