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hello all beck fahel fábio vasconcellos in this video I'm going to talk about what a perfect email marketing service would be like, second my opinion and liver and producers over these 10 years of working on the internet I found a lot of service strange and mate and so many legal peculiarities in each one in each service and I'm going to bring these ideas here right second experience and it could be interesting for you to find it inside the platform I'm just doing it now I want here in Brazil like the love they don't win until they have a soul not that I don't know but who knows some of the owners of these platforms sometimes see each other and speak fabio this is all on my platform right I was extremely happy you will win a customer and that if you are the daughter of the driver who agrees with me I am saying video of your comment below let me like it shared by facebook shares brand will reach this person because it's not possible that the 11 platforms can't understand r with the trap for you need ok they have something here I'm going to say good first thing ok affordable price of the plan is starting now from the internet it's possible to practically make a high investment in a matt service because when it's a course you have that training that training to generate money for a service to those who, even more than it is good, the person will take a while to generalize creating the list will be complicated but to be able to pay a high amount it doesn't matter which one I go up there, right then, for example the platforms he knows and understands and if he realizes this reality is a man draws he practiced it and goi ok then there will be a gas pole up to 5 thousand free that is, the person wants to work with a more attentive team and receive for free, right maybe the rate of delivery in the suggestion good in the serious plan but it is serious whose break a branch is so since now it draws 31 and 39 90 to 10 thousand liters right and and avaí when testing and I liked it a lot it's worth it sorry for the 90 that wants 1990 today the school doesn't have 1990 to invest there he doesn't even have to enter the market that's it is acceptable from 1990 brings rabbit it 's 17 dollars that will give in the range of 50 50 reais limited contacts can't you have at 5,000 10,000 and 20,000 and 30,000 and 50,000 free you pay 30 17 dollars a month it's a lot of difference other plans there an example of the lobby skin that charges r$154 for five thousand liters because in the 134 wheel plan these my book is very expensive have it features and tools but it has but it's expensive doesn't want to attack and kill like this experience all the signs that are really top perfect all right she won't use it if she wants it will weigh very little ok then really home for 10 thousand books 220 rest is cheap having compared from the 5,000 lídio 64 reais to ten thousand and two hundred reais it must be cheap on the link because the person who has 10,000 books already makes a good recipe, she makes sales late, you understand me, so it becomes cheap, okay? so here's the tip is to follow the iaa line of sinking bc enters poetry and boy and malt is badly baptized right silly dead even for free also has a very good delivery rate and i'll talk later it 's good to have your first point and 1 point preaches before the delivery fee 6 the delivery of the middle of the delivery of hotmail and gmail and everything that is and half of life has to deliver you can't create a service kill me that doesn't deliver to hotmail if no service of email marketing didn't deliver not make perfect right the foot in the fact I know it's a pain in the ass several tests is a pain in the ass it's just to know if it even delivers so if you create a competitor make one that delivers on hotmail then and that 's important and whatever but it's a delivery to gmail in the inbox so that's how I always said I always knew that you wouldn't have accepted the one from gmail ip credibility and everything else that's it I did it in the name of love no I don't remember but first hand drawing of your coffin the inbox then it would be all blazek is that blah blah blah from ten years ago that are going to change the speech right then you have a service and mail match make it enter the person's inbox I know there are variables I thought there are the words to use in these win money promotion offer can't get into that situation I know it's difficult but we don't do any of that and touch flávio's house offer and how it started it didn't get the same value but that's normal we do it's not normal there is no service email marketing and good delivery in the inbox full stop when they win do this did it at the beginning in addition to love and delivery in the inbox although some emails to put offer put values escape 3601 few reais there you can activate more and not normal welco e an ox of life in the inbox can't be different from then for whom do I already make you enamel ceiling in the inbox the motto is good until this blah blah blah to deliver to the city leave the party but i got the inbox with him right liddy love strike in the video inbox first right delivery to the entrance and hotmail gives a good attack the team of love in malt that brings with him delivery to hotmail then and they are only I know but there is one that I'm talking about now about a team that debuts in the hotmail inbox so why is your service at the same delivery at the summit some problem has vacillated need it delivered to the inbox is to extend this is a priority o e mail that doesn't go to the gmail or hotmail inbox represents a lot of them lost a lot of money let's have an example a producer of almost 97 of the 290 reais of commission or 250 200 countries and a half will attack from spam or almost concentrated offer decreases the fat rate decreases the conversion click rate and the person loses if a lot then it is important that delivered do your paper delivered in the inbox has problems and difficult is well that's it if you want to put the matos cdc on the market you have to deliver it to the inbox and hotmail come on it's a simple thing too that some services don't have the devils now it's in fashion but it's been a long time it has to have this function to put it right so it's bad that it has the slogan no business in wall of the main to be the same in boston it has but it's not a simple thing to the crazy code there i identify with that so each one has to have 11 is new in the market the reopening increases this increases the fat rate and within a half increases the click rate you have to allow it to be placed and