70,000 Visits on Auto-Pilot | Pinterest Traffic Demo with Tailwind

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hi guys do you want 70,000 views of traffic to your site on autopilot i have to show you exactly how i did it right after the introduction [music] [music] [applause] hi guys have been arkell passive automation calm i want to show you exactly how I created seven thousand use traffic that is completely on our website on autopilot, but only if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing about passive income, how to create an online business my YouTube channel has tons of resources you are welcome to browse my videos watch some more I've talked about tons of stuff there are lots of free resources here so if you want to subscribe to my channel then click on the bell message to be announced with upcoming videos I will show you everything behind the scenes how to start an online business with affiliate marketing and passive income I would love for you to be a part of this community, but I want to jump right in and talk about Pinterest, I want to show you try really definitely definitely to keep this video really short and fair gives you some incredible nuggets, I tend to sometimes go together do I do not want to do it, but this is my statistic too one of my sites last year okay the last three 365 days so Pinterest i have 71,000 people who have come to my now I want you to show you all-time stats because my Pinterest traffic is accelerating and the past I did not get so much so the whole time I have had this website like five years is only a hundred thousand so in the last year you can tell that things are really downloaded and I want to show you what I do basically I use something called tailwind Taylan is basically a planning of Pinterest I can create pins and I can plan them to be posted to different groups to different tribes on until one and then you can see here on my website data this is for the past a few year you can see, I had nothing so this is social traffic for Pinterest right here okay, you can see that there is nothing to the first well in 2017 sorry, my computer froze up and so I decided to learn more about what I went to some conferences people can talk about Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest and so I started posting and then this is just the traffic on social media but you know one day 926 views and it's kind of tapered because on this specific site I have not created new pins I want to show you what happens if I get an email every week from the tail end and this is just you by September 2nd it tells me hey 96 pins were sent you had a thousand repin so I mean how many pins did you get last week i got a thousand and i really did not do anything because everything was already configured and then again 1015, this was just last week i got an email so i will talk really fast with you about tailwind how do i do that so this is i logged in right now-je g have two different accounts once a it says free trial, I paid for the call to share one about passive automation which is my online business account associated with marketing I just started getting legs going and so I did not have much data to show you, but what i do is tail and now it is if you look at planned pins you travel basically to canada if you are not that known Pinterest I make another video on it but basically excuse me you can go to canva ro you can create free legs just click on this Pinterest graphics is very simple they just want to load a little slow so there are all these different templates and you basically click on one and then you can swap it out for anything you want right but like to change URL passive automation calm and then I could say like ten tips for new affiliates marketers okay and then you could just change let's go to set me to okay and then delete it but ten tips for new affiliates e marketers what you do is just down you can publish it to Pinterest or just download it right to your desktop by tapping download what you do or there is another tool Taylor and I can go I actually did it already, if you click on this little Chrome extension right here on the site you're on, let's do it okay let's go here we're on my website hit this Chrome extension what it does is it shows a plus of all pictures and you can choose them and publish them so I Choose this picture Eco-plan, it shows up in the tail and the app and you can Choose which table you want to place it on okay this is an affiliate marketing book called expert secrets and good places , where I could associate marketing add to the right of the queue, it was also added to a stem so that the stem is inside when it is a group of people who have similar content where you can all write in stem and then share each other's pins which is a good idea also smart lube I show , that your smart loop is different than so just talent, if you if you wanted to schedule posts I have to here if you would schedule posts Intel and what you do is that you schedule them for a specific time, and then send a time what smart loot do smart loop do, frames you put all your pins in a specific table and you designate how many pins you want out per.

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day and it plans them regularly forever so I have basically a two three four different smart boards as you can see there are one hundred and forty seven pins running to four boards there are six hundred total positions and upcoming and basically it's an escape read Release by forever okay so I do not even I have configured it, I do not really touch it what I want to do is add new fresh push pins to this board into the smart program, then you will know that you continue to give new content to my readers to those who are searching now there is a cost of [Music] tailwind there is also a cost of smart loop if you go look here for a tail and plus it is like a hundred dollars I think for smart loop it's something like really okay but again what I want you guys to think of as think of having the ability to have a pin that creates one and points to it publishes automatically and then how it happens on a recurring basis and so on you literally create the content once and it just goes up there forever and always and always I want you to show show you my was one of my counts called the share and I have three hundred and seventy thousand monthly viewers and I have to tell you before I started counting I had a few thousand and I actually had at one time up to 1.3 million monthly viewers and just like I said I did not create fresh pins for this account which I would like to add to my smart bow and so much the needles that are shared, or maybe older content and for this blog specifically I make stories that are kind of time sensitive I try to make everyone step on my scrubs and stuff but I do not do it all the time anyway , so you too know all that it varies with having fresh content that also adds to your scent loop all the time, but again three hundred and seventy thousand viewers on this Pinterest account and as they see these pins, they are again all d isse pins I have not sent them there okay, they post automatically and the posts in two groups the posts in two tribes and I am not really touching it and again if you look at a feed traffic I get you know a thousand thousand people on my site per years now for you when you bring them to your site, you know what to do with them of course you will have a lead capture page on your site that captures an email so the seventy thousand people that I have got into my page I probably caught you know I would say two to five thousand emails because I have an email popup that appears offering them some you know free information so I want to do kind of a really fast and dirty just list of 170 thousand views on their website okay you saw that this is my account, I'm not posting any of this, I did at one time what I do is use a tool called tail end I can plan all my all my posts this is one that I have not listed yet but excuse me call to share yeah I have 4,000 followers I get followers all the time every week okay and then like I said when I started doing this you know you can obviously see a difference and all these guys, I can not for that tell you how much time I spent on posting Pinscher things because it's not much it really is not and I want to show you another quick thing- one of the tools I use I use canva right but another tool to act pins I would like to show you and a many times people think you need to create these detailed pins that are beautiful and just incredible and yes it is nice but it is not absolutely necessary now I give you an example like these pins i started to create for my site my new web page called possible automation and they are pretty much all the same and they are very simple, they are not as super as incredible but all i do is I change this image and change the text and then BAM, so if you can create a system with pins that just you you know it fits kind of your brand they can be recognized maybe I adjust things in the future change the font a little spruce it up a bit but do not spend 45 minutes making a pin I can make these in two minutes and I'm done so guys got fast and dirty if you want more information on Pinterest please leave a comment on this video I do not respond to every comment I help you there is a really great of course I took as I did not can find more online I do not think it is available but Kimmy from pink hexagon had a really incredible Pinterest course and I just can not find it anymore I searched all over the internet but what I might do if you reach out to me and have more questions about how to get trolling sites how to configure it step by step I can take all her emails and forward them to you and I think it would be a great help but again better Kel-pass by automation commission Please subscribe at my channel, leave me a comment tell me where you are in your Pinterest journey okay how many each month viewers you get through Pinterest how much traffic you get from it I would be interested to know , and we'll catch you on the next video thanks guys

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