CORE online session personal branding and marketing part 1-2021

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so hello to everybody here online and uh welcome
to this workshop of personal branding and marketing in social media and i'm still
the one of the chef teacher of omnia and i'm responsible of today's workshop and first
i tell you what i'm going to do today so like i told the main main theme is personal branding
and branding and marketing social media and also some things more about planning the pop-up
event first i'll tell you something about timetable we are we are going through today i put it to show it from here so i think that you'll see the timetable timetable
now first item is about what means a professional
identity and how to create it and how you can use portfolio for developing your professional
identity your personal block here is a basic tool of your learning process and that will
be your portfolio at the same time you present your learning process to a public with your
blog because this is uh also a contest the blog will be the thing which is evaluated
then i'm talking about how to use social media as a tool in a professional context what you
have to take account when you create and use social media accounts for professional purposes Sorry Janne can you scroll the timetable?
We can only see the first part.

I lift it little bit upper yep so i put like a little bit to the pixel all now that i think that you'll
see that then learning to do with this yeah now it's good thank you so uh well half our
break is planned to be about 11 fellow 15 in finland and estonia 11 15 in general european
time and after break the topic is about uh what is a business plan and how you make a
business plan for a pop-up event in this special case then i share you some ideas of taking
good or better food photos because the visual side of business is extremely important
today social media media platforms like like instagram pinterest youtube are very very
strongly visual so it it's necessary to know how to take visually could spectacular photos
for photographs and a last topic today will be the advertising poster of your pop-up restaurant
making a poster is a applicator job for you and that will be one of your duties develop
an advertisement for an event and of course finally i'll give you a heavily work to do
some practices about this day things and working in this workshop i have some tasks for
you also so during the works of the i hope that this is normally only that time i'm talking
and you are sleeping a closed facebook page is created for the communication i hope that
you all are there and i hope that you ask answer to the task i going to give through
facebook and that channel we use true whole pop-up process so you can always ask questions
from there and and it's possible also just raise your hand here and and ask straight
from me or use the conversation area here in teams and then i would like i'm talking
about marketing today and what is really important in marketing is targeting that means that
you have to you need to know to whom are you marketing new things so also i want
to know who are you today i have found that someone from Vamia and also from
omnia students have done their introduce some in facebook but i would like to have
a small tour of interaction that who we are who taking a part of this workshop and after
in this introduction i will give some space or microphone to the Vamia's
teachers they are going to explain you a little bit of about the specifications for
or over our all frames of menu planning planning of the pop-up pop-up event so but
now it would like to i would like to ask you who you are if we are like speaking from
Estonia side how is there anybody present there.

Yeah hi i'm Marcus i'm the teacher and
the mentor today students. Yes. Can you hear me? Yes i can hear you
do you have only one microphone in use or. Yeah i do. Okay if it's not possible that
everybody will present himself type or herself here it would be good
if everybody still put some some facts about themselves to the facebook page page right
now. Because i would like to meet i would like to know who are
taking a part of this. Of course of course. Yes then if uh Estonia can't introduce online
so how about Vamia is there somebody anybody from Vamia students want to present. George can you take the lead for first and
then everybody else can participate. Hello can you hear me hello. Yes. hello. Yes we are here. Now i'm good. Yeah you can
put the video on also george okay uh yeah yep so i'm using my phone right now
i'm george i'm from the Philippines and i'm a second year student in Vamia and right
now i'm looking forward for the event and i would really be glad to add more skills
and knowledge not only on cooking but also on the marketing side because this will be
helpful if i want to have my own business by the future or just some added
information about the modern way of selling your products.

Yeah good good good thing i
have one something to ask to you and for everybody else also do you have are you present in
social media now have you accounts in like in facebook or instagram or have you made
youtube videos or tik tok or whatever tell how are you present in social media. Okay
i'm i have i have a facebook account i have a instagram account pinterest and what
else those three those three social platforms i do have i usually upload some of my stuffs
there usually i cook at home i cook at school i usually put some of the pictures that
i do or that we do in school you know in those in those social media platforms. Good that's
a great thing to start with this is there somebody else who wants to introduce thank you george thank you.

