Advanced Facebook Marketing Tips For Business – How To Share Your Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences

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What's up guys Jason Wardrop here in this video I'm going to show you some advanced Facebook marketing tips and Strategies that you can go through and implement your business now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you how you can actually share different audiences from one Facebook Ads account To another Facebook Ads account so whether it's just purely an audience or it could be a look-alike audience and The reason why I'm gonna be going through and sharing this with you guys is it's not this is probably not for everyone this is Probably for kind of more high-end marketers where you know you run in a marketing agency, or you've got your business And maybe you've gone through And you've got all these conversions on one Facebook pixel And you want to go through and kind of spread it out to another Facebook Ads account this kind of idea actually came up with Charles actually other day then I responded to him But I kind of wanted to share this with you guys here because I get this question actually quite a bit and so we said Hey Jason makes for great content.

He's basically asking ok I've got I'm gonna go through and I've got my Facebook pixel, and I'm generating leads But then I want to be able to go through and not only generate leads, but say hey I'm what I want a warm that pixel up for people buying my products and other products, and he even says over here Let's see if you summit up house info pixel data from the last conversion move down to the next if it's a new ad set Okay, so basically How is the pixel info from be generation converted over to maybe? Purchases or purchase of another item and another thing is He says he's got multiple products that are Serving multiple different markets so really quick just before I go in and share with you guys how to go through and share your audience your your look-alike audiences all that stuff When you're going through if you're serving multiple markets I would create a separate Facebook Ads account for those different markets so for example for me when I'm running my ads I've got the real estate niche, and I have the mortgage niche, okay, so Realtors and mortgage brokers are a little bit different And so I'll have one account serving the real estate market where I've got that Facebook pixel, which is catering to is warming up It's learning all the information on how to best serve my ads to the Realtors And then I've got another one for mortgage brokers We're just going through and the pixal is learning who that ideal demographic for me is to go through and use okay now He says he's got multiple products serving multiple markets now if you have let's say three to four different products serving the same market so for example I have multiple offers and products for Realtors for mortgage brokers I'm going to keep those same multiple products and offers within the same Facebook Ads account within the so using the same Facebook pixel because that Facebook pixel is getting warmed up learning how to go through and serve my ads and find the best people the best Realtors the Best my ideal target audience for the ads that I'm creating and what I'll do is if I'm going through let's say I'm just going through to generate leads for like I run webinar so if I'm generate leads for that webinar I'll keep all of that those ads and all those ad sets within the same campaign, okay And then if I'm going through, and I'm trying to sell another products Let's say I've got you know like her $40.00 buyer leads course case of that little training I'll create a separate campaign Because Facebook will go through and optimize your pixel and the different conversion events towards each campaign level So they'll both be conversion campaigns, okay, but I'll have one towards webinar registrations And so we'll optimize for that for that campaign.

I've got another one for my buyer leads product Okay, so that will be in that campaign and then and so on so for any other products you keep them in separate campaign So you're not tracking multiple conversion events within the same campaign now if this is wherever your guys head. Don't worry guys This is very advanced Facebook marketing stuff, so you most likely don't need to really worry about it If you're kind of like a small local business owner, but let's just jump in I want to show you guys Because this is really key and and this is very helpful if You're running kind of a big marketing agency or big business you want to go through and spread your ad sets Across a few different ads accounts or share different data From you know your ad account to a client's or vice versa from a clients to your account So be coming here to the ads manager.

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We can go over here to audiences will just click audiences right there And so to pull up all of the customizes that we've created all the look like audiences Whatever type of audiences, so this one this mortgage ads account. I haven't used it too much, but you can see we've got some Audiences in here so we've got all of our mortgage leads Not all of them. I think this is kind of just like I created this a few months ago Looks like and then I've got okay. I've got a 1% look like based off these mortgage leads I've got people who visited the webinar registration page for mortgage, so I've got a few of these different options here, okay, so let's say you want to go through and share this audience info with another ads account whether it's for a client or a Client has these audiences that you want to share with them, or you're working together with somebody like for example Let's say you're doing a joint venture with somebody where they've got all this awesome You know custom info of the this targeted audience that you want to be able to go through and use But you want to use your ad dollars or their ad dollars or vice versa whatever it is All you got to do is come over here.

Just click on this and then you come over here to actions you hit share And then what happens is you just put in the ad account ID or the ad account name, okay, so If you look up here This is where the ad account ID or name is so you just put that right into Sorry, go to actions share and you put it in there and you hit share Then automatically will sync and drop into their Facebook Ads account And then you can use that audience they can use that audience, or you know however you're gonna Go through and leverage that okay, so anyway guys Hopefully this video was helpful. I know this is a lot more advanced high-level topic of diving deep into the Facebook advertising campaign and how to go through separate different products how to use the pixel how to go through and use the different conversion events so basically kind of going back to you was it Charles if You have let's say, you're you're you're training a pixel for lead generation because you don't have any customers yet, you're just getting started Okay, you're gonna have one campaign for lead generation the pixels gonna be learning learning learning, okay, then you're like okay I've got enough people for purchases I'm gonna create a new campaign for a new conversion event for just purchases Right so now the pixel is has learned info from the lead generation But now it's learning more info nation from purchases And then as you go on you create a new campaign if you have a new product And it's gonna learn off of all those different products those different offerings and based on the campaign That's in its gonna know okay for this campaign is looking for this types of people for this one It's looking for this type, and this one is looking for this type people and they'll go be able to segment it But overall your whole Facebook pixel is learning is getting a lot more data overall so anyway guys.

Hopefully that was helpful I know it was probably for a very small specific market, but also I Replied to Charles his comment I don't know if it really made sense cuz I'm not that good at writing So I wanted to go through shoot a video for Charles anyone else that might find this helpful So if you did find a helpful go ahead give it a thumbs up also Make sure you guys subscribe cuz we try to launch new videos daily Or for sure every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so with that said guys Thanks so much for watching today, and we'll see you all tomorrow.

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