Course Income Secrets – #380 What is a Group Hacker and how can you become one?

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Hey my friend! Jean-Serge Gagnon here and today 
we're going to talk about becoming a group hacker   what is a group hacker and how can you be one why 
would you care we're going to talk about what it   means how you get there and also the tools that 
you'll need and where to get those but first this So the real question is this: What are the 
strategies, techniques and tools that you   need to learn to generate residual income from 
the e-learning boom that's happening right now?   My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and welcome to 
Course Income Secrets… so a group hacker   and that sounds pretty crazy right you might 
think it's something illegal something wrong   because the word hacker has negative 
connotations but I'm not talking about   being a hacker in the negative sense of 
the word I'm talking about being a hacker   in the positive sense and we're going to 
get into that in just a second before we   get into that I want to remind you if 
you're listening to the audio of this   you're going to want to definitely go check out 
the blog post and the video at and you're going to want to make sure you listen 
into this or you watch the video till the end   because at the end I'm going to show you where 
you get your copy of group hacker or active group   users actually what it's called which lets you 
become a group or packer without wasting all your   time doing the work manually and it's a free tool 
but I'll show you where you get it how to install   it all those different things and but first let's 
show you what a group hacker can do and what I   mean by being a group hacker so let me just oh 
actually I should have well here let me share my   screen here and I'm just going to log in first 
uh where is it screen and there we go okay so   active group users chrome extension I'm just going 
to log in here and I'm going to show you what   uh what the data and how I use it looks like so 
if I go back to my data here so once you have used   the extension you're going to be able to do this 
now what do I mean by a group hacker I'll show   you in a second a group hacker is somebody who 
understands who is the most active in the groups   who knows how to connect with them who knows about 
Facebook engagements process and how it works   attraction marketing personal branding so you've 
got a lot of you gotta have a lot of knowledge   about the online marketing about social media 
marketing but the secret is that even if you know   all those things there's so many things you can do 
and you know as you know Facebook has changed the   game a couple years back they started putting all 
their marketing efforts on groups right so when   you go to Facebook so say I go to to this person's 
profile here when you go to Facebook you can see   uh in your feed like this is a well actually I 
should have went to yeah let's just go to Facebook   straight Facebook you're going to see now there's 
this new icon right up here right which is groups   and when you scroll your feed you're going to 
see posts about groups or you're going to see   somebody posted in the group you're also going 
to see regular stuff but you're going to see   that people have posted in groups if I go here 
it's basically what they call the group feed   and the group feed is all about post in 
groups that you're part of right so if you're   if you're in like you know 10 groups or a thousand 
groups Facebook chooses things to show you based   on engagement based on what's happening so you 
know you can you can go to these groups I can   go to these groups they see right here I can 
look at this particular post and I can comment   on it obviously and I can go to the groups that 
it's saying right here right I can go to this   successful introvert entrepreneur community here 
I can go to google chrome extension developers   I can go to you know c4 network course creator 
coaches and consultants I can go to online   marketing made fun right so all these groups are 
showing up in my feed because I'm part of those   groups right I can go straight to the groups by 
you know adding them in my my little bar here and   when I say hack group hacker what I mean is 
okay so first there would be two different   kinds of group hackers there's the group 
hacker who uses it for their own marketing   to find people in groups that they're members 
of to be able to engage with connect with   comment on their stuff and do things to find but 
what you do is you engage on the people so let's   just do that if I go for example into I know one 
group that's pretty busy let me see which one ah how about how about this one I'm into course 
creation so let's go to organized course selling   mastery by carl this is carl purnell that's 
his group if I go to his group he's got 3.2   000 3.2 k people in this group right so I can 
see here that carl is posting all the time right   carl carl carl over here carl over here carl 
here he's posting all the time that's and   here's somebody here somebody else gordon paul 
so the thing is that as a group hacker you look   through this and you see who is actually 
posting all the time this is the admin   but what you're interested in is what kind of 
activity is going on in the group why do you care   about that because the people who are actually 
