7 Best Email Marketing Services for online Businesses (2021) Day in the life of a digital marketer

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good morning everybody j.r fisher here 
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today i'm going to be going over email providers   why you need one and the best ones out there 
i will save the best for last but if you have   any questions about starting running and growing 
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i've got a promo that's going to be coming up   we're uh our canned meats actually we're changing 
the labels on them and we're actually moving to   austin texas in the next few months so i'm going 
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you'll get an email about what's going on i'm   not trying to sell any food or anything here but 
just letting you guys know i know a lot of people   during the illness we're out of food 
and the grocery stores didn't have food   so it's a good idea to have some stuff on 
hand if you don't get ours get somebody else's   but make sure you have some type of food 
supply uh man anything can happen i mean just   anything can happen trust me uh that will 
interrupt that food supply so today i do want to   talk about email providers but let me kind of talk 
about what an email provider is an email provider   is not like yahoo or gmail or anything like that 
that is for your personal email that's when you're   emailing somebody or somebody's emailing you an 
email provider is a mass email provider in other   words you can email 100 people at the same time or 
10 000 people or 100 000 people at the same time   and that's the kind of email provider i'm going 
to talk about today if you're an online marketer   you 100 percent have to have an email provider 
like if i were to try to email out of my normal   cloud host here my normal email it's going 
to make me wait one minute before i send   the next email so i can send one email a 
minute okay so that's not gonna work um but   with my email provider my marketing one i can send 
tens of thousands of emails uh within a minute   um and that's what i'm talking about so that's 
those are going to be what i'm talking about   today i'll give you a list of all of them i'll try 
i guess i'll put them in the chat too excuse me   and um that way you'll know what the name of it 
is because sometimes when i say it you may not   hear it properly but i want to go through each and 
every one of them so you kind of know what's out   there these are not exhaustive of all the email 
providers out there these are just some of them   and um you know you can look 
more you'll find them out there   the first one i want to talk about is let me see 
if i can just talk it in here constant contact yes that's the first one constant contact i 
actually started with constant contact in 2010   uh it's probably the largest and fastest growing 
email marketing service in the world um it's not   the best one for digital marketers i will tell 
you that but it's good for overall businesses   so if you just have a business online you know 
maybe it's a restaurant or maybe it's a you   know hair salon or whatever it's it's pretty good 
each account gives you access to unlimited emails   you've got tracking you've got reporting 
you've got some social media shares in there   you do have an image library it is   um you limited you got a facebook ads integration 
if you want e-commerce integrations with   shopify stores so if you have a shopify store 
you can use it for that uh it has really good   customer support it's got live chat it's got phone 
email you know community support all that stuff   they offer in-person seminars across the country 
when you know we can meet across the country they   also have a 60-day free trial and no credit card 
required after that the pricing starts at around   20 bucks a month so it's a cheap way to get 
started um not the best email but it's okay   um the next one i want to tell you about is send 
in blue let me put that in here send in blue make   sure i got that spelled right there we go that's 
the next one send in blue um it is a complete sms   and email software for businesses what's sms 
that's texting so you can actually text people   and you can also email people uh it's really 
easy to use it's got some really good tools   it's got some pretty decent emails in there it's 
got a drag and drop function so you can build your   emails it also includes a beginner friendly 
marketing on ottoman i can't talk automation   tool uh that allows you to send transactional 
emails create workflows automatic follow-up   emails you can segment your users in there which 
we've talked about is really really important   they also offer complete free email marketing 
plans with unlimited contacts which is nice   their free plans let you send up to 300 emails 
per day so if you notice some of these things   will give you unlimited sins some of them will 
give you unlimited contacts it's just it's going   to go back and forth you know it doesn't matter 
like this one here offers you unlimited contacts   but you can only send 300 emails a day 
so that really limits what you can do um   thoughts on bot marketing yeah let me finish this 
one here paul and then i'll get to bob marketing   and what my opinion is what my experience 
has been because i've done that also   with sendinblue they started about 25 bucks a 
month you can also include sms to your account but   the pricing is based on your sending requirements 
now i have a pretty high send requirement   so i'll talk about what i use in just a second 
let's see when doing email do the plans offer   email sequencing some do some do not i'll give 
you the best one at the very end um they do   have an improved premium plan with this company 
um so you can have a landing page builder live   chat sales crm facebook ads all that good stuff 
but it's going to cost you more money now send   in blue offers a separate smtp bulk email service 
