Course Income Secrets – #275 How to create your first email list and campaign on aWeber?

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Hey my friend! How's it going? Today, we're going 
to talk about creating your email list you – on   aWeber! So, if you want to know how to create your 
first list, you're wondering you – maybe you've   got… Anyways, there's a whole lot of stuff 
that you got to do when you're creating a list!   You know, you got to create your capture page, 
well you got to create the list, you got to set   up an account, you got to…

You got to have 
an autoresponder… We're going to use aWeber   and then after that you need a way to 
capture people but you need the list   for people to be captured in so it's like 
a chicken and the egg thing but it's also   pretty straightforward when you follow the steps 
when you know what the steps we're going to go   through these steps and at the same time I'm going 
to show you how to create a campaign how to set up   create follow-up series that kind of stuff 
so we're going to talk about all that   in just a second but first this: 
So, the real question is this:   What are the strategies, techniques and tools that 
you need to learn to generate residual income from   the e-learning boom that's happening right now? 
My name is Jean-Serge Gagnon and welcome to Course   Income Secrets! All right, so let's get right 
to it! We're going to talk about aWeber using   aWeber…

Now you can use other tools obviously 
and I'm sure you can google how to use them but me   I've been using aWeber for a long time for over 
five years well not over almost five years and   i know how to use that so i can show you how 
to use that but yeah like i said there's other   tools so but actually before we get into that 
i want to make sure if you're listening to   the audio you might want to go and check 
out the full video or the blog post at where you can actually 
go see the full video and the blog post   where i'm going to have some screenshots i'm 
going to show my screen that kind of stuff right   so make sure you go check that out all right so 
let's get right to it let me start by sharing   my screen over here um i actually showed up let's 
see let's see if i go first of all let's get you   a aWeber account right so let's first go over 
to aWeber let's make sure I got the screen   set up right so you're going to want to go to 
there we go just put that down here like this   okay so you're going to want to 
go to Now obviously it's an affiliate program 
but still you get a free account um i'm   not sure well well let's go take a look right 
so you're going to go to this link right here   right so let's go 
there  So what that's going to give you is going to 
give you the you know getting up a free account   so get aWeber free we can uh let's take a look at 
they actually say right on here the free account   is up to 500 subscribers right 
it's pretty cool let me move my my   my camera down the bottom again here okay so yeah 
so the free account you can actually get a free   account that's a cool thing about the free 
account and then of course when you get a um   on an account later on you upgrade it but you 
know obviously you'd be upgrading because you're   starting to make some money right so it becomes 
a tool that pays for itself by the fact that you   generate income because you have a list so the 
first thing you got to do is you got to set up   an account you go here to a web version on right let's move that oops there you go right so you go there and set 
up your account you click on the sign up   and then you enter your name and email and you 
sign up right so that's that's the basics you   get a new account using a web like that 
right so actually i'm going to try to   i haven't tried setting up a second account myself 
let's just try that so this is uh let's say c i s   c i s let's call this uh test 2 50. 