active in the group like if I look at this post   he said brain fog to offer epiphany right so you 
got a whole bunch of posts here well not a whole   bunch but I guess you got five or so people that 
commented on this post so this person here kimmy   if I open in a new tab I'm going to open the other 
person here ulek zurich so these two people right   these two people are people who are were active in 
the group who actually commented on a post in the   group they're in this group which means they're 
probably interested in course creation so they   would be in my niche so if you're into weight 
loss or anything like that obviously the groups   will be based on who you're interested in who is 
your target market right and uh and so oola as   well over here but the thing is that look look at 
that these two people have no posts why oh this is   a sorry so this is the group so that what you want 
to do is you want to go into the view main profile   I'll go do the same thing here to your main 
profile okay so when I look at their main   profile actually maybe this one oh yeah she's 
posting okay so this person here right this kimmy   she says she's into kitchen dancing music 
loving ncfc sporting marathon running   pissed bashing I don't know what that is fizz 
is sipping so maybe drinks one you know I don't   know what she means by fizz sipping but 
you look at her post you see August 11th   you see August 14th and October 14th update 
her profile picture and you know the posts   are basically you know so if you're into online 
marketing you understand whether they're posting   you know things to attract customers or whether 
they're just being Facebook posting right so   that's what you would do you would go through 
their profile and see whether they are your target   market or not and the thing is that you will 
engage on these posters send them a message or   maybe send them friend requests I don't 
necessarily recommend sending a friend request   until you've had some interaction with 
their post and they've had some with you   but some people do that but anyways that's not 
the point the point is you're finding this person   you're finding this person through the group 
that you know your target market hangs in so as   a group hacker you figure out who is your target 
market you figure out who where they are and then   you go into those groups and you find them and 
you engage with them right you engage with them   different there's different ways of engaging I 
i teach in some other stuff that you engage on   their personal well that's what I'm doing right 
now so I i go and I look at my list here of people   now this is this is what the tool gives 
you it gives you a list of what is   the post that the people that commented on 
stuff and and who's active in the different   groups in this particular case as you can see 
I got a this is the group right here and the   other cool thing too is if let me just show 
you here is on my phone on my phone let me   go full screen on the webcam so you can see 
it but on my phone right let's just do that   can I do that can I I'm kind of like okay so on 
my phone there you go let's do that so on my phone   I've got the same data right I've got the same 
data and I can see some notes I put on there and   I can also see uh when they did so I can actually 
go to say for example I go to one of these   I can see the whole you know the 
data for that particular person there   can I get this better looking there you go I can 
see click funnels it's that's the group they're   in that's where they found it their profile I can 
see the notes I got on there last visit is when I   visited their profile what the post is and what 
their comment was and when it was right so that's   that's information that's available I can also 
do it on my on the computer here if I show you my   my screen here so if I click on one of these it 
shows me the same information for that particular   person so as as as you get this data the thing 
is that it's not going to be overnight you get   this data you got to do it regularly as you can 
see right here I've got this one's 14 hours ago   um I've got 16 days ago right here so karen he 
health which I visited her profile 16 days ago   this one diane hoffman's 35 days ago now these 
are this is what the tool keeps track of it's not   necessarily if I go on my phone without the tool 
it's not going to know whether I visited diane   hogman's post or content or stuff or not right 
this is just what the tool does and as you can see   right here there's more than one dying hockman for 
example right there's one here there's one there   same thing with any other person that's posting 
so you can you can learn who is most active who   is posting more regularly eventually this 
data is going to get more features but   for now it's basically you go through your 
list you can see right here the zero means   that you never visited that person 
yet as you can see it says not yet   so I can actually click on this person and now 
I can go see their profile now the thing is   with this tool I don't have to go to the group 
and then click the comment and then click the   person's profile then click there well the group 
profile then click the person's profile it takes   me straight to their Facebook profile now I can 
see this person here is uh I don't know what this   is um I forget what the name of that language is 