which you can use to power automated transactional   emails from your wordpress site you do not need 
this email marketing campaign but it's nice to   have the functionality um box let me talk about 
that for a second and if you guys don't know what   a bot is it's like if somebody sends me a message 
on my facebook page and then i have an automated   excuse me uh text or messenger that goes back out 
to him through facebook um here's what i found   people like messenger for their personal messages 
that's what i've noticed that's what i want you   know messengers for personal stuff when a company 
jumps in there and they start talking to me   you know through a bot i can normally tell it's 
a bot um now i don't mind too terribly much if   i'm trying to get like tech support or something 
like that though i'm not crazy about it but when   they start to try to sell me something and i 
did this i know i tried to sell people stuff   it irritates me and i'll hit stop and i stop it um 
bot marketing is primarily used through facebook   messenger and the problem with that is facebook 
just controls everything about what you say what   you do what you can what words you can use um 
and i had a problem with them so i quit using it   um some people may you know feel like it works for 
them i have noticed um like frank kerm was doing   it and he quit too but i guess he quit i haven't 
gotten a message from him in a long time but i   think for businesses and marketing i think emails 
is the way to go i don't think bots are going to   work it sounds great it sounds you know nice to 
be able to just automatically answer questions and   automatically sell people stuff and you don't put 
the effort into it unfortunately i haven't seen   it work nobody has proven to me it works really 
well i haven't seen anybody make a whole lot of   money on box if you know somebody that is really 
successful with it please let me know because i   have not seen it at all the only bot i like is 
with my docs as a reminder of appointments yeah   i agree paul that i don't mind i don't mind that 
at all or if it's a flight like an airline flight   you know your flight's ready or your flight's 
delayed uh i don't mind that at all but man   when they try to sell me something they lose me 
they they really do and i don't know if i'm like   the regular person or not i think i am because 
i see fewer and fewer of those things coming   through uh the next one i want to tell you about 
guys is drip dr ip let me put that in here grip yeah um drip is a really a higher end enterprise 
email marketing platform for e-commerce bloggers   you know digital marketers people like that which 
is you know somebody like me that's not the one   i use i'll give you the one i use in just a 
minute they have a whole wide range of tools   email automation sales funnels uh personalization 
is pretty easy in it they have an integration   for most of the popular website builders including 
wordpress and woocommerce uh it allows you to add   uh pop-ups if you want opt-ins which i think 
are super important uh forms to your website   excuse me and you can also capture more leads 
when sets what really sets drip apart i would say   is the competition like the campaign monitor 
it's their intelligent marketing automation   tools it's smarter email segmenting that 
type of thing split testing features   in my throat the morning stop 
let me wake myself up here um there's subscriptions that 
drip uh they do have a live chat   they got webinars they got automation training 
they got detailed courses you got guides um all   this stuff is really important when you get 
an email automation guys because it can get   complicated as heck um their e-commerce revenue 
attribution feature shows us exactly how much   revenue we generate which is nice from each email 
marketing campaign um uh and even though it's a   little bit pricey uh drip is a really good tool 
drip offers a free trial their plans start at 49   a month which includes all their features you're 
going to be limited though so you want to look   at that plan and see if it's going to be enough 
for you they just added sms notification feature   to all the plans uh so they do have that available 
too uh the next one i want to talk about is   convertkit convert kit i'll make sure you get 
the spelling right i had it on my screen here convertkit yeah i got it that's it okay 
uh convertkit is really um a robust email   marketing platform and it is for professional 
bloggers authors marketers that type thing   um it's easier to use uh and it's pretty powerful 
too it's a pretty decent one they have features   that allow you to easily offer upgrades 
and incentives with email uh signup forms   um it has auto responders on it which is nice   now they have powerful features uh that you 
don't really get in a lot of the top-notch   email uh marketing platforms it does have an a b 
testing i love a b testing and let me talk about   a b testing this is something that is super 
important and we're getting ready to do it now   but let me give you an example let's say 
you have 10 000 subscribers on your list   with 10 000 subscribers you say well i want to 
test a headline excuse me a subject line in my   email so you have two different subject 
lines you don't send it out to all 10   000 and go wow this one worked better than the 
other one you don't do that okay what you do is   you take say 500 people on your list and you tag 
them uh headline test okay or today's date test   okay so i may put in there for 19 21 headline test 
i take 500 of my 10 000 okay i send them an email   half of them get one subject line half of them get 
another subject line i after i send out that email   i look and see which one got opened more which 
one got clicked more which one got more sales   then i look at the other one i take the one that 
did the best and then i send it out to the rest   of my email list my 9 500.