275 we said right says 275 is it cis275 yes 275 okay so 275 and then it's cis-275   let's see what happens i don't even know what they 
do so let's just go through that right now okay   vehicles i want to make sure there's vehicles 
vehicles that's pretty much it traffic lights please fill out all required field last name 
contains an oh yeah i guess i can't do that   test cis test sign up oh not that not 
again a fire hydrant this one here one here so creating your account now 
they create an account for me and okay so check your email to get 
started we just sent the email to my email   and the link to set up your account 
okay so let's go let's go let's go   check that out i have that over here in my emails and right over here let's check it out let's see if i have received it yet there you go 
aweber your account is ready so now i just need   to make sure i open that into my incognito 
because obviously so email password setup   okay so i got a cis275 and then my 
password let's put a okay let's just say that's not enough okay   at least one number application i did put 
application lowercase okay oh maybe not there we go okay so i'm gonna not worry too 
oh man they're annoying with these things   there's traffic lights taxis a school bus there's 
no taxi there is that a taxi traffic lights they're they're like backwards crosswalks like 
what part of this do you need   come on let's go traffic lights 
right here right here right here oh my god i don't know are you serious so this is like some this is google testing 
their their ai right i don't know if you   realize that those those are ai tests anyway 
so now they've got the free account i'm just   going to go for the free account i don't 
want to upgrade so let's just say free   continue i don't want to upgrade select a plan 
is there a place where i can say don't upgrade   okay well i'll just go here click on this 
doesn't let me okay don't worry about it   continue i just say i don't want to enter 
oh he wants he still wants all that stuff eh   he still wants all that i know so okay so you 
gotta enter all that and you know select a plan a free account okay so you can't do subscriber 
segments uh normal advanced reports click and open   automation website tracking sales tracking 
custom branding emails per month 3 000.   subscriber limit unlimited okay so i mean 
i obviously i recommend going with the pro   because of that but you still can start with the 
free account oh there you go get started for free   just continue okay you can still get started for 
free welcome let's quickly set up your account   cis test company do you have a website address 
no contact address so let's say it's a forb no canada email from there you go okay so let's 
just do that now we got the account pretty   much set up this is the main that 
i guess you create your first list   this is something i haven't done in like almost 
five years right so i don't and obviously things   have changed even even when i did it but this 
is the first part right where you get your   account set up so now we get a first account 
confirm that's and then that's fine complete setup   okay so now we have one list we have our account 
our free account we have a list did that did that   work complete okay so we have one list and 
we have no subscribers obviously um welcome   please make sure you get started answer a few 
simple questions uh no i'm just getting started   uh what did you use to build your website i don't 
have a website let's just say something else and   let's not worry about it okay so there you go 
so again they got a whole bunch of obviously   they're going to try to get you to upgrade 
and things like that so let's just no thanks just close that okay so now what i want to 
show you is how to create a list and um so   well we already created a list 
right so let's take a look at this   you can create a message right different there's 
three different editors um and the idea with the   messages obviously is when somebody joins your 
list you want them to you know to get an email   from you right but i mean what email do you send 
them right when they join your list hey thanks   for joining my list have a great day right that's 
that's you know you can start with that but i mean   for me what i did is i created and then and 
this is the thing right when you're starting out   obviously you won't have that stuff necessarily 
but when i started out and you would have this   right when i started out is i started out being 
part of another a system right and that system   already had three things i could give them 
already had email lists i could copy to my   to my aweber they already had ways of learning 
how to grow your audience how to go its   social media platforms and how to learn 
all those things i already held all that   so i kind of started there right i started there 
and if you're in if you want to know about that   that's my lead system pro let's just put the link 
up here too so i mean really it's uh there you go   so i mean it it's that i started there right so if you want to go   check that out it'll show you oh let's just kind 
of show you what it looks like mlsp.jaw search right so when you go there it takes you to a page 
that talks about getting fans and sales and things   like that right so that's basically the platform 
you get access to this for free i'm gonna say   cis that's cis275 and then no phone number 
not worry about that just click on that   basically that gives you access to the platform 
and to this free training right so first well it   doesn't give you access to the platform it gives 
you access to the free training right over here   which is a 40 minute training on how to grow and 
you know they talk about the the number one reason   97 percent network marketers failed number the 
three-step formula to one had 100k fans the um   step number one step number three so they talk 
about all that and then of course you can click   on this to get a free trial um to start and they 
talk about what all this is but the platform let's   has a whole bunch of stuff so let me just actually 
show you that for 10 bucks by the way you get a   good risk free trial you can even get a refund 
for the 10 bucks if you don't like it but the   thing is that that platform has a whole bunch 
of stuff so actually i'm going to show you that   right over here i probably should have 