a hindu or anyways it's not english right so I'm   like well I don't know maybe I don't I don't 
need to like the thing is that there's so many   people on these groups I can say I'm at over 
here I'm going to say not english just say not   english so I'll put a note here right so I'll put 
a note and then that's that's great I've got that   now um now I have a note for him so if I scrape 
again and I if I if my tool finds him again I'll   see this note next to his name I'll know oh 
maybe I don't need to worry about clicking it   uh that's the that's part of the data that's 
available over here um and the other thing   you can do too is if you want to go straight to 
the post that they commented on I can see right   here if I mouse over I can see the ability to 
get and retain high paying clients okay what's   what are they commenting on what's this post 
I can go to this post and I can go find the   actual post that they commented on so this is the 
post they didn't what outcome do you provide to   your clients so this would be I don't know which 
comment it was but there's 35 answers here right   so all these people commented and this would be 
a good post you can actually come in here and you   can like you know the comments right I wouldn't 
I wouldn't say that replying to comments unless   there's specific questions is necessarily the 
best way to engage it is something that's taught   engagement in groups in the post in the comments 
i'd say that the better thing you can do is reply   to this to the post right you can actually comment 
yourself in the post and I probably are maybe I   didn't no normally I always and I always like 
it what outcome do you provide um grow their   leads and sales by becoming becoming a 
group packer okay oh I don't want that   there we go okay so that's I comment there and 
now I'm in the list of people who are actively   commenting in these in this particular you know 
funnel hacking live uh group here or no this click   funnels official so this is how you find the 
actual post now I could be scrolling the feed   myself and going through and but the thing is like 
I said you're going to be finding a lot of people   that like if I look at this one mac kanahan right 
here it says can't comment I already went to that   profile so I'll just show you what I mean when 
I go to his profile right he's got this you know   updated discover photo all I can do is share uh 
update his profile for I can just share this one   here he posted oh that's his cover photo then 
there's people posting his birthday so there's   nothing on his profile that I can engage on 
because he doesn't have his you know his post uh   as public he's not set up for people to comment on 
this stuff and whatever so his his profile I can't   really engage with now I can't even like his stuff 
right some some other people have the ability to   like and share but no comment he doesn't even 
have that right so that's because he's disabling   and you know some people they think that's 
better because they they just want to connect   from a friend perspective but personally I i 
don't I don't um do that but anyway so that that   I can put can't comment right now you can see 
now it says two because I clicked it again right   now and it says just now because I clicked that 
just now what else can I tell you about this so   um yeah so that's basically you have the data you 
can access all this you can do this on your phone   on my phone if I have my phone here 
let's go back to full screen again   so on my phone if I go to one of these right I 
can actually go whoops where is this so if I go   for example to it's I know it's not very 
very good but if I go to one of these   profiles whoops whoops my hand is 
if I click on one of these oops okay so if I click on it basically opens 
up Facebook goes to that person's profile   and I can go and engage on two or three posts 
which is kind of what I do I go here and I   engage see I love this one and I commented I 
loved this when I commented so that's what I   do right and then I just on my phone I can just 
down the bottom here I can just close that little   little thing right there there and it goes back 
to the list right and then I go to the next one   next one right so I do that that's kind of how 
I use it so the thing is that even though it's a   chrome extension you can install it on your phone 
you can still use your phone browser once the data   has been gotten and I you know I do that I have 
like you know half hour in the morning right like   you in the morning you're doing nothing you just 
got your phone and maybe you're sitting somewhere   right so during that time instead of just 
scrolling the feed and just randomly looking   at stuff I use a tool to go find the people that 
are active in my group I'm a group hacker I get   the data and I use it to connect so what's 
happening with me and some of the people that are   using the tool if I look at the if I look at the 
leaders here these are people that are using the   tool as well right so you've got sheila cecilia 
alice corey alvin tim's here zz over here so   these people are all using the tool right now this 
is how many times they've they've done a scrape   in the last seven days this is total you know for 
me obviously me I'm like super big numbers because   I've been using it for the longest I created it 
but you know if I look at how many um you know   this is the number of runs that were done in the 
