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Being a marketing consultant doesn't pay to do this technique instead. Hey, have you been a marketing consultant? Where are you working on your own business? I know marketing consultants are pretty much
a dime a dozen. Now that used to be years ago when you would
tell somebody about up autoresponder or how to set up emails or a sales page. They were blown away. They thought oh my God, that's really cool. I'll pay you a ton of money to do that for
me. But guess what? They aren't doing it anymore. They're not paying people for this. They're getting somebody in house to do this
and they no longer need you.

So I'm going to show you in this video. If you're a consultant how to make more money
by doing a few techniques that nobody else is doing and if it's for your own business
how you can apply them to increase your say and we're starting right now. Hey, I'm J.R. Fisher online since 2009 in
full millions of dollars of digital and physical products and I've learned a lot over these
years and on this channel. I share all of those things with you so that
you can get good results to also at the end of this video. I got a free e-commerce course that you can
get absolutely free and I'll show you how to do that. Now, Have you been a marketing consultant? Are you working in your own business and doing
the online marketing and you've run into some difficulties if this video I'm going to show
you exactly what you need to concentrate on.

You get your marketing consultant business
back again, or just replying to your own business to get pink credible results. So let's get going us take a look at what
you need to do. Some of the steps that you're going to really
need to concentrate on that really will differentiate your business or your marketing company from
everybody else. Number one is customer experience now 20/20
is going to be The year of the customer experience. It's no longer about selling your product
and features and benefits. Now, I'm not saying you don't have to say
those things anymore YouTube.

This is stuck in addition to what you had
to do before and that's kind of how competition work where you had to do. Everything had to do in the past and you have
to do more but this year and from this point forward. I know customer experience is going to be,
customer experience and how they interact with your business and how you treat people
will be major and if you're a marketing consultant and you're working with businesses, this is
something you need to get set up with that business if they can gain more when cold 73%
of consumers said that the customer experience was really one of the most important things
that would affect buying decision, but when we checked with companies and them were polled
they said only 49% of most companies had this customer experience thing set up properly
now what exactly Is a great customer experience well efficiency is one convenience as one
knows about your product or service is something else.

All of these things come into the customer
experience. And those are the things that are going to
differentiate businesses from other businesses by having to reset up into their system. As you can see from this diagram on the screen
right now all kinds of different areas where customer experience comes into play you need
to consider customer experience in every aspect new marketing strategy. This is how you're going to really provide
a good customer experience in order to keep your customers and more importantly attract
new ones to the list you're going to see that every trend is really just one factor of the
overall customer experience number to is employee engagement.

This is so very important at this point if
deficient in Friendly Services given to your customers by your employees, you're going
to be Leaps and Bounds ahead of everybody else. Play the surveys customer said that if they
didn't have a knowledgeable employee at a business that 46% of them would just leave
the brand altogether. They expect your employees to be knowledgeable
vegetation for your employee training employees right making sure they're happy that the super

I know when I go into some fast food joints
and act like I shouldn't even be there but I will tell you some of the experiences when
I do go very a lot according to Brand. I mean you go into a Chick-fil-A and these
people are happy that you're there it's always in the matter. What you ask is my pleasure. My pleasure. My Pleasure Pier super happy about helping
you the same thing with In and Out Burgers are just super happy. They want to help you out. They want to do a good job. A lot of the other franchises. You can't say that about them and keep in
mind all these franchises are pulling from the same pool of people skin generally people
want to be happy on their jobs. They want to feel good about their job. They want to be knowledgeable about their
job. So what it really comes back to his management
how are they training these people? How are they treating people and it's not
always just about money because if that was the case the people that paid the most amount
of money would have the most perfect people but it's not that some of these places in
and out or maybe Chick-fil-A maybe a little bit more than the other ones but it's not
that it's the experience that the employer has at work how they're treated Heather train.

Do they feel knowledgeable. Do I feel like I'm putting out a good product
and if they have all these things going for him to be pretty happy employees which leads
to happy customers which leads you to more business and a chart is about what drives
people away from your business? So let's take a look at it. The number one thing that drives people away
from the business is bad employee attitudes unfriendly Service untrusted Company, unknowledgeable
employees and inefficiency. Those are the big ones on the other end, you
know, if you have a celebrity that's promoting your business or if it's not Global or something
like that. Stop. That's that part of it, but it's such a small
part of it. It's really those big for there as you see
on the bottom.

The bad employee attitudes the unfriendly
service the untrusted company in the end knowledgeable employees. And of course, inefficiency comes into play
there too. So that's really what we're shooting for when
we're trying to help your business or if your marketing consultant finds help, other people. Remember your employees are the face of your
business and if you don't spend time with them, if you don't help them if you don't
support them if you don't work for them, you know, people say with my employees work for
me. Now you really work for them. I mean that tells it really works in today's
world. It's not like that anymore where you could
just put people out there and without training him without giving them the tools they need
and expect your business to do well understand most businesses will pay the person who has
the most influence over a customer's the least amount of money and give him the least training.