that so if i go actually i already have a   tab open for that to go back to 
here right over here so let's go to   just show you the back office a little bit just 
to give you an idea of what this is uh log in and like i mean there's a whole bunch of stuff 
like for example generic lead gen campaigns right   so they have these things that you can actually 
use to grow your list right so you do this you   send them these things like for example essential 
oils health wellness network marketing make money   from home so you can actually give this a way to 
people to join your list so when you're starting   out you don't have anything so you can do this you 
can use this right if i look at this this is what   it looks like so this one here is a free five-day 
challenge step-by-step exactly what the post and   when to get more cash customers and recruits into 
your business fast using your facebook profile   and then it's basically shows you what those 
things are right that's one of the trainings that   they that you you you can give away to anybody 
right a simple list leverage over here there's   another five day to get grow your first email 
list and begin to build the number one long-term   asset and pay you for life right talk about the 
email list right um and then there's um go for   yes there's posting for profits anyway so that's 
the the basic generic stuff and then there's um   um product campaigns profit lead gen campaigns so 
these ones here there's a whole bunch of them here   too right create your first ebook so for example 
you can give this to people you can tell them hey   i got a training that shows you how to create your 
first ebook and you can actually send this to them   they can they would click on this and they would 
end up on your list right and if you want to like   the one i just showed you right this one here 
which is the social media insanity well it's   similar to that i guess um and i'm not sure which 
one i'm sending you probably it's this this one   no this one there's anyways like you see there's 
a whole bunch of all of these you can give away   for free to get people on your list okay so that's 
let's go now i'm going to show you how to create   a emails in your list and make it in the campaign 
why do you want a campaign because you can then   tag people you can do different things and um 
so yeah so let's get right to that let's get   that link out of there we don't need it right now 
okay so say you have your you've created an email   list like for example we have over here right 
we got the list over here it's a receipt okay   so we got this we got a list that doesn't have any 
emails in it so we want to add emails to it right   so in my case i already have um i actually already 
have a list right i've got this list here the 12   steps to your uh well actually it's already 
listed so the 12 steps your online success   basically in this list if i look at the messages 
um well let's just go to the digital follow-up   series so the first part of an email list is you 
need to have a follow-up email so an email that   they get when they first join your list right 
and that that is then that can be just a set of   it's set up as follow-up series right so follow-up 
series just means send this email and then wait a   day or two days and send this email then wait 
a day or two or five days whatever you want   send the email number three then email number 
four etc right that can be a follow-up series   now with the follow-up series it's really just 
cindy's email and that's pretty much it right   with a campaign you can do a whole lot more so 
that's why i use campaigns now so when you go   into the campaign here right you get this um you 
get this this uh what's going on okay you get this ability to like if i go on this get this ability 
to do this right just send an email wait and   tag and and then you can subscribe people to 
other layers you can do all sorts of different   things like this and so the stuff you can do is 
send a message wait apply tag and the replace   trigger you can have a different trigger 
whenever a tag is added or things like that   so let's uh let's just actually add messages to 
this list what i want to do right now is first   of all this is the message they get when they 
first join the list right so they get the email   that just says thanks for asking about the 12 
steps and by the way if you want if you are on   my blog you can see this is what this is so if we 
click on this it loads up a landing page where you   can actually um request this ebook and that will 
send you this first email with a link to the ebook   right so that'll be the that'll be what you get 
but then then i want to send more emails right   so one of the things that i do actually one 
of the things i did that i probably should   change is let's cancel this one of the things i do 
is i actually subscribe people to an introduction   list whenever they get on my on this right and 
instead i really i've been learning that it's   a lot better to send specific emails based on 
what they asked for which is the 12 steps right   so what i'm going to do right now is i'm 
actually going to go into my list automation   where's that list automation so i 
want to not subscribe people to this   introduction when they get on this so 
let's just fix that introduction over here   i'm gonna take uh 12 steps see this one here i 
don't want them to subscribe to my introduction   whenever they subscribe to this so let's just 
take that out of there for now and there we go   so now that's done now let's go back to my 12 
steps to your online success and what i'm going   to do in here is i'm going to i'm going to add 
in my campaigns over here i'm actually going to   add 12 or 13 emails to this follow-up series and 
actually i think i might have done that here no   no i didn't okay cancel that okay so we're 
just going to go in the normal welcome one   and we're going to add a message so after this i 
send them this message now this message will be so that's going to pause it that's fine i don't 
know why it doesn't let you add messages so it   pauses the campaign that means anybody who 
subscribes right now while i'm editing this   won't get to my list right so so 
12 steps to your online to your   well actually let's go here so first of all 
i want to go step step search for step one step one of 12.