last you know 30 days the last seven days right so   and uh so yeah so ls7 right here c7 um four for 
sicilian three the last seven days but so that's   anyways and this is this is a leader board 
to to win stuff but if I go back to data that   oh I've oh my god I haven't I wasn't sure in the 
stream let's go back to the to the leaders then   so if I if I show you I was showing you the top 
leaders here the number of times they've used it   myself I'm got a super big number there but this 
is basically who is using right alice cecilia   sheila alvin is easy these are all people that 
have used the tool there's you know more people   um that are in the in the platform using 
it and if I go to uh this is where you   would find out more about it let's just 
put the link here this would be actually right and let's 
just put the link on the screen here   yeah so it's so you can 
go there to find out more about it to actually   get on the free trial to learn more about the 
tool what can it do and get on the um there's   actually a contest right now right now I'm giving 
away free licenses to 10 people from this just   from this there's a if you get on here on this 
list you have a chance to win a license for life   and I'll kind of show you how but even then 
there's a there's a free version whatever but   yeah so the full license though lets you do lots 
of different things that the free license doesn't   and when you first install you get a 14 day 
free trial with with all the features and and yeah so that's kind of how this uh this 
software works kind of show you how that   but that's basically being a group hacker is all 
about being able to figure out who is most active   in groups so you can engage with them and you can 
get more sales and the the where you get it right   like I said you get you come here and you put your 
email you'll see you'll get the link to install it   and everything but basically what it is is a tool 
that goes uh that installs in your chrome browser   you get this little icon up here if I click on it 
here let's get this let's get that out of there   right now but if I get this here you see that 
it gives you an option to enter an access key   and if I click on this it'll go to the page where 
I get my access key I was just going to click on   view access key and this is my access key and 
it just copies it and then I go back to here and   I log in now by the way I'm going to change this 
access key as soon as I've done this recording so   you can't use my account right so you can see 
right here now I have uh the same information   or some of it and the data when I click on view 
data it takes me to the page that we were just   looking at right and then let's see what else can 
I show you so I'll just load that up here as you   see the data is loaded up here um what else can I 
show you so once you have it installed you got to   put in groups you just put the group up here you 
go to Facebook and say you want to you want to   go back to my groups here my group list say I 
want to use affiliate marketing group right here   I'll just take the link here I copy it and go 
into my extension sorry and then I just paste   it right there I click on the add button right 
right now it's not going to let me add it because   I already have maximum groups all the groups 
I have in here are here right but yeah that's   kind of how you do it after you've got the groups 
installed the group set up let me log out here and   use a different account let me just go 
into here I'm going to go find let me just   go back to here I'm going to go find an 
account a test account I have which is right over here where is it there's let me just find it here there we go okay so okay 
so I'll just go back to the screen okay so now I   have the the account I can just go in here and I 
can go to my well here let's just go back to here   and I just say click on here to go to that right 
to go get the key I click on here I copy this key   and then I go back to the tool paste it in there 
because I didn't want to I don't want to mess up   my live account I just this is just a testing 
account as you can see I have this group here   let's go back to my groups and find a better group 
than this one because this is not a very good   group let's look at this one this one to 
this group here let's add this group to here and then okay so now once you have 
uh one or two or three groups right   like you can put a bunch of groups but the thing 
is that the more data there is you're gonna have a   lot of people to go and navigate so it's better 
to have just a few groups that are really good   um and you'll see why because you see when 
I when I look at this data that I have here   uh no this one no where's my data I 
don't have it anymore I guess I closed it   but um but yeah so whenever I have the data 
if there's like 300 or 500 profiles to visit   I won't have time to visit those all in a day plus 
Facebook doesn't want you to do so much activity   so fast because it might put you in jail right 
so you want to make sure that whatever you're   doing isn't um going to you know make Facebook 
unhappy right because even though this tool   doesn't it doesn't automate anything it still 
makes it possible for you to do a lot of activity   that you maybe shouldn't be doing right so this 
is kind of how this works okay so once you've got   the tool installed what you do is you click on the 