Hi yes Can we see you also Yes hi. Hi yes hi i'm Marianne i'm also a second year
student from Vamia and yeah it was a great privilege to be part of this program and this helps me also to develop and enhance
my skills and to gather more ideas yeah. Yeah thank you do you have a social media
accounts yourself. Yes i have a personal facebook account i am also active in instagram. Okay
yeah nice are there other students in Vamia who wants to present themselves thank you maria thank you so these were all Vamia's students am i right.
Kurat are you there i can't see you but we can't hear you we can't
see your name on the list are you there kurat Yes i'm here hi i'm kurat i'm also from Vamia
and yes i do have social media ids where i sometimes post the pictures
which i cook in the school and at home.

Okay nice thank you. Thank you. And that was all Vamia's.
Okay how about our students i want that you have your
introduction in facebook but if Sompit will tell about herself hey everyone let me see i couldn't see can
you see me can you hear me. Part of your face yes. Nice to meet you all and my name is Sompit Sawangkaew i am second year of Omnia and i'm quite excited and we'll see what happens
we will um we'll see i i quite excited and also talking about the facebook platform i
i have my hobby as a selling cake because i thinking that we can make at home but of
course i am not professional i just a student try to practice my hand and and go into the
social media and show off myself and get the customer and get the money of course don't
earn much but i quite excited to get more knowledge and see what will happen
and how will go through and more opportunity to get all these and sharings from other
yeah Thank you.

Thank you. So we are waiting to get
the introduction of Estonian student to facebook and in that time if
Vamia's teacher will tell these four specifications about menu planning it would
be nice to hear now okay we can i think we can share the screen
Hermanni do you have to have the screen over there now so we can go through that one just a minute yes and then let's end the challenge what
do i do i get this application window there we can share this one now and we can

pexels photo 3758104

So now it should be here. Yeah we can post it later on but it's good to take some
notes from it if you have a pen and a pencil and a bit of a paper like like yeah so like Sami said we recommend
that you make some notes so this will be that for you to know what the eventual goal
is so this where everything will end up.

Yeah this is what we're aiming for.Yeah yeah so
it's going to be a pop-up the outcome is going to be a pop-up event and like everybody knows
that we can't at the moment know do we have an actual event with the customers or do we
just have to cook for ourselves and like ghost guests but we don't worry about that at this
point it doesn't affect the planning so what we are going to do we are going to have our
three street food dishes like okay finger food but again it's corona so nobody
is going to eat with the fingers we are going to use fork and knives but street food pop-up
restaurant style so it's not going to be like full three course menu seated in a fancy restaurant
no it's something that you can just grab and go and eat while you stand but we are not
using fingers we might but because it's corona we don't okay so we have there meat, seafood,
sweet so it still like combines slightly this idea of having a starter, main course, dessert
and then this plant-based is when it's Estonia's turn to have this kind of a day they will
talk about the plant-based dishes or cooking.

So three different meat,
seafood, sweet, plant-based and so no finger food actual finger food
and then the portion price for a customer not the raw material price but the price
for the customer it's three two to three euros so it's a small dish not a full meal but then
we have these three so it's going to be like a nine euros all together so we have
starter three euros main course three euros dessert three euros so no more than nine
euros all together so six to nine euros the complete meal type of thing okay and then
we prepare the amount of portions 20 to 40 each but this is now heavily relates for what
kind of event we actually do if you have only six people eating in there somewhere five
of students plus few teachers or evaluators but then we are not going to make 40 each
but if you have actual guests they're outside somewhere then you prepare the um amount
enough for everybody okay then the pre-work uh what you are going to prepare during uh
before this uh actual pop-up event day so you are going to do a recipes so it's four
people and it's going to be uh and you will see how the model will look i'm
not going to steal more so then we have the ingredients list uh like the shopping list
what you need the ingredients then prices calculations how much the ingredients cost
and how what's the profit margin stuff like that uh layout how you are going to so pre-plan
how the dish should be looking we are not testing while we do it we pre-plan we test we take
pictures and then we do what we planned so the outcome should relate also to the previous
other the pre-planning then the carbon footprint calculations so this is the sustainable gastronomy
lessons provided by Ireland then special diets have to take also under
consideration is it gluten free is it lactose free how do we modify if it has to then a
little bit today so this menu sign may be a bad word but we mean with this we mean that
for the templates what you are going to how you are going to um advertise your stuff for
the menu card itself it says the dishes so what what you are serving with the prices
uh and then store it behind the food so we are not now not just cooking we are trying
to build a whole whole like experience so we need some story
why we choose this dishes why are and the locality locality is now an aspect so we take
some i've used local ingredients and then we put them together like so that it will
fulfill like a story and the same story should be also implemented into the menu i do different
logos and of course in dishes and then this is presented in also in social media and how
it's going to be presented in social media today be aware so you know after this day
and all the exercises you do okay do we have questions our sami some extra comments? Yeah
just to notice that you do this as a team so Vamia team will do all this together
like you can also share the the things that you think that you are good with it like somebody
taking care of the menu somebody is taking care of the social media or you can do all
together i think it's going to be a bit hard now because we have this covid-19 system going
on but uh the teams are pretty clever things to do zooms are pretty good ways to catch
up and do the plannings together i don't have anything else the the the situations and the
systems i think it should be a bit like clear.

