Course Income Secrets – #340 What is MLSP or My Lead System PRO and why should you want it?

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Hey my friend! Jean-Serge Gagnon here and todaywe’re going to talk about something a bit different it’s about a scaffold that I use thatI’ve used to learn everything and I want to tell you a little bit about it why you would want topotentially meet the groups and the scaffold and why it’s so amazing right I imply I’ve beenlearning a good deal it’s called my contribute organisation pro mlsp and we’re going to talk about why you care whatis it and why should you want to join it in time a second So the real question is this: What arethe strategies, procedures and implements that you need to learn to generate residual income fromthe e-learning boom that’s happening right now? My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon andwelcome to Course Income Mystery … so my conduct organization pro what is mlsp my leadsystem pro is a platform an education platform that also includes tools that you need to buildyour business online so if you’re trying to build a business online you’re trying togrow your public you’re trying to learn about affiliate market is understood social mediamarketing is understood email commerce learn about you know Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram ifyou’re trying to learn well you maybe you’re not even trying to learn that maybe you’re justtrying to come precedes you’re just trying to get beings to join your network marketingbusiness maybe you’re just trying to sell some make online and you’re struggling becauseyou’re you’re like hole why is this not working why are parties why is the platform not showingmy stuff or why aren’t people hearing my stuff or provide comments on my stuff all these differentthings they’re all ants they’re all things that when you start you’re going tostruggle with I convey I struggle with well five years ago over five years ago I startedonline journey I’m going to tell you a little about that too and before we get into all thatlet me just remind you if you’re listening to the audio of this you’re going to want togo check out the video and the blog berth at cis3 40. so go check the video and the audio out therebecause I’m going to share the screen I’m going to talk to you about different things so first let meback up five years ago I was improving a business in a network commerce business I i I was tryingto get some causes I was trying to talk to parties I was going to gas station grocery uh grocery storesI was going to plazas I was just you know that was before kovit right five years ago obviouslythat was not a problem going out in public talking to parties going their phone number Iwas actually really good at it I was going about out of ten people I talked to was gettinglike nine telephone number right so I was I i was pretty good at it and I was out ofthose nine telephone number I would call them up and then I were really bible an appointmentand you are familiar with I was really coming like eight appointments out of nine and then I wouldgo to the appointment there would be like probably seven out of the eight that demonstrated upor maybe six out of the eight and out of the and then I would do my presentation right andnobody would sign up right I was like well why is it what what’s you know I so there was somethingthat I wasn’t doing right and I was like how do I oh this is exhausting talk going out there findingnumbers get 10 beings I i’d what I have to have a hundred people before I have one sign upyou know that was my struggle right for me it was like I don’t really have time to go out thereall the time it’s a lot of work just going out there even though I was coming counts and I wasgetting appointments I was meeting beings right time it’s spending how much timeso I started examining online I started looking at you know how to recruit into yournetwork commerce online right so I started looking forward to that I googled it I received a few videosof beings on YouTube and there was this one guy that I really liked that was really giving mesome really good tips he’s called cesar rodriguez and he talked about uh he had this free trainingheavy hitter boot camp and all that right and he talked about how to draft parties squandering well notreally he wasn’t even talking about online then he was just I was just looking at okay how do youget people to sign up and whatever right so he was he was teaching how to talk to beings better atobjections all these things I was learning all that right but the thing is that he sent me thesein emails so he was sending me a daily email like 10 emails or so and at the end of that he referred methis thing that said hey have you heard of this programme it’s a platform that’ll learn youeverything you need to know are you trying to would you like to build your business online wouldyou like to to grow it online would you are happy to to to stop going out and talk to parties in personwhat if you could do it all online and you can run it all on autopilot I was like oh my god that’sthat announces amazing of course I want to do that claim that phones stunning I just wanted to I want thatI want that so of course I sounded on the link and it took me to my produce organisation pro which iswhat I’m going to show you in a second and I i was like totally sold I intend I’m that’s insane uhall the stuff you learn and that there’s so much you need to learn it’s overwhelming how much youneed to learn but the cool thing about the that platform is that they really have everythinglaid out step one two three right you just go through these steps and you learn there’s like youdon’t know how much you need to learn until you know what you don’t know right and you don’t knowwhat you don’t know until you start learning right and so that’s the thing so you’re going to go to aplatform like that and you’ll be like holy toledo how much is there to learn I got to learn aboutsocial media marketing I got to learn about social media pulpits the different platformsthe algorithms I gotta understand why engagement is working