start and that will basically start start scraping and yeah so let's see what's going on here   yeah not sure what's going on but yeah when 
you click on the start basically what happens   it starts the scraping and it'll pop up a new 
little window here which you can resize if you   want whoops let's go here but basically what 
it does is it starts to go to those groups   and it starts to find the data for you on uh in 
those groups right so it'll basically load up   the groups that I have in my list right 
I have those two groups in my list   just give it a few seconds here it takes well it's 
got a random thing so it can take five seconds   20 seconds depends on how uh the the configuration 
so and the reason why it's like that is because   you don't want to be going to Facebook and just 
clicking super fast because that isn't you know   facebook's not gonna be happy I'm gonna change it 
so it goes faster right now let me just go in here   and go change the options which by the way you 
shouldn't really do but if I'm gonna faster right   over here it'll tell me you know warning don't do 
that I'm gonna change the maximum comments to five   and this to three whoops three there we 
go five and three and I go back to here   I'm to stop again because it's not really running 
is it running no that's good and let's start again so there so now it loads up a new tab right like 
this it's going to go faster now because the   extension is um told to go faster and so yeah 
so when you click on start it'll load up and in   this case it'll go faster because it's got it's 
got the speed set the faster so you can see it's   going to the groups then it finds all the posts in 
that in that groups and it loads up the post and   it goes and finds the comments then it goes and 
figures out who their who their commenters are   and then eventually closes that window you'll 
see it close you see the little number going   up right here 15 right and it's going to be done 
in a few seconds because we told it to go really   fast which by the way like I said you should not 
be doing right you should not be doing it making   it go super fast because it's not recommended so 
it's still now it's at 20 something it's going up   here and there you go it's finishing up there you 
go it's closed okay so now if I go back to here now it's done it says 33 comments from 28 
people now if I click on view data it's going   to let me see the data from that from this 
scrape which is different data as you can   see cell says 0 right here because I haven't 
visited those people this is a test account   so even if I normally I i would have a few of 
these that I've already seen before because   if I run it every day I'm going to go and 
engage on posts right and I'm going to get   the data that going to show who I engaged on 
and the secret is as a group hacker you got to   be doing this regularly every single day you 
can have it you can run it to scrape the data   and then and then you go and visit those profiles 
so you can just run it and go get the date go   it gets data for you and then you go and navigate 
to these people's posts if I go here right   that's taking me to that person's profile for had 
right and I can decide whether as you can see this   person here doesn't have any post doesn't have 
anything so I would go back to here and then I   would just say no no posts right I can just put 
a comment here so that next time you know when I   scrape and I see that person's again in there now 
I can decide if I want to I can go and I can look   go see the post that he commented on this is a 
comment he says I'm not offering you millions   but I will teach you how to make minimum three 
thousand 24 hours with your cell phone and laptop   and then he's got a link to telegram right 
so I'll just click on it to kind of go see   and we'll show you uh how you can also 
engage on the post if you want right so   over here online work he's got this link 
right here that's him right here right   so if I wanted to I could engage on his post here 
because I can't engage on his profile but you know   to be honest this probably is a scam or some sort 
of fake thing or you know whatever uh so that you   got to be careful that I'm not saying to do that 
I'm saying if it if it looks like a legit post   especially in this group here it's pretty much a 
scammy group but if I go to this group this post   and I look at some of these people's posts I know 
that most of these names right because I'm in that   space uh and I can I can go to any of them and 
I can do the same thing if I if I was to go to   brooke what brooke is a marketer so she definitely 
has her own stuff in line and everything's great   if I go to her profile I'm going to see a bunch 
of posts I can engage on them and everything but   let's say she didn't have it she was you know 
private everything you couldn't see anything   I could go to the post right here and I could 
go engage on her comment and say hey you know   whatever I would say right to the comment that's 
relevant and that's the other thing you got to   remember as a mar as a group hacker you should 
know that you can't just do random comments on   people's posts you gotta put thought out comments 
something that's related to the post so that they   see that you actually care and took a few moments 
to see what their post is about plus Facebook also   has an algorithm that identifies how long you've 
