Como fazer Anúncios no Facebook [FacebookAds] | Guia de Marketing #26

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you know how to make an ad on
facebook and know that it serves as it does I brought a very top guy to
talk about it. Release the Malkolino vignette! hello bruno peres welcome to
another marketing guide if you still do n't follow me several social networks and in
paulão's head and today i brought paulo marques his linkedin appeared
below and you will have linkedin contacts see here at registration of this video because
I brought paulo marques here look at my longtime partner and friend and we
have ends up if you already know ended up exposing and paulo specialist in
performance marketing and especially on facebook you are he goes in
another video to talk from adwords to talk about instagram not only this big one
establishes that it's not facebook it's linkedin is great
so let's have a quick chat here with paulão paulo marques to understand
a little about facebook we're talking a lot here about
facebook posts et cetera eu I wanted to understand that it was facebook it can
help medium and large companies really very good guys here
telling you the super beautiful audience and it wasn't a kiss for you just
answer the first question ask from the newspaper where this can help helps every
year why is everyone ok let's say there let's say generically
everyone is on facebook right and what's the fastest way you reach this
guy nowadays on facebook so he can help yes small large and
medium companies if you have a large company it
becomes a little more bureaucratic as it is has a giant team involved but
said i am tiny i can do it too so only when the
whole world the size substance beauty so what that time was on my feet
and I have a question is what's the difference between that blue button to boost the post
and what they call ad manager or business and such for those who have
another side, they don't know, just click out and I think what's going to happen I'm going to
talk to you is that you have your small business is that we also have a
small business it's growing and come on it's one of the fastest and easiest ways
for you and then on the other side what they don't know much about,
the tool is this little button to boost the publication, what will
work, I think bruno has already explained this
, we expect us to deliver the above on facebook.

It is important to
understand this and understand how the ads work good and ready for me, who is the
sixth deputy, so if you don't know about italy, facebook takes a break, here
's another video and gets a little more knowledge on the scoreboard, it
's this little button to boost what the employee is is you deliver more your
publication by your audience or your fan or a segmented audience that is not
yours it was you who reached it right remember that we talked about target audience
there again the vital importance card zinho here about target audience favela
importance the ads will talk to your target audience exactly I
continue here to produce an employee it's easier
right you click on him it will open a box for you
there you put the bibliography that is age where q Your city is just a little away
and uncle, let's say payment is a faster way for you
who don't have much knowledge about me, all this performance part etc.
you can use this button, it hasn't been a year now for you and watch the
videos of brunão and has a little more knowledge if you press the button then
the slipper install won't be close to this thing there, there are other
better ways for you to use segmentation your audiences reach this audience better,
both doctors etc but you can use this button use it
big difference from it to an ad manager metrics
of targeting possibilities so this is a point that i wanted to
get into and paulão arrived so there is a blue button palm explained and there is another
possibility you have a company has an ad manager that is the
famous facebook say if there you have many more possibilities tell a
little to the people who have there that turn facebook into this amazing tool
let's publish it a little more now you
enter the business point you will see there an ugly gray screen it is
horrible or with a button and such create your account
there facebook exists precisely to facilitate you a micro
entrepreneur the entrepreneur a great entrepreneur if you have it more business, that is, imagine
a big box where you have the ads for your shoe business and you
have another pants company and a company that sells chayote.

your metrics dry everything in there so here comes again the
difference between using that little south button to boost and using the full potential
of the tool facebook boosting is a little thing that you can do in there,
that is, there are other big goals there inside campaign where
you can do something but already located
you can deliver your ad because it is passing here on the street now is
that but if suddenly you have a business the churros physicist for which you
will advertise prove that ten kilometers you deliver the delivery near a
smaller radius has all that and can't do it for you
so if you acquire a little more study you will search for things on the
internet got business point facebook.

pexels photo 3153203

with the sponsorship more err
very good she's here marketing she won't
go into depth soon several courses and paulo will teach everything the tool in the
head is a specialist and you noticed to do a series of things the
besa link below for you to click and take a look at one of the questions
here in the video send it to paulão also on linkedin helibombardeiro ila and understand
facebook they can enhance your business results increase
reach employ in a segmented way and you can make various types of ads
accordingly with your product with your audience it's amazing paulo thanks for
coming can come back to talk about it's great and what a dinho and
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