pexels photo 267371

That's how that's done 
i see a lot of people who'll send it out to their   entire list and go wow this would work better than 
the other one well what good did that do you okay   you've got to test it with a small portion 
of your list first that's what you got to do   back to convertkit they offer basic email support 
they've got a good knowledge base i guess in there   the training is not as good as some of the other 
ones they also offer a 14-day trial prices start   at 29 bucks a month but they also offer a 30-day 
refund policy excuse me a lot of these ones that   seem really cheap in the beginning once you get 
a lot of names in there they get really expensive   i mean really expensive uh next one up and i used 
to use this one is aweber let me put this in here   a weber all righty there's aweber um aweber is 
pretty good i mean i've used them before i had   them before i had infusionsoft which is now keep 
um but it's one of the oldest and probably the   most popular email marketing service providers 
around um they've got a lot of tools in there   small medium sized businesses they're kind of too 
small for us now with the size of our list you get   access to html email templates list management 
autoresponders a b testing they also have email   tracking with detailed insights they offer pretty 
powerful marketing features uh such as amp excuse   me amp uh emails we got rss email for bloggers um 
and they got tag based uh subscriber segmentation   the support options do have a live chat which is 
nice they got phone support email support they   got webinars um they offer a limited free plan 
for up to 500 subscribers um 500 sounds like a   lot to you guys and that's how they hook a lot of 
people but you'll quickly get into the thousands   and then their plans get kind of expensive after 
that the pricing starts at 19 a month but you can   also sign up quarterly or annually for plans to 
save even more they don't have all the marketing   tools that i would want uh but you know if you're 
starting out and you don't want to spend a whole   lot of money they're not bad uh next one 
we got i got a question here though let me   address that do you outsource your emails to a 
va once you have it set up after testing uh love   your split testing advice do you do a third or 
fourth split test like you did with your video ads   uh yeah i always split test i'm always changing 
things always doing things um but what i do   and guys you should do this too let's say you have 
two subject lines and you split test them and one   of them works okay one of them works better than 
the other one okay say they both open but one   works better than the other one take that one 
that works put it on a spreadsheet and put the   percent of open that you got okay put the percent 
of open that you got and constantly do that when   you have different subject lines and what you'll 
do is you'll devise a whole list of subject lines   that have worked well for you in the percentages 
so then when you're writing another email six   months down the road you can still use some of 
the same subject lines and pop those in there and   know that you're going to have a good one and 
you can build your own database by doing that   i do not outsource my emails paul i don't want 
i don't want anybody else's voice um to be in my   email so all my emails i've written myself i've 
never ever had anybody write an email but me so   if you got an email from me i wrote it so love 
it or hate it i did do all my emails so that's   kind of important constant contact has a book out 
for people looking for a book on email marketing   i'm more of a video visual learner yeah i am too 
i gotta agree that's why i binge watch or listen   uh to in-car trips yeah i i'm kind of like that 
too i mean i will read a book and i have a lot   of books i've read a lot of books um but i like 
to watch stuff i'm a really i like videos a lot   and a lot of times on videos i'll play them at you 
know double speed uh because i can get through the   video a lot faster and i can learn a lot faster 
my next one up guys is get response and after i   talk about get response i'm going to talk about 
the best the best email provider there is and   get response is a good one don't get me 
wrong let me put this in here get response   all right got that in there that's get 
response um you know they're pretty popular um   it's pretty easy to use it does simplify 
email marketing and small business   it comes with a decent marketing automation 
tools allows you to create you know some smart   email campaigns they get a drag and drop builder 
uh you can create campaigns segment contacts uh   and you can send any number of emails designed 
for specific groups get response uh comes with   a pretty nice responsive forms uh but i think 
forums should be as basic as they you know can be   uh you got a b testing in there which is nice 
unsubscribe tracking does have auto responders   and it integrates with third-party lead generation 
stuff like if you have like maybe opt-in monster   you got salesforce you got google docs zendesk 
any of those things uh it will integrate with that   uh the server i'll get it out the service 
is provided by phone live chat and email   and the help section is full of free learning 
stuff if you want to go that route they also   have a 30-day free trial and their plans start at 
15 bucks now the next one i'm going to tell you   about is by far not the cheapest but is the best 
um and here's the deal guys if you save 50 or 60   a month or whatever the heck it is but later on 