pexels photo 3194519

Right let's go search for that i 
want to find the original blog post for my step   1 of 12. define your vision january 2nd okay 
so this is this was my first blog post i sent   so i'm actually going to send them this and it's 
going to be this is going to be define your vision   so i'm just going to do that like this i'm 
going to put that in here as as the as the   subject and then i'm going to say i'm just going 
to you know copy this text right so the thing check i'm going to put that in there and we're 
going to we're going to put that like this so   we're creating basically an email to my list 
and i'm going to put an image right over here   and we're going to make this a link to this uh actually i gotta upload an image here 
right so this will be i don't know if i   even have that image because it's been so 
long oh one do i have it in here yeah 0101   define your vision there you go what do i 
have in here i've got this maybe i need to get there's the gif i guess i'll just put that in 
there there we go so we're gonna put that in there   and i'm gonna make this a link to here right click image below or go there we go okay let's do that there we go so this is step number one 
so step one define your vision step one   of your 12 steps okay so that's that's 
email number one i'm gonna send that out   that's email number one let's go to okay and 
then we're gonna wait a day right and we're   gonna send another message we're gonna 
send email number two create a message and then we're gonna go to email number two so 
i'm gonna do this for all of them right i'm gonna   we're obviously we're not gonna 
go through the whole process but   just to kind of show you how i'm doing it 
i'm just basically you know i'm basically   just searching for the different step 2 
of 12 let's make search for 12 2 of 12.   and there we go number two number two is define 
your audience there we go so that's number two   right over here don't mind the noise 
there's uh there's the kids are home from   school they're not they're not in school today so 
okay so let's just do that put that in in the body put that in there there's the second email right so click the image or go to and this will be the link 
to the blog post like this right and i'm going to add an image 
again image right over here   and this will be an image which will be 
number two right to find your audience yeah there's the gif i could probably update this with my new engine 
make sure the image is better and things like that   but you know it's like this is uh this is kind 
of what this is about there we go step number two   save and exit there we go so that's number two 
now the next one is going to be another wait   for another day right let me double click 
it double click double click right so i can   actually move these to here this just gonna go 
over here wait another day send another message wait another day send another message wait 
another day send the message wait send   wait send wait and wait and then 
version move this tag to the bottom   let's put the tag at the bottom and we're actually 
going to get that out of there so there we go   okay so what's the next message to find your 
audience the next one is step number three right step number three is going to be let's 
go back over here it's gonna be three now obviously this is stuff that you know 
if you did this right if you put together   something based on a series of things that you're 
teaching then you create blog posts and then you   can use that as your emails right just like 
i'm doing here right so the next one is this and that goes into here sorry the subject so we're 
25 minutes in i'm going to show you the rest after   after this right now we'll just uh 
we'll just do this third one here and   we're going to put that in here as again 
the same exact thing that we did before now just as you can tell this is not as good 
as click image below to go to and and it's not   as good as it used to be right i used to have 
well no sorry today's my episodes are better   they're longer i do things like a little bit more 
complete than this because you know as you can see   these blog posts are kind of short right just 
a few words but the video is still long right   but uh now it's it's i do it a lot more complete 
right the blog post and everything so we're just   doing that just to kind of show you like this 
there's the third there's the third image   i'm gonna go here i'm gonna go to this and then 
let's just make this a link as well and there   we go so now save and exit okay so now we have i 
put three emails there's more to to be added to   oh he's not gonna let me oh that's yeah it's not 
gonna let me save it i gotta remove all these i gotta remove all these because he's 
not gonna let me save the campaign with   messages that aren't filled in and there you go 
okay i'm just gonna do that that's basically step   three step two step one right save and exit okay 