why it’s not working what do I need todo to engage I gotta understand email commerce I gotta understand how to set up my email listI gotta understand how to create capture pages start contribute magnets procreate oh my god it’s it’scrazy right I gotta know how to write the textbook the right way so that people are actually attracted tothis I gotta understand what it means to attract beings to me versus me trying to reach out to thembut all those things you can learn them you really need to take it one step at a time and that’s whatmy cause organisation pros about okay let me share the screen and support you what it’s about so if you goto uh Facebook and you search for my lead-in plan pro you’re gonna find this page my pas structure mylead system pro Facebook right so this is their Facebook page so you can see on here they postthings regularly they post they affix um groomings of free civilizes a knot of free material that theytalk about what you need to do you learn different things this is not really this is great there’slittle little bits of training little bits of things and you can do all that for free right thatno none of that costs anything it’s all free stuff and then there’s the pulpit so the platformitself if I really evidence you here so the stage itself is big there’s a ton of stuff so if Ilook at for example my the training is probably the most wonderful the best plaza to start so if I go tothe training qualify civilize schooling or maybe I just go to start here let’s go to start here starthere right so that’s the basic whenever you start you end up on the you can you click on the startthe start button right here right start here right and um it’s loading up is it loading up oh itdidn’t load up okay let’s just click on it okay there “theres going” so they have this training that’sset up in steps right step one two three now I i haven’t gone through this training because it’sthey’ve redone it so I probably should go through it again but it mostly is all all what youneed to do to grow your business online whether you’re trying to grow a network market businesswhether you’re trying to grow a coaching business where you’re in affiliate marketing whether you’reselling your own makes whether you’re selling somebody else’s commodity doesn’t really matterwhat you’re doing but if you’re doing it online this is what you need to learn you need to learnall these things so let me just go back into here uh civilize set where’s the basic trainingmy training library there “theres going” so under now there’s all this insane amount of learn now whenyou look at it you’re like oh my god that’s way too much but what if you exactly went through theseone by one right maybe you get it on one a day one a week whatever you do but you’re gonna learneverything you need to know and even though they are you look at this one for example right if I go tothis course social media networking claim this course here is a six minute little video 11 minutevideo five minutes 18 times 17 9 privilege 8 uh four five right so it’s like and then there’s bonuseshere right which are I’m not sure how long these are but there’s probably longer videos that youcan kind of go through um as bonuses but if you go through these you’re gonna learn wellwhat is they say here right you’re going to include network networking on socialmedia to grow your system and prospecting to close sales get customer signups and makemoney fast right so that’s what this training is about now if I go back to the library againum did you no not this one um my trading library okay if I should probably just click on back okayso then there’s the go for yes so go get leads today right so they have phase one social mediaprospecting and banking so you go get produces then there’s like you can see there’s so muchtraining in now right look at all this this is totally insane how much prepare there is in hereright it’s really really really really ridiculous how much schooling there is in here right there’sso much schooling it’s crazy how much there is um but this is and this can be overwhelmingright I make but I necessitate look at look at this let’s just let’s just look at this so phase onesocial media prospecting and recording right then there’s phase two personal branding andcontent marketing and then there is phase three paid ad scaling and automation and then thethere is additional marketing programmes right so if we look at what those are right in the inthe social media prospecting you’re going to learn about affixing for profits on social legioncampaigns get contributes now you’re going to learn connect with your causes close auctions and recruitreps via Facebook messenger call your pass and prospects today talks about label peopleright daily procedure enterprise get leads today and prospecting strangers success in ml successin mlm right and then there’s a bonus eyesight meditation mindset weekly commerce webinarsautoresponder integration and email marketing that’s all in the first part now this isoverwhelming it’s totally crazy privilege but you have to realize that as a marketer here’s the one ofthe things right the five steps to fire your boss let’s just demo you kind of what this is so 10 instants your image 15 instants personal increment one hour learn something new today one hour executionso that’s and the oh pace five pace five two hours of networking connecting with people prospectingrequired so if you do that every single day right you’re definitely gonna have causes right so thistop earner blueprint involves really over four hours per day if you only have two hours to build yourbusiness no problem just simply cut the time you spend on each step in half right so it’s just kindof a guideline you could be spending really five minutes on image seven times on personal growth3 0 minutes on to learn something new 30 minutes to execute and then one hour for networking rightso that discontinues up being two hours a day right so that’s kind of the blueprint to grow nowyou got like if you merely learn something every little you time expend half an hour learningsomething new every day imagine