zimonjic is the update market evolution asks for this ok and stubborn that they are there cimed who do there like almost in [ __ ] gum average make the 181 jewel a goal there and if any service allows it ok then the eye puts a poll is the cds email marketing with one to the hyper he allowed the balances of dead balance ok then shared this the product needs thin insulation the click-through rate is not a freshness that will not ask for an increase in the selic rate until when I don't know when to get tired and design fashion and will maybe drop the click-through rate of china all wet at the moment increases the selic rate is let's go there's a feature that I don't understand like how others and if you kill me I don't use it and then a really big congratulations to the leader is that you create a funnel you create a funnel your followers of your course will sell yours course you raise a seven month old child or do you have a blog do you want to create a funnel mostly civil and image you have to create and live salt the funnel ie create the seventh in 76 points and send the people to him if you want from the eighth and a half they won't receive it because they invented that part of the set once again let's open our minds ok I want to change at the end I want to make them think more about means of accompaniment is that the ninth the eighth ninth tenth in the 1st 2nd and so on I go I want that when I place the eighth everyone receives the the the this middle not the sun the new ones that are entering the tunnel is the malt that it has this lock that I don't have and I could n't say not to think about it even though you create the entire selection in case you have already voted for the law 200 people through the funnel if you put an eighth and a half they will not receive ok so this is to stop until alviverde is launching it in the house it has been doing this for a long time just put the name even receive we need it for example ok he has a blog to attend a funnel for everyone or they just want our blog received more content so if a new article how am I going to put a funnel if people who are already receiving it or not then you will have a job to copy people and make a whole result send a podcast a direct press campaign just put a funnel and everyone will receive it a very big point for me young pilot makes that feel everything i'm talking about as a reference for you that they don't cover you want to see how it works go on the platform i was talking in the caption do it we replied you don't know how to do it go there and i saw it soon create an account and it will have been the competition will do something that works and besides 93 laughs you see all funnel you left it ready you want it now face a new medium there people's offer complain funnel you need all people will receive simple can a practical ok so the idea was to get to know all the references service of god so you know where to look for these crazy ideas or talking because they exist it's because it really is and it makes life easier this time godson didn't even think about it yet 15 at this stage of the time doesn't know for a long time I don't know it yet but I know it works so this opinion solves a lot it's now that psdb psb it is very important sbt there are many platforms have the tse of malt has these good ones have the same in all 100 more depending on the side it will be formed format to realize it is not the same sounds forgets to use the musician to ip1 it is a very complicated way to make it understand until it gives perfect the best has to be like 1 out or not keep the mode such a free as soon as you could love when you already create the titles go that you want to make it understand put the winner he via automatic so after four hours send an email to a part of this line the same other part is still different player after four hours send the type the same winner ready it's automatic I don't have to go there do everything manual get it whoever is going to send practice doesn't know how to do it or doesn't have references need love does it perfectly what other detail that is interesting and send the email to everyone who hasn't opened it and it's kinda hot so the client sends it and neither staff nor everyone cement opens not everyone opens and today in our market of the producer in the market in the capital there is a person normally they fall 1 5 10 20 30 list so in the morning they receive and a half that is ok and she is not gave up that title was left in total there were too many emails could not see it in the normal person does not open the email sleeps on the side open noon 14 in the afternoon when it arrived this week and a half in the morning as for the afternoon she will see more that it is it's down there so you go there and try semifinals but you have the possibility to send those that in April I thought ok but that almost all have it almost all have it but sometimes the process is complicated to do that there you have to click copy the email was sent selected they will open send because it doesn't match the mold 1 aut you program everything is ok and you already program there stay zen if people are going to open in april this means send after disorder everything works automatically and makes it easier we are at a time when helton Mozambique that freedom doesn't want to be stuck on the computer, watching it there, I don't believe in the 'program in the morning to enjoy the afternoon, go out everything works and I didn't think automatically, it's automatic so reference to this malt does it perfectly automatically all ready so ok excellence you don't know how to do it you have no idea how beautiful it is a free account there and ps death ok it's a thing a detail editor editor us you write the cm the editor maria ser vice is there but recognizes that it was used that it is a recent work jiló ver e goi getting there the dosar a lot that the opposing leader was perfect perfect of the perfect book in the mouth of the bay nothing the m is on the side making it beautiful is on the side left with everything cute caught from 9 on the slope takes the man from the mbc takes him there has to be a job with the editor because it has to be the drug one the consequence of this line I have a table with the content in the month right it makes it cute everything is perfect so there is no problem, the owner of the drawing managed to correct it, but this strategy of mine, right, the recent godson doesn't know, he sent that medium, all open, like this, extended and we know that there is some if Guide this same month service that doesn't get that extended content is tried cute so why not do something following