or excuse me but as you grow your business you end   up spending way more than that or later on you 
got to switch over i don't think it's worth it   uh and i know it's hard for some of us when 
we're first starting out to spend a whole lot   of money and i get it and if you can't you can't 
and the next one is not the cheapest i'll tell you   it's not the cheapest however it is by far the 
best um more than three quarters of your videos   uh but doing them at 1.15 speed well that's 
got to be tough because i talk pretty fast   anyhow paul so uh and i want to look up one thing 
here to make sure all of my stats are up to date   and i'm going to give you some pricing 
and that's why i want to make sure   the pricing is accurate for 
what i'm going to give you   and guys keep putting those comments in there 
man i want to see your comments i really do   um well they got a cheaper one okay all right 
i'm looking here so uh and i want to scroll   through and look at some of the pricing here 
just saying my number one pick are you ready   for it my number one pick what is my number one 
pick can anybody guess what my number one pick is   if you've listened to me for any period of time 
you're going to know what my number one pick is   uh are you going to post the texas videos yeah 
yeah i am um and i'm not sure which ones you   thought are you talking about of the walk through 
of the house because i just did some videos last   week of that or are you talking about our 
trip traveling what are you talking about   and also guys put in that comment section what 
do you think is my number one pick for an email   provider do you know have you listened to me 
long enough to know what my number one pick is   if you've ever gotten an email from me uh within 
the past three years it's come from this company   but can you guess what it is paul 
you should know james you should know   what is my number one pick for an email provider 
what would it be and i'm willing to give you   a gold star if you get a gold star to anybody 
who gets my number one pick for email provider   james breen knows it's carter you are right 
james he gets a gold star here's gold star for   james ah paul got it too paul you can you can 
share that gold star that escaped james i don't   mind that carter how much of a pain in the butt is 
it if you switch like you said if you're going to   switch better to do it once um yeah but i got to 
tell you if a newfangled thing came along tomorrow   and it was better than cartridge i would switch 
again i would i don't ever want to say i've got   this one thing and i'm going to stick with it 
forever no matter what changes i think that's dumb   uh but my number one pick is cartridge they have 
so much more to offer guys than anybody out there   um they have their own checkout in there so you 
can sell products or services through the secure   and really nice checkout forms i was 
working on some last night for my products   you can use credit card you can use paypal they 
have a thing called karcher pages where you can   build all your sales pages in there you don't 
get this with other providers guys so you can   do that they have the leads part you can build 
your own leads prospects databases they have   funnels they have campaigns in there you can 
do a multi-page funnel flow to convert visitors   into leads leads into customers customers into you 
know current clients of course they have mail okay   you can create live or automated emails uh that 
you can do sms in there so you can text people   um memberships um so if you have a membership of 
whatever you can build out all your memberships in   there and they can actually integrate with 
all your emails based on where somebody is   at in the membership they have videos the only 
provider that has videos what that means is   you can actually upload a video to cartridge and 
it can play within cartridge which means you know   how far people are watching the video how many 
people watch the video what i like about it is   when somebody joins one of my courses i can tell 
how many videos they watched which videos they   watched how far into the videos they watched it 
they have help desk in there so you can build your   own help desk so i can have one for survival 
k food i can have one for you know digital   cash academy for webcast you can have all these 
different help desks and then the tickets come   directly to me through an email and then i can go 
back and answer them which i don't answer on my   help desk i do have help with that they also have 
calendars in there so you can set up appointments   people can organize with you you can register um 
those those are amazing they got forms in there so   you can set up all your forms for whatever you 
want to fill out you know for buying stuff for   you know informational for surveys whatever you 
want uh they also have an affiliate marketplace so   whatever products you're selling in there 
you can offer it to other people and they can   sell your products and they can make money 
off it all you got to do is click a button   and put it in the marketplace so you can have 
that other income coming in uh let's see here do you keep a database separate of all your emails 
in case provider goes wonky no i don't paul um   i don't but i can't you know they have so 
many redundant backups i can't imagine an   email provider losing everybody's emails i 
mean i guess it could happen and if it did   i mean i've got the ability to write another email 
so i'm not really worried about it um does kartra   have tutorials for all their services james they 
do however um carter is more complicated i'm not   going to kid you about that it's probably not as 