You see this all the time and reception desk
whether it's car dealerships are hotels or whatever that person that is I need the least
is right out front with the customer and they had fewer tools and less support than any
other position in the company has crazy number three visualization. Now, we've all been told that with the Advent
of this with voice search that people don't care to see anything anymore and nothing could
be further from the truth people still love visuals. Okay, They still want to see images. They still want to see videos. They still want to see these pictures out
there. So that's an important component that you're
going to need to add to your marketing strategies impact research has shown that people much
prefer visual concepts Philipp Plein text or even audio you don't have to look far to
acting find examples of us. I mean Pinterest exist and Instagram exists,
and they are growing in their growth because of images as you can see by this visual right
here 65% of us or visual Learners, and I know I fall into that category.

This is 80% colored. Visual increase people's desire to read content
by 80% So even if you do have written consent having that color there is really important. People are 85% more likely to buy your product
after watching a video about it. So we cannot neglect videos. I mean, hey, you're watching this video right
now to learn how to do this stuff. Also, 93% of all communication is visual. Okay, it's not audio. So hey Google and hey Alexa and all that stuff. That's a supplement that will never take the
place of visual. This is why visuals attract her attention
to affect our attitude 180% post with images produced 180% more engagement. That's insane than our brain processes visual
60000 times faster than text soak. These visuals are super important and that's
why Pinterest Google and all these other companies are also investing in visual search technology.

Images are already returned for 19% of all
searches on Google Ok check this out. Here is a graph put out by emarketer maybe
notice if the top is his ability to search by the image of a dozen what they're looking
for. The end of this is split into younger Millennials
which are 18 to 20 year old and then older Millennials richer 21 to 34-year-olds and
wood would a starling right here is there's not much difference in how they think but
it's 62.2% to 61.7% And then as you drop down will that shoppable content? Click to purchase images videos are to 57%
and 58.5% and then you go into augmented reality looks like try-before-you-buy that's when
the groups are two separate little bit but you see 36.8% for the younger Millennials
and then the older Millennials which is 21 to 34 is 28.6% today even really dropped down
to live chat and messaging even half of what visual search if they don't want to talk to

They want to see images many of the interesting
things really visuals are also a whole lot easier to remember because we think in pictures
so they're easier to remember than tax. It's hard to remember text. But you can remember a picture in your mind
number for is personalization, you know, everybody is flooded with ads anymore. And as you see all these ads, you know that
you can be a become blind to him because there are so many ads hitting you they say the average
person sees about 10,000 adds a day.

So what can you do a number for his personalization? What you can do is personalize your message
through these people now with all this data we're collecting about him about what they
like and where they go and what they want to do with her interested in that we can actually
interject that into our messages we can also put their names and emails we can talk about
previous purchases. They make we have access this information. By doing that by making these messages more
personal, it actually increases the conversion rate. Now, you know, you think it's hoped he would
you say, dear John or dear Becky, whatever your email but when consumers were told they
said that they would be 80% more likely to buy from a brand that personalizes the message. Now, in 2002 there was a movie called Minority
Report Tom Cruise played a guy named John Anderson, and as he walked to the city, he
would be bombarded by ads that were personalized and they would be saying hey John has been
handed it in all these constant messages sounded insane and yet twenty years later. That's exactly what's going on and it actually
works now marketing personalization is not just focused on the person's name.

pexels photo 7788009

Hey, we get that would you got tons of information
about these people, you know, what page is they went to you may know what videos they
watched, you know, what products they bought so you can actually do product record. Station-based on all these activities pain
really have a more focused marketing campaign for your customer's number five is strategic
marketing Transformations. So once you started marketing to your customers,
you're going to want to transform into other areas now collecting all this data from your
customers are purchase history with her interested in what they did in the past. This will help you Transformer transition
into your new marketing strategy and what you may be selling them and maybe another
product and maybe another Avenue maybe a different kind of funnel but by combining all this information,
you may find that somebody who likes to say purchases Ark survival food something along
those lines is actually interested in camping products to which is not the initial marketing
campaign, but it's related enough to where they're probably going to buy those products
to number six is SERP position and featured snippet. Now, that CEO was forgotten for a lot of years
because people figured out ads and social media and all that and they missed a lot of

But this SEO is going to continue to be super
important in the years to come and probably even more so now that there are so many people
in the advertising area and back. Here's the truth, If you SEO your page is
properly you stand a whole lot better chance of really getting to the customer house to
get your ways of searching our entirely different. I know I can sit in my living room and just
speak to Google and say hey, I went to Victory formation and rather than having to go to
a page and click on it and open it up and read that information. Google will bring back the most relevant information. So if you have SEO your pages correctly with
the right title tags and descriptions that are matching even voice search Google actually
read your information out to that person or if you're on a computer your mobile laptop,
whatever they can be one of the tops.