after a year how much you have learned right so but that’s okaythat’s one thing teach something new right what about everything you need like you need tolearn stuff right but you need to learn about social about email market you need to learnabout funnels you need to learn learn about capture sheets you need to learn about sowhat about the tools that you need for those things you need to be able to have a capture pagewhat’s a capture sheet a captivate sheet is a website that beings go to that they that you give themsomething that they will want to give your their email and then you end up having them on what theycall your email list right so you want people to give you their email so that they get on yourlist now there’s there’s there’s a entire thing about what do you do with that but before you evenget there you need to have a page where they’ll be wanting to give you their email right youcan’t merely you can’t merely pop up a page that’s that says hey give me your email and with a buttonthat says go right that’s not enough you they they’re gonna want something in return so whatif you could give them a whole knot of things look at this under my websites there’sa guide gen campaigns right here so under force safaruss you get this forfree as part of the my extend method pro bundle you get all these things establish myfirst ebook for instant sovereignty Facebook 795 71.95 sheet likes in 30 daylights Facebook get freesocial media causes Facebook messenger marketing guide then there’s prospecting develop 10 tipsto 50 contributes per daytime then there’s video selling video marketing ruler class YouTube lead genvideo and pdf storytelling schooling tell narratives prospecting education recruit rulers right so allthese they’re called lead campaigns so what the fuck is basically are is if I click on any of these let’ssay for example Facebook live Facebook live video app aid if I just open this it kind of showsyou what it looks like for parties that that you give you can give this to people you just sayhere’s a relation they go to this page and they’ll they’ll they’ll be like wow free civilize Facebooklive video so let’s say somebody is looking to understand how to do Facebook video well first youare you might want to go look at that you might want to go through the training yourself to learnit but once you’re good at it and or not even when you’re good in the beginning you can give this topeople for free you give them to you give this to them they get a free live stream leads-in pdf hereresource right and they get five area live video script they get Facebook live demo they get how toschedule your lives they get uh how to add onlookers to your messenger customer roll right and thenall they got to do is they got to click this and it’ll pop up and asking questions their email right sothey’ll have to give you their email to get this so that’s part of that’s how kind of how youdo it if I look at another one like storytelling this is another another one right you can givethis to to you can give this to parties how to stay at home mom and serial novelist makesmore coin than most physicians by telling simple narratives to publish money in your business right sothis is a two-hour video tutorial so you click on this it asks for the email so you can send thatto beings they’ll they’ll give you their email to access this and there’s all these and that’snot all right there’s there’s more there’s um campaign concoction product safaruss you actuallyhave the ability to give well to sell these products here right you can sell these productslet’s say business translation let’s go go for yes master class so you can sell this producthere and make up a commission so this is this is a a exercise that you can sell right this traininghere is moves is sold for let me see what’s the price must be a price down here so it soldfor 400 claim oh class and then master class with level one virtual workshop so it’s either2 97 397 privilege so this you get a commission on it depending on your grade I forget what thecommission is but you get a commission on it so as you can see I take a few contributes I’ve got afew sales now I haven’t done I don’t even know like copyright attainment all right so this onehere is copyright mastery this is actually you actually put in your email in now you getit you get a free practise right and then you then there’s an upsell and if you if you sellthe upsell see this one here there’s no auction transition in my occurrence right I really I simply haven’tI exactly don’t promote this myself that much but it is super insane that you have access to that thatyou can promote it right what else are you able do you can also you can also uh there’s also gain protheir advantage campaign so these gain expeditions uh which is so 100 so these so these ones you geta hundred percent commissioning so you can well minus a minuscule broker cost right so you’re gonna you sothese ones you can actually sell them whatever rate you want you get well no I don’t think youcan sell yeah you have to sell that premium because that’s the uh that’s the pulpit right but if Ilook at this for example get product get prospects and the other thing more is that those are a funnelpage like if I click on this come prospects to buy if I crave if I sounds if I send you this link oryou communicate it to somebody right they’re going to get this they’re going to be able to situated theirname and email and then they accessed through a free teach with an upsell right so you getthem as a induce and maybe you know if you were to send it to enough people like I just said Ijust got like seven or whatever privilege transitions um if you transport it to enough parties there’s somethat are gonna buy it right that’s just the law of the law of numbers right what else sookay so those are the things that you can use to build your roll to grow your public youyou can send them information free discipline like for example on Facebook if if you go toFacebook if I go to Facebook let me just go here and I said if I said let’s say I this iskind of all “youre gonna have to” do let’s just say I pick one of