so now you have the campaign i'm actually gonna   so when you first create the campaign right you 
see you can see it here and it's showing us pause   so the first thing you gotta do is you got to 
uh you gotta activate it reactivate it right   and so that gives that's the campaign right 
now that's going to send these emails to people   as they and get added to the list and they're 
going to get these emails now if you're already   on this list i'm not sure if you're going 
to get these messages right now or not   well see i guess i'm not sure how aweber does 
it when you're adding right new um these are the   messages here and so you know that's the thing 
so that's kind of how you create a campaign   and how you create a list so what else 
can i show you so now that you have   um yeah so now that you have your aweber account 
you have your so you have a list your first list   you've added a campaign and you created a 
message if i go back to say the the free account   view right right over here so i'm going to 
go and say okay i'm going to create a message   and i'm going to do that right in here i'm 
actually going to do the same thing here   just to kind of get this well let's go to this 
message here messages can i do a preview on this now he's going to want to edit it so you're 
going to want to edit the message okay anyways   i'll just i'll just take this and i'm 
going to copy it into here no not here right over here right and 
i'm going to put an image and we're going to upload an image it doesn't 
really matter let's just put this right   and if i go back to here and let's see i'll write the subject i like the 
subject yeah well actually my subject on here   would be welcome you know welcome to my list 
about right about x right uh and then that's   and then that's it so i'm gonna save this 
right so now this is this becomes an email   a draft right so you can do different things 
with this draft right you can schedule it and okay oh that's interesting so 
campaigns can i do a campaigns   so i guess they don't have follow-up 
series anymore get started campaigns   email automation okay get started so now 
you leave it as a draft and template welcome   campaign yep that's fine whoops click on this 
and there's i guess there's an email here   the trigger yep so replace new subscribers the 
welcome campaign that's just a tag and then   thanks for signing up and that's the let's take 
a look at what this says preview uh now you're in   you'll keep up to date that there you go okay good 
and then there's a welcome apply tag welcomed oh   that's interesting so they do that that's a pretty 
good and they remove the welcome campaign oh   i guess that allows you to know that they've 
actually received the welcome and automations   what's the automation add the tag engaged 
okay on message opened so um yeah so then   now you have a campaign i can actually add a 
message here right and i can actually choose a   message because i have drafts right now i have 
this draft right this one here select now this   is this this message is added to the list now 
right well actually i should have a wait here   i'll wait for a day so you got to wait for a 
date before you send the next message so that   becomes your campaign that you added a message 
to so we created the message now we could have   created the message right in here like i showed 
you when i was doing mine right is it saving okay looks like the save was kind of stuck or 
something so now it's in draft and i'm going   to say activate there you go so now i have my 
campaign set up and i have messages that are   going to go to people that subscribe to this list 
that i just created in this free account right   um and yeah so that's kind of how you do it with 
you can't they don't have follow-up series i guess   now anymore in new accounts unless maybe they have 
them for um unless maybe they have them for uh   the pro account but probably not i mean you 
don't need you don't need follow-up series you   use campaigns and in campaigns you put the emails 
in the right sequence just like i did online right   like i'm doing in here let's cancel this i mean in here right i have the uh i have the 
campaign that i have over here right with which   with all with all these emails i'm sending them 
we gotta add the other emails and everything else   right and that's kind of how you do the campaigns 
that's how you do an aWeber account that's how you   get free things that you can give people to get 
them on your list and like i said just go just   yeah you gotta set up aWeber it's pretty 
straightforward and if you have any questions   obviously you can always reach out so hopefully 
this kind of helped you a little bit with how to   um how to set up aWeber how to how to access the 
the list and everything else right.

We'll see   you in the next episode. This has been Course 
Income Secrets, the entrepreneur's blueprint   to generating income from the e-learning boom! 
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