Okay and we are going to talk about this more
next week when it's uh about this local food and creating menus day okay if nobody has questions so i quit sharing
and we can go forward. yes thanks a lot for Sami and Hermanni and now i just noticed
that i i forget the one one member of our team in in omnia because she came from outside
to this conversation with will you Mirana now also present yourself not hearing are you Mirana present maybe she can't say anything but i see her
name on the list from outside anyway but uh then we continue so we have two students in
in omnia's team here so um uh now i uh show you my first uh like presentation and this
uh uh some facts about menu planning was good to start with this because uh now you know
overall things and you have plenty of time to planning and i i try to start with marketing
and social media things today so so you don't have to start to rush on on but planning but but there's
something to start about now and Sami and Hermanni will uh tell much more in next week
so there should be now the presentation number one i think so do you see that presentation yeah i hope so nobody sees nothing? Yeah it's here.

Okay thank
you then uh uh first we are talking about this question about what is professional identity
what is professional digital identity it's like easy to think when you put your kitchen
clothes on that is like basis of your professionality it makes your free time different from your
work and this kitchen uniform you have make makes it like easier to change your
mood from civil from free time mood to working mood than then you should look like
a skilled person in your uniform and someone someone who is respected respected representative
of your own profession you show to a public that you are a member
of a professional fraternity or guild you belong to professional team people have certain
expectations when they see a representative of some profession like chef so you have
to understand these expectations and you have to also be proud and satisfied to proud yourself
as a as a cook that that is the like first lego brick of that professional identity
so understanding expected behaviors and standards and individual connection with the ideology values and beliefs of a profession and being confident on one professional capabilities
and feeling satisfied when performing in the role of a profession so that way you create
your professional identity so um to be a part of of a professional group more broadly nowadays
it's more than recommendable uh to be also present in in social media it's it's almost
compulsory in in some cases here's a that kind of card feel describing a personal branding
as a combination of actions, beliefs, abilities and values and everything starts from your
past what have you done before what are your abilities your skills where are you good or
even excellent uh then there are your values uh what keeps you going what's it what is
important to you so uh for example i can tell about myself it's nice to speak of myself
so uh like i'm i'm a natural man i'm i'm nature lover that means in finland we have
this kind of funny term uh eräjorma it fits me very well that means a like a crazy
forest guy who wants to spend his read time around the campfire or hiking hiking in the
woods then you have to think uh what are your values i i could not imagine my me uh branding
myself as a like city hipster who like to spend his time in a trendy cafe all the time
so so start to branding yourself think what what is really important to you based on your
past so you have to be a little bit honest otherwise it's it's like hard then there are
your beliefs what you believe it is it is true what what you believe to be to be true
your perceptions of future this belief is also uh uh based uh on your
past experience like uh then come came the actions and these uh fields wrote rotates
around your personal brand so so this is like this picture uh developing a professional
identity includes assessing who you are and what you have you to offer what you will want
when you graduate in response is in response to answer to that that what skills do you
have what are your interests or where are you focusing use your goals to define
who you want to become what kind of skills or activities do people in your field if you don't have skills or you think that
you don't have those skills you want you start to look them so you try to develop your skills
develop your speciality as you start to think about how you want to
package your skills you may identify uh skills and experiences you you you still need so
so start to collect them and there's a now it's good time to uh make a elevator speech
elevator speech is like a response if somebody asks you uh suddenly that what you do for
living you should keep a simple understanding short interaction of your business what are
you doing overall is overall is useful to that you have ready answers to some probable
questions people will make you nobody find a hiding hiding style that you have to be
present like uh us as your uh current social media confident and professionals lies it's
like pick one or two tools and build quality content
about yourself there are some this lies re describe difference
part of your employability how you can get better jobs and in this pop-up event uh like
i told you before the portfolio was what is what is the thing here is it it will be on
personal blog you open the blog and that will be that will remain you for the rest of your
working life if you want so uh just start to start to start to do your blog and start
to build it now it's useful tool for for you to so that what are your skills and what you
can do eighty percent of writers use social media social networking sites to seek
job candidates so uh looking for information that supports you are qualified and good worker
it's good so uh so choose your channels to be present in social media and so so your
