Auf Upwork Geld verdienen – Überblick über das Profil & wie du es für Kunden optimierst

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Would you like to gain customers on the Internet as a freelancer? Then maybe the “Upwork” platform is the right one for you. In this video, I explain what you need to watch out for if you want to create a profile on Upwork. Hi, my name is Melchior from Kontist Steuerberatung and if you only want to acquire customers as a freelancer, Upwork might be the right platform for you. At Upwork, project bidding is always the focus. This means that companies that have a project to award put out an open project advertisement and freelancers, including you, can then apply for this project and the client will then decide on a freelancer who will get the job. This means that two things are important to you. Firstly, the whole application process, i.e. how you actually acquire the customer, how you proceed, how you show the client that you really want this job and that you are the right person for it.

And secondly, your profile is incredibly important because of course every client will first look at your profile before they actually give you the project. Your profile is like your showroom, your business card. This is what every client will look at before you get an assignment. That's why this profile is so incredibly important and you have to pay attention to a few things. Since I was active on Upwork myself for a few years, I can speak a lot from my own experience and the best thing to do is just take a look at my profile together and go through what is important step-by-step. And for that I'll take you to my screen. If you have an Upwork profile and log in, this is your home page. You will first be greeted nicely up here, "Good afternoon, Melchior N.", so hopefully your name is there. You can then see the jobs that you can look for here, but we'll look at that in another video.

What we want to look at in this video is what your profile actually looks like or can look like. I also worked on Upwork for a while, so I'll just show you my profile. And then we just go through the different elements based on my profile and I’ll mainly go into the things that are really important to acquire customers. You can post an incredible number of things on Upwork, but not everything will help you get customers. In my experience, some areas are there, but don't really help. And I really want to get into what's really important to acquire customers here. And the first item is an image.

And please use a picture where you can be seen. I see a relatively large number of freelancers who have no picture at all or have some picture in which they cannot be seen. And of course I as a customer, I as a company, would like to know who I'm doing business with. That's why you should definitely have a picture where you are easy to see.

I have that here too, it's getting a bit old, but that's still me and you can still see it. And then the most important thing right in the header is your Job Success Rate. Upwork measures how many of your jobs have been successfully completed. Each of your clients can decide at the very end, after a job has been completed, whether you have successfully completed this job or not. And it's really important that they click yes. If, as a client, I am looking for a freelancer and see that only 60% of the jobs, i.e. tasks that have been started, have also been properly completed, I would think twice about whether I really want to work with you or whether I would rather have someone who gets the job done 100%.

But sometimes it is also the case that projects change. Sometimes it is also due to the briefing of the project, sometimes it is also due to the fact that the client's strategy has changed. There are situations in which a project simply cannot be completed successfully. But then you should urgently find an amicable solution so that you can still conclude this for both sides so that you can still say: “Okay, this job was successful.” It's really important. This is actually the KO criterion for many freelancers and the reason why they don't find a job, even if the rest is perfectly fine. An important point is the headline and the descriptive text about you.

I'll unfold that – you can unfold that here – and it starts with the headline. I've now called myself "Marketing Strategy, Community Manager, SMM, i.e. Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing". Here I simply wrote in the keywords for which I would like to be found. If someone is looking for a marketing strategy and a freelancer to go with it, I want to be as high up as possible. If someone is looking for a community manager, I want to appear relatively high up there as well. That's why it's important that you really keep using the keywords you want to be found for. And you can see that in the description. This is a bit about praising you. This is a promotional text. Of course you shouldn't lie here, but feel free to be proud.

This isn't the place to be humble, this is where you really need to promote yourself and say what you're really good at and ideally highlight it a bit too. I did that through emojis that I put in here. Many don't do that, but you can see that you start reading right away. You have bullet points, you have a bit of color and I'll start with a star. So this section is also visible in the preview. That means that when I apply for a project, you can see the colors right here.

And that's why my profile just catches the eye more than other profiles and you could do the same. Please take a look. I'll just put a link to my profile for you in the video description below. So just look at it, feel free to copy it too. I'm no longer active on Upwork. But you can definitely do the structure yourself with a teaser text, then the bullet points and the description of why it is good to work with you. What is also a very, very important point that many companies look at, of course, is your hourly rate. It now says 80 $ an hour. That doesn't mean that you can't take on other projects and also do low-priced or high-priced projects, for example. But the thing is that the clients see this hourly rate when you apply for a project. It's relatively difficult if you put 80 $ on your profile, then charge 150 $ an hour.

Because why should a client now pay almost twice as much as what you wrote in the profile? On the other hand, it helps to enter a little bit more here than you actually want to earn. Because if you put in 80 $ and then make an offer for 60 $, you look like a bargain. Of course, it also seems a little weird when you put in 80 $ and then somehow try to sell yourself for 20 $. That too is difficult. The hourly rate you write in here should tend to be only a bit higher than what you're actually charging. If it is significantly higher, i.e. I would now put in 150 $ here and am therefore always the most expensive person to apply for each project, this usually means that I never have a conversation with the client, which of course is a bit of a shame and for me is wasted time and work. And so here's the important tip to set that a little bit higher than what you want to earn, but never drastically higher and never ask lower than what you actually want to earn. Then we really get to the most important area of ​​all on your Upwork profile: your work history.

That means, what projects have you implemented on Upwork in the past? What was the title of the activity? What rating did this customer give you? And what feedback, i.e. what testimonial, did this customer give you? Incidentally, you can always see how much revenue you made with the project, what you billed per hour if it was paid per hour, and how many hours that was. This means that every client can see what work you have done in the past, what certificate you were given and how much you actually earned.