these uh let’s go in my contribute gen generallegion generic leading okay let’s use one of these so this one now says these campaigns are 100 percent done for you and ready to go to work for you to build your business right you can usethese generic leading right now to give a ton of value to your expectations like a five-day challengeboot camp on how to get more of these for example right so let’s do that I’m going to say this rightlet’s say announcing for profit simple roster leverage let’s use this interesting wellness makemoney from home pdf report what is that so this is make money from residence fivebest ways to make money from residence uh-huh okay so let’s just see well maybe let’suse this one so here’s how it toils right so if I disappear now I click on this other tie-in right hereit gives me the link so if I was to just well actually I’m not going to post the link on my onmy Facebook because that’s actually one thing they teach that you learn not to do but what I’m goingto do is I’m going to say shouts let’s actually open it up make money from dwelling okay so what I’mgoing to do is I’m going gonna actually take this five best ways to make money from residence so I’mgonna go on Facebook I’m gonna say if I could hey I simply simply was I just got access to afree to a report that I can give it’s it’s so I’m just gonna write this like this I’mgonna say hey I just got access to a report that I can give you for free it’s the 5 bestways to make money from home I’m not sure how long I’ll have uh I’ll be I’ll be able to give thisto you for give this to you but if you crave it let me know and I’ll send send youthe link right so that’s mostly and and I can precisely do that likethat I just announce this like this so why am I not putting the link right that’s oneof the things you learned online is that if you announced the link you’re not going to be Facebookdoesn’t want you to post associates they don’t want people to get off the stage so you want tomake sure that the that what the hell are you announce is um doesn’t have a tie in it now I could post animage because this is a this is whoops where is it over here I could post this image forexample right but I’m not sure if I should because this image here might be shared by abunch of people but I don’t know maybe I could right um and I can send this link to thepeople right this relate that’s up now this would be your relate your relation would have youruser right here instead of jsg which is my user your join would be just whatever your user isright so you have access to all this nonsense that you can use to grow your listing now I’m not going togo into create how do you start the roll how you originate your listing how you set up all these differentthings but the pulpit also has things like funnelizer which is a is a funnel creationplatform where you form your own sheets to your to either somebody else’s concoction you’re promotingor your own products you initiate your own capture sheets your own marketings sheets your own well anywaysyou can even use it to create a website if you require like a home page like you know the otherone is the business center which is totally crazy the business center is um a route hostingsite you can actually emcee a trend there you can create your own course kind of like kind of likemy my programme right click ecourse undoubtedly it’s tied into my heads the pro the government has trends thatyou can actually promote depending on whether you get this as part of your because that’s partof the premium there’s three different levels and I’m not sure if you can stillget access to it but under the launch under the launch link if you go to the launchlink jsg opening I’m not sure if that’s still going to be there but right now thisis what it looks like they have this amazing deal with a entire knot of different things thatthey’re giving away uh well giving away for you know certainly low price but it’s a wholebunch of things that you can get from you know what what is mlsp freedom what is mlsp thisis one of the things title it’s it’s a stage for all sorts of different things it’s totallyinsane everything you can get for this particular launch right now is really really really amazingsorry about that I prevent I don’t know why I always cough title I entail anyway somebody told me beforeI have some sort of a condition or whatever but anyways yeah so that’s that’s my leading arrangement promy make arrangement pro is a platform where you learn everything you need to learn but you too have allthe tools that you need to build a business online every single thing you need is available in theplatform and it starts at like 50 horses a month there’s different levels but it’s totally insanelike I said I’ve learned so much better over the years from them so yeah so that’s my make sister ohby the way you’re you get to join this amazing community as well there’s an insane communitywhere people uh are like helping each other there’s lots of the owners of the company arein there all the time they will tell you they will help you whenever whenever you have a problemthey’re easy easy to easy to contact right you can always ask for help they’re always there plusas you can see this I don’t know can we see it where can we see it there’s like 15 000 parties in this group let me determine can I go up shouts let’s go up there is nineteen thousand nineso twenty thousand people imagine twenty thousand people there curing each other all having thesame mindset all having the same goals all having the same reasons to be there they’re in here rightthey’re in here and if you have any questions you can also you know reach out to thesport but you’re going to post in here and ask what what your problems is what yourquestions are get some help and that’s all part of my result structure pro all right hopefullyyou enjoyed if you have any questions don’t forget go ahead and comment let me knowask and we’ll see you in the next episode This has been Course Income Secret, theentrepreneur’s blueprint to generating income from the e-learning boom! 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