been on a post before you comment on it and all   this stuff is all this crazy amount of data 
that they captured and based on what you do it   affects how much Facebook rewards you by showing 
your stuff to other people in their feed so that   they eventually come to you and that's the whole 
secret is you want people to come to you based   on your content and based on your comments on 
their posts whenever you comment on their posts   you're not trying to it's like it's like going to 
a barbecue you're not going to go to the barbecue   and just start pitching your thing if you do 
that nobody's going to want you at the barbecue   and nobody's going to want to talk to you in the 
barbecue if you want sales and you're you know   you're not going to do that because that doesn't 
work you're going to just have conversation with   people you're going to you know comment on their 
outfit you're going to comment on their baby   you're going to comment on their game whatever 
their whatever is happening right if they're   you know whatever the activity is right you're 
gonna you're gonna have become a friend right   you're gonna engage you're gonna comment and if 
you if you go back to that barbecue that monthly   barbecue in your community and people start to 
see you and they see you as the person who's you   know having conversations he's fun to be around 
with asks nice question cares about you they're   gonna start to wonder what do you do and then when 
when they find out what you do they're gonna be   you know interested in finding out about it 
because you're nice to them if you're not   they won't care they won't care about what you do 
and so that's why it's important for you to not   just randomly comment you gotta take time 
to look at what they're saying so that's   part of being a group hacker is knowing what to 
comment on people's stuff so that they see that   you care right and Facebook does that too all 
right so whenever you're you know looking at   a group you could like I said you could just go 
to the group and you can scroll through the group   and you can look at the people's com people 
commenting right mark over here uh danielle   over here alan over here all these 
people commenting on these posts   in this group so that's how you hack a group 
you go in the group and you go find the people   that are actually active I mean even though this 
group here this uh sorry carl I don't mean to pick   on you but you have an amazing group by the way 
if you're ever listening to this I certainly do   think your training is fantastic and people should 
definitely get your training but what I want what   I'm teaching right now is how to find people that 
are in your target market using groups like this   so I'm in course hosting I mean you know course 
creation that kind of stuff as well just like   carl is and this is amazing group that he's got 
I can actually you know I'm not gonna go and talk   to jimmy here and send jimmy a message say hey 
I got a platform that I could sell you he's not   gonna be interested in that I'm gonna sound like 
some sort of sleazy sales person right but if I go   to his profile and I engage on his stuff and just 
you know be a genuinely interested good person if   he ever is like who is this because you can see me 
in my his notifications he's gonna see me in the   comments he's gonna see me you know he's probably 
gonna even start seeing my post in his feed   even if he doesn't see my post chances are that 
after me doing a few things on his page he's gonna   want to go check out my profile so he's going to 
see what I'm about and that's the idea you get   you do that to these all these different people 
right that are active that are actually alive that   aren't dead right because when you look at a group 
like this that's got three thousand two hundred   members there's not going to be three thousand 
people active there's just a handful so how many   are there and if you're a group admin if you're 
a group of men you can also use this to find out   who's mostly active in your groups and you know 
kick out people who are not active now there's   ways to do that with Facebook but it's not very 
well done uh the best way is to use a tool because   the Facebook tools doesn't really give you as 
much information now if you're interested in that   that's the next I'm working on that tool so if 
you're interested in getting access to that let   me know because I would love to have group 
admins that are busy that want to figure out   how to hack their own group to get the data that 
they need which is different than a traditional   group hacker who's just trying to build their 
own sales by finding people in groups of their   target work all right hopefully that uh you and 
you found this useful and interesting and if you   are if you want to learn more about active group 
users like I said you go to and you just fill in your name and email 
and you'll get information in your email   you can also look at obviously what's on 
the on the on the page here but uh yeah   that's it for today hopefully you enjoyed and 
if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask This has been Course Income Secrets, the 
entrepreneur's blueprint to generating   income from the e-learning boom! Some of 
your friends need to hear this message,   so don't forget to share.

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