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Of course, this kind of transparency is sometimes a bit difficult, but if you have a good reputation there, you can actually forget almost everything else. Then you will get jobs. And you can see here a bit that I didn't get any feedback on the job before last, i.e. no star rating, but also no written feedback and that also somehow looks less good than, for example, this job or this job. That was a bit because it was an open contract for a few years and I ended it myself. I believe the company I worked for was no longer active on Upwork and that's why I never got a review. Admittedly, that's a bit of a shame and it also annoys me a bit because it doesn't look good, being in second place, even though everything actually went well in this project. It was just inactive and open for a long time. And what is also important with your projects is that they should all be projects for your expertise.

You can see that I wrote in here that I do marketing strategy, social media, etc. I have stated here again that I do social media. And if you scroll through here, I did marketing consulting here, social media management here, and something else there. Here I did social media management for Germany again, then social media marketing again. Then once I wrote advertisements, which is also part of the marketing department. Then I did social media management in German and English. Then I did Xing, which is also a social media platform, etc. You see that: “community growth”. I really have a reputation in this area. And if a company is now looking for a freelancer and sees in the title that they can do marketing strategy, social media management and community management, please tell the same story below, including your previous jobs. And with me, every company that is looking for advice in the field of social media management or community management can be sure that I have an idea, that I have already implemented successful projects and that the customers have always been happy with me.

And why shouldn't you hire me now? And of course that also means that I can charge more per hour. Of course you don't have that in the beginning. This means that you should also fill in the other fields. Here, for example, the testimonials that you can get from other customers are important. If you've been self-employed for a while but haven't been active on Upwork yet, you can also ask for testimonials here. So you can also send customers an email or message outside of Upwork and ask them for a testimonial. Then at least you have some testimonials here. This will definitely help you, especially if you are new to Upwork. Also, if you have certain certificates, attestations etc. you can put them all here and you can also add your previous work history as an employee. Important at this point: this is not about listing a complete CV.

So please do not enter your nursery school and primary school here or anything else you have done in between. I've waited tables before in my life. But that has no place here because I want to sell social media services here. Everything I write here should somehow underline that I know something about social media and about consulting. And that's exactly what I did. I was the community manager at Pergenz and the owner – that's my own agency, by the way.

Here I wrote about what I did there exactly. I was at KPMG. I put that in there because it's a household name. I didn't do any marketing consulting there, but I was a business consultant. So I wrote that here too. And at Steuerazubi I was a community strategist as well as in content marketing. So that also underlines that I have an idea about it. Even without projects on Upwork, I can show here that I have several years of experience. And then you can enter other experiences. Personally, for example, I was on the board of the Federal Association for Community Managers and Social Media Managers and that of course also underlines that I have an idea that I also have a network there and that I really know what I'm talking about.

That's why I wrote it again here. The fact that I might now be a kit man or a groundsman at the local football club is nice, but it has no place here now because it won't help me acquire customers. That's why I left that out. Besides that, it's not true at all, which is why it's out of place here anyway. You can see a summary of your entire profile on the left-hand side. Here you can also see the total turnover that you have made with the profile – not only you, but also your customers – how many projects you have implemented and how many hours you have worked on this platform in total. Important: these are only the projects that are billed by the hour. Of course, the projects for which you have a flat rate, i.e. a project price, are not included here because Upwork does not know how many hours you actually worked there.

And here you can give a few details about your language skills, etc. And if you do a good job, you collect reputations, etc. But what is interesting is that large clients have their own talent cloud, i.e. a pool of freelancers who they know are definitely good and they have had good experiences with them. And if you've been on Upwork for a while, big companies will add you to these Talent Clouds and that's very, very appealing because it makes it so much easier to get projects from those companies onto Upwork. And personally, I've worked with really big companies on Upwork. Sometimes I'm surprised at what big companies are actually active on Upwork. Here you can see one: Sunpower. That means I'm in Sunpower's Talent Cloud. So when Sunpower is looking for freelancers for marketing, I am suggested at the top and they see that they have already had very good experiences with me.

Sunpower builds solar panels. They are based in California, so they also operate worldwide and are one of the world market leaders in this area. But I also worked for Klarna and Magna, for example. These are both large corporations, both of which I acquired on Upwork. I also used them to implement other projects outside of Upwork. But I got to know all these companies on this platform. So don't underestimate it! Upwork has really big clients. And I know it's a lot of work to fill out that profile, but once you build that up, it becomes really, really easy to acquire clients. And at the end of my job, I was regularly contacted by companies asking if I had the capacity to work for them. So if you do this for a while and have a good reputation, clients will apply to you and not the other way around. I hope that with this video I was able to give you a first insight into what your profile as a freelancer on Upwork should look like. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below this video. By the way, this video is part of a longer video series, i.e.

A whole playlist, in which we explain how you can generate customers as a freelancer on platforms, how you can earn your money online and what you should pay attention to bureaucratically. I'll put a link to this whole playlist for you here at the top right. And by the way, this video is part of an initiative and in this initiative we want to show Ukrainian freelancers how they can acquire customers in Germany and Europe and thus finance their livelihood as well as provide information on what they have to pay attention to bureaucratically. For this purpose we have also created a Telegram group. I'll put a link to it for you in the video description below. If you need direct help or have direct questions, feel free to come in. In this group we are happy to answer all your questions in English or Ukrainian. By the way, that's also the reason why this video is also available in English and Ukrainian.

You can find the links to the other two videos here and here..

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