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Hey there, I'm Tiffany Youngren,
owner and founder of OMH Agency. I started this company back in
2016 with the vision of helping businesses expand online and be
seen and get attention. And in the end, attract clients using
online marketing and connecting in person with people because
relationships really are what it's all about. So what you'll find is, as
digital marketing changes, and our behavior changes, the
vehicles that we use to reach out and capture the attention of
and convert leads into clients has to adapt. And so right now
is no different. We are currently using
podcasting as a vehicle to do that. What I love about it, you
know, I've been doing it for a few years now, so we have built
systems to make the whole thing feel lighter.

If you look me up, you'll find
that I have had two solid podcasts: I had Chat and Grow
Masterminds. And then I've also had BreakAway Agent, which
targeted top performing real estate agents across the
country. I've been able to get top notch
guests, I've always been about, "Do we get clients"? With Chat
and Grow Masterminds, I wanted to build something where I was
able to meet top marketers, and share that with my audience. Because, number one as a
podcaster, you are able to uniquely position yourself as an
authority and when you're interviewing the top marketers
and business owners who have been able to achieve great
things, then, you know, you must know something, is what the
perception of your audience is.

So it really is a great way to
position yourself as a trusted authority. We use the processes that we
were able to learn and develop while we were producing
BreakAway Agent. BreakAway Agent really transformed the landscape
of how we looked at podcasting. I would really venture to say
that it was disruptive. Most podcasters want to get out
there and reach a broad audience, which we do, right,
but that takes years. That can literally take two to five years
to build this massive audience that we're all looking for.
There are ways to speed that up. The three issues that most
people say, "I want to have a podcast, but these are the three
issues that I've had. These are the three concerns that I've
had: time, content, what do I talk about, and money." Right? So we all want to make
money with it. When we developed BreakAway
Agent, we learned how to capture that piece earlier on. And we've
even added a component that really created a much more
dynamic way to monetize the podcast.

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So I just want to encourage you
that – don't get hung up on the time or the content. I promise
you, whatever industry you're in, there is more than likely,
actually, you're going to be able to find great content. Your
audience wants to hear what you have to say. But you want to develop it in a
way where you are answering their biggest questions and
solving their problems. So strategy is so important. If you
just go out and say, "Hey, I have this great idea to start a
podcast," and you do it, chances are, it's gonna feel really
heavy after a few weeks, and it's gonna be tough to monetize,
and you're gonna just have "pod fade," or you're gonna give up
on it. And I don't want you to do that because podcasting
works. And we want to help you do that.

So number one, processes and
delegation will help with the content and with the time issue.
Monetization, like I said, we've got a system, download our
pillars. It can all happen but don't get hung up on the vanity
metrics. At the end of the day, you want
mass audience, you want to build that audience. You want to cast
your net wider. And, you want to capture more clients. Everybody
knowing about you isn't enough. If that's all you want, I mean,
that's great, and a lot of people make a lot of money like
that. But it's the relationships, and through our,
our proprietary relationship building interview process, I
guarantee you, you're going to be able to build those
relationships. And those relationships turn
into clients. So, reach out, let's talk more about it..

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