complicated as infusionsoft that's ridiculous i   never did understand infusionsoft my my wife 
did i built all this stuff in there and that   uh but kartra once you learn it it makes sense 
it does make sense but you do have to learn it   i have a lot of videos on my channel if you want 
to you know if you want to learn more about kartra   i would say go to the search part of 
my channel and just type in cartridge   also if you want to get cartridge i am an 
affiliate of cartridge uh it's one of the   few products i push and i push it because every 
single person that's ever gotten it that used   it that used it there's a key loves it and it's 
made of money it'll more than make back any money   you spend and i'm gonna talk about what their 
costs are in just a second uh can you integrate   patreon to kartra um i'm not quite sure what you 
mean on that one paul um you can it does have   really great integrations but i'm not sure patreon 
is a separate site that you got to go to and join   now you could put a button uh and that button 
could have a link going to your patreon account   if that's what you mean i mean you could 
do that that's certainly very easy to do   so let's talk about pricing i had i pulled all 
these up on my phone here because i didn't want   to get this wrong um if you want to get cartridge 
guys you can get a one dollar trial through my   link it will be in the description after 
this video is over with or i know there is   no description right now when i'm doing a live 
but after i'm done there will be a link there   and you can get cartridge from one dollar after 
that you got to pay all right you got to pay so   here's how it works uh if you go monthly 
monthly uh you can get up to 2500 leads   okay so that it starts you off with a decent 
amount um you can do 15 000 emails a month um   you get a host a 100 pages you can host 50 videos 
and you can sell 20 products and you could build   two membership sites uh you can connect one help 
desk and that is a one dollar trial for 14 days   okay after that you got to pay 99 a month now if 
you want to do the one year plan you know you know   you're going to stick with it for a year and i 
hope you would i would hope you would um you could   do the annual plan uh and the annual plan is going 
to cost you 240 a year which comes to about 79 a   month i think it is when built annually um the 
next one is the silver plan and i'm reading from   my phone here because i get all this a silver plan 
is 12 500 uh leads you're gonna get three custom   domains so you can actually have three different 
web pages that you integrate with cartridge um   can you of course i'll use your affiliate links 
thank you very much i don't get much off it really   um three months or excuse me unlimited emails 
now this is the cool thing with cartridge   unlimited emails if you want to send a billion 
emails well they may talk to you if you send a   billion but it says unlimited emails unlimited 
bandwidth unlimited pages unlimited videos   unlimited products unlimited membership sites 
unlimited team members and unlimited help desk   there's no limitations guys i don't know of a 
single email provider that gets you unlimited   they're going to limit you either 
on people or emails one or the other   and that one there is going to be uh let me see i 
want to i want to give you the monthly and i want   to give you if you go yearly listen let me do 
monthly uh monthly on that 12 or uh 12 500 plan   is going to be 199 a month so you say oh my 
gosh that's so much more expensive than the 30   one yeah but look what it gives you 
if you go out and buy all these other   software membership sites and all these other 
things you're going to pay way more than that   and your annual billing if you 
want to do that i will save you 600   a year uh next up is the gold plan um the gold 
plan you get up to 25 000 people 25 000 uh you   get five custom domains and everything else is 
unlimited all the stuff i listed is unlimited   um and that's 299 dollars a month uh or you 
can do the annual and you can save 840 off   the plan um and i'm into these higher levels 
here so i spend a lot of money on this stuff but i'll tell you with infusionsoft because of the 
size of my list the number of emails i was sending   i was spending thousands a month it's crazy 
i don't spend that with you a car trip no   matter what the cost you need to realize 
that there's a cost of doing business   sometimes you gotta suck it up buttercup yes i 
like that if you treat your business as a hobby   expect hobby money yes that's very true um yeah 
a lot of people don't want to spend money on this   but the emails is what makes me money i know i 
could send out an email today and make thousands   of dollars i know that i don't do that every 
single day because i don't want to wear out my   list but i do it frequently i'm going to start a 
promotion i've been working on it for past week   or the label sale because we're changing our 
labels and it's an incredible sale i'm selling our   canned meats at a lower price that we have charged 
in over 10 years and i'm throwing in free shipping   so anybody who gets in on that sale i mean they 
are really benefiting um but i'm not telling you   that i'm just saying i got that email set up i've 
got my sales pages set up um to where they can   they go to one page and it's got beef chicken 
turkey pork and they click on any one of those   buttons and it takes them to another page 
where they can buy one five or ten cases   uh and then it takes them to another page that 
