5 Dicas de Marketing para seu Facebook | Guia de Marketing #47

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We're almost done with the
Marketing Guide and we've brought you five tips to improve your results on Facebook.
Now say quick. Let's go Malkolino! hello welcome here it's marketing i
'm bruno peres we've been over 40 almost 50
videos here no one from marketing has talked about
everything we went through all the subjects click on the card here and come back and look for
what you want to know leave your comment
send a blow bro lots of things I'll help I'll answer if to
finish this series I'm going to make three videos with five
quick tips about facebook about instagram about youtube tips for you
bombs where you look to know more about this will start let's
talk about facebook with a saber at the top of facebook you can exchange it for photos
now if you care for videos you also have to exchange that space there to
promote your product your event to promote a special promotion
use it to put videos also something that interacts with your audience with
audio in something else change that and curious detail about a photo click on
edit the description puts a link to somewhere did not leave a lost photo
remembers that your product is your project is your marketing use it to
take people to some place in the world upload promotional videos
explainer videos your direct video content on facebook don't just
put links from other pages like your blog like your website or
youtube on facebook because facebook now in delivering much more the
native videos of the tool you can see how you are navigating to take the next video
next video so that you do not leave within facebook so use this to
your advantage in a detail if it is possible I will follow my
work but if it is possible to upload your videos with subtitles because many
people will watch your videos a bus on the subway sometimes at work sometimes
a wait for some office waiting for someone so people
sometimes not so with headphones that they won't be able to hear what you have to say
weapons bruno your videos don't have subtitles because I haven't had time to do it yet but
if you have time if you have a lot of money to invest if you want to do it
is right like the caption which is a top tip the third
tip i talked about it as in the video series on facebook established a
posting frequency you have to bet every day ok then
go do a very far-fetched thing because you will miss that frequency
so what is a promotion a week i will bet on the promotion every two three
days but always keep betting so its important to listen to a lot of
social media channel remember a party in guest is mico then
establish a post and interact with your audience
me and yes of four pieces recommendations your services
so if you have a store you have a project you have a product there on
facebook and click on the videos and you can adjust the page because people
can make recommendations of your products of your services so call I
talk to customers who have already purchased your product and ask
them to review them make an assessment they rate on your product and little stars
and putting reviews there about your product experience they've had with
your service this will help other people look for recommendations and
know if they need to say what you're selling is good isn't
about nine meters that in 5 facebook is increasingly connected with a virtual store
so you can connect your wrist to your
page with the products from your store on your website your e
commerce people will click there they will fall straight into the facebook sales cart
it's more for understanding but from the moment that people are already
interacting with your brand and interacting with you on facebook messenger they
are understanding what you do automatically it will be much
easier for them to click already fell straight into the right purchase there were five
quick tips loot facebook to help you talked about several tips to know
more about facebook here at the end of the video you can find the entire series
of facebook videos by casada vambora let's go I'm bruno peres thanks for the
visit left lic and kisses

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