the goal line and saw a small detail but look how many small details and I'm talking here right and it could be the result of so it stays the editor's tip again lagat you in the islands is automoção people have to have it and that's another point for yesterday besides love have the malt that they won't get from springs that brought together several very cool elements first hand in the active has to have assets you have to have kinematics against main teams themes linked to friends says the forward until the landing the end of funnel end of funnel booklet was launched that is, the person arrived at the end of the year has the option there as well as love a drug reference in this part trigger cl immobile is empty i want automatically immovable to another list or in strengthening and tensions i want here i want to die now totalize the almost automatic and it may not be automatic and manual you will have to have the option in a simple and easy way ok the castillo if it opens the email did not open so if it opened the email there is a final list gathers I will stay there gates explained in the link he it's going to be moved he didn't stay he never moved right the end of the month trigger would be another 20 per person who didn't open any and a half she'll arrive for the reason it's obvious not even law so I want to die there a list of bad he doesn't want move our there I can filter it's in the reference book who does it very well right away this part of that besides love to walk a show and at night a stock is now a very important thing that this service hurts me they are still with the large five platform years ago the best way to have a mental of a malt comment that you exact is the name mental map but I already have an idea a mental map so I have to follow your way they do this another great one here hey is to create a funnel you create it like this i with the tabs like this it's all cute you can get an idea what you want you can imagine your book there on the 30th that will happen to it then you can make it cause it through the system a deb' maq natal is funneling through a prometal like a very tall one doesn't know how it works to tell you out loud and then she shows you how it is you will create an email a list a new mp has come to realize that you when you create everything put the structure there and you can see everything works perfectly the example of david lopes is that he follows this line so it is complicated for you to create a background with 11 was the most complex it is complicated for them lover being that the platform is mok coughs a and brought a solution of citizens' problems so the drainage in the direction of friends manage to make the whole plan of your book shows the transformation because not copying the idea of the mold is pe fect is from 66 of them in this part ith so very cool ok do a similar new joke thank you very new to be able it is very prominent so much that many chocolates gattuso high waves the victim's life was slow than what has this functionality is is certainly very advantageous to get personality like this part of the funnel as mental so one more tip is and reference for this a great one that went very far in the motto you will see how the simple command works for example in simple platform is in an example of simple platform beyond 90 is a vacancy although it has many things is a simple way although I found the main commands send e mail send e mail here at Abril and it makes a funnel I thought it was simple right outside that it got much more complex it's in cd stores age it becomes necessary for not having messed with the series that is simple is an example of a way don't stay and boy it's the same platform not always has many societies many things that make it complex and platforms slow and it takes a long time to the pages and it's irritating is then an example of a platform in a simple way and a platform that is not simple and boys simple is how I found it very confusing and immobile I found it very simple it's also right as a reference so this some details that I as an ally I can't find this set of errors in the service of martin write very happy to find this function in the features you can see if it says also agree with me said that sending it down is easy to get someone there who is creating a platform in crypts advantages to do with the market the godchildren will grow and everyone sees it but it 's easier for us to use it's easier to offer work to recommend and services to people ok so, to recap, everything I 've listed here is now very important to be signed by maybe some cities you don't even know that I said but it will be important at some point but not that I said you will put our most beautiful platform s of the first thing I said the value is still you put all that I said and code 300 reais two hundred reais as well as he says stay in the possible shared it gets complicated shared so do something good quality with affordable value the real value and they have to sell and they feel a lot of time very popular in progress they have running servers and everything else right but all this is with an email marketing service using with a low value to pay there is always an example of many uses and services such as netflix value coming out it's down there they deliver a lot of quality and they make a big gigantic screen so think in a different way 12 mm but there's a good thing an affordable price even though it's a much cheaper price it's definitely going to make a profit but I know it's in the team I know that it has a whole structure behind it but I can't get the item an example personally said arrow who has an example of success in the real estate skin that dominates the front of the hot matiné what are they and hundreds or thousands of customers right that I acquired there besides love and for sure she would get maybe many more thousands of customers if it was a smaller cake had access to all that godson and beginners so here's the tip as I said if you liked the video of your jewel it was on youtube with national participation due to facebook I walked your comment below mark well and it 's a man do something but there's an action here enough right ii more maybe a tram of systems and godson who has something something similar to the law all the time what I said I managed to fish instead of recommending it to me in this case it's all I said have your share it's no use doing your part I have it and everything has several net services it has everything I said so with advice test if it's good I will recommend ok tone big hug and see you in the next video see you later

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