has an upsell and it also has a order bump on   there too so i mean it's really pretty darn cool 
that you can go through all these iterations and   i can build it all in cartridge it's taken 
me some time i'm not going to say it hasn't   uh it really has so the platinum one is 50 000 
uh 10 custom domains everything else is unlimited   uh and it's 499 dollars a month or if 
you do annual billing you can say 1440 and let's see what is the other 
ones i think that i think after that   you're going to get into um enterprise so you 
really have to talk to them so this one here   the pricing online only goes up to 50 000 people 
uh but you know for most of you that covers that   uh of course you're going to get checkouts you're 
getting pages leads forms funnels campaigns   mails membership affiliate management uh kartra 
marketplace cartridge videos help desk calendars   and agency um how long did it take you to set the 
current sale on food take to set the current sale   do you mean to set it up is that what you mean and 
if that's what you mean understand i had to do a   lot of things okay it sounds it sounds easy sell 
a case of beef chicken turkey or pork you say well   gosh that's pretty easy j.r but it's not because 
what you have to do is you have to do a sales page   in that sales page when you guys see it there's 
a video and that video is me talking to you about   why we're doing this sale about me moving 
my business there's a lot of b-roll in there   there's a lot of stuff in that one video 
it's a four-minute video but that video   probably took me four hours to put together at 
least with filming and editing and all that stuff   so i've got that one page now if you click the 
chicken button it's got to go to a checkout page   and that checkout page has to have three products 
that i have to build in cartridge it's got to have   a one case product a five case product and a 
10 case product because the way cartridge works   is you can't just say i want three of those 
or four of those or five of those you have   to have a separate product for each bundle so 
i've got a bundle one five and ten on there   so that's for chicken and then i had to do beef 
i had to do turkey and i'd do pork so there's   12 products i had to build okay in addition to 
that i have a bump on there so i had to build a   product for the bump uh in addition to that i have 
to have a thank you page that they go to when they   go through all this and it says hey thanks for 
your order do you also want to add this to your   order then we're going to have another product 
there they can add to their order it's going to   be an incredible deal so they can add that also so 
when you look at all this stuff you say well gee   um you know how long does it take you to set up 
it's a while because i got to build all those   pages i got to do all that stuff i got to get the 
artwork together you know um and you know my wife   had to help me with some of the artwork and some 
of the artwork i didn't like by the way but anyhow   i had to do all those things so i would say 
it's been about a week of me working on this   i'm not done i still have to write the emails 
though emails go pretty fast for me i can i can   knock out some emails um so i have to send some 
you know the emails now the emails are going to   be like hey this is the sale on day one then the 
next day if they you know didn't buy which i think   i'm going to send to them even if they did buy 
the next day because maybe they bought beef one   day and they'll buy chicken the next day i don't 
know um but i'm gonna send them an email the next   day and say hey you didn't buy this you know 
you want to buy this or they didn't buy at all   hey you didn't buy so why don't you buy this and 
then the next day i'll send them and eat another   email next they'll send another email and then 
i'll start saying hey there's 72 hours left or   maybe our inventory has gotten depleted and i 
want to let them know hey there's only this left   we're out of this now but we've got this left 
so each day they're going to get another email   and that email will let them know what's going on 
and you know i'm kind of running through my brain   on the emails i may really do it dynamically to 
where each day i can tell them how much we've   got left because we do have a limited amount of 
this but i probably will make some more product   with the labels i already have i have a few 
thousand labels sitting around um let's see here   how long did it take to set the currency 
okay i did that one james says please explain   affiliate management okay so here's the deal 
if somebody comes to my site and buys something   and an affiliate sends them there there has to be 
some management of that transaction it's normally   done through cookies okay now if i set up my own 
affiliate management like say walmart does or home   depot does you apply to their affiliate program 
and they give you you know a string of code   and when you send people to their page then they 
take whatever sale was they calculate what your   percentage is and then they pay you okay if you 
have affiliate management like cartro i don't   have to do any of that all i do is i say this 
case of chicken i want to offer it to affiliates   and if an affiliate buys it i want you to track it 
and i want you to pay them i don't want anything   to do with it so that's affiliate management uh 
and i like that that's the same thing as clickbank   does that share a sale does that you just put 
your product out there and they take care of   everything from that point forward you don't have 
to worry about payouts refunds any of that stuff   they take care of it um so that's why i like 