personal competence there then then i give some examples here you know many of these
platforms like like uh you talked already but if you start from linkedin that's the
way of expanding your professional networks like post CVs and and employers to post jobs
and linkedin all those both workers and employers to create profile and connect with each other
like in social network so uh it's like in real world professional network in internet members can invite anyone to become a connection so uh it's not a place to post like social
updates of your own pictures but you can use that as a cv to present yourself and there
are slides of using linkedin in our project pages and in facebook group also so uh uh
it's that that slide show is named "How do i create resume using linkedin?" uh instagram
is probably familiar for all i think so and it's based visual material so uh photos and
videos and it's very good platform to release uh material uh of combine personal stylist
food making skills and good to create your own brand and facebook is still significant
marketing channel i truly try to advertise you now to facebook from like set up your
facebook page invite your friends customize customize the page convert your existing customers into likes, engage and advertise that's so simple so we go on with that keeping your
blog you can demonstrate your knowledge build the credibility with what is potential employers
and target audience of course there are very many other other like social media channels
like uh youtube or tiktok or whatever you can use so these are not restricted to this example
so uh in this project use you can choose what channels you want to use you have to use at
least one social media channels but you can use them all if you have time so remember
this that we already have digital identity whether we haven't planned that it's in there
so if you go and google yourself there's something and it's also there are also uh things to
be aware of and one this is separate your personal stuff from from the professional
stuff create your professional profile and think always before you post so uh and
don't talk about your colleagues if you don't have permission of them and check your security
site security settings from facebook and always remember to sometimes google yourself
that you know what what is in there from you and some ideas how do you use portfolio for
personal branding so one thing is keep it simple like always
in mind keep it simple your portfolio should should be like easy to look at you have
plenty of stuff around in social media so you can link that to your uh portfolio but
you don't have to put everything to the portfolio so so it stays like nice looking there are something you can make your portfolio
out like already then you are here in school you make a lot of things here that that that
you can fix to your portfolio like you can put their your student exchange and international
analysis on things competitions like this and then and kind of work placements you have
done right practicing some there all of these you can collect to your portfolio and in here
in this project we want that you make at least six posts or pages to your portfolio from
from each workshop item of it or topic of each workshop or um modules and then about
the competition itself so these are compulsory to be in your portfolio that something got
that we can evaluate your action and that portfolio is personal even you work as a team
here your portfolio is for you you are just member of a team so uh here are some uh fine
words about personal branding like i can read the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs
differently and themselves and stand out from a crowd you separate yourself from the crowd
identify and articulate the exceptional value proportion oh well these are very fine first
but with not this this break this go in from one ear and out the other so um i would put
it like uh with the kitchen language and this is like you built up your reputation as a
chef and as a person who who make who who make good food with with the personnel and
you show your like food vision to the world and and create your image as a chef
that that is all about so um there are always two sides in personal brand one side side
is like more personal and other side is uh like more professional so today's world when
we are talking about social media it's necessary or compulsory to be present as a person also
you i i recommend that you put your own face and perception there and values quite openly
because that's the way to get people interested you can't go just behind the food things you
have to be a little bit open today there are also some risks for that if you you are very
strong person personality like uh where will be there might be always some somebody who
don't like you at all your style at all so but you still can't hide behind just food
you you have to put yourself up as a person and that is the demand of nowadays
world so you you also have to get out of the kitchen sometimes uh you can behave and dress to show
that you take pride of being a part of the move to the professional in your field to
face how they behave or dress or and you always can benchmark and look what the others do
so so that makes a little bit simple to understand what is like this kind of personal branding so it's like a process whereby people and
their carriers are marked as a brand these are all little bit theoretical things but
anyway it's it's quite simple thing if you think about it why is this professional identity so important
uh i would simply say that you have to be proud of what
you are doing and you have to stand behind your food in always when you are good chef
you have to stand behind your food and when you have this kind of passion you just bring
it visible to the people that's the base of your personal personal brand so this is simply simplified description
of a personal identity in a nutshell that you have your skills, personality and experience
that's all.

