Conversion Intelligence: A New Approach to Marketing Optimization

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] it was 12 years ago that we started young bands and back then there was still a lot of marketers who didn't even know what a landing page was you could unlock a huge performance advantage just by using them but it's not like that anymore why is that well it's because everybody knows the secret everybody knows you should be driving traffic from your ads to a landing page and then you combine that with the fact that google is stopping page one with more and more paid ads most of which go to landing pages and it all just starts to look the same the bottom line here is that just having a landing page is no longer enough so in order to get back your performance advantage you need to optimize that's nothing new we know we need to optimize but the problem is that methods like a b testing require a lot of traffic often thousands of visitors a whole bunch of time and a lot of expertise and that is out of reach for most small businesses so unbounce is taking a completely new approach to optimization called conversion intelligence it's a process where you combine your marketing skills with the power of machine learning to create higher converting digital experiences one of the most important differences compared to traditional a b testing is that you can see results from your experiments in a fraction of the time often as few as 50 visitors which is crazy and it's so simple that anyone can do it to help you get started we've created a new guide that shows you exactly how to put conversion intelligence into action now click this link and start optimizing smarter and faster without [Music]

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