uh cartridge also is they have that affiliate   management built into it i hope that makes sense 
off topic can you put turkey thigh meat into cans   can't find turkey thighs at the store all right 
so here's what we do we are two-thirds white   meat one-third dark meat and we actually source 
and hand pack those meats as that uh the reason   we do that if you put all white meat turkey in a 
can it gets very dry you don't want all dark meat   turkey we do the same thing with chicken it's 
two thirds white knee went through dark meat   um that way you have a nice mix and we cook it 
all together kind of blends together you're going   to get some white meat and dark meat in there i 
don't know of anybody this cans thighs though um   they're good i like them probably the best 
part of the turkey outside of the breast when   you first take it out of the oven after that 
it's not good i don't think uh let's see here   uh how far out do you plan your sales and do you 
do email related to the holidays like fourth of   july christmas sales you know i i don't hit the 
holidays as much as i should i didn't this past   year because we were so busy and we had so little 
product that we were selling out of everything i   didn't need to do a sale really it was like every 
day you know sales were crazy now we're getting   back to where i have some stuff in inventory 
and i can start doing some of those sales and   concentrating on them um you know you can find 
so many holidays to market you know it's like   there's a calendar of holidays you can look 
it up online you can always have a reason to   um celebrate you always do and i think they're 
a great thing i think it gives people a reason   when people are buying something they just need 
a reason to take them over the edge sometimes so   maybe it's a birthday maybe it's easter maybe 
it's christmas you know whatever it is i think   uh i think it's a great idea paul i really do 
i think um the smart thing to do uh we do um   thanksgiving one with turkey we said you normally 
sell turkey during thanksgiving this year was the   first year we didn't do that because we had so 
much sales that i didn't need to do anything   and i didn't need to do anything extra people were 
just coming to the site buying it was that easy   um uh how far do i plan my sales um you know i 
would say at least a couple weeks two three weeks   sometimes longer if it's something i do every 
single year i'll pull up some of the ones i had   from the year before and do it that way but yeah 
so i'd say that um so i hope you guys enjoyed this   i hope you got something out of it i ran a little 
bit over today i apologize for that but i want you   to really know what's out there what's available 
to you and what seems cheap in the beginning   uh you know and i was also going to talk about 
mailchimp which is another one that seems so cheap   and i pulled them up i told you seven but that 
would give you eight i don't want to do that   well i don't want to give you too 
much what is mailchimp's pricing here   uh they have a free forever plan lets you 
send 12 000 emails to up to 2 000 subscribers   uh however if you want the uh segmentation they 
started 299 dollars a month you know they used   to be so cheap uh and now they're they're way more 
than cartridge you don't even get what cartridge   gives you so i've left them off the list for 
that reason um i just i don't i think their   prices have gotten ridiculous and forget about it 
if you've got 50 or 100 000 emails they're going   to cost you an arm and leg to use them and their 
deliverability is not that good that's another   key thing with all these email providers guys 
and i didn't put infusionsoft in there for that   reason they're expensive as crap and their their 
deliverability is terrible and what that means   is how many of those emails that you send out 
that actually reach somebody's inbox a lot of   these email providers their ip addresses that 
they're sending from uh have gotten blacklisted   and they're known as spam and once that happens 
um then of course the emails don't get there or   here it is their paid plans start from 10 
bucks a month for 500 subscribers and price   increases in increments of 500 subscribers that's 
pretty small i mean we could get 500 subscribers   in a few days so you know it could just blow 
up your cost so i just say these cheaper ones   stay away from them man because they're just gonna 
cost you so much money um you're gonna have to go   to that 300 a month plan almost immediately with 
mailchimp if you get any names at all on your list   um so do you have any questions about that 
so you know pop them in the box right there   see you tomorrow gang i hope you have a 
blessed week ahead everybody thank you paul   um i don't have anything else i really appreciate 
you guys being here don't forget to subscribe if   you haven't done so don't forget to ring the 
bell turn on all the bell notifications so   you're notified every time i go live or i upload 
a video okay very simple stuff don't forget to   give me a thumbs up guys that means a lot that 
helps distribution of my video and i'm trying   to look right now i don't have enough thumbs up 
somebody's not doing their thumbs up here please   do your thumbs up okay hit it hit it change that 
thumbs up i would really appreciate it that means   a whole lot to my channel it really does it's a 
small effort on your part to click that thumbs up   so please do that before you leave thank you 
so much for listening guys i will see you

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