Result for they can actually read it within
Google results without ever having to go to your page. Now, If you have a result like that, I've
done this myself where it's it's the result that Google has on the page and I can actually
read it. I'll often go to that page to get the rest
of the information cuz I usually just perform sniffing. That's what I said at the beginning of this
Snippets step. Snippets are so important that way I can get
the main idea. But if I want more information I click and
go to it. I would say more than 50% of the time will
actually click that link and going at the rest of the information now these results
that actually appear in the Google results in the Snippets. Okay, It is said that when somebody does a
search about 60% of the time now these Snippets for these short versions of your answer will
appear within a Google search result today are really really important to point tell
brands are obviously trying to figure out how to get into that position.

So you're going to see more and more digital
marketer dinner. Marketers SEO companies advertising that they
can get you into that snippet area so that your business comes up first if it's called. Zero basically, it's not first page results
0 page results because you don't have to go anywhere number seven is voice search now. I know I've already mentioned voice search
a couple times before but it's worth really looking at a little bit closer. It's been said that in 2020, which is this
year that probably about 50% of the searches online or going to be voice search. So you need to be prepared for that consumers
or actually planning on using voice search more the more they get accustomed to it the
more they get good results the more they're going to use it has been said that 61% of
the people that are 25 to 64 plan on using voice search more in the future than they
have in the past have some companies have really picked up on this.

The tequila maker Patron Ashley has a recipe
section. So when you are searching voice searching,
you can say Patron recipe for margarita Patron recipe for Mai Tai Patron recipe for and they
have an entire section that will bring back information about recipes using Patron which
actually sells our product. They may want to think about how you can incorporate
that into your business with your client's business number 8 is AI-based automation on
my guys were seeing more and more that I don't think you're going to see the Terminator robot
walking around but you are finding the day is becoming a bigger and bigger player in
Search and getting businesses more customers Ki is also behind a little chatbox.

You see all the time where you can converse
back and forth with your customer and that an I knows what they're saying and it knows
what sequence of messages to send him down Too Faced on their previous answer people
are always going to be important. Never going to be able to replace people with
somebody or some AI but what you could do is you could use the say I of this blocking
technology to get them to the right person. Okay To The Right product to the right information
that they once and once you get them their foresight human could take over from that
point forward number 9 focus on customer retention.

This is so very important because if you've
already got a customer you want to keep that customer cost a lot of money to get a customer
I woke up today and I had an email in my email feed and it was from Starbucks and Starbucks
said to me that they would give me 25 extra points if I made any purchases over the next
four consecutive days, or they would give me 50 points if I made any purchases over
the next six consecutive days.

So as you can see what they're doing, there
is a rewarding me for coming back over and over again because I know I'm already a customer. now, it's always been known that recurring
purchasers are more valuable to a business than a new customer. Obviously because Vicki Pyne but what's really
interesting is loyal customers help build that business has Brand. So if you can build in that loyalty through
some method with your business with those coupons or discounts or special things are
VIP treatment that's going to build that Customer Loyalty which will help build your brand and
number 10 the big one live video on my gosh live video.

So very important. This is a recording you're seeing here now,
but you know, we've started doing lives more on Facebook. I'm gonna be doing more lives on YouTube because
people like to jump in there they like to be able to converse and don't ask you questions
to go back and forth. So life is actually going to be huge. They say it's going to be a 70 billion dollar
industry by 2021. Now he's been proven that people will spend
three times as much time watching a live video as a recorded video. So if you want to get your watch time up,
do you know and you're on YouTube. Will your business is that you work for on
YouTube? I would stay.

She doing while I know we're going to be more
of it. Now, as you can see in the visual here. This is how people actually prefer to learn
about a new product or service here and other is a very small portion so is presentation
pitched which you probably spent a lot of time on sale causes very small you look in
your ear books or manuals, very small then it changes up a lot. It says test bass Oracle website posts at
15% But check this out short videos account for 68% of how they wouldn't worry about your
products. If you don't have short videos about your
product you really missing the boat that when you add into those videos a live component,
you really really grown that loyalty of that customer and the odds that they're going to
purchase the product from you and of course the tree times the chance of him watching
more of that video. What is it about live videos that make people
keep watching his called FOMO that's right, FOMO.

It's fear of me. Sing out then a live video they don't know
what could be said next? They know they can't go back and watch it
necessarily. So the chances of him jumping out of that
video for a whole lot less than on a recorded video. Okay, So what do you get started now because
putting these things off is just going to cost you the information about their other
people know this information at this point and if they're competitors of yours the odds
are they're going to probably pick up on it. Maybe you have weak competitors and you know,
you can really jump ahead of them by applying some of the stuff with the point is if you
want to get on it as soon as possible if you utilize the standard stats, he will increase
your business if you will improve your brand or loyalty and your profits we all want to

I hope you enjoy this video. I want to know what did you get out of this
video of what one of these things you think you can apply in your business or have you
applied your business, please put that in the comments below and if you have questions
about this video call, so put those questions down there. I'll be happy to respond to them. Free e-commerce course at the end of this
video. All I can do is go down into the description. There's a link down there.

You click and learn no credit card required. Nothing just click and learn now. Also, don't forget to subscribe and what ring
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