[Backstage] Episode 2 : The concept

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When we looked at all of these trends that were going on in the market it sort of coalesced around this idea of a yacht where we could maximize the interior space, give a lot more flow between the interior and the exterior, give huge living spaces everywhere and really make a true owners yacht at this size. So for us it became a very clear mission, a very clear path of the design that we wanted to have for this yacht. It's certainly the most innovative yacht we've ever built.

We've tried to bring together a series of ideas to make life easier for the owner on board and create an apartment or loft effect for the owner at sea. For the new Prestige range, the X-Line, we wanted to create new concepts, new concepts that are a completely different way of sailing and experiencing your boat. We have created new spaces, with new functions, what we call the Infinity Cockpit which is an immense cockpit comparable to that of a 90-95 foot yacht – we're talking about a 70 foot yacht – with a completely different way of moving around on board.

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The Wide Body yacht: Wide Body means that the major part of the width has been used not only as a central living space and side corridors for circulation but we have given our clients the possibility to use the full width of the yacht, gaining in this way quite a lot of space for on board habitability. If you look at the history of Prestige, we've always been a market leader, we've always brought innovation to the market. the X-Line is really designed to recreate another huge step for the brand as we move forward into larger yachts and into this new world of the crossover yacht..

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