Think what are your skills for example uh are you team player, leader, good
communicator or so on so uh what is the thing which is very special to you what is your experience when we are moving our personal brand to social media that the
uniqueness is really important there are so much like ordinary stuff in social media that
you really have to bring up some special features to pay attention there in a positive way
of course to get followers and likers define your personal brand what is your goal
what are your values beliefs like do you want to balance your work or leisure time or
free time uh won't you treat others with respect these
are possible like goals what is unique about me? is that your range
of experience or or are you all around skilled person are you very eager to learn eager to
succeed um am i logical thinker or analyzing
models or uh multitasker or there's a some possibility and then uh like
you have to think to whom you are building your personal brand like i told i want
to know who is in present here in in in this workshop you have to know to whom you are
setting your goals making your things so are you making this for for future employers or
some some network or some some like potential customers it's it's important to think to
whom you are building things what do i want to achieve through my personal brand do we
want to make a positive digital footprint or create just cv online then another topic like how i use how to use
social media as a tool in professional context you can choose is your whole profile public
or just for selected audiences so that's that's usually easier to select first there and uh you have to be discoverable people have to
found you so use tags hashtags so mr google and the others will find you so this is the
thing for this project so uh hashtag for this project has been given here that is important
use this so uh you found these uh slide shows from from the facebook at least later and
Mika promised to put that all stuff in there so i have to check i will check that they
will come there so use this given hashtag for your for your pictures and your social media
pages then um you set your goals but you also have to think how much time you have to do
time you have to for it so like you have to also do something in the kitchen still so
uh so like uh social media can also be like it's it's stealing your your time quite much
then you have to think where are you present because it's not possible to be in everywhere
in the same time and you can't work with your mobile in kitchen all the time because uh at
least i can't i don't know about it how multitasker are you but it's not like among our safety
regulations anyway so um and uh for example like becoming friends in facebook
or connecting on linkedin means that you have to see these others update these dates and
then you have to be active there to do so uh do likes there and and follow to other
people build your image carefully uh that that's good thing important thing and uh and then yes well there's come a good tip never post in
haste be aware of dangers like negatively negativity really takes you to
the right direction so so that's important that you have like a positive feeling going
on there in good feeling good food good feeling uh and other dangers are like cyberbullying
here it's like like uh sharing negative harmful false or mean content with about some someone
else so uh beer over ever aware of these kind of things well this is the first show here
i stop this like now hope so okay now i get out of this yes so now i have
something else for you so i have first task before break and i already had sent that task
to the closed facebook page but i put also it in here so a little bit now you can see it i think so
now it's a bit bigger so time about 15 minutes you are discussing together
what what makes social media account professional and what is in what it is in your opinion
and which to which you pay attention when you are browsing social media that would be
a way to professionalize your social media accounts so every team present one in
a professional way well done social media accounts you'll know or can find now from
internet and i want that you put answers comments and link an example account link to the facebook
and if we have time uh uh after break we keep uh presentation tour in teams or then we just leave
it in to the facebook but that's that will be your first first team work and it's a race
time about 15 minutes and then they have already time for break so i would say that we i give
this task for you to do and and we at the same time we have a break and we'll be back
after half an hour and discuss about things that you have done with your
uh with the task so uh can we continue about like uh like uh 12:30 that would be good i can let this uh task or also in here so
you can you can um see still here yes so break